How To Attract A Woman Who Is Not Interested

The First Key To Getting a Woman Interested

You need to realize that it is possible for you to be an attractive man. You can learn the techniques that it takes to attract woman. 

Many men have a really hard time believing this until something happens and they have a huge paradigm shift. Me not believing that I could ever be an attractive man was the number one factor that held me back in reaching my goals.

But you must remember the time when you learned how to walk. You sucked at the beginning. You could barely crawl, but you didn’t stop, you had some good role models and after years of hard work you made it. You could finally walk.

You see, you are a human being just like any other. That means you can change and transform. You can downgrade significantly, but if you decide then you can really take your life to the next with years of hard work. 

This is the rule: if you are a human being than you can change. If you are a super introvert and awkward around everyone and especially girls, but you make a real decision to change and put in real work than after a year you will be a different man. I am not telling you some crazy secret, this is like any other law in physics. Just like gravity works, so can you transform.

But remember, it will take a lot of work and time. 

I think that “time” is what really trips up many men. Whenever I talk to men they always want to know how much time is this going to take till they reach their goal. Listen, forget how much time it takes to reach your goals. Accept what level you are at and work up from there. 

I have a personal story about this. I remember when I first started personal development and I was expecting my whole life to change within a month. I laugh at that now, but my friend told me that it would take me at least 2 years at the time. I couldn’t accept that then, but now I would’ve told myself more like 3 or 4 years. 

So you can, but expect that it will take years of work.


Now you can prepare yourself to become an attractive man. You will even be able to attract a woman who is not interested because you will get them interested. Welcome to the world of seduction. 

The Second Key To Getting a Woman Interested

Realize that men and women are 1000 percent the opposite. What a man finds attractive, is not attractive to a woman. I know your saying that you already know this. OK, so do you still think that good looks is what attracts a woman? Do you feel more confident around women when your dressed properly? If you do then now you know that you have been mislead. This is a core belief that needs to change before you do anything else. 

If women were attracted just like men were than men would just walk around the room naked to get sex! You understand now, women don’t give a shit about beauty. Some of the greatest seducers of history were down right ugly. Ok, I’ll give one percent of the total attraction to the way you look. By the way there is a fantastic video on YouTube by PragerU about this called Men And The Power of The Visual. This video can change you dating life.

Anyways, now you know that beauty does not attract a woman, so what does?

This answer might shock you… “desire her”. WHAT!…..THAT’S IT!

It’s not that simple. You need to do everything to show her that you desire her, that you need her, that she is so desirable. It’s difficult to put this in words, but you must radiate burning hot desire for her.

She must know that you idolize her. That you crave her. That you fucking crave her. This is what it takes.

The Third Key To Getting a Woman Interested

Now when you start to show her that you desire her, she will brush you off. She will act in ways that will make you think that she doesn’t really want you. 

Don’t freak out or take this personally, this is called a test. Unlike men, women aren’t instantly attracted, they need to know that you actually love her. So she tests you and she desperately wants you to pass. She wants to be with you, a guy that can show real desire, but she needs to be sure that you really love her. 

In the book “The Way of The Superior Man” David explains that woman will even start a fight with you about nothing and you won’t even know what you did wrong. You won’t know what she’s angry about. 

He explains that she is testing you and that you need to go up to her and kiss her, show your unconditional love. When I first heard of this I couldn’t believe it, but now I totally get it. A woman’s deepest desire is to be loved. She needs it, but she must be sure that it’s not some superficial love of a needy guy.

get woman like this interested in you

You must show love no matter what, put yourself inside of her mind and love her totally. You can even imagine the passionate things that you will do with her and she will feel it.

The submissive nature of a woman

A woman by definition is feminine and that means that she wants to be submissive. A woman’s darkest sex dream is to be completely controlled by a man and fucked. She wants to be tied up psychologically and desired. This is her ultimate relationship in her mind. And that’s why you are running after her with burning desire and not the other way around. She loves the feeling of being run after. Men pick up women and not vise-versa. This is biological, not up for debate.

So do it! Show your overflowing love and your massive desire. Don’t stop at any test, let her be as submissive as possible and she will fall in love.

Desire her entire body, accept her entire sexuality and watch the craziest sex monster come out of her. She wants to see you pass each test because she feels how desirable she really is to you.

This is about giving. Your mindset must be “I want to give you pleasure. I want to be your dream.” When you come in with the mindset of giving and you show real desire there is no way that you will lose.


Understand that it will take time and a lot of work to be seductive.

It is possible, this is part of being a human being. And before you try learning about seduction realize that men and women are attracted to opposite things. And what attracts women is you showing that you love her completely.

And when she sends you tests you must pass them by showing her love unconditionally. Understand that this is coming from her submissive nature. Don’t forget that all of this seduction is about giving to woman, not you taking.

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