19 Cool Ways to be More Attractive as a Muscular Man

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This niche article came about as I noticed not many blogs talk about how to use your muscles to be physically attractive.

Well, there are actually lots of ways to do it!

Let's get started with the obvious ones...

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1. Get the perfect fitting clothes

Pick clothes that suit your body and style, but don't go too tight or revealing, or it might seem like you're trying too hard.

Use tighter t shirts to show off muscles

(I'm dealing with this right now 'cause I've got shirts from before I lost 15kg and gained muscle. Time for new summer clothes, I guess! 😄).

2. Use colors that contrast well with your skin tone

Choose clothing colors that contrast with your skin tone, making your muscles pop even more.

3. Get sweaty for the photo

For photos, use body sweat, a bit of baby oil or even water to show off muscle definition. A tan can help too.

Here's an example with a girl and you could do something similar:

4. Get the lighting right

Position your light source above and a bit to the side to highlight those muscles.

5. Pose like a pro

Learn to pose and flex your muscles to make them look more prominent.

Posing is important to seem more physically attractive using your muscles

Read my 16,000 word, core post on this topic (click thumbnail to open in new tab): 

6. Accessorize 

Add accessories like wristbands and necklaces to draw attention to your muscles.

Here are some examples from my how to be a bad boy mega long post:

7. Share your lifestyle

Share your workouts on social media, wearing cool workout gear to create that buff image.

8. Hire a pro

Team up with a pro photographer to use tricks like forced perspective, the right background colors, and some light photo editing.

9. Wear a heavy leather jacket

In spring or fall, rock a big leather jacket for a strong upper body look.

Leather jackets can make your muscles seem bigger

Here's a picture of me approaching a pretty girl at a mall in Brussels during spring, when I typically rock my leather jacket. I get loads of compliments from girls, and they (and my friends) often mention how it makes me look way more muscular

10. Use your muscles for kindness

Even though women might have lower expectations for muscular men in short-term relationships, like trustworthiness or emotional closeness (which matter more in long-term relationships), it's crucial to strike a balance to boost your attractiveness!

A simple approach is to show off your fit body as a sign of good genes, while also using your strength for positive purposes, like charity events, to signal you're a caring and supportive partner. [1]

As you'll see in the video below, being a firefighter is classic example:

11. Join a sports team

Display your athleticism, adventurous spirit, and maybe even leadership skills.

show off your muscles by being a team sports leader

12. Playfight

Playfully fight or arm wrestle your friends (or other girls) to highlight your strength without being overly competitive.

13. Be more than your muscles

Don't let your muscles define you. Show off your other hobbies, interests, values, and goals. Ditch the serious gym vibe. Smile, be friendly, humble, and approachable.

14. Wear a gym-themed accessory 

Sport a gym-themed bracelet to show you're part of a fitness crew.

15. Always show off your forearms

If you've got to wear long sleeves (ugh!), roll 'em up to show off your forearms.

...Oh! And make sure to check out my post about the sexiest muscles - it's new!

16. Perfect Posture

Use your strong upper body to maintain good posture (I know it's tough, especially for tall guys like me).

17. Take up space

On a date, stretch out your muscles and take up more space. Think alpha male body language. It’s very dominant and attractive - as long as you don’t overdo it. 

18. Bear hug squeeze your girl

Give a strong bear hug or a gentle massage to your date so that she can feel your muscles and create a deeper level of intimacy. 

Show off your muscles by making her feel how strong you are

19. The Shoulder Coaster Technique

The Shoulder Coaster Technique is my unique method of offering a girl an exhilarating experience by carrying her on your shoulders.

This method involves moving backwards and forwards, swaying from side to side, creating an exciting and unpredictable ride (i.e. roller coaster), thereby sparking a mix of intense emotions in her - ranging from fear to thrill. 

Here's me doing this on a trip to Prague:

The Shoulder Coaster Technique to show off my muscles

I met a Georgian girl on my trip to Prague. Initially she was giving me tons of resistance, but after I took her for a ride on my shoulders - which terrified her in the best way possible, she started to warm up to me and eventually came back to my place on the same day and gave me a great blowjob (but wouldn't have sex due to her religion/ culture).

Anyways, lets me know in the comments what your favorite technique was. 

For me, it's the Shoulder Coaster Technique for sure!

Till next time, 

Coach Colt


[1] Frederick DA, Haselton MG. Why is muscularity sexy? Tests of the fitness indicator hypothesis. Pers Soc Psychol Bull. 2007 Aug;33(8):1167-83. doi: 10.1177/0146167207303022. Epub 2007 Jun 19. PMID: 17578932.

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