My name is Colt.

Here’s a short history…

I was terrible at dating woman.

I was horrified at the idea of even approaching a hot girl.

I went through so much confusion with all the insanity out there about dating. There were days that I cried and was angry at the world. I spent years and tons of money trying to find success and dating. I felt very lonely.

I’m sure you can understand what I mean when I say lonely. Everyone has a lonely phase in their life, but what if you experienced that loneliness for years and nobody ever wanted to be your friend. That is the feeling that I had.

Then I changed…

I went through so much information that eventually my brain got to work stitching things together and I started to get clear on dating techniques that work.

It took me many months and a tons of embarrassing moments till I perfected my techniques. I went through a painful phase of purifying myself till I reached my goal.

My goal was to be able to seduce any woman and to be able to have a deep relationships.

Because of this process I became a pro at seduction and love. Through all the books and courses that I learnt, I perfected the best seduction and love techniques.

I now dedicated my life to teaching the truth to men about dating, seduction and love.

I will not let the pain and suffering that I went through happen to any other man. I am about clearing all the crap out there and giving you clarity so that you can take action.

For me the greatest obstacle that held me back from taking action was my uncertainty about what to do. I needed to know exactly what I needed to do before I could take action.

So I am creating this website for YOU, SO THAT YOU GET CLARITY.

This is my mission.



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