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Notice to all new readers: Girls, start with His Secret Obsession

Guys, you need The Obsession Method. Good luck :-)

A girl that isn’t interested only makes her more seductive. A girl that doesn’t need your love makes her that much more desirable.

But it also makes it that much more difficult to get. You don’t know what to do.

You don’t know how to get the potential pleasure from her, she isn’t even interested.

Maybe you want to make her your girlfriend, but you don’t know where to start. You wish she would get turned on every time that she would see you…

Therefore, I thought I’d write this article to teach you from the beginning to the end, step by step what you need to do starting with your mindset to getting the date.

But to be fair I must disclose that I learned this from the top seduction course available now.

This extreme seduction course took my average, kinda awkward approaches to confident smooth approaches that got me laid that night.

I only started getting laid whenever I wanted when I finally got this course. The course is called The Tao of Badass.

This course really covers everything you could possibly need to know from the second you see her to the time she’s ripping off your clothing.

I’ll tell you more about it soon, but if you can’t wait the guys over at The Tao of Badass put up a video presentation explaining everything very clearly.

1. Believe that you can attract any uninterested women

You need to realize that it is possible for you to be an attractive man. You can learn the techniques that it takes to attract women. 

Me not believing that I could ever be an attractive man was the number one factor that held me back from getting laid. 

Remember the time when you learned how to walk. 

You could barely crawl, but you didn’t stop, you had some good role models who expected you to succeed and after years of hard work you made it. 

You could finally walk!

You see, you are a human being just like any other. That means you can change and transform!

Even if you are a super introvert and awkward around everyone and especially girls, you can make a real decision to change.

I am not telling you some crazy secret, this is law in nature like gravity.

But remember, it will take a lot of work and time. 

Whenever I talk to men they always want to know how much time is this going to take till they reach their goal. Listen, forget how much time it takes to reach your goals.

The course that mentioned earlier covers this concept extensively and will give you solid mindsets to give you super mental strength. [1, 2]

2. You do not need to be a model to attract a model

What a man finds attractive, is not attractive to a woman. 

Do you still think that good looks are a major key to attract a woman? 

Do you feel more confident around women when you’re dressed properly? If you do then now you know that you have been misled. 

This is a core belief that needs to change before you do anything else. 

If women were attracted just like men were than men would just walk around the room naked to get sex! 

You understand now, women don’t give a shit about beauty. Some of the greatest seducers of history were down right ugly. 

Ok, I’ll give one percent of the total attraction to the way you look. 

By the way there is a fantastic video on YouTube called Men And The Power of The Visual explaining this exact idea

3. Have an attractive personality

I understand that she isn’t interested in a relationship and that’s fine, but if she sees you as boyfriend material you will be happily invited over.

Every single girl is looking for an attractive man. But how can you become an attractive man?

Here are some ideas

Be relaxed, don’t be intense. There is no reason to take everything personally. 

Have the type of personality that can totally chill out. If you find that you talk in a rushed manner learn to slow yourself down.

Talking quickly is the clearest sign that you are super needy for love. People that are confident in themselves talk at a calm pace.

Exude self-love in a chilled personality. This is more than enough to get her mind on you.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to have incredible social skills to be likable, you can be who you are now and lots of girls will flock you.

I laughed the first time I heard this in the course, I mean the whole personal development community is all about changing who you are.

The course taught me to really love and express myself for who I was and by being my authentic self I could be loved deeply. [3, 4]

4. Give her intense love

Now that she sees you as a potential friend and is slightly interested in you, you need to grow that into deep attraction.

The way we do that is by giving intense love.

Since she is not yet your girlfriend, I don’t recommend telling her “I love you,” but you can do any of these:

Whenever she walks in, be super happy to see her and if you can give her a big hug. Show her how much you love and accept her.

If she’s talking about something she is passionate about, be super interested. Ask all the questions.

Make her feel like the most interesting person alive.

Talk respectively to her. I don’t mean that you need to be a nice guy, but treat her with respect.

There is a great post on Quora that says this: 

“Most of the girls love mirrors.

A mirror to talk to, which never judges.

A mirror to confirm that things are good.

A mirror to look at her inner beauty.

A mirror to make her realize how strong she can be.

A mirror to remind her the best she can be.”

You might even want to follow the basic steps in my article on how to get a girlfriend that will  help you with the confidence piece especially.

The key is to love her and make her feel so lovable around her. To make her feel like a beautiful queen or a cute, sexy girl. [6]

5. Use her friends to attract her

I write in my article about making your girlfriend happy that “Girls are extremely sensitive to what other people think of them, especially their family and friends.”

You can directly influence her attraction to you through her friends.

First of all, if her friends like you then they will non-stop talk about you and she will always “somehow” end up bumping into you.

In addition, once you learn who her friends are, be really cool with them and become their friends. Now that you are all hanging out give your crush special attention.

This will make her ego swell. And when she realizes that you are singling her out for your attention she will fall flat on her face in love.

You will learn in The Tao of Badass course that inflating her ego is the single biggest key to her mind. If you really want to get laid this is what you need to learn.

6. Compliment her

The easiest thing you can do in this process is flooding her with compliments. Don’t do it from a needy place, but from a place of feeding her ego.

Give her compliments from a place of core confidence and when you are feeling calm. Girls chase the confident guy, but go really crazy when they give compliments.

Give the compliments her ego needs. If you notice she is insecure about something tell her that you love that part of her. 

Her ago will become attached to you. She will now seek you for validation.

7. Pass her tests

Now when you start to show her that you desire her, she will brush you off. She will act in ways that will make you think that she doesn’t really want you. 

Don’t freak out or take this personally, this is called a test. 

Unlike men, women aren’t instantly attracted, they need to know that you actually love her. So she tests you and she desperately wants you to pass. 

She wants to be with you, the guy that can show real desire, but she needs to be sure that you really love her. 

In the book “The Way of The Superior Man” the author explains that women will start a fight with you about nothing just as a test. 

When I first heard of this I couldn’t believe it, but now I totally get it. A woman’s deepest desire is to be loved. 

She needs it, but she must be sure that it’s not some superficial love of a needy guy. Pass those tests.

8. Ignore her

Now comes the step where you really mess with her mind. She has opened up to you emotionally because she trusts you.

Take her trust and throw it away. Start ignoring her.

She used to feel that she is so likable around you, but now she’s confused. She doesn’t know what to do.

The problem is that she opened up to you emotionally, but now she regrets it. Because now she needs your approval.

You have taken her basic interest in you and transformed it into a wild girl willing to do anything for your love.

You can play with her now. You can use this trick lightly and make her desire you more to be willing to go out with you.

Or you can use this principle to really control her mind. Insinuate to her that you’ll give her your approval if she sleeps with you.

There are many other seduction techniques in The Tao of Badass, but this is just one of them. VERY potent.

When she complies, give her some love, then go back to being cold. Each time you are training her with the pain and pleasure of love to do exactly what you want to do.

However far you take this she will be more than just interested in you at this point.

9. Take her out on a date

This last part is really important.

You’ve played with her emotions and now she wants you. She needs you.

What do you do now?

Take her out.

She will never ask you out, girls need you to take the initiative.

Start by asking her to have some coffee with you. That’s all you need to do.

You really need to just stay calm. You have a great personality, but your fear is crippling your own goodness.

You really don’t have much to worry about. Remember she likes you to and she also is experiencing fear.

Girls also look up on Google “how to attract a guy.”

They also worry about rejection and want to be loved just like you, so chill out and enjoy the coffee with her. [7]


We started off with a girl that didn’t care if you existed or not. She was happy to stay by herself.

But then you walked into the scene, you came in with this incredible confidence believing that you were worthy of her love.

This shocked her, but it didn’t end there. You befriended her with your chilled personality.

You’ve even made friends with her own friends and complimenting her, easing away her fears.

Now you love bomb her and she completely opens her heart to you. She doesn’t see anything wrong with it. Her ego hasn’t been happier yet, until…

You begin to play with her feelings. You randomly start ignoring her.

She doesn’t know how to get your attention, so she starts doing anything. By now she has fallen deep in the pit of love.

That’s why you take her on a date. But it doesn’t end here because now you get The Tao of Badass course.

You learn to attract multiple girls, you learn to become super smooth learning how to set up a threesome with 2 sexy Russian sisters.

Do yourself the favor and get the course. Your body needs the pleasure of girls riding you. 

Don’t be cruel to yourself and break every rule you’ve ever had. Only pleasure is waiting for you on the other side.


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