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The first thing you do when you approach a girl, the one thing that every girl judges you on, the one thing that will make her your girlfriend is your ability to give authentic compliments.

If you come off as a slob and you have no idea how to compliment a girl you stand no chance getting any number or love from any female on this planet.

This is why it is supremely important to learn the art of compliments. 

You must realize that the key to any woman’s heart is flattery. Through flattery you kiss her and turn her on.

That is how the masculine flirts with the feminine. 

You may know a man that has incredible confidence with women, it seems as if he instantly attracts women with his pheromones and you feel that you’ll never get there.

You might feel that all the hot girls are way above you and you’ll be stuck alone every Saturday night.

But you must realize giving a compliment is a skill.

And just like any skill, you can improve on it with hard work, persistence and guidance.

While you read this article I’ll tell you about the one seduction course that changed the course of my love life, so pay attention!

1. Make your compliments as detailed as you can

The first rule of complimenting a girl is detail. 

Women are all about detail and how things look at a microscopic level. They are always trying to fix that one hair that is not perfect.

Every praise that you give her has to be very specific and detailed.

It doesn’t matter if it’s on the food she made, her hair, or her dress.


Never compliment in a general or brief way. This will not flatter any girl in any way.

You really need to think about her hair, dress or food and find that tiny detail that you see. 

This rule applies as much to your wife as to the girl that you are talking to in the gym. All female minds work the same.

Before you approach the girl at the gym or the street find that one detail about her that makes her stand out. Then go up approach her, introduce yourself and tell her what makes her special.

This is light-years better than “you are looking pretty.”

Women want a masculine man, but they also need to be able to relate to their man. Relate to your women with these compliments. [1, 2]

2. Make your compliments as personal as you can

This concept comes from my favorite book and course, ‘The Rise of The Phoenix’ by Sebastian Harris.

If you will ever do yourself a favor and invest in a dating course, this is the one. But more about it later.

The key is to make them personal.

I always say if you are going to insult or criticize someone you aren’t just going to tell them “you’re stupid.”

There is nothing about that to make anyone emotional.

A more potent insult would be “The nasal tone of voice is the reason why you have no friends, freak!”

This insult is very personalized and unique. The same goes with flattery.

You want her to get emotional about your compliment. And the only way to do that is to make the compliment so specific to her that it wouldn’t make sense to say it to anyone else.

This will take her breath away. 

The reason why I am not giving you copy-paste compliments is because I want you to really come up with exclusive to your girl compliments.

You’ve got to really think.

3. Compliment a girl with the right energy and vibes

The next biggest key to flattery and compliments is your energy.

Although you already know this, it’s worthwhile mentioning.

If you are insecure about yourself and you talk really quickly, I don’t care how personal or specific your compliment is. 

Your energy will kill the compliment. 

Professor Mehrabian in a famous study pointed out that only 7% of communication is verbal, the rest is either through the tone of your voice and body language.

Both body language and the tone of your voice is subconsciously controlled by your energy and vibes. There is no way to fake your energy.

When you come from a confident, flowing energy and tell her wonderful things about herself she will have a serious ego boost.

But if you are in a bad, insecure, doubtful mood when you give her a compliment and you’ve just met this girl, what good will any words do?

Make sure you are feeling great about yourself and who you are before every compliment. But how do you get that confidence flowing out of you?

That is where the Rise of The Phoenix comes into play. Once you get the book you get access to invest in his 14 Day Seduction Bootcamp and/ or Whatsapp coaching.

I always say from his book and course you’ll learn how, and from his Whatsapp coaching you’ll get the why/ the motivation.

The only way to get the confidence is by going at it again and again with the coaching, until you become proficient and you’ve lost the fear of rejection.

Once you get his Whatsapp coaching, Sebastian will make you do a challenge everyday and after 4 months you will be getting laid every day. I promise you.

This is how you improve not only your compliments, but your entire dating life in less than half a year.

You can also read my full review here.

4. Compliment a girl at the right time

Some compliments can break all the rules, you can scream from across the street “I love you” or “you are stunning”!

You’ve got to remember it’s all about the timing.

If she is feeling stressed about an upcoming test or interview, don’t start telling her about how sexy she is. She doesn’t want to hear it.

If she has had a rough day and just wants some quiet cuddle time with you, give it to her and enjoy the silence together.

If you’re smashing her in bed, don’t tell her that her dress looks beautiful, she wants to hear some dirty talk from you. Don’t talk loudly then either, whisper.

Get specific and personal, definitely don’t say “Uh, I like your boobs… they look nice”!

So you need some self-awareness. Tell her “I can’t get enough of you touching me.”

But, as I mentioned at the beginning sometimes you can just yell the compliment at her. Grab her forcefully (girls love that) and tell her loudly “You are so f’ing sexy!”.

It all depends on the moment and the context.

Are you just approaching her on the street now?

Are you her girlfriend?

Have you been married for 30 years?

Have you gotten into a fight recently?

Is she madly in love with you?

With practice you will get better.

5. How to compliment a girl’s eyes

Many studies have proven that eyes are one of the biggest deciding factors on whether a face is beautiful or not.

And we all know that subconsciously, eyes are also the place where we express what we are truly feeling inside.

We know the difference between a fake smile to a real one from the eyes. The eyes carry great importance so why not compliment them?

Here is a diagram of how the eye. Notice the iris, that is what carries the color of the eye.

Look into her eyes and tell her “I notice that your eyes have this stunning light blue tint” and just like that, you don’t even need to tell her that they look gorgeous.

From this statement you can start talking about her eyes. This will light up her face with joy. [3, 4, 5]

6. How to compliment a girl on her looks

These 5 steps have all come together to answer the question: How to compliment a girl on her looks.

Because this is the first thing you see when you approach a girl at the mall, library or wherever you go to meet women.

You can’t tell a woman that the food she makes is delicious if you don’t even know her name!

Make it detailed (step 1) and personal (step 2). It might take a second till you see something special about her, but take your time.

Before you start talking to her get in a good mood (step 3). Get into your masculinity and feel good about yourself.

Does she look super busy or stressed? Approach her at the right time (step 4). 

Now you are ready to give her a top notch compliment on her eyes and/ or clothing right after you introduce yourself.

Start with her clothing or her hairstyle and I recommend only bringing up her eyes towards the end of the approach or your first date.

You don’t need to tell her that she looks better than other girls, make her think that she only looks good today, or overdo it. Just give her an authentic compliment. [6]

7. How to compliment a girl over text

This depends heavily on whether you are already her girlfriend or you’ve just started texting.

If she is your girlfriend than you can follow the excellent advice from this video:

All you need to do is text her “I was just thinking about you” and that will make her heart glow. 

And as he says in the video, imagine if a girl sent that to you, wouldn’t that make you a very happy man?

If she’s not your girlfriend you will come off as needy and over-aggressive. 

So how can you compliment a girl that you’ve just met over text?

“You were so cute that I had to approach you,” but I always try to send her something funny which can work too.

Then right after she responds tell her where you are going to meet up next for your first date.

You always want to text her solid plans as a man.

These are somethings you never want to text a girl:

  1. Too many emojis (emojis are for girls)
  2. Random stuff in the middle of the night
  3. “We should meet some time” (you aren’t being decisive)

But of course, the best way to stand out is to talk to her. [7, 8]

8. How to compliment a girl’s picture on Facebook.

My guess is that you don’t know the girl and she doesn’t even know who you are to even get interested in the first place. 

You don’t know where to start. 

Here’s a really cool trick: study her pictures and find out what area of her body she is focusing her attention.

Is she putting a lot of detail and energy in her beautiful smile?

Is she really into her body and she has this seductive pose?

Maybe you notice she is playing with her hair in all of her pictures…

Whatever she is focusing on, you compliment her on. That is the rule.

In her mind her hair is what makes her so cute and that’s why she’s playing with it in her profile picture. Your compliment is here to affirm that.

Once you compliment her about her hair, she’ll be wondering how you knew so much about her, and you’ll be off to a great start. [9]


You’ve got 8 steps to delivering the perfect compliment to make her head swirl. 

  1. Make your compliments as detailed as you can
  2. Make your compliments as personal as you can
  3. Compliment a girl with the right energy and vibes
  4. Compliment a girl at the right time
  5. Compliment a girl’s eyes
  6. Compliment a girl on her looks
  7. Compliment a girl over text
  8. Compliment a girl’s picture on Facebook

And now you are ready to take the next step. You are ready to start investing in your first seduction course.

And for that you already know that I recommend to everyone The Rise of The Phoenix by Sebastian Harris.

Not only because the book is epic, but because you also get a chance to invest in his The 14 Day Seduction Bootcamp and his Whatsapp coaching.

I am the most excited about the Whatsapp coaching, because you can read this article 10 times, but if you don’t actually go and compliment a girl what is this?

Sebastian Harris is that one man that forced me to do the things that I was terrified of doing,he is why I am here now writing this for you.

Be well my friend and take action.


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