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How To Compliment a BEAUTIFUL GIRL’S Picture In 10 Effortless Ways

Learning how to compliment a beautiful girl’s picture is one of the greatest ways to create that crucial emotional connection with girls. It is also an amazing way to flirt with girls.

The problem is that guys really don’t want to seem cheesy or come off as a creep. They think girls don’t want compliments.

But here’s the truth: girls love compliments, but not from the needy guys. They don’t want to hear “you look so cute” from an insecure guy that’s just trying to get something from them.

But when a cool, chilled guy comes up to a girl and gives her a compliment, she’ll blush. And especially if he made his compliment personal.

How To Compliment a BEAUTIFUL GIRL'S Picture

If the confident guy just says “you look so cool” – that’s fine. But it could be so much better by making it personal to her. For example:

“Your blue eyes are something special” – now she feels that he came up with this compliment for her. He’s made her feel special and she wants to hang out some more with him.

Another important key to successful compliments is looking at details. You could say “your eyes are beautiful” or you can say “your blue eyes are something special.”

The more detailed the compliment is the more effective it is. It shows the girl that you are paying attention to her. And of the course the last key is:

Be authentic: you can find the perfect words for her compliment, but if you don’t sound authentic and sincere she won’t feel anything. She might even feel insulted.

Keep it authentic, keep it real and you can make nearly any girl your girlfriend or you can hookup with her. That’s the ridiculous power of compliments.

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1. Her Hair

Complimenting a girl’s hair is great because it’s not sexual so you can use it while approaching women on the street

Here’s a good example for you: “I love what you did with your hair today.”

In that compliment you are showing the girl that you appreciate the work that she put in to make herself pretty. Some girls spend almost half an hour every morning just putting on makeup.

Here are some more examples: “I love how your hair is so long” and “how do you make your hair look so healthy and shiny?”

The reason why those compliments are particularly effective is because you are paying attention to detail. You aren’t just telling her that her hair is nice, you are really appreciating her body.

Another thing you can do is notice if she’s got a new hairstyle or hair color comment on that. Tell her that it brings out a special beauty that you never knew she had.

And of course, if her hair has an edgy or unique color you can bring that up and start a whole new conversation that she’ll be happy to talk about. [1, 2]

2. Her Eyes

I haven’t yet understood why eyes are the most effective place to compliment a girl on her looks. It just always seems that they blush much more and give you that smile.

I guess the eyes really are the windows to the soul. Or should I say the ego?

I like to tell girls how their eyes are affecting me. For example, “ I feel calmer whenever I look into your stunning blue eyes.”

Use this trick in any compliment. You just have to tell the girl how her beauty affects you. And the last technique you can use is compare her eyes to something or someone. Such as:

“You have eyes like an angel” and now she is going to tell herself how beautiful she is which is way more powerful than you telling her outright.

Think about it: if I tell you that you are cute you might feel like a child receiving compliments. You don’t want to seem like someone that needs compliments. 

But when you tell her “you have eyes like an angel” now she gets to compliment herself. And when you make her do that you’ve fed her ego and she’ll need more of you. 

3. Her personality

Sometimes the best way to compliment is a non-verbal complement. If you want to compliment her personality then do some of these:

  1. Laugh at her jokes. (You are showing her that you think she’s funny.)
  2. Smile when you see her
  3. Cuddle with her
  4. Give her a big hug
  5. Give her a big kiss on the forehead

All of these examples are the perfect way of telling her “you are desirable and I love being with you” without saying a word.

Try the first one. When your girlfriend walks in have a big smile on your face and for bonus points give her a big hug. And for maximum results hug her for at least 3 seconds.

So even though you haven’t said anything, you’ve still made her feel special in order to create an emotional connection.

4. Her smile

Sometimes the best way to compliment a girl is by giving her an off the cuff compliment. You might be randomly talking, but you’ll slip in “you have a pretty smile, always wear that smile of yours” – and then just continue the conversation like nothing happened.

It shows that you aren’t trying to compliment her. But you can’t help it because her smile is that beautiful.

You can also say something like this:

  1. “Your smile makes me smile”
  2. “Your special smile drives me crazy whenever I see you”
  3. “Whenever you close your eyes while smiling, you look very cute”

5. What she is doing in the picture

Most girls are also doing something in their Facebook or Instagram photo. You can tell her about what she’s doing.

If she’s doing a marathon or has done some other accomplishment you can say “congratulations on your accomplishment.” You can also tell her how inspirational she is.

If she’s cooking, then tell her how nice her kitchen is or how delicious the food looks. It all depends on the situation.

6. What makes her different

I mentioned this idea at the very beginning. Telling her that her hair is stunning is a very nice thing to say to a girl. But both of you know that there are millions of other girls with hair 10 times hotter than hers.

So what can you do? Compliment her on what makes her special.

Tell her that the way she picked her dress on this perfect day is making you come alive. She knows you’ve come up with this compliment just for her.

And I promise you she won’t be able to hide her smile once she hears it. Let yourself get creative with your compliments. 

And when you get more creative you’ll also be more authentic and have more emotions while saying it. Your compliment won’t be like a copy paste pickup line.

7. Her dress

Even though complimenting a girl’s dress isn’t the same as complimenting her or something that she’s doing it can still be very effective.

And you don’t need to come up with any complex complement, say something like this: “you should wear this dress more often.” That’s it.

You can make it more personal by saying “how do you always know what to wear?” or “your dress looks like it was just made for you!”

Realize that girls spend a lot of time choosing the clothing for the day and will spend hours at the store debating the nicest dress with their friends. When you acknowledge their hard work you’ll put a proud smile on their face.

If you know that this girl follows a specific model or actress, tell her that her dress is something her model would put on.

8. Be a little sexual

I don’t need to tell you this, but I’ll write it for the other people reading this article: please be aware of the environment and how the girl is feeling before you take it sexual.

And for beginners please don’t take it sexual as you will come off as insecure and possibly as a creep. The best thing you can do is take it slow, follow the seduction course that I recommend at the end of this post and build up from there.

But, now that I’ve warned you, here are some sexual compliments:

  1. “The way you look at me makes me lose control of myself”
  2. “You are making me think dirty thoughts”
  3. “When you smile like that I get even harder”
  4. “That look makes you look so naughty”

9. Tell her she reminds you of a model

This type of complement is super effective and extremely easy to come up with. All you need to do is tell her that she looks like “this” famous model.

If you want bonus points tell her what part of her beauty or personality reminds you of that model or actress. For example: “your stunning eyes remind me of Alexandra Daddario.”

10. Compliment her accessories

The last thing you can do is complement all the other stuff she has on her. Now I promise you’ll will never run out of things to say when you are complimenting a girl’s picture.

Go for her tattoo. Tell her that it makes her look hot and sexy. If it’s her jewelry, tell her that it makes her beauty stand out even more.

Whatever it is, tell her how it makes her a better looking girl and you’ve won her heart. This is how you get a girl to like you.


I know you are just complimenting the picture, but the one timeless rule still stands: without confidence no compliment works. 

She needs to feel that you are complimenting her because she deserves it and her body is just that beautiful. Once she feels your neediness and that you are trying to get something from her she’ll ignore you.

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