150 Dirty [And Sexy] Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

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Everyone has a dirty mind sometimes. There’s no reason to hide your innate desires. To spice things up in a relationship, it is fun to ask your girlfriend dirty questions and see what she is truly thinking about.

Now, back to the girlfriend, here are some dirty questions that will turn you both on.

Table of Contents

1. Would you rather be on top or bottom?

Does she like to do the work or have the work done to her?

2. Would you rather be a hooker or a stripper?

A great sexy truth or dare question Would she rather be with one person intimately or show a group of people her body?

a dirty question to ask a girl is if she would want to be a stripper

3. Would you like to get paid to have sex with me?

Does the idea of being a sugar baby turn her on?

4. Would you rather do it in your parents house or in public?

Would she rather be caught by strangers or by her parents? How far will she go…

5. Does the idea of getting caught turn you on?

Is she freaky freaky?

6. Have you ever sexually thought about a step-sibling?

I mean it’s not like they are actually related….

7. Do you want to have a threesome?

Does the idea of two people in bed make her wet?

8. Would you rather sleep with another girl or a boy?

Maybe she’s bi… most of us are!

9. Do you prefer kinky sex or romantic sex?

How does she feel about that loving eye contact vs the naughty talk and slaps?

10. Do you have a desire to watch other people have sex?

Does she like to see people being wild and crazy and animalistic?

11. Would you rather eat out a girl or give a guy a blowjob?

Here’s a good LGBTQ question!

Which one sounds more fun… girl on girl for a change?

12. Do you like it when I pull your hair?

Maybe she likes wearing braids for you to pull.

13. Do you like it when I smack your butt?

She might love those hand print marks on her cheeks,

14. Would you rather do it with the lights on or off?

Does she want to see who’s giving her pleasure?

15. Do you believe in having sex on the first date?

Isn’t that what dates are for?

16. Have you ever had a one-night stand?

Or is she the get to know him first kind of girl?

17. Do you ever fantasize about other men?

Or is she just attracted to who she is with?

18. Would you go skinny dipping with me and let it lead to sex?

Naked and water and connection, oh so appealing.

19. Would you rather spit or swallow?

Does she like the taste of your cum flowing down her throat?

20. Do you prefer having sex on the bed or in the shower?

Or does she like a mix?

21. Do you have sex dreams about me?

Even when she’s sleeping right next to you.

22. Have you ever given a lap-dance?

Then offer her the opportunity!

asking your girl a sexy question will make her even sexier

23. Do you like sex or foreplay better?

Is it the action or the leading up to the action for her?

24. Would you rather be blindfolded or handcuffed?

The anticipation… the desire.

25. Would you rather wear protection or risk getting pregnant?

Who likes condoms anyways?

26. Do you like it when I cum inside of you?

She likes the hot cum shooting up inside of her.

27. Do you like it when I suck your nipples?

Does it turn her on when you suck her nipples hard.

28. Do you like it when I kiss both sets of lips?

Is oral a big deal to her?

29. What is the most exotic dream you have ever had with me in it?

Were a ton of people watching us?

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But if you’re all about making your girl horny, just keep reading!

30. If I bought you lingerie would you wear it for me?

How does she feel about dressing up?

31. Do you want to role-play with me?

Maybe she wants to be a sexy teacher, or nurse, or maid.

32. Would you use bondage?


33. Where is your favorite place for me to touch you?

Right in between the inner thighs?

34. Are there any sex positions you’re dying to try that haven’t?

If not, you two can always make one up.

35. Have you watched porn?

Who hasn’t… but maybe she prefers the magazines.

36. Do you want to watch it with me?

You could try out new positions together.

37. Do you want to try using ice or wax in bed?

The extremes are always a fun time.

as a dirty question as a girl whether she wants to use oil while having sex

38. Do you like props in the bedroom?

Added pleasure or a way to make yourself lazy?

39. Have you used a vibrator or dildo?

Is at as good as mine?

40. Where is the most adventurous place you have had sex?

And her most adventurous person too.

41. Do you like biting?

Bite marks, is she into the teeth?

42. Do you like scratching?

Do finger nail marks make her shake with pleasure?

43. Do you like to give or receive hickies?

Or are those too childish? Neck kisses are a rather common turn on place.

44. What is your favorite thing about my body?

Does she like your muscles, your chest or your dick the best?

45. Do you like to watch me get hard?

Does making you get hard make her horny?

46. Do you want to film us fucking?

Does she like the homemade videos?

47. Should we try to do it in front of mirrors?

Is she confident about her performance or more shy and mysterious?

48. Do you like it when I tease you?

Does she like to be teased and flirted with?

49. Have you ever peeped while I was changing?

Does she like hiding and watching the events unfold?

50. How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Was it recent.. what is her level of experience?

51. How many people have you slept with?

Uncover that list. Who’s competition?

52. Tell me about some of your secret fantasies.

Does she have a lot?

girls love it when you ask them dirty or even LGBTQ questions

53. If we were shopping for clothes would you do it in the fitting room with me?

Ever had sex in a changing room with the attendant walking by asking if anyone needs another size to try on?

54. Are you apart of the mile high club?

Plane bathrooms are small, but hey, who can hold it in that long?

55. Have you ever given a blowjob on a train, plane, or boat?

Under a blanket maybe?

56. Have you had car sex?

In the back or front seat?

57. Do you like it when I whisper naughty nothings to you?

Does she blush or whisper them back?

58. Would you flash me?

In a public place or in private?

59. Have you ever masturbated at work?

8 hours in the office is a long time, who could blame her?

60. Do you like sexting me throughout the day?

Does it make her come alive when she’s drowning in work emails?

61. Have you ever sent a naughty picture via text?

Was it for free?

62. Would you text me a video of you fucking yourself?

So I can get off, obviously… And by the way you can totally ask this dirty question over text!

63. Do you want to wake up with my cock inside of you?

Does she find comfort in being filled to the brim?

64. Have you ever had a sex daydream at work?

During one of those horrible work meetings?

65. If you only had 20 minutes alone with me what would you do to me?

Fuck you, obviously…

66. Do you like the idea of getting drunk and being naughty?

You know, drunk minds speak a sober heart.

67. How many stars would you give me for sex?

Does she rate the men she has fucked. Who’s got the most stars out of 5?

68. Can you give me a massage with a happy ending?

It is every man’s dream to get a happy ending.

69. How many times do you masturbate per week?

She might tense up here, but it’s natural and it’s sexy.

70. Can I finger you under the table at a dinner party?

She likes the spice, the tension.

71. How old were you when you started masturbating?

Was it in middle school health class?

72. Do you like phone sex?

Does that throat chakra turn her on hardest? Is it all about those smarts?

73. Have you ever had butt sex?

Does she like butt sex when she’s on her period? Keeping it tight.

74. Do you like butt sex if you have had it or do you want to?

Is she willing to try for the first time with you?

75. What is your favorite part of your body?

Does she love every single curve on her own figure?

76. What was your best sexual experience?

Hopefully she mentions one with you.

77. Have you ever caught a guy jerking off?

Besides me…

78. What sex position makes you orgasm the most?

Does she get off on top, underneath, or facing away? Where is her g spot.

79. What is the highest number of times you have had sex in one day?

Probably around 6.

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80. Have you ever touched another girl?

Has she drunkenly or soberly touched one of her friends or a girl she finds hot?

81. Would you make porn with me?

Does she want to publish her sexy moments?

82. Do you have any fetishes?

Does she like your feet… or kiss them?

83. Do you prefer being dominant or submissive?

Who is in control?

84. What’s your favorite sex scene from a movie?

Is it something from 50 shades?

85. Have you ever been so horny that you did it with family around?

Sex speaks volumes you know.

86. Did you ever want to fuck a teacher or professor?

Who was the lucky bastard?

87. Who is your celebrity crush?

How many times has she touched herself to him?

88. Do you have naked pictures saved on your phone?

Of herself, or anyone else?

89. Have you ever had tantric sex?

She’ll try it with you, just ask!

90. Does the thought of two men having sex turn you on?

Is she into gay porn? Or maybe a threesome with another guy.

91. Have you ever stuck a dildo inside a guy?

Guy’s like it in the ass too.

92. Do you read erotica?

Sexy novels are the way to go.

93. How long should sex last?

Is 20 minutes too short and an hour too long?

94. Have you ever made a booty call?

Or does she let the men stick to their stereotype?

95. Do you like men in uniform?

Do army men make her hot and bothered?

96. Have you ever pretended to be someone else to spice up the sex?

Like a friend?

97. Have you ever had sex with a friends crush?

Does her horniness outweigh her loyalty?

100. Have you ever had an orgy?

Or dreamed of having one?

101. Do you want to sit on my face?

Does she always want her pussy licked?

102. Do you Like it when I shave?

Or does she like the natural cave man look?

103. Do you ever think about me, you and an ex all together?

Does she still wish her ex was inside her?

104. Have you played strip poker?

How naked did she get?

105. Have you had sex with an old man?

Do old men turn her on.. the gray hair and big belly?

106. Have you ever snuck a boy into your bedroom?

When she was younger did she sneak in any boys through the window?

107. Have you ever gone commando?

Maybe she’ll tell you always.

108. Are you wearing underwear right now?

Hopefully, she’ll say no.

109. Have you ever taken secret photos of me?

She has so many….

110. Have you ever faked an orgasm?

Every girl has, sorry.

111. Have you ever had sex under the stars?

If she hasn’t she wishes to with a meteor shower!

112. Have you ever used edible body paints?

Try it out with each other.

113. Have you ever done a naked photoshoot?

Those would be some hot photos to hang on your bedroom wall.

114. Have you ever sucked a cops dick to get out of a ticket?

You know how corrupt the world is.

115. Have you ever spied on anyone having sex?

Maybe family, or a roommate?

116. Have you ever sent a naughty text to the wrong person?

And then got off on it?

117. Have you ever had to use lube?

Or is she always wet and ready?

118. Have you done it scuba diving or snorkeling?

Under the sea is where it was made to be.

119. Have you ever had a sugar daddy?

Money for sex and time. Sounds nice.

120. Have you ever been to a sex store?

What did she buy in it?

121. If you could fuck someone else and not get caught would you?

Does she desire anyone else but afraid you’d catch her….

122. Do you like it when I call you whore?

Do those nasty words turn her on? Is she your whore?

123. Have you ever fallen asleep during sex?


124. Have you said the wrong name during sex?

Oops again.

125. Have you done naked yoga?

Splits and stuff, what’s hotter?

126. Do you like being choked?

Finger marks around the neck are hot.

127. Have you ever had sex in a movie theatre?

Good thing they play those movies so loud.

128. Have you ever had a dream about your dad?

Daddy issues 101

129. Have you ever sucked two cocks at once?

How big is her mouth?

130. Have you had one dick in your pussy and one in your asshole?

And one in your mouth?

131. Do you want to add spice into the relationship?

Does she want more more more?

132. Have you ever accidentally sent a nude to a parent?

Does she think they probably looked at it a little too long?

133. Do you like thinking about your parents having sex?

Does it turn her on?

134. Do you like seeing people naked?

Are all bodies beautiful?

135. Do you like to flirt with multiple men?

Does she flirt innocently or no?

136. Do you want people to watch you get off?

Does she want to be the star of the show?

137. Do you ever leave your blinds open on purpose?

Maybe she wants old men to jerk off to her.

138. Do you like public displays of affection?

Or is she more of a private lady, but a freak in the sheets?

139. How many people are on your sex list?

Somewhere around 20 would be normal.

140. Do you like to call me daddy?

Does she want to make you her baby daddy?

141. Would you like it if I peed on you?

Does she like being treated like a slave?

142. How would you describe my dick?

Big I hope.

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143. What is your favorite time to have sex?

Morning person or night, or all the time?

144. Does it turn you on when we have angry sex?

Passion is brighter then.

145. Do you like being tied up?

Does she like rope burn?

146. How much do you like makeup sex?

Does she cry?

147. Do you like bath sex?

With candles and flowers and all the romance?

148. Would you do it in a hammock with me?

Sex swings are so fun.

149. Do you ever think about someone else when you’re fucking me?

Or is she 1000 percent loyal?

150. Would you give me Viagra?

She needs you hard all the time for her.

151. Have you ever woken up the neighbors making noises?

Did they come over and ask her to stop?

152. Have you ever broken a bed or couch fucking someone?

I think we all have.


These are some fun ways to get to know your girlfriends dirtiest feelings and thoughts. It is also a way to spice up the relationship if you feel a routine settling in that you would rather keep lively and fun!

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