Do Women and Girls Like Beards? 7 Reasons Why They Do!

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Do women like beards? The answer is… yes and in this post you will learn the 7 science-backed reasons why girls are so attracted to guys with beards and why you need to start growing a beard today.

But first I need to give you some concrete evidence that women love beards:

Adonis Clothing, is an eCommerce store for women looking to buy clothing for their husbands/ boyfriends. According to the company, 80% of their customers are female.

Now here’s where it gets interesting: the CEO decided to split test the male models: clean shaven versus full beard, to see what would generate more orders.

The results were amazing, the bearded models generated 33% more sales! After seeing these numbers I didn’t even need to see any other poll or survey – these numbers are irrefutable!

Always remember:

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1. You seem more mature

Girls like grown men, they are not interested in dating a boy. Being clean shaven makes you look a lot younger and therefore, less attractive.

Baby faces are not sexy.

Having a beard makes you look a lot older, mature and will attract a whole lotta woman to you.

This is also why you shouldn’t be worried about having a white/ grey beard. White and grey beards are even more attractive because they make you appear even more mature and therefore, more alluring. [1, 2, 3]

2. Seem more tough

Your beard grows in direct proportion to the level of testosterone in your system. The more testosterone you have, the more facial hair you’ll get.

And because testosterone is the hormone that makes you tougher and aggressive, your beard is actually a sign of your high levels of testosterone and you’ll seem more aggressive and dominant to others.

These alpha male character traits of being aggressive, dominant and tough are what make any man attractive to women. Of course, you can’t just have any ‘homeless’ looking beard, you need to keep it looking good, for example:

  1. Keeping it trimmed
  2. Brushing it every morning
  3. Using beard oil to give it a nice smell
  4. Keeping your beard hydrated
  5. Washing your beard

Yes, it takes effort, but once you have that perfect beard women will go crazy for you. A guy who can’t keep his beard clean makes girls feel like they’re kissing a gorilla!

do girls or women like beards

3. You stand out from all the other guys

If you follow the necessary steps to get a good looking, well trimmed beard, you will absolutely stand out from all the other guys.

You won’t have to approach any women, girls will walk over to you at the club! They’ll ask you all sorts of questions like:

  1. Can I touch it?
  2. Why does it smell so good?
  3. How does it look so good?
  4. What type of comb do you use?

Once you get a beard you won’t have a problem talking to girls, OK, but will a beard get you laid? No, but it will open many doors for you the same way a red hot ferrari would.

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4. Other men will compliment your beard

Maybe you have a friend with a nice beard, you’ll notice that he’ll often get compliments related to his beard. OK, but what does it have to do with “why women like beards”?

Simple! If other guys respect you more (now you have a beard), women will respect you too and feel sexually attracted because you seem like a high value man.

Always remember: with women, respect equals attraction. [4, 5, 6]

5. It’ll help you get a defined jawline

I think the term “chiseled jawline” is a little too much, but either way…

Having a well trimmed beard helps accentuate your jawline which makes you more attractive to women for several reasons:

  1. It’s a signal that you have high levels of testosterone
  2. It’s a sign that you’re healthy
  3. It’s a sign that you have a strong immune system

The great part about this is that you can have any type of beard you want: chin strap, heavy stubble, corporate or a long beard and still get that “chiseled jawline.”

6. You seem more masculine and dominant

At the end of the day, beards are sexy because they make men look like men. Period. When you grow out a beard, you seem more masculine and dominant and that’s what girls love.

More hair = more manly.

Just ask yourself this:

  1. Do women like muscular guys? Why?
  2. Do women like tall guys? Why?
  3. Do girls like aggressive guys? Why?
  4. Do girls like guys who know how to work? Why?

The answer to all these questions are the same: yes, because it makes them seem more manly. And the more manly you are, the hotter you are.

7. Beards make men more confident

Lastly, when you grow a beard you will feel more confident because YOU will feel more mature, manly and attractive to women. And because you feel more confident, you’ll be even more attractive to women!

Virtuous cycle!

And by the way, it doesn’t matter what color/ type of beard you have, just be a badass. Once you start being unapologetically confident, it really won’t matter to any girl if you’re bald, ginger or clean shaven.


Beards to seem to be coming back into style, but I don’t want you to see masculinity as some external factor that you can buy because it doesn’t work that way! Masculinity comes from deep internal beliefs.

So as much as I want you to grow a beard, I want you to keep your focus on your inner game and becoming the best man that you can be.

Your friend,

Colt Smith.

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