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Hi, I’m Coach Colt, a sex and relationship researcher without over seven years in the field. 

While I'm more than happy with my current social and romantic relationships, this was not always the case: 

My journey into this profession started with significant personal challenges in social and romantic relationships.

In other words, I had no friends growing up.

As I read dozens of books, hired mentors,  pushed past my crippling social fears, and started to see meaningful results, my personal self-help project evolved into a passion that led to the creation of my website, DatingArmory.com, a go-to platform for practical relationship advice that works.

Examples of my work:

My specializations:

  1. 1
    LGBT Dating: Being a bisexual man in a long-term, same-sex relationship and knowing many other LGBT couples has given me a ton of experience in LGBT dating
  2. 2
    Open Relationships: As I've been in an open relationship for over five years and have done too much reading about non-monogamy, I've gained lots of practical knowledge about being in a healthy open relationship
  3. 3
    Dating 101: Because I am not a natural, that is, I come from a background of very little social interaction and social anxiety, I had to learn the hard way to transform my life to where it it now. While it was difficult for me, I can make your journey easier by teaching you the shortcuts I learned along the way.

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Coach Colt here, the founder of Dating Armory, your go-to source for no-nonsense, practical relationship advice. I'm a bisexual male in a same-sex open relationship and a researcher in sex, love, and relationships with 7+ years of experience. I specialize in helping both men and women navigate the crazy world of dating.