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You want to be able to date any girl that you want?

That’s great, but unlike every other quick tip blog out there that tells you that you have to do this one quick, ‘genius’ tip and all the women in the world will chase you….. I believe it takes a lot of work and if you follow my instructions you’ll be able to attract any girl you want literally. 

I believe that we, as men, need to MAN UP meet our fears and do the hard things that we fear doing.

This journey on becoming an attractive man can transform you completely if you work on yourself correctly. You will become the guy that doesn’t care about what other people say or think.

You will be able to love fully and not feel self-conscience about yourself. This process of you becoming an attractive man will get you out of your head and become truly masculine.

But like I just said it is a journey… It is work, but it is possible.

This will be about what you MUST do every day. This will be your focus for the next year and when 1 year is up you will see significant improvements in every part of your life.

Although this isn’t covering every detail, but if you just focus on this you will overcome everything that is holding you back from attracting any sexy girl.

So what do you need to do for the next year?

Super short answer:

Approach women over an over again till you get good at it and you get over the fear. That’s it.

meet your fears

Basically you are taking ACTION and doing things that scare you. And just like anything that scares you and you do it enough times YOU WILL get over the fear and get good at it at the same time.

Just imagine that you are like me and you are terrified of skydiving and even thinking about skydiving makes you sweat.

And one day you force yourself to go skydiving with your friends. You are freaking out, you think that you are going to have a mental breakdown, but somehow your friends get you to get on the plane and you take off. 

By now you are imagining you falling to your death because your parachute failed, and you’re drenched in sweat, and every movable limb is shaking.

And now we get to the point where your instructor opens the door and you look at the earth ten thousand feet below and everything in your mind is screaming “NO FUCKING WAY” but then something happens…. You instructor pushes you out of the plane and your screaming and can barely breathe. 

This is where your body is pumping adrenaline at 1000 percent, you are the opposite of relaxed. And finally after one minute of pure terror your feet hit the ground and it’s all over. 

And guess what nothing happened! Everything that you imagined never happened, you are OK! 

Emotionally your brain is fucked up. Your brain functions primarily on predictions and now it has no idea what to predict, it is incredibly confusing. But since this fear has been in your mind for decades it doesn’t just go away like that, so you gotta do it again. 

You are still terrified.

You still shake.

You are still are drenched in sweat, and your mind still won’t let you jump but your friends won’t let you stay on the plane and you jump. And go through the same pattern of screaming, but again after one minute this horrifying experience is over. 

But you friends still won’t let you go you HAVE to do it again, so you get on the plane for the 3rd time…. But this time something is different, almost strange… you expect to feel terrified, but you don’t…. You haven’t done some NLP techniques, but the fear is at a much lower level.

Don’t get me wrong you still scream and shake out of fear, but now some fear has become excitement. What happened?

You re-educated your brain to the core.

Emotionally now you are reacting differently to skydiving. Your brain doesn’t expect danger as much so you can relax a little more.

And this is what you have to do if you want to be attractive to any girl.

Just a little differently.

Your brain perceives danger that you will always get rejected and that you can’t get someone to love you. So you’re always full of fear and so you never go out to meet women, you can never practice social skills and because of all of this when you finally do go out to meet women it’s a total flop. Your fear is sabotaging you.

This are 2 fear points: the first one is that you believe that everyone is out to reject you…. But isn’t this ridiculous, why would you ever believe this? 

Answer: in past experiences you experienced rejection from your family over and over again and basically you used your family as a model for the whole world. 

So you now believe that the whole world will treat you like your family did. Although this doesn’t seem logical, it is. 

When you were young, maybe 9 years old, you didn’t know what to think of the world. You didn’t know if people were dangerous or loving people. And you used your family that rejected you constantly to teach you about how the whole world is. 

You couldn’t understand at the time that your parents were terrible and just because they ran after you for every single thing doesn’t mean that everyone else, for example, friends will be the same. 

This makes you feel that you must be defensive around everyone. That you can’t just chill out, you can’t be loving because there are “dangers” out there.

Of course, these dangers are not conscious, they are in the subconscious mind that causes an emotional response. This causes you to feel fear where there should be no fear logically.

The second fear is connected to this, but isn’t quite the same idea.

Because you have always been rejected by your family you never got a chance to practice skills to get them to love you. Everything that you tried failed, they just constantly rejected you.

Because of this you feel that you are intrinsically unlovable. You feel that you can’t do anything to get people to love you, that you are unworthy of love.

You feel that everything you do will end in a rejection.

(There are other dangers that your brain predicts and I deal with them in other articles, in this article I am only dealing with one and it doesn’t really matter because if you do what I recommend you get over your fears no matter what the reason is.)

The Solution

But what if you tried again and again till you actually got someone to like you? Then you see that you actually know how to get people to love you, and that not everyone is out to get you and reject you! Then what? Wouldn’t your fear of rejection go way down?

(By the way, Sasha Daygame is a hugely popular dating coach that teaches men to get out of these fears just like what I am about to teach you. He really gets men to do things that they are terrified of doing and builds their masculine essence so they become naturally attractive to women. He has a free 4 part series course HERE. If you want to really get serious about getting over your fears you need to sign up to that free course. This course really teaches you how to attract any girl.)

Part one

Go do the things that your brain is not letting you do, the equivalent of the my example with skydiving. Make a list of things that terrify you while meeting a hot girl, that would absolutely horrify you.

Make sure that you include the things that would make you shake from fear and drench you in sweat. Now it’s time to get real about what are you scared to do, be honest with yourself. Now pick the scariest one… 

Make sure it’s something that girls genuinely love, but you are just really scared to do. Act in a way that would make you really likable, find the best techniques – maybe look at Sasha Daygame’s free course. Think of something that would make a girl like you.

Part two

Now you gotta get those friends that will not let you down no matter what.

Remember in the skydiving example, I never would’ve jumped if I didn’t have my instructor and friends pushing me along.

Make a deal with your friends that you will pay them a thousand dollars if you don’t follow through. Or maybe that you’ll sleep on the street till you do what you said you would do.

Make sure that you are forced to do it. Make a legal contract, I don’t care, whatever works for you. Tell that they should shoot you with bb guns if you get too scared and chicken out.

So now you are at the equivalence point of where you got into the plane and your instructor will push you out of the plane no matter what you tell him.

You know what you need to do, maybe it’s to go over to a super hot girl and do everything to go an a insta-date with her. And you are forced to do it there is no backing down now.

You have to make this work. You are shaking and your sweating away. You can’t even believed that you signed up to this tortured insanity. Every limb in your body that can move is shaking. Your mind is imagining all the horrible pain that your about to go through. 

You already see her saying to you to fuck off while all the other guys around laugh at your pathetic attempt to pick her up.

But no time to think anymore because your friends have their high powered sniper bb guns aimed at you if you don’t go approach that girl. So you do…

Taking action

And you, nervous as shit, go approach her.

You manage to remember what to say and not just look at her boobs. It goes ok because you actually thought about what makes people likable, and you can’t believe it but she says yes to grab a cup of coffee with you. So now you need to go with the flow, and although your insta date went horrible because you were so stuck in your head, but you are still alive! 

And now comes the most important part: do it again. Just like the skydiver. If you want to be able to attract any girl than you better be ready to be persistent and hungry for success.

Make sure your friends understand that if you don’t do this 3 times in a row that they need to shoot you with bb guns.

Here is what happens if you only do it once: an embarrassing memory of a pathetic date because your first date will always suck. But if you do this three times, by the 3rd time you will feel a lot less fear and the conversation will go much smoother.

This will cause you to have a breakthrough and believe something new: people won’t always reject me and I can be likable!

And that’s when you start to become self-propelled and your motivation comes from the inside. This is where your power comes back into your hands. You go from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset where you believe that you can transform.

And if the first time you go out the girl says she has a boyfriend or she can’t go out with you for whatever reason than make sure you don’t stop until you get a yes. Do whatever it takes.

Do this process over and over again till you feel much less fear meeting girls on a regular basis and you know what to do to be likable around girls.

You must read this article from toddvdating.com it has awesome techniques for preparing your mind before each approach, it will help you rethink any social fear you’ve had before.

If you are really serious about learning what turns girls on then read “The Art of Seduction” by Robert Greene, it is a long and deep dive into the core of seduction, this is the first book that any aspiring seducer should read.

He lays all the groundwork so that you can build on top of that your own personal seduction style. But again only purchase this book if you really want to learn how to act seductive. It will teach you more than enough techniques to attract any girl you want.

Remember that learning the techniques from a book is only half the deal, you need to go out on a daily basis and continue getting over your fears. This is a balance of getting over fears and building solid techniques.

These fears have been in your mind for decades so these fears won’t go away instantly, this must become a fear facing daily ritual. And after a year you’ll look back and laugh at where you are now.

Give yourself the time it takes to change. These first 3 times are like the take off so you can become self-propelled rocket.

Do this for one year and you will feel so much peace within yourself. You will automatically have an abundance of self-love, this will attract beautiful people in your life.

You won’t  get into a state of fear every time you approach a girl.

Fear facing for a full year will make building relationships with hot women natural. You will be in a place where you will be naturally attractive to women and at this point getting a super hot girlfriend will be fun.

By the way if you are looking for a less intense version of facing your fears look at www.verywellmind.com’s blog about 4 Healthy Ways to Face Your Fears. This article here is for the men who want a powerful take off and really break through some limiting beliefs.


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