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Everyone who has a significant other knows that things can get boring sometimes. Especially if you are stuck in a routine with the same partner.

To spice things up you can ask these 100 sexual questions to your boyfriend.

Table of Contents

1. How many times did you want to kiss me before you went for it?

Was that the first thing on his mind or did he want to get to know you before he went in for the lust? Good way to gauge personality.

a girl asking a guy a sexual question

2. Did you masturbate to me the day you met me?

Talking about awkward things to ask a guy… most guys are SUPER embarrassed about spankin’ the monkey!

Plus you’ll find out how sexual your lover is… And that question will indeed make him hard.

3. Do you like kissing with the lights on or off?

How big is that ego? Does he want to see himself pressed into you? Or be enveloped in darkness?

4. What is your favorite physical part of me?

If he says boobs or butts, he’s pretty generic.

5. Do you like my cuddles?

He’ll get a soft smile.

Guys are suckers for cuddles. And no matter how much they act like they’re all action, they love to be coddled and cuddled.

Boys like to be babied.

6. What does holding me feel like?

Wait for his little romantic answer or for his cheeks to turn red and blush.

asking your boyfriend sexual questions will make him like you more

7. When did you realize you loved me?

He’ll tell you a moment or a specific memory that made him fall in love or made him realize he loved you. Guys usually have a moment, whereas women are a series of things. Hence the whole multi-tasking mentality.

8. Where would you take me on our honeymoon if we get married?

Cute little fantasizing about the perfect trip with the perfect person. This will bring him back into the mood of you!

9. Do you think we are soulmates?

Cheesy, but sexy and cute. See if he takes you seriously because these are the questions that will make or break the relationship in the long run.

10. Do you think I’m hotter in red or black?

Sext him a photo with both options and make his day at work. Or you can show him a scandalous shoot you did just for him.

11. Do you like this lingerie or no lingerie?

Then show him you in lingerie vs you naked. Better yet tell him you’re doing a fashion show right when you get out of the shower and expose yourself in both ways. Bring the zest back into the relationship.

Flirting is always fun.

ask your boyfriend if he likes you looking like this, in lingerie

12. What was your first impression of me?

Was it love at first sight, did you know you liked me or was it a gradual attraction?

13. Where is your favorite place to kiss me?

Let him be naughty with this one.

14. Where is your favorite place to be kissed?

And let him be naughty with this one too.

15. Would you go skinny dipping with me?

Who would say no to skinny dipping? If he says no, run the other way, into the other ocean.

16. Would you take a bath with me?

Once again, who would say no? Get some flowers and ask him to light you some candles so you can enjoy each other in the bathtub.

another sexual question is to ask your boyfriend whether he'd take a bath with you

17. If you could describe me in three words what would they be?

Notice if they’re physical, intellectual, emotional or one of each. This is important yet flirty and complimentary.

18. What’s your favorite pet name for each other?

He’ll go through a list of all the names you call each other which will make him giddy and feeling in love all over again. Is it honey, darling, sweetie, bee, dear, baby, etc.

19. Do you like the way I naturally smell?

Don’t be surprised if he gets up and smells you up and down for special effects.

20. Would you write a song or a poem for me?

Maybe he will grab his guitar and play you the song you’ve been waiting for, or maybe he will share with you his journal… maybe he is more of a “man’s man” and will simply laugh and kiss you on the forehead.

21. Do you smile when you get a text from me?

Give him a little shove and ask him if he still gets the butterflies when he hears from you.

22. Have you ever had a dream about me?

A wet dream? A vacationing dream?

23. What did we do in the dream?

Sex? Play? Gaze at the stars?

24. When do I make you happiest?

Hopefully when you are happiest, so give him your 100 watt smile.

25. Do you think I’m cute, pretty or sexy?

This is always a good one, guarantee he will say them all and things will get steamy.

26. If I was a dessert which one would I be and why?

Chocolate souffle? Creme brule? Sweet or fruity? Or both?

27. What kind of flower reminds you of me?

Sunflowers, daisies, roses and love?

28. Would you have a threesome with me?

This will surely make him stutter but it’s a bold way to flirt and he won’t deny the question. Guys love dirty talk like this.

29. Do you want to watch porn with me?

Who knows, you could both learn some new positions and liven up your relationship!

30. Do you like sexting me?

He’ll probably sext you right when you ask that.

31. What’s your favorite sex position?

Why tell when he can show?

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32. Do you still think about me when we aren’t together?

Does he still want to tell you about his day or about the good things that happen to him throughout the day? Does he wonder what you’re up to when you aren’t together and get excited about hearing about your day?

33. Do you fantasize about other women or about me with other men?

Would he like to watch you cum with another man? Or with another woman?

34. Who’s your dream girl if you couldn’t have me?

Hehe, definitely imply that you are indeed the girl of his dreams but his runner-up would be who?

35. What part of my body would look the hottest with a tattoo?

Ribcage, butt cheek, forearm, wrist? So many options…

36. Do you think I should get my nipple pierced?

Some guys are into that, more play.

37. Boobs or butt?

Or does he just go for whatever he notices first? Notice the assets. Flaunt what you got.

38. Do you like playing rough?

How hard does he go on you and with you?

39. How long do you like foreplay?

Does he please you as much as you please him? Tease him.

asking a sexual truth or dare question to your boyfriend

40. Do you like blow jobs or hand jobs better?

Most likely he prefers a combination.

41. Do you like the way I taste?

Then sit on his face.

42. Would you like to recreate a sex scene with me from a movie?

Roleplay is always a fun way to liven up the moment.

43. What’s something you want me to do to you that I haven’t done?

Meet your parents?

44. Would you have sex with me outside on the beach in public?

Public sex is scandalous and oh so fun.

45. What would you do with a dirty photo of me?

You and him both know it, but it is hot to hear out loud.

46. How would you describe your dick?

Average size? Large? Fun? Let’s hear it.

47. Do you want to play dirty truth or dare?

Oh the things you will learn and oh the things you will both do.

48. What would you do if I answered the door naked?

He’ll pick you up and never let you go.

49. Do you prefer me shaved or natural?

If he’s a good guy he will answer with however you prefer to be because he loves you just as you are.

50. What is the longest you have gone without having sex?

It might surprise you, or you may find out that you’re dating a sex addict… either way its good to know.

51. How many times have you done it in one day?

I’d expect him to say around 7.

52. Do you like to make me cum?

This will make him all hot and bothered.

53. Do you like watching me touch myself?

So will this… every guy loves it.

54. Do you like when I make a lot of noise?

Or does he like when you are quiet and expressive with your face?

53. I heard kissing burns a lot of calories. Want to help me exercise?

This one is so innocent and funny.

54. Do you want me to spit or swallow?

He wants you to swallow. sorry.

55. Have you tried edible underwear?

If he hasn’t with you, chances are he hasn’t but you guys could give it a try!

56. Would you rather give or receive?

In everything… is he a gift giver or a taker?

57. Can I watch you masturbate?

He will probably want your help.

58. Do you prefer morning sex or night sex?

Both… but it’s a great way to start the morning and end the day!

59. Rough or romantic? Naughty or nice?

Naughty and nice. Need both for any long lasting successful and sexual relationship.

60. How long is the longest you have lasted?

3 hours? or more?

61. What was your first time like?

Does he remember? Or was he drunk? Maybe he loved her. That’s kind of cute when that happens.

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62. Have you ever had sex in front of other people?

Does he like when they watch?

63. Do you like getting tied up?

Do he like being submissive?

64. Do you like tying me up?

Or is he the dominant type?

65. Do you want to blindfold me?

And do all the wild crazy things you’ve heard and seen in the media?

66. Have you ever licked whip cream off of someone’s nipples?

If not, he should try on yours. It’s fun and yummy too!

67. Have you ever had a lap dance?

Then give him one. You can google how to do one on youtube if you’re unsure. It’s simple, you got it.

68. Do you want to go to a strip club with me?

Let him know it’s ok to watch as long as you are his and he is yours at the end of the night.

69. Are you part of the mile-high club?

Who isn’t?

70. Do you like BDSM?

Who doesn’t?

71. Do you like getting head while you’re driving?

Or is it too distracting? Try it with him in a parking lot.

72. Have you ever had sex in the water?

Ocean sex. Cleansing of the entire inner body!

73. Are you obsessed with me?

Is obsession part of love or is obsession addiction? Watch how he responds.

74. What’s your biggest turn on?

He better name you.

75. What am I best at in bed?

Sleeping, haha, just joking!

76. Do you like when I talk dirty to you?

Or is he the shy virgin type?

77. If you could have sex with any celebrity who would it be?

Hopefully a look-alike to you.

78. What is something non-sexual that turns you on.

Maybe it’s your wit or your humor.

79. What would an erotic vacation be like for you?

Naked 24/7.

80. Would you want to use a vibrator on me?

He would love to.

81. Do you want to play never have I ever?

Who’s been more sexual throughout their life?

82. When do you find me sexiest?

Probably when you are not trying so hard.

83. Do you like my hair curly or straight? Up or down?

He likes it natural, they always like less effort more.

I should add that this can also be used as a sexual pickup line to ask a guy you just met because it’s fun and flirty while not being too crazy so you won’t have to worry about scaring him off.

84. Do you like pulling my hair?

In bed he sure does.

85. Do you prefer me with or without underwear?

Is that a serious question…

86. Want to be the big spoon or the little spoon?

Taking turns is the way to go, like giving and getting.

87. Do you get jealous when I talk to other guys?

A little jealousy is healthy, but never a full blown attack just for talking.

88. Do you get jealous when other guys check me out?

He should feel flattered that he got so lucky!

89. Have you bragged about me to your friends?

How serious is he? Does he talk about how amazing you are to the other people in his life that matter?

90. Do you like mirrors in the bedroom?

Is his ego exploding… or does he like to see all the angles of you always?

91. Do you want to keep me in bed all day?

That is where he wants you most.

92. Should we do it on the countertop?

A little adventure never killed anyone, however a hard top counter has….

93. Can we try it in the woods?

He wants to push you up against a tree, trust me.

94. Do you want to have an orgy?

He probably doesn’t if he’s serious about you, but maybe if you’re both into it!

95. Do you think about my smile and my personality?

Or only about the body? All are important.

96. What is your favorite non-physical thing about me?

He needs to really think about that one and it will actually make him more physically attracted to you as well.

97. Do you like the way I cook for you naked?

He loves to watch your curves and folds, if he doesn’t, dump him.

98. If I made you a movie of me would you watch it?

Just being goofy, silly and unapologetically you.

99. Never have I ever had a crush on a friend

This is a great truth or dare question that works whether you’re on a data, hanging out with other friends or you just want to send him something over text.

100. If we swapped bodies, would you play with me or you?

And as our last question why don’t we end off with a sexual “would you rather” type question to ask your guy.

Just warning you, you might have start laughing like crazy and have a super fun conversation!


These are great questions to ask if you’re already in a relationship and trying to spice up and re-invent your relationship with your lover.

Flirting never goes out of style.

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