My Short Dating Adventure in Portugal with a Lovely, Bisexual Brazilian Girl

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My wing and friend, Mr. R, and I book our trip to Lisbon from Friday, the 7th of May, 2023, to Thursday, the 18th. 

Both of us need an escape from Brussels and work, especially Mr. R, who is eager to get going as early as April. (I persuaded him to wait until May so we could enjoy the warmer weather.)

From the start, we agreed: 

This trip won’t be your typical 100% Daygame trip/Eurojaunt solely focused on chasing girls. Instead, we aim to balance our time with 50 percent daygame and 50 percent traveling Portugal.

We found two cheap Airbnbs for our 11-day stay. 

For our first apartment: We've got it from the 7th to the 13th, right near the heart of Lisbon. Ideal for Daygame.

A map of our first Airbnb location in Lisbon

And from the 14th to the 18th, we reserve a second Airbnb just south of Lisbon, only 400 meters from a stunning beach!

A map of our second of our first Airbnb location in Lisbon

My parents generously offered to cover our 5-day car rental, letting us explore Portugal and stay within budget. 

We've got our flights, apartments, and car. 

All set.

My Short Dating Adventure in Portugal with a Lovely, Bisexual Brazilian Girl Thumbnail

Sunday, 7th of May, 2023

Sunday finally arrives, and we head to the airport, catch our flight, and land.

Picture of our plane landing in Lisbon on May 7

To reach our place, we need to take two metros.

The first metro breaks down three times, even pausing once on a bridge.

A picture of when we were stuck on the bridge trying to get home from the airport

What a welcome!

Eventually, the metro quits and lets everyone off at an earlier stop. I order a taxi and arrive at our first Airbnb at 10 p.m.

(Shockingly, taxis in Portugal cost so little. I spend at most 6 Euros on 'Bolt' for any of my trips.)

We unpack and briefly explore the beautiful city.

Monday, 8th of May, 2023

The next day comes, and we head out to do some daygame. 

It doesn't look great: there aren't enough single girls, and those who seem single aren't very pretty.


In desperation, I approach this 4/10 Canadian girl.

She seems ON. She tells me she'll be available that evening around 21:30 after some remote work meeting.


I grab her number, and Mr. R and I continue, making a few more approaches, but see no results.

Not wanting to waste more time, we head to Praia da Sereia, a gorgeous beach south of Lisbon.

The day turns out windy, and to make matters worse, we find no open restaurants nearby, and we're starving... but we still have a good time.

Picture of our time at one of the beaches around Lisbon on a very windy, sunny day

The Canadian girl texts me, and we arrange to meet around 10 p.m.

The Canadian girl texting me and setting up a date for later that night

As I wait for her to show up, I'm sure this is a lay, even if she's not good-looking.

Unfortunately, as the date continues, the vibe feels too friendly, and I can tell she's the kind of girl who needs several dates—time or patience that I don’t have.

Either way, we have a decent time. I get a small kiss, and we check out two venues I'd discovered earlier:

Groove Bar and Ache Atalaia Bar & Tapas.

Both are cool, but the latter has this young Portuguese waitress in a crop top, sexy pants, and heels shaking her body to the music in a carefree way—which I found far more entertaining than the dull Canadian girl.

We text a little more, but I lose interest and let her go.

Tuesday, 9th of May, 2023

The next day, we're off to Sintra, this breathtaking tourist town just outside Lisbon, full of jaw-dropping castles and lush nature.

(The Canadian girl from last night tipped me off about Sintra, inviting me to meet up there, but I politely turned it down.)

Mr. R has to leave early; he's double-booked himself. He's got a date at 16:30 with a girl he met earlier and another Tinder girl coming straight to our place later that night.

Picture of the gorgeous nature in Sintra, Portugal

I choose to hang back, hiking around Sintra.

Another picture of the stunning views I saw hiking in Sintra, Portugal

The castles are really something, but at an expensive 15-20 Euros a pop for entry, I admire them from the outside.

Eventually, I head back to our Airbnb and unwind for a bit. 

About 30 minutes later, Mr. R storms in—totally drunk and in a strangely aggressive mood. (At first, he couldn’t even unlock the door without my help because he was that drunk!)

He took his date to The V Rooftop Bar for some drinks. She was into him, but she wouldn’t come back on the first date, so he cut her loose early to make room for his Tinder date, which he knew would be a lay. 

To give Mr. R some privacy, I hit up a local gym for a workout and then cap it off with a cute video call with my boyfriend. (Yes, I'm bi and in an open relationship.)

By 00:40, Mr. R wraps up with his Tinder date, and I head back to our place, where he tells me what happened:

When she first walked in, they chilled for a bit, but she was a straightforward girl, so they got right to it with her even asking for anal sex. 

Unfortunately, she didn’t clean herself and left a nasty mess on his bed.

To make matters worse, on her way out, she asked him to pay to fill up her scooter, and he did, but she accidentally put diesel in instead of gas, and he had to take it out himself! (Another mess.)

It didn’t sound like a win to me, but as they say, "A lay is a lay!"

Wednesday, 10th of May, 2023

Mr. R didn't check out Sintra thoroughly yesterday, so he's keen to give it another shot today. I'm cool with this plan, so we hop on the train, and off we go.

Another hike doesn't interest me, so I throw out the idea of renting an electric moped. Plus, I've got a car and motorcycle license, so I can do the driving.

He's iffy at first, but I talk him around. It’s only 50 euros for four hours. 

The ride goes well. Though, at one point, the moped conks out. It's a little worrying, but it starts working again after a few minutes. It’s not entirely built to handle two grown men!

After 3 hours of riding, we are back at the rental shop, and it's time to pay for the ride. 

I pay my half, but oddly, Mr. R is acting strange about paying his share, which I don’t understand, but eventually, he does, and we head home to recharge before hitting the streets again for more daygame.

We approach a ton all over Lisbon, but again, nothing seems to work.

Then, on our way to find a restaurant to have dinner, I spot this cute Brazilian girl in a crop top, wearing headphones and smoking as she walks along R. Augusta.

A picture of R. Augusta in Lisbon during the daytime

Here's what R. Augusta looks like during the day

Feeling demoralized from earlier, I go for it anyway—Mr. R's right behind the girl.

It's not my best approach. 

I stop her, say she's cute, and we talk for 2 minutes. She's shocked by my confident approach and jokes about my directness. 

She offers her Instagram; I say I prefer WhatsApp and get her number.

Mr. R and I continue walking, but she’s also heading in the same direction, and now we both stopped at a red light; I tease her that she’s already stalking me. 

She laughs and calls me the creepy stalker.

She quickly responds over text (pictured below) and saves my name as '[my name] the direct guy' on her phone.

My first texts between me and the Brazilian girl

We make a few more rounds with Mr. R commenting that my approach had too much energy, and I half agree with him. 

We finally settle on a massive dinner, enough to feed a family of 18 and crash for the night.

Thursday, 11th of May, 2023

Today is 100% daygame. 

Mr. R lands one or two insta-dates but ditches them when he realizes they're time-wasters. Later, I snag an insta-date myself with this cute Moroccan girl I find strolling alone by the coast.

From my Belgian dating experience, Moroccan girls usually aren't worth the time if you’re looking for casual sex. Their religion and culture often get in the way.

But she drops a line that keeps my hope alive: 'I'm looking to get a tattoo.' That tells me religion isn't ruling her life.

And besides her tattoo, the fact that she's traveling solo and casually dressed is another promising sign.

We go for drinks, and that’s when it all falls apart: she tells me she practices Ramadan and doesn't drink alcohol.

Oh no.

Long story short: I go for the kiss, and she says no. Finally realizing this is a waste of time, I tell her we're on different pages and part ways. 

Feeling defeated, Mr. R and I retreat to our Airbnb.

A telephoto shot of the main road in the center of Lisbon towards the sea

I'm still texting with the Brazilian girl, and it's going well.

Ironically, Mr. R does some of the early texting for me. I can't muster the energy to do it myself after five days with zero results. He does a decent job, though!

Friday, 12th of May, 2023

Today is where things take a strange turn between Mr. R and me.

And so you understand, up until this point, Mr. R and I were more than just daygame buddies. 

We were friends.

Case in point: 

When he got sick earlier this year, I bought him food and took it to his front door. 

We also do plenty of fun activities that have nothing to do with daygame, VR gaming, bowling, etc. 

But this morning, when I got up early to collect the rental car at 10 a.m. and got delayed for over an hour, he never asked if everything was OK. 

Then, when I finally returned with the car and started a video call with my parents, where Mr. R introduced himself to them, he couldn’t even thank my parents for paying for the car!

(Days later, I reminded him to express gratitude. He agreed, but offers a flimsy excuse for not doing so without apologizing. By the way, still no thank you to this day!

On top of all of that, throughout our Portugal trip, he rarely suggested places to visit. Most of the planning and driving fell on me, and he rarely showed me any of his appreciation.

His laid-back attitude annoyed me, so I asked him to contribute more. 

His reply? 

He's fine with whatever I decide. 

It’s only Friday, five days into our trip, and I want to avoid any fight, so I let it slide, but I can’t help but wish my boyfriend was with me instead of him.

Regardless, we head out for more daygame—still nothing. We even joke about our streak of bad luck, playing Akon's song 'Lonely.'

My texts to my friend in Lisbon as we were feeling lonely

Earlier today, I sent the Brazilian girl a picture of me with the car as a conversation starter. She finally replied but didn’t add much to the conversation.

Continuing to text with the Brazilian girl over WhatsApp

Mr. R says she's a lost cause; I disagree. 

We wrap up the day exploring south of Lisbon with a delicious seafood dinner.

Me posing on the coast of Portugal on our trip south

I'm writing this in October, 2023 and my back already looks significantly stronger 😉

Saturday, 13th of May, 2023

We leave our Lisbon Airbnb on Saturday for our one-night stay in northern Portugal, driving 619 km over 8 hours and 41 minutes. 

Map of our road trip to Porto in the north of Portugal

We visit so many gorgeous areas:

Castelo Novo

Serra da Gardunha

Horrible roads on the way up. Scared I’d pop a tire!

Torre, Serra da Estrela: Portugal's tallest moutain

After hours and hours of driving, almost 1 in the morning, we finally rolled into our Airbnb and crash hard for the night.

(We had to book this 3rd Airbnb because when we booked our first two places, we accidentally booked from the 7-13 and 14-18, leaving the night of the 13th with nowhere to stay! I quickly found the cheap Airbnb in the north - me doing all the work again - he agreed, and off we went!)

Sunday, 14th of May, 2023

This morning, we had breakfast, packed up, and hit the road.

Breakfast the northern Portugal Airbnb

We will drive another 475 km south to our beachfront Airbnb just south of Lisbon!

We don’t visit many places along the way, but Mr. R is interested in Braga and Porto, so I drive there. 

Braga is nice, but it dawns on us once in Porto—that Porto is the Daygame mecca - the best place to meet women - not Lisbon!

Picture of the crowded center of Porto

Well, crap.

No worries, though, we’ll improvise:

We’ll spend the next two nights at our beach haven and the final two nights in Porto. I found another budget-friendly place in Porto (yes, you guessed it, the planning falls on me again), plus we managed to score a small refund from the beach location.

Things are looking better: In Porto, I’ll have a better chance of meeting a nice girl, but also, I just sent the Brazilian girl a photo of our adventure, and she responded immediately, and I finally locked in a first date for tomorrow

Great! The best part?

She’s making her way all the way from Lisbon to my place!

Monday, 15 of May, 2024

Monday morning is pure chill for me. I sleep in and cook myself some eggs.

We exchange a few texts, and she lets me know she'll be there at 15:20. I suggest a random beachside cafe for our meet-up, and she's on board.

So far, so good!

However, when I arrive early to finalize my plans for the date, I somehow can't locate the cafe, so I quickly propose an alternative:

A nearby ice cream store. 

It seems perfect for a sunny beach date, and she's cool with the switch.

Ultimately, she gets delayed multiple times due to switching buses and even taking a quick boat ride, but we finally meet up at 16:50 and grab our ice creams.

It's a solid start. We’re both in a good mood. 

Unfortunately, my ice cream starts quickly melting, so I toss it, and she does the same with hers.

I find myself at a bit of a loss about what to do next:

I want to avoid ending up in a dull, dark bar on such a beautiful day, and taking her to roam the beach endlessly isn't any better.

I don't have any good first-date venues!

Thinking quickly, I decided that we should rent electric bikes and explore the area together.

When we check out the rental shop "Minipreço," we realize it'll be way more fun to rent a single electric scooter (with me driving) than two separate bikes.

It turns out that was a great decision—although she teases me about how I pronounce "Minipreço," haha.

She holds me tightly, her boobs pressing up against me, and I touch her nice legs while we drive around.

She's already quite touchy with me from the start, but as we drive, she progressively caresses me more and more.

My dick is ripping out of my poor Uniqlo shorts!

Midway through our ride, we take a break at this lovely forested spot near Miradouro do Cavalo.

At first, she was hesitant to enter the area with the scooter because of a sign indicating it was illegal to drive there. But, I quickly devise a plan: if the police catch us, she'll promptly burst into tears, lie about us breaking up, and get us off scot-free.

She loves the idea, and we drive right in and start exploring the area on foot. 

(And by the way, my 'plan' of us breaking up or divorcing becomes an ongoing joke throughout our time together and even now as we're texting each other on Instagram.)

Since we only rent a scooter for an hour, we can only walk around for a couple of minutes, but on the way back to the moped, I finally go for the kiss, and it's amazing:

I'm a great kisser, she's a great kisser, and we're both super into it!

Unable to stay for too long, we drive the moped back to the rental and then walk to the beach, making out like crazy all along the way.

At this point, I know she's super horny, but I don't want to rush it, so we stay for another 20 minutes, laughing about stupid things and making out.

It’s been enough time, and I announce it's time for us to leave the beach.

“Where are we going,” she asks.

"To Disneyland."

“Is it your Disneyland exclusively for adults?”

I affirmed.

We walk a couple of minutes, and we are at my place. I chill, offer her a glass of water, and make my way to my bed, suggesting we watch a movie. 

“Is that really what you want to do?” She asks. 

I tell her to get in my bed, and we have amazing sex; she’s moaning, telling me how good I am, and we cum at the same time, looking at each other. 

(Why do we always say ‘amazing’ sex? Is sex not also fantastic? What about ‘epic’ sex? I need answers!)

I also added a little lube on my condom to help it slide in her easier, and I’m sure she appreciated that - something Mr. R and I discussed earlier.

Something else she mentioned right before we had sex: “I like these two sides of you; you’re a nice guy, but…” I couldn’t quite hear the other part, but she meant that I balanced the ‘good man’ and ‘bad boy’ sides very well

(Insert pat on the back!)

With us both exhausted in bed, we laugh about the absurdity of the last 3 hours together, then out of breath, she exclaims:

“...Can we…Shower?? …ALL THIS SWEAT!”

We make out more and get in the bathroom.

With a big, naughty smile, she’s complaining about how I left bite and slap marks all over her ass, beck, boobs and even her cheeks! 

In a faux innocent boy voice, I explain that it can’t be me. It must have been a weird tan she got at the beach. 

She’s finally in the shower, doesn’t see any body wash, and is surprised that I use shampoo for everything. I tell her I’m a man and she’s lucky I’m not using dishwasher soap for everything before I give in and show her my Head & Shoulders. 

Now that we’ve had sex and we’ve both showered, she thinks that I want her to “pack up and leave,” which is, in fact, not at all what I want her to do. 

I’ve enjoyed her fun goofiness, kissing her, and having sex, and now, I want more of it!

I propose we take the car and explore more of Portugal together, and she happily agrees. 

I first drive to a nearby bar to give Mr. R the keys to our place - with her still ‘complaining’ about the marks I left on her, especially the ones on her cheek/ face! 

I laugh about it. I know she loved every minute of it. 

I give the keys to Mr. R, and we start our one-hour drive southward toward a cool beach.

She questions Mr. R, curious if he's made any friends, and I assure her he's doing fine. We're self-sufficient adults who don't need to cling to each other throughout the day.

(Unfortunately, I will find out the following day that my assessment of Mr. R is far from accurate.)

Our conversation also touches upon our life’s journeys.

She shares her story about moving from Brazil to Portugal just one month ago to pursue more opportunities and life experiences.

Then, it's my turn to share about myself.

When I mention I'm from Canada, she exclaims:

"Ohhhhhh, that makes sense. That's why you're so handsome!"
“That's why, right!"

She laughs and responds in her cute Brazilian accent:

"I'm not shy anymore. We've already done a lot of things."

I keep grabbing and slapping her legs, and she loves it.

I also continuously complain that she's making me horny and making me super hard, and in her cute accent and big, naughty grin, she responds, "But I didn't do nothing!"

At a stoplight, we make out, and as I continue to drive, she keeps biting and kissing me more!

Our conversation deepens, and she reveals that she has been in a polyamorous relationship with a married couple back in Brazil. They even got a tattoo together—three small triangles, I believe.

Pretty intriguing.

She then turns the spotlight back to me, and I disclose that I'm also bisexual.

Her reaction is one of pure excitement:

"Oooooohhhhhhhh, that's so amazzzzinng! Oh my God! That's soooo amazing!"

She then shares that she's bisexual, too, and she even confesses it's turning her on a little!

She mentions that one of her fantasies is to be with two guys—not just in the cliché porn-style threesome with the poor woman being battered—but a genuinely bisexual experience where everyone involved can enjoy the experience.

She declares we could have a threesome together and urges me to revisit Portugal someday.

She then recounts the tale of how her unique relationship came into being:

She had been working as a waitress at a wedding, and her future married, polyamorous couple was also there. One of the friends of the polyamorous husband wanted to talk to her but was too scared, so he asked the husband to ‘pre-approach’ her for him. When he did, she made it clear that she was not interested in married men unless they were in open relationships. 

It was then that the husband disclosed his open relationship status. 

Initially, she didn’t believe him. 

He then told her to come down to meet his wife, and that’s how their relationship started!

Although their special bond only lasts for a short time due to her relocation to Portugal, she doesn't rule out the possibility of them coming to visit her in the future.

Next, I drop the bombshell that I'm in an open relationship with my boyfriend.

At first, she doesn't quite catch what I've said.

"Right now, you're what?"

So, I repeat myself, and she's stunned:


I mention that he's from Nigeria and promise to show her a picture later, and she's all in:


She then shares her admiration for my straightforward street approach and how she appreciates my honesty about liking her style.

When I add that I'm into masculine men and feminine women, she entirely agrees.


She expresses that the most incredible thing about me is that I live this open, “free-spirited” life.

There are breathtaking views on the way to our final destination, so pull over to soak in the awe-inspiring sights.

Beautiful view from outside Lisbon

We play for a minute, me giving her a scary piggyback ride (AKA, my ‘Shoulder Coaster Technique’), and loads of making out. 

I get her back in the car (not easy as a 190cm tall guy), and we are fucking like animals.

“Don’t have condoms, I don’t think I care - just don’t…” she mutters. 

As we're fucking she says in a sexy, raspy voice, “Now I really want you with another guy…” and “Oh my God, I want to HAVE SEX WITH YOU ALL NIIIGHTT.”

We’re fucking and fucking, and I finally cum super hard right on top of her pussy, even getting some on her face, which we both laugh about. 

“Oh my God, I think this is the craziest thing I’ve done in my whole life,” she says. 

We get out of the car to admire the view again, me shirtless - not cold due to all the ‘cardio’ I’ve just put into her, and we take a picture together. 

(By the way, my one piece of advice for car sex is to bring a roll of paper towel with you to clean up, especially if you’re a guy like me with a massive load.)

She needs to pee, and we are both starving, so we skip our final destination, drive to a sweet  Portuguese family-run restaurant, and finally make our way home - with Mr. R having no problem with her sleeping over as we both had separate rooms.

When we got home, she yet again ‘complained’ about the bite marks I left on her, and I was only smiling, knowing that she loved it, even making the joke that it’s my version of a tattoo.

After all, how else will she remember me?

It was an amazing night: non-stop sex!

And then again in the morning - my poor bed being moved all around the bedroom.

One position she loved was when I put a towel on the desk and got her to lay down face up, all while I was holding her legs together on my right shoulder and fucking her like an animal. In her words, “It hit the right spot,” and she came multiple times.

(Poor Mr. R must’ve heard everything through the thin walls.)

Tuesday, 16th of May, 2023

We finally make our way out of my room and shower, and although she again thinks I want her to pack up and go, I (obviously) want her to spend the day with me until Mr. R and I make our way north to Porto this evening.

Plus, we're in a beach village!

What else would I do with Mr. R?

But here’s where everything suddenly falls apart between Mr. R and me. 

But as soon as I see Mr. R, he wears an intense, overly serious expression. He bites his lips and states in a very stern, low, and aggressive voice:

"She needs to go now!"

He emphasizes this demand several times.

I try reasoning with him, but he will not budge.

Wanting to avoid a confrontation, I tell him I'll mull it over for a few minutes. My girl is evidently aware of my mounting stress—I never saw this coming.

Assuring her I'll handle the situation, I say I'll chat with him before we leave.

So, I spoke to him, proposing a compromise: I understand if he thinks a whole day is too much, and I'm open to returning around 4-5 p.m.

However, he remains angry, and I don’t understand why.

He also tells me he wanted to bring a Tinder girl over last night but couldn't because I had my girl over. So, I tell him he could've simply sent me a message, and I would've stayed in the car with my girl for a bit longer—the same way I went to the gym for his first Tinder date!

Luckily, he at least agrees with me on this one point.

Towards the end of our short argument, he mentions that I have annoyed him to a certain level (indicating up to his elbow) and warns me about pushing him beyond his tolerance (indicating higher up his arm)—implying that his anger with me has somehow started even before I meet my girl!

Not wishing to get into a long argument, I tell him I'll return around 4:30 p.m. and promptly leave with my Brazilian girl.

The whole incident greatly unsettles me. It has sprung out of nowhere, and I worry about the potential impact on our year-long friendship!

We pick a destination down south and get driving. I’m not in the greatest mood until we fuck in the car again on the side of some gravel road - with me forgetting again to bring tissues to clean up! 

On the way to our original destination, I realize I won't have much time to return to Mr. R by 16:30. So we stop at a beach and chill for 15 minutes.

Eventually, we have to go. 

I drive her to the closest point where she can quickly get home via boat, kiss her goodbye, and make my way back, angry at how Mr. R disrespected me that morning.

As soon as I park, he says sarcastically, "At least you came back on time! I would've taken a train to Porto otherwise!"

I suggest to Mr. R that we have a level-headed conversation right then and there. 

He agrees.

He starts the discussion by admitting I'm right about his potential Tinder date from the previous night. A simple text would have sufficed, he acknowledges.

Next, he points out our differing food preferences and that I eat more (which is true). He says we must shop for food separately for the rest of the trip.

He also complains about us discarding 20 euros worth of food and about me mistakenly buying a cheap, nasty white fish on our first day, which we eventually had to throw out.

I respond by explaining to Mr. R that food wastage is inevitable when moving between four Airbnbs in 11 days! I also accept the blame for the unfortunate fish incident. Everyone messes up while shopping, especially when you don’t speak the local language!

Still trying to understand the gravity of the issue, I ask him why he hasn't voiced his concerns earlier.

He claims he has.

Not recalling any complaint except his appreciation for my cooking (since I also prepared all the cooked meals), I press him for an example.

He responds that while we were shopping on our first day, he asked, "Are you sure you want to buy that?"


How can I interpret that as a significant concern from such a casual remark?

He defends his subtlety, claiming he was merely trying to be 'nice,' as if he's doing me a favor.

Is he, though?

I don't see how blowing up in my face eight days into our vacation is 'nice.'

That's when I realized he is not the laid-back, cool guy I thought he was. Instead, he has a strong conflict-avoidant personality, bottling up his frustrations until they reach a boiling point, causing him to explode like a dormant volcano.

His next grievance is our lack of enough 'daygame.'

Again, he could have initiated a calm discussion on day 2 but suppressed it until now.

I remind him that we agreed to a balanced 50/50 travel and daygame trip from the get-go!

He then complains that I put him under too much pressure to approach.

At this point, I don't even know what to tell him.

We've always put each other under some kind of pressure to approach. Daygame isn't easy—that's what wings are for!

He disagrees.

Then he has the nerve to claim that we haven't visited any places he wants to see. 

Again, this leaves me dumbfounded. 

I remind him how I practically pleaded with him to contribute more to our travel plans on countless occasions, and each time, he expressed complacency with my choices.

He can't deny this.

Our conversation circles back to the incident with the girl. I emphasize that while I'm not looking to upset him, his bitter reaction to me spending half a day with a girl is unwarranted. Despite this, he remains firm on his stance that this trip is between him and me, and any girl should be brushed aside immediately after a hookup.

Our strained 'discussion' concludes with him expressing a desire for me to drive him 3 hours up to Porto, where he wants to proceed independently, including daygame. 

He no longer wants to ride in my car. From now on, he’ll take public transport. He only wants a 3-hour lift back to the airport.

So, in other words:

“Uber me to Porto, fuck off out of my life, and then Uber me to the Lisbon Airport.”

I'm at a loss.

Too shocked to feel angry.

I go back into our apartment, grab food, vent my frustrations to my boyfriend, pack up, and then drive 3.5 hours to Porto in complete silence.

On the way there, he never offers to pay for the gas, not even once.

When we arrive where we're supposed to stay in Porto, I instruct him to grab his belongings and head inside while I look for parking.

That is indeed my initial intention.

However, I realized that spending the last two nights with a man like him would be impossible. Instead, I quickly booked a cheap hotel outside of Porto and spent the night there, utterly drained, both mentally and emotionally.

Wednesday, 17th of May, 2023

I wake up late, having slept well in my comfy hotel bed, ate breakfast, and booked an Airbnb aptly named "Relax Container."

As the name suggests, it's a repurposed shipping container transformed into a studio nestled in the heart of a stunning forest area. 

This is precisely what I need, given my crazy mental state.

Unfortunately, I didn't capture any pictures of the shipping container Airbnb, but the drive there is nothing short of spectacular.

Here's just one of the gorgeous pictures I take along the way:

Gorgeous views on my drive to my Airbnb

After 3 hours of driving, I arrive at the "Relax Container"—still overwhelmed from the previous day's events. I attempt to unwind and spend some quiet time there.

Two hours into my peaceful solitude, I receive a text from Mr. R:

The last text I got from Mr R in Portugal

The message infuriates me beyond words, and it's the second to last time we speak. However, the one silver lining is that he doesn't request me to act as his Uber driver back to the airport!

Thursday, 18th of May, 2023

The following day, I had a mix-up with my flight timings. I've convinced myself that my flight is at 17:00 when it's three hours later, at 20:00.

So, I prematurely drag myself out of bed, return the rental car, and navigate my way to Lisbon Airport (it's only then that I realize my error).

I reach home well past midnight and meet up with my boyfriend for a while before I finally call it a day and crash into bed.

The weekend passes in a blur. Understandably, I'm downcast and somewhat depressed about the fallout with my friend. I am unable to do anything other than some work on my motorcycle.

A year of friendship evaporated over disputes about 20 Euros worth of wasted food and a few additional hours I spent with a girl.

It's inconceivable.

Is that all our friendship means to him?

Is it his conflict-avoidant personality, or is it jealousy? I still don't know!

Moving forward, I don't foresee getting back with Mr. R anytime soon. I won't be the one to initiate contact, but if he chooses to reach out with a sincere apology, I'll consider reconciling. For now, though, it feels like the end of our friendship.

Till next time, 

Coach Colt


  • My Brazilian girl later told me that Mr. R initially tried to make eye contact with her on the street (presumably to force IOIs), and she looked away because she was worried he’d use their eye contact to harass her like other Portuguese men had before. 
  • She also mentioned that at the start, I was too energetic with her and spoke too quickly, but that it got better as we spent more time together - something I also noticed, probably because I was nervous and hadn’t taken my ADHD medication on time. 
  • She’s a dramatic woman and loves my impulsivity and craziness, even telling me multiple times that she wants the crazy man I am and not a ‘normal’ guy. 
  • She loved kissing me and often told me I was a great kisser. I get lots of compliments about that for both men and women!
  • Throughout our time together, she laughed at my jokes and loved my sense of humor, even saying from the start, “You’re funny; I like you.”

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