How to KISS a Girl on The First Date In 8 Irresistible Ways

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Kissing a girl on your first date with her is totally fine and girls usually love it. 

In my post titled 11 Steps to Kiss a GIRL for The First Time With Total Confidence I point out that women love kissing men too… 

When a girl feels attraction to a guy she spends a lot of time dreaming about the passion, love and power she’ll feel when she gets a chance to kiss him.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about tricking any girl into kissing you on the first date, just focus on becoming an attractive man and you’ll find yourself making out with plenty of girls.

1. Get the girl to like you

For girls kissing is an emotional experience, not a physical experience. This means that girls will only want to kiss you after they feel an emotional connection with you.

So before you try to kiss any girl you first need to get her to like you. But how do you get a girl to like you?

Here’s a brief guide:

Build muscle 

As much as guys talk about having a fun personality, looks do play a big role. A woman’s body will feel an automatic attraction to a muscular man.

Building muscle takes time and effort, but it’ll pay off big time once you see the instant attraction women have for you.

Be funny

Studies have proven that women are irresistibly attracted to men that have a good sense of humor. The ability to crack some funny jokes means you don’t take life so seriously and you have a healthy dose of confidence.

Like building muscle, being genuinely funny takes time, but as my mentor Sebastian Harris put it: anything worth it takes time.

Sebastian Harris makes this point over and over in his seduction book The Rise of The Phoenix: to seduce, kiss and sleep with hot girls it takes hard work over a large span of time.

Exhibit power

This is something that you already know deep inside. You know that when you make yourself “macho” girls will feel higher levels of attraction to you.

This is why guys  show off their wealth by taking pictures with their supercars and it definitely works: girls feel more attractive to those guys.

So what’s an easy, simple way you can display that power, wealth and influence?

Build your own wealth: start making money. But how…? Last week I discovered this 2 hour long business training video that I think may still be free of charge, so why not go check it out?

But anyways the point is that you want to make girls feel a deep level of attraction at an emotional level before you try to kiss her.

If you ever see signs that the girl doesn’t like you, do not go in for the kiss. She will reject you.

Instead, read my post titled How To Get a GIRL To Like YOU Again – 10 Steps To Love and once you successfully follow those steps move in for the kiss.

kissing on the first date example

2. Be unapologetically confident

A lot of guys ask “should I kiss a girl on the first date?” and the answer is yes, but only if you have core confidence.

Hypnotica (AKA Eric Von Sydow) makes this point clearly in his course The Collection of Confidence: Without confidence no girl will ever feel attraction to you.

You must train yourself to be unapologetically confident. Be full of yourself and believe in the value you bring to others.

Girls only get creeped out when an emasculated guy who has no confidence tries to kiss them. This is the single most important thing you can do to insure your success with women.

Surprisingly Hypnotica’s The Collection of Confidence may be the training that you need. Don’t let this opportunity fly by and keep living a mediocre life, invest in his course today.

Learn about what his course offers, invest in the training and watch your life improve drastically.

3. Tell her that you want to kiss her

Sure, you could always move in for the kiss without saying anything and that usually works out just fine, but there’s a much smoother way that works especially well for first dates.

Tell her that you want to kiss her, yep it’s that simple. Is it daring? Yes, but that is why I told you about The Collection of Confidence training.

How do you tell a girl you want to kiss her on the first date?

Obviously you can tell her outright “I want to kiss you,” but you can make it much better with a simple trick: first look deep into her eyes, tell her I want to kiss you and hold back for a couple seconds.

Most girls won’t be able to handle the pressure and will give in, letting you taste their delicious lips. [1]

You also ask her if she wants to kiss you. If she says yes, go for the kiss. If she says no, tell her that you never would have let her kiss you in the first place which makes evading a rough rejection easy!

All of this is super important because remember you’re not kissing your girlfriend, you’re kissing a girl that you just met, you don’t really know if she likes you.

This is why it’s good to be careful, and if she’s a shy girl be sure to read my articles titled: 18 Little Known Signs That a Shy GIRL Doesn’t Like You AND How To Tell If a Shy Girl Likes You In 13 CLEAR Ways so that you never mess up kissing a girl that’s not into you.

4. Hint that you want to kiss her

OK, I understand that a lot of guys won’t get The Collection of Confidence training and won’t even read my review on it which means they won’t have the confidence to tell girls that they want to kiss them.

That’s why I present to you STEP 4: hint that you want to kiss her which requires much less confidence and works almost as well.

How do you hint to a girl that you want to kiss?

Compliment her lips

Girls love compliments, but when you continuously compliment her perfect lips she’s gonna get the point. Here are some examples of what you can say:

  1. You have the most kissable lips ever
  2. That red hot lipstick is making me crazy
  3. I love your lips
  4. Your lips are perfect 
  5. I love how you play with your lips

Ask her about her feelings

Simply ask her if she wants to kiss you. This is not the same as telling her that she looks like she wants to kiss you. That’s what we discussed earlier.

Now we are talking about asking what she feels about kissing you. If she says yes, go for it. If she is not yet ready, just wait for the right time and get that kiss!

5. When to kiss a girl on the first date

Like we mentioned earlier, if you see that the girl likes you, go for the kiss.

But how do you really know if a girl likes you? In my article titled How To Tell If a Girl Likes You And Wants To Get Hot I talk all about it, but for now I’ll give you the main points:

She’s touching you

I’m not talking about shaking your hand in a formal, business-like manner. I’m talking about her touching you in a romantic way. For example:

  1. Holding your hand while walking
  2. Playing with your hair
  3. Runs her hand up and down your arm
  4. Rubs her shoulder against your shoulder
  5. Likes playing with your hand

She laughs at your jokes

The second sign that a girl likes you and is ready to kiss is when she’s constantly laughing at whatever you say.

I find that when a girl really likes me she’s gonna laugh at pretty much whatever I say as if it’s the funniest thing she’s ever heard.

Not sure how this works and if you know be sure to let me know in the comments. Either way, the best time to kiss a girl is when you see those signs.

Side note: if this is your first kiss you’ll be much better off kissing her when you’re finishing up the date so that you don’t end up sitting around looking at each other awkwardly. 

However, be aware that there is no perfect time or magical moment to kiss. You have to initiate and make the bold move.

If you’re always waiting for the perfect time to kiss you’ll never end up kissing. Be confident and go for it!

6. What to say while kissing her

Sometimes you don’t actually have to say anything, but if you know what to say right before and while you’re kissing you’ll make the whole experience 10 times better, for example:

  1. Tell her that you need to see something real quick, pull her in and go for the kiss
  2. While your kissing say “these lips [kiss, kiss] are [kiss] perfect”
  3. You can also say in an aggressive tone “give me more of these lips”
  4. After you kiss, pull away and tell her that it’s all she gets for today! [2, 3]

You really just need to be creative, but most importantly, whatever you say, sound passionate, sound like you deeply desire her and she’ll go crazy for you.

7. Where to kiss a girl on the first date

This all depends on your level of confidence: have you taken action to improve your confidence with women? If so, you can easily start by kissing her straight on the lips.

If you are still a beginner and you have yet to kiss a girl for the first time, you can start by kissing the top of her head while caressing her and slowly move down to her lips.

This is actually a great technique for kissing short girls as I explain in my article titled How to KISS a Short Girl: 19 Proven Methods.

If you’d like you can also kiss her:

  1. Neck
  2. Ear
  3. Cheek
  4. Switch between kissing her upper and lower lips

All of these work, but don’t worry about following any specific system. Do it your way because at the end of the day kissing is an art, it’s like dancing. There is no “one” way.

8. What to do after you kiss the girl

It depends on when you kissed the girl: if you’ve kissed her in the middle of the date, just give her a nice compliment and continue having a playful conversation.

If you’re really advanced you can even give her a quick peck kiss by just touching her lips with your lips and then continue with the steps we just talked about.

If you’ve kissed at the end of the date: give her a compliment, a big hug and head home. Never make it seem to her like kissing a girl is a big deal for you.


Kissing girls is an important step and you must learn about it which is why I’ve written multiple posts on the subject including How To Get a GIRL To KISS You – ON DEMAND.

But this is not where it ends. You need to become the ultimate alpha male that gets all the girls whenever he wants because that’s what you deserve.

But I won’t lie to you by saying the journey is an easy one. You need to work hard, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from a man who’s already mastered the art of seduction.

I am referring to Hypnotica and his training called The Collection of Confidence. This is seriously your best option and if you don’t take action today when will you ever change your life?!

Go check it out and tell me about your amazing results.

Your friend, 

Colt Smith

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