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How To Tell a GIRL You Like HER Over Text

I was a bit hesitant to write a post about how to tell a girl you like her over text because I am a little against the whole concept. But wait, hear me out…

I will tell you how to text your girlfriend, but I feel like you should first know why telling her while you’re on a date is much better.

When you tell a girl in real life “I like you” she gets to see your face, hear your voice and really feel the authenticity. If you just text her, how will she know if you are being authentic?

Of course, telling a girl in real life that you like her takes guts. That rejection is going to be much worse than receiving a text of her rejecting you.

How to tell a girl you like her over text

But that’s what makes it so much better. Now she knows you are being authentic and real with her and she’s much LESS likely to reject you.

But since you want to tell her over text, I’ll give you the only 12 steps you’ll need.

By the way, and the end of this post I’ll tell you about how I build my confidence and my whole journey with women, so make sure you stick around till the end!

1. The direct way

You can play the bad boy. Forget caring about what she might say or if she’ll reject you. You desire her and she’s gonna know. You tell her outright “I like you.”

To play this one out right, you really need to be aware of what she’s feeling. Is she in the mood or did she just have a rough day?

You don’t need to tell her you like her outright. You can tell her instead “I’m into you.”

It’s a bit less direct, but still very powerful. Although the bad boy way is a bit of a hit or miss. She might come over and give you the time of your life or you could get friend-zoned. [1, 2]

2. Don’t say it too soon

Even if you want to do it the bad boy way, you’ve got to give her time. You can’t tell a girl face to face or over text that you like her if she doesn’t even know who you are!

Spend some time together. Flirt with her if you can.

Once you think she kinda likes you, do right ahead.

3. Start a casual text conversation

But if you are like me, this way will appeal to you more.

Start a casual texting conversation. Ask her about her day. Make some jokes, laugh around. The point is to warm her up. But make sure you don’t do any of these 3 things:

Don’t use too many emojis

Please, you are not a girl. Emojis are for girls. 

And if you do send emojis stick with this one 😉. Never send any of these: 💚💋😱😋😘. Those are exclusively for girls.

Don’t go crazy about grammar

You are just flirting with her over text. You want to keep the energy playful, and if you do misspell something do not apologize. 

OK, don’t write like this: sknfo mfmkekf! But you get the point.

Don’t message bomb her

The last thing you never want to do is message bomb any girl. It makes you look super needy. 

Once you’ve sent her a message or asked her a question don’t send her another text until she answers the first one. I don’t care how much you love her.

4. Show gratitude

Showing gratitude is an easy way to show that you like her without actually telling her outright. If she feels you appreciate her presence because of a text you sent her then she already knows you like her.

Remember the goal isn’t to say I like you, the goal is to make sure that she knows you like her. It’s about her. So who cares how you tell her as long as she knows.

Text her:

  1. I appreciate you coming over today
  2. Thanks for coming over I had so much fun

Anything really works, it all really depends on the situation. And by the way, another massive advantage of showing gratitude is that you cannot get rejected!!

5. Be humorous

This is not a direct way to tell her how much you like her. This is a way to build up that casual conversation to the place where you can easily tell her how much you like her. 

And being humorous also means teasing her. 

  1. You are such a spoiled brat!
  2. You deserve a spanking 
  3. Oh’ gosh, you like that movie! We are officially BFF’s
  4. Tell me when you finish writing a song about me
  5. If you keep texting me I’ll ruin your innocence
  6. Sorry I’m not OK with a hookup tonight
  7. We’ve just met and you’re already wet!
  8. Copy her text messages

But as you see, you can also slip in your affection for her in the teasing or joke. Every girl likes that. And by making jokes you are also making yourself a very attractive man.

Girls are very attracted to a guy that can make them laugh, so there is no reason to hold back anymore.

6. Compliment her

Telling a girl you like her in any way can be challenging. You are always running the risk that she’ll reject you and that’s terrifying for some guys. (At the end of this post you’ll learn how I got over the fear of rejection.)

That’s why showing gratitude or teasing her are much better options for most guys. You get to tell her without being overt about it. 

By complimenting her she knows that you like her. Better yet, she will like you more! You can just grab a compliment from my list of 100+ compliments that you can give to girls

Let me give you some examples from there:

  1. You have eyes of an angel
  2. Your smile makes me smile
  3. You have an adorable smile
  4. You have the sexiest lips
  5. You are so adorable

Learning how to give compliments is a big part of this too. Here are 3 things you must do:

  1. Keep the compliment personal
  2. Be authentic
  3. Make her feel special

If you are doing that you’ve effectively used cheat codes on her and you’ve got yourself a new girlfriend.

7. Some texting examples

Here are some text message examples that you can text her:

  1. I was thinking about you
  2. You are so adorable
  3. I love having fun with you
  4. I love how you smile that why
  5. Don’t make me come over and hug you
  6. I’ve never met another girl like you
  7. I like you even more when you get drunk

Remember that the key to any compliment is authenticity. She needs to know that you mean it. And even though you’re just texting, most girls will be able to tell if you really mean it.

So don’t hold yourself back from changing or piecing together any of the texting examples. The more personal it is the better. [3]

8. Tell why you love her

If you tell her why you like her so much she’ll be more likely to feel touched and tell you that she likes you as well. Your chances of getting rejected are also much lower.

Instead of telling her “I like you” and then waiting for her response. Send her something like this “I like you because you have the cutest smile.”

It’s easy and simple. But here’s another option for you: tease her. Tell her “I like you because you are so much weaker than me.”

Or “I like you because I can’t do anything too naughty with you!”

Let her feel the energy behind your texts by using exclamation points and some emojis. It makes each text 10 times more powerful.

9. Tell her you like being with her

Instead of telling her “I like you,” tell her “I like being with you.” Tell her that you like spending time with her.

This gives you a much smaller chance of getting rejected. It’s easy, if you had a fun time with her, say it!

10. Get a little sexual

You can tell a girl that you like her sexuality as well. Tell her that you get turned on just being around her.

Tell her that she makes you get all horny whenever she looks into your eyes. Tell her you love the way she moves her body.

There are so many possibilities, be creative and she might even express more of her sexuality for you…

11. Use it to ask her out

This goes back to what we first talked about at the beginning. The best way to tell a girl you like her is in real life. Use texting as a means to an end.

Who knows, maybe when you confess your feelings to her you’ll end up making out with her! Don’t spend your time just texting her. Girls get tired of that.

Learn how to ask a girl out. If you are in the middle of having a fun conversation all you need to do is tell her “why don’t we get some coffee and we’ll talk there?”

And now you’ve got yourself a date! And once you’re there you can follow the regular rules of telling a girl you like her.

12. Dealing with rejection

Whether you are texting her or you’ve told her face to face there’s always a chance that she’ll reject you. The number one thing you must never do is take it personally.

The second you start getting all emotional and reactive you are giving away your personal power to her. You are giving her control over you.

First of all not being in a relationship won’t ruin you. You are a perfectly good guy. You don’t NEED this girl or any girl. Having a girlfriend is not a must.

And if you do let this rejection get in your head, the next girl you approach will feel that energy. She will feel that you are a low status guy. 

If she rejects you then tell her to take it as a compliment and move on. There are so many other girls that would love to have you as a girlfriend.


I’ve given you all my tricks for telling a girl that you like her over text, but there is one last thing you’ve got to do. And I’ve been hinting this throughout this entire post.

Build your confidence. If you are asking how to do this over text then something is off with your confidence. You need to love yourself more so that you can do this face to face.

In my journey I got over my fear of rejection and built that confidence that makes girls horny by approaching girls on a regular basis and getting laid multiple times a week.

I got myself a seduction course, I studied it so thoroughly that I knew exactly what to do in practically every situation. But the real change happened when I practiced on women what the course taught every single day.

Maybe this is the path for you. Instead of trying to get yourself a girlfriend, start with hookups. After you’ve built your confidence and you know what you are doing, get a girlfriend.

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