My Time in Prague With a Cute Argentinian Girl

My wingman, Mr. R, and I booked our flights for Prague from December 23rd, 2022 (9:30 am) to January 2nd, 2023 (6:50 am). 

I was excited about the trip. It would be my first Daygame adventure in Europe, and I had heard that the girls in Prague were stunning. 

However, there was a small problem.

I hadn't informed my boyfriend yet because I knew he wouldn't be thrilled about me going during Christmas and New Year's. 

By the way, I'm bisexual, and we’re in an open relationship.

I decided to wait until a couple of weeks before our trip to break the news to him during a WhatsApp video call. 

Well, let's say he didn't take it well. 

He angrily hung up on me.

After a few days of silence, he stopped bringing it up, and I thought he had finally let it go. 

But unfortunately, that didn't last very long. 

Just a week or two before our departure, he lost his dull office job that he had been stuck with for three years. On top of that, almost all of his friends had made plans to leave Brussels, leaving him alone for Christmas and New Year's, which were special times for him.

He desperately wanted to join me on the trip, even if it was only for the last few days, but I couldn't allow it - this would be a daygame trip, and having him there would have changed the dynamic. 

Besides, I had been spending almost every day with him recently, and I needed a break, as much as I loved him.

Understandably, he was upset about it but eventually let it go, or so I thought. 

Picture off a bridge in Prague in the evening

Friday, 23rd of December, 2022

Anyway, we finally set off for Prague. The flight was calm, although I was still annoyed that Brussels Airlines charged for water and food. 

Seriously, what a rip-off.

Once we landed, we made our way to our studio, about a half-hour tram ride (or 5 Euro Taxi) from the city center. It was alright, and the best part was that it was affordable, especially considering it was the holiday season!

Map of where our Prague Airbnb would be compared to the center of Prague

After taking a short break and getting ourselves pumped up with Redbull, we headed out to the center of Prague for our first round of approaches. 

As pictured below, we mostly Daygamed on Na Prikope Street, the Palladium Shopping Mall, and the Old Town Area.

Map of the center of Prague

We walked around, approaching different girls and getting warmed up. 

As the sun began to set and the temperature dropped, we realized it was time to head back (and I couldn't help but laugh at myself for only wearing my trusty blue hoodie).

Me wearing my nice blue hoodie on a windy day in Prague

However, just as we were about to call it a day, I noticed a cute, short girl strolling around in sneakers despite the light rain. 

I couldn't resist running up to her and doing the classic front stop, playfully commenting on her choice of shoes for the weather. 

To my delight, she instantly hooked onto the interaction, laughing at my remarks with big, happy eyes. 

It was an excellent start.

I discovered that she was from Argentina, traveling solo through Europe. 

It’s always great to meet a solo traveler! 

I only know a little about South America, but with the World Cup in full swing and everyone discussing Argentina, I picked up some information about their flag and culture. So, when I noticed that she had an Argentinian flag hanging out of her purse, I took it as an opportunity to keep the conversation going.

Eventually, I ended the conversation on a high note by getting her number and wishing her a pleasant evening. 

Just as I was leaving, a random guy nearby gave me a big smile and congratulated me on successfully closing the deal. It felt cool to receive positive feedback.

I would have loved to show you the first texts we exchanged, but unfortunately, she had set her WhatsApp messages to delete after 24 hours automatically. When I got her to change the settings, my initial "feeler" messages were long gone and probably boring.

However, as you'll see in the following messages, she expressed high interest in meeting throughout my trip.

And here are a couple of beautiful shots of Prague!

Saturday, 24rd of December, 2022

The next morning, around 11:30 a.m., I dragged myself out of bed and headed to the hotel/ Airbnb campus gym. 

It was nothing too intense, just a few sets of pull-ups, dumbbell bench presses, and lateral raises. It was enough to release some stress and burn off some excess energy.

The basic gym I used in our Prague Airbnb

And I was already looking pretty good on this trip!

Once I was done with my workout, I immediately texted the Argentinian girl and suggested meeting at 8 p.m. in front of Zara.

She wanted to meet earlier, so I proposed 7 p.m., and she agreed. 

The first texts between me and the Argentinian girl

Mr R. and I went to the Palladium Mall area, where we continued approaching.

Unfortunately, things weren't clicking, so we switched locations and headed towards The Powder Tower. 

Me showing off my muscles in Prague

A lot of my pictures are out of focus for this trip because my Samsung phone camera was half broken, and I didn't realize until I got back. 

That's where I noticed a girl who looked downright depressed but had great tits - or as my Mr R. would say, ‘mega big boobs’ lol. 

Without hesitation, I stopped her and playfully teased her about her gloomy appearance. Surprisingly, she responded well, and we engaged in some light-hearted banter as we strolled down the road, searching for an interesting bar.

Eventually, we stumbled upon Zorto Restaurant, which seemed to meet our requirements. 

We sat down and continued talking. 

It turned out that she was from Georgia and had been fighting with her best friend (who happened to be a guy). 

To make matters worse, she was leaving that evening. 

Ah, so that explained her sour mood!

Nevertheless, we continued our conversation, and I managed to steal a kiss at one point. (Always avoid the friend zone from the start.)

And that’s when she started resisting, telling me that I wouldn't get anything more from her and that she wouldn't come to my place. It was frustrating. 

However, I wasn't ready to give up just yet. I kept walking with her, hoping her resistance would eventually disappear.

Unfortunately, my attempts weren't yielding great results, so I pulled out my signature move: The Shoulder Coaster Technique!

In case you're unfamiliar, The Shoulder Coaster Technique refers to my unique method of offering a girl an exhilarating experience by carrying her on your shoulders. This method involves moving backward and forwards, swaying from side to side, creating an exciting and unpredictable ride (i.e., roller coaster), sparking intense emotions in her - ranging from fear to thrill. It's a great way to attract a girl who doesn't seem interested initially

Me carrying the Georgian girl using my 'shoulder-coaster technique'

Picking up is also big on my list of how to seem more attractive as a muscular guy.

The Shoulder Coaster proved to be a game-changer. She was both frightened and exhilarated by the experience. After a while, I finally let her down, and we resumed our walk. 

At this point, our passionate kissing had escalated, and she seemed to enjoy it. However, despite the intense connection we were experiencing, she remained reluctant to go to my place.

Determined to win her over, I continued our conversation and made out in the alleys (as pictured below), trying to find the right words to convince her. 

Time seemed to pass quickly, and before we knew it, three hours had gone by. It was now around 3 p.m., and to my delight, she agreed to come to my place. I couldn't quite recall what exactly  I said or did to change her mind, but my persistence and charm had seemed to pay off.

We didn’t do much at first, but we started kissing, and eventually, I was eating her out, and she was turned on. 

My dick was out (GYDO: Get Your Dick Out!) and ready to fuck her good, but she gave me a ‘hard no’ because of her religion and that "I only want to lose my virginity to someone I love.”

“Ok, gotta take what you can get.” I thought to myself. 

She gave me a fantastic blowjob (surprisingly good for a religious girl 🤔), and I blew a massive load on my tits. 

She had to go soon after.

Weirdly, she mentioned several times how she didn’t like her body, which was weird to me because even though she wasn’t hot, she wasn’t bad-looking at all!

As a side note, she sent me some lovely text messages after:

The texts between the Georgian and I

Here's a post that will help you flirt with girls over text

Anyway, without wasting any time, I headed back out to the center and continued with daygame until 7 p.m., when I met up with the Argentinian for our first date. 

(Read this article for more first-date ideas.)

We met in front of Zara and decided to hit up this random bar (which I can't find on Google Maps anymore).

The beginning was pretty awkward, to be honest. 

Firstly, I couldn't figure out what I wanted to order (yeah, I know, stupid me), and she was just as clueless, so we settled on mulled wine. 

Secondly, she wasn't contributing much to the conversation, and I was convinced she wasn't interested. I could practically read it on her face.

In a last-ditch attempt, I convinced her to finish her wine and whisked her away to a different bar called Gastro Bar 1401, which was a brilliant idea. 

Along the way, I playfully nudged her and even scooped her up (not quite The Shoulder Coaster Technique) to create a better physical connection.

Anyway, we get there, and let me tell you, Gastro Bar 1401 is seriously cool. It's always packed with a vibrant crowd, live music blasting, and plenty of cozy seating options. 

However, the beer is terrible. (Or maybe I’m spoiled from Brussels.)

With nothing else working, I decided to skip all the rules and rapport-building altogether. Instead, I went straight in for a kiss!

And you won't believe it... she loved it! 

In no time, we were passionately making out, and I have to say, she had some impressive kissing skills.

Feeling the chemistry, she took the initiative and got another round of beers. We snagged a spot on the nearby sofa that became available as a group of friends left.

the sofa in Gastro Bar 1401 where I sat down with my date

(I always pay for the first round but make the girl pay for the second round. The easy solution to the ‘who pays for the date’ question.)

Things went from 0 to 60 fast. 

We went from simply making out to biting and kissing her ears/ neck all over.

We were both getting crazy horny. 

At one point, she was faux ‘complaining’ about how aggressive I was with her and asked me to hold her more softly, but I told her that I couldn’t because she made me feel like a crazy, horny animal and that  "I'll be whatever I want with you.” 

She told me that she loved hearing that dominant, manly response. 

I often told her I loved her lips - an excellent way to get a girl to kiss you without asking!

She also enjoyed me tickling her back, arms, and even hands, even though she had difficulty staying still!

She mentioned several times how much she admired my muscles and how strongly I held her while we kissed, especially while I was grabbing her neck. (See 'alpha male' body language.)

I took things a step further by rubbing her pussy from outside her pants and dominantly pinning her hands on my rock-hard dick so she felt how hard I was, and she couldn’t stop me. She loved it and, in her words, ‘was shocked’ at how hard and big my dick was - something she’d repeat often. 

She tried to complain that people would see, but our table was mostly blocking their view, and I could see she was enjoying it way too much, so I didn’t care. 

Eventually, we left the bar and walked around a bit more. Made out in the beautiful alleyways of Prague while she put her hands in my pants, feeling my hard dick, again saying how she was shocked at how hard and big my dick was.

(She knows how to make a man horny!)

It was getting late, so I lightly suggested we go to mine, following standard ‘pulling home’ procedures. 

She declined, I didn’t feel her vibe (she seemed to have that ‘girl rule’ about not going home on the first date), and I was already happy with my success, so I didn’t push it. 

I finally learned from past experiences where I put too much pressure on girls to go home on the first date, thinking I could get around their resistance.

A couple of interesting things she mentioned throughout the date

  1. She disliked her freckles and thought they made her look dirty. I said I find them cute. I don’t know any guy who finds that freckles are ugly! And by the way, I loved her natural look; she didn’t wear much makeup, just a little eyeliner. Perfect for me.
  2. From the beginning, I told her that I am bisexual, and she didn’t care
  3. She later told me she liked that I was leading the conversation and talking a lot.
  4. While her English wasn’t that great, through our first date, she kept saying things like how wet she was and how she wouldn’t be able to control herself if I continued, “You make me so hot and horny,” “You text me tomorrow,” “I am completely free tomorrow,” “you're a great kisser" (heard this one so many time hehe 😉), and “where do you live?”

When I got home, I felt like Superman. 

I got one girl home with a blowjob and got another girl super into me.

My lips were tired from kissing, and I was thinking about how, two years ago, I could not have even dreamt of having a day like this!

Side note:

During this period, I was having a bit of a crisis in my sexuality. I was quite nervous in the sense that I was 100% gay, but being hard for her this whole time finally confirmed for me that I was bisexual all along! 

Sunday, 25th of December, 2022

In the morning, we got up and walked around beautiful Prague.

the beautiful prague center area in the morning

I texted her to set our second date, and she happily responded:

It was a beautiful evening.

beautiful evening in Prague 25-12-2022

We met in front of Desirred (this department store in the center), and together we strolled over to Rocky O'Reilly's, a place my wingman had hyped up as being super cool with live music. 

It was a total letdown. 

Instead of the hip crowd and awesome tunes we were expecting, the joint was packed with a bunch of boring old folks playing the most mind-numbing music.

Despite the disappointing atmosphere, we decided to make the best of it and ordered a bottle of wine. I told her that I felt like we were in a cemetery. We couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of it all.

Before we knew it, we found ourselves passionately making out. I couldn't help but imagine the amusement on the faces of the older couples around us as they witnessed our not-so-little make-out session. 

Hey, at least we provided some entertainment for them, right? Haha!

While kissing, my dick got super hard, and her hand over my dick so she could feel my hard-on.

"It's so big," she says (again!).

I wasn't very happy at the bar, so after about 45 minutes, we finished the bottle (split the bill between us) and left.

I wasn't sure if she already wanted to come back to mine, so I casually asked if she wanted to watch Viki Christina Barcelona with me, and she said YES!

(I was already discussing that movie on the first date, seeding it all along.)

We got in the taxi and noticed that she had sent her WhatsApp live location to one of her friends - which is totally cool and, frankly, a smart, safe move on her part. 

I backed off, taking it really easy, talking about the most pointless shit, etc.

We get home, offer her some water, and she accepts. 

I ask her to take off her shoes, and she complies. 

We started watching the movie, and slowly I escalated until she was super horny, we had sex, and I came in her mouth (although she ended up spitting it out in the sink).

In the post-sex interview, she tells me that she's been with at least 30 guys (she's 30), and she especially liked me for my height. 

We cuddle for a bit and decide to head back out to the center.

We found a place (Durty Nelly's Irish Pub) and ordered some juice, no alcohol!

We continue to make out like crazy; I'm rubbing her pussy with my leg while she has her hand in my pants rubbing my dick.

She keeps telling me that my dick is big even though my dick is average (I guess that's what girls say when they like you) and how she’s embarrassed that other people are gonna see.

She was again quite curious about me being bisexual, which was interesting, asking me if I have a boyfriend or if I ever had a girlfriend, etc. She was cool with it all.

There was this deep ancient well/ pit in the middle of the pub covered by clear glass, which she was scared to walk over, so I stood with her over it (and even jumped to scare her even more), and she loved it haha 😆

It was getting late, so we called it a night. 

She would be leaving on Tuesday, the 27th of December, so I had one more night with her, and that would be tomorrow. 

Monday, 26th of December, 2022

The next day, we planned to meet at 8 p.m., with the understanding that she had to leave by 10 p.m. to have dinner with a friend. 

No problem for me; I was cool with it. 

However, I mixed up the timing in my typical fashion and got there by 7 p.m. instead. 

Luckily, she was ready to meet at 7 p.m., so I got an extra hour.

We met up near some Christian statue in the center, and I couldn't resist making a playful comment about needing to confess my sins to God because I've been a bit of a naughty boy. I jokingly added that the statue or priest had declared me a lost cause. She giggled, and we headed to our trusty old spot, Gastro Bar 1401, for some beers.

At this point, I teased her by comparing me to a Canadian polar bear and her, a small penguin. I warned her to be careful because, you know, I'm big, horny hungry, and dangerous. 

And just like last time, we couldn't keep our hands off each other. We were all over each other, making out like crazy.

After we finished our beers, we left the bar, walked for a bit, then took a taxi back to my place - and I was rubbing her pussy the whole way there.

She gave me this look to stop because I would make her moan so loud that the taxi driver would hear it. 

It was amazing. 

We got out, went to our studio, and got straight to it - starting with me smacking her ass with my trusty belt. 

(Funny part is that right when we first met today, she was 'complaining' how red her ass was in the morning and how I bit her neck/ cheek too hard...but I could tell she loved it and demanded that she thank me for it, haha.)

Had great sex, and I blew another massive load on her (which she was shocked by, haha), and we chilled for a bit. 

She said:

“[my name], you know you’re beautiful?”

I smiled

She continued, “Well, you already knew that!!”

She then said she’d miss me, packed her stuff, and left with an Uber.

I had a beautiful time with her, and I'll surely miss her too!

That night, things took a turn for the worse. 

I was downstairs in the lobby to give my wingman some space to pull a Brazilian girl (whom I had encouraged him to approach). 

Just then, my boyfriend video-called me and dropped a bombshell. 

He said he contemplated breaking up with me because he didn't feel I was showing him enough love. To make matters worse, he stumbled upon my Twitter account and discovered the thread about my time with the Argentinian girl, which triggered his intense jealousy.

Honestly, I was in complete shock at the time. 

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, so I told him he was free to leave if he didn't want to be in a relationship with me. I would never force anyone to stay with me. 

Eventually, during that same call, he took it back and apologized. However, the whole incident left me angry and felt like a manipulative situation: 

Who calls their partner during their vacation to break up with them? 

I casually texted him during the rest of the trip, but once I returned, I had a serious discussion with him. 

I made it clear that I couldn't tolerate that level of manipulative behavior, no matter how needy he might feel or what traumas he had experienced in the past. 

Everything seemed to be okay after that, or so I thought… 

Things went smoothly for a few months until one random Friday night at my place. 

Out of the blue, he asked if I would be willing to try being monogamous for at least a month to see how it goes. I firmly declined since we had agreed to an open relationship from the start, and that's what I wanted (among other reasons). 

This sparked a series of events that led to him essentially breaking up with me. 

Once again, I found myself in a state of shock. 

But, as I had told him before, he could go if he wanted to leave. I would never force anyone to be in a relationship with me.

He went back and forth multiple times, even going as far as packing his belongings in my place. 

I was still completely stunned. 

Eventually, after the third or fourth time (I had lost count), he took it back and decided to sleep with me that night. 

I was in a terrible mood (to put it lightly) but too exhausted to talk anymore - it was way past midnight, so we slept together.

The next morning, he dared to suggest meeting up later in the day and leaving his stuff at my place. 

I kindly told him it would be better if he took his things with him. 

He understood and left. I practically ignored him until Tuesday, when we had a serious talk. 

In shorts, I went on a rant for about 15 minutes, expressing my disbelief and that I didn’t think he could handle being with me due to his traumas. For example, I mentioned how he acted in Prague and suggested we consider ending the relationship.

After my rant, he apologized again, fully acknowledging that the problem was his and that he needed to work on himself. After that sincere apology, I told him we would move on from this but wouldn’t tolerate it again. 

Fast forward to now, in May 2023, things are going great between us. Sex is better than ever. We're planning a trip to Italy together, and overall, things are looking super good.

While I'm not sure how long this relationship will last, and we've certainly had our fair share of issues, I'm very happy with him and don't see any real problems looking forward.


  • At one point during the trip, I somehow ended up on a date with this girl who had bipolar disorder, which I had to wrap up pretty quickly. You're bound to run into a girl like that when approaching many people! 
  • We also bumped into other Daygamers from Prague, but they all seemed pretty bad at Daygame and socially uncalibrated.
  • We also checked out the local sex museum, which was cool. Still, I found it somewhat odd how all the sex toys for guys were basically about chastity or female domination, while all the toys for women were vibrators or other stuff to amp up their sexual pleasure!
  • We spent the last two days hiking around Prague, which was very nice, even going up the Petrin Tower, a cool Eiffel Tower-looking structure!
the prague river around the center at night

So, to finish the story, the Argentinian girl kept in touch even after our hookup, which was nice - even responding to my Instagram/ Whatsapp stories. She even snapped a pic of herself with a penguin and a polar bear— a nod to that silly metaphor of me as the polar bear and her as the cute, snackable penguin.

But then, get this - my boyfriend gifted me a cuddly penguin the same week! I am a polar bear, huh? Haha.

the peguin my boyfriend gave me after my Prague trip

We now call him 'Penguini'

And recently, she even wished me a happy birthday! I don't have any definite plans to see her again; who knows? You'll have to stay tuned to find out about my future escapades 😉

Till the next adventure,

Coach Colt

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