How to seduce a man: 19 techniques [with examples]

In this article you will learn these 19 little known techniques that will allow you to seduce any man you desire and make him yours forever.

Additionally, we will cover all the core concepts and principles of seduction so that you always know how to control him whether you’re at work, college or on a date!


Let’s get started…

1. Sexually seduce his mind

There are a couple different ways to seduce a guy’s mind so that he thinks about you all day, here are just a couple examples:

#1 Send him a surprise picture

While he’s at work, take a sexy pic of yourself and send it over to him.

This will make him feel so loved and desired that his mind won’t stop obsessing about you.

Side note:

You don’t need to be naked, you just need to be sexy. 

Here are some ideas:

  1. A sexy smile (focus on your lips!)
  2. A nice pic of your legs
  3. A full pic with a nice dress on
  4. Blow him a kiss in the photo 
  5. A pic of you in one of his big shirts with nothing else on
  6. A picture of you still waking up in the morning

But the key is that the picture is a surprise because that’s how you give him an instant boner. [1, 2]

sending a sexy picture like this is a great way to seduce a man

#2 Tell him what to expect when he gets home

The idea is that you make his mind crazy just thinking about all the kinky, sexy and naughty things that await him.

You have 2 options of when to do this: before he even leaves to work or an hour before he gets home from work.

Here’s what you can tell/text him:

  1. My pretty mouth is just waiting for your enormous cock
  2. Make sure you bring some thick rope when you get home, I feeling wild
  3. You gonna have to dress me later
  4. I just want you to pick me up and kiss me 
  5. When you get home I want to be your little sex toy
  6. I want your hands on me the second you get home

And of course, prepare yourself before he gets home: set the bed, put on your favorite lingerie, etc. so that he really sees your enthusiasm.

#3 Tell him how horny you are

Caution: this will make your man horny! Proceed at your own risk:

While he’s busy/ out of the house, tell/ text him something like this:

  1. I’m too horny for my own good, I need your help
  2. Please come home, I’m feeling like such a naughty girl 
  3. I’m being too naughty for myself
  4. It is bad to fantasize about your dick?

Make sure that he knows you’re horny because of him that way he feels sexy and desired.

2. Seduce him with your clothing

There are so many ways to seduce a guy with your clothing, but first let’s answer the big question….

What to wear to seduce a man?

Here are some ideas:

  1. Yoga pants with a tank top
  2. Sundress
  3. A big sweater with nothing else on besides your panties
  4. Flannel shirt with a tank top
  5. A V-neck or low cut to show off your cleavage 
  6. Wear his clothing (especially his big shirt and nothing else!)
  7. Mini skirt and leggings
  8. A strapless neckline

But quite honestly every guy will tell you that it’s not really about what you wear, it’s more about your attitude: 

Looking effortlessly sexy VS trying to look sexy.

Girls that effortlessly exude a sexy vibe are 10 times more attractive than the girls that seem needy trying to look sexy.

example of what to wear to seduce a man

Get him to fix your clothing

Now that you know what to wear, here’s how to seductively use your clothing:

  1. Tell him that you have a problem with your skirt (this works with a bra too)
  2. Walk him into the bedroom so that he can “help you out”
  3. Bend over like your in doggy style
  4. Pull your skirt up
  5. Move your panties to the side
  6. Look at him with a naughty smile and say “do you see the problem?”

He will go mad and take you like he’s never done before. [3, 4]

Change clothing often

You gotta understand this: men need constant visual stimulation. 

If you wear the same dress and never change your hairstyle, he will get bored and leave you (assuming that he’s a high value alpha male).

The lesson: change your style often so that you always seem fresh.

3. Strip tease for him

Want to seduce a man sexually?

Want to seduce a man in bed?

Well the best way to do that is by strip teasing for him and here’s how you do that:

Put on some clothing that can be taken off in a sexy way.

Play some smooth, sexy music in the background, here’s a nice playlist:

Once you have his attention, start to sway your hips like you have all the time in the world and bring the energy that you really want to pleasure him sexually.

Here’s a perfect example of that:

Slowly take off your clothing and touch yourself the same way he would touch you: 

  1. Caress every part of your body
  2. Adore your boobs
  3. Enjoy your own curves 
  4. Let your hands go up and down your legs

For each piece of clothing you take off, throw it at him in a playful way with a seductive smile.

Approach him and walk away a couple times just to tease him and when he reaches for you, slap his hand and say “I know you want it, but not yet”.

Slide your hands around your panties like you’re about to take them off, but pull away.

Once you’re about naked either lay in bed seductively waiting for him to ravish you or give him a passionate blowjob (- no strip tease ends badly with a blowjob).

But the most important thing to remember about strip teasing (especially for the purposes of seduction) is the teasing part:

Make him wait to be fully satisfied, make him unsure about what’s coming and learn to hold yourself back!

example of a man worth seducing

4. Seductively touch your man

Touching a man is how you seduce him for the long term and make him yours.


Because (as many scientific studies prove) touching a man will make his body produce the hormone “oxytocin” which will make him feel love, desire and feelings of adoration towards you.

Here are the 4 best ways to seductively touch a guy:


Most guys won’t ask for a massage, but they really want it!

Walk over to him while he’s working on his laptop or playing video games and gently place your hand on his shoulders and give him a nice massage.

If you really want to turn him on you can also run his entire upper body while giving him kisses and whispering dirty things in his ears!

However, if you want to seduce a guy at work and you want to seem innocent, just ask him to give you a massage because “your back is hurting.”

This will make him feel needed and desired which are the keys to capturing his heart.

And by the way, if you’re feeling risky, make those girly noises that you know guys love (but be careful – he might get hard).

Touch him while undressing him

This works especially well when your man comes home from work mentally and physically exhausted.

  1. Greet him with a big kiss
  2. While undoing his buttons tell him how happy you are that he’s back from work
  3. As you take off his shirt, run your hands all over his chest
  4. Ask him to lie down and take off his pants, shoes and socks in the same caring manner

At this point he should be as hard as a rock and he’ll be open to anything you suggest: blowjob, strip tease or kinky sex!

Accidentally stimulate him

Accidentally stimulating your man is a great way to be seductive while maintaining your innocent look.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Wear a mini skirt with cute leggings or socks
  2. Wait for him to sit on the couch
  3. Lay your legs on his upper thighs/groin area
  4. Move your legs around “because you need to get yourself comfortable” and rub his dick

Once he’s obviously turned on and you can feel an erection you have a couple options:

  1. Rub him more and tell him how big it feels
  2. Straddle him and grind away
  3. Turn around and rub it with your hands

But truthfully, once he’s all sexed up you can do whatever you want. [5, 6]

a great seductive look to put a man under your control

Touch him while he’s driving 

Some of you might be asking: how can I seduce my man while he’s driving?

Use The Driving Turned-on Technique:

  1. As he’s driving start rubbing his upper chest, abs, belly button, etc moving down towards his dick
  2. Rub the outside of his pants and make orgasmic noices 
  3. Slowly unzip him and play with his balls and penis like it’s a fun toy
  4. Make him wait till you get home before he can orgasm

But don’t be too distracting! You don’t want to get into a car crash.

5. Seduce him with sex

Repeat the following line 5 times: 

Drain his balls


Because in order to keep a man you absolutely must sexually satisfy him!

Here are the top 3 ways to seduce him sexually and keep him satisfied:

#1 Act out a porn scene

First of all, why is replaying a porn scene so crucial?

These days 80% of men are addicted to porn which makes them have crazy expectations for women.

However, if you act out a porn scene, he’ll live out his fantasy and feel so sexually satisfied.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Make sure that he’s open to the idea of watching porn together
  2. Find out what type of porn he enjoys
  3. Pick a video that works for you (i.e. they’re only doing things you’re comfortable with)
  4. Tell him that he must watch the video with you and copy whatevers being done
  5. Don’t worry about performing as perfectly as porn stars

Alternatively, you can also ask him to read you a hot porn story and then follow whatever the story calls for.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure you reach down there and masturbate and moan whenever there’s a super hot scene
  2. If the women is giving the man oral, do the same
  3. Get into the same position as the girl in the story
  4. Don’t let him cum until he finishes the story

Most girls pick this option over watching porn because they feel more comfortable and that’s fine! Always do what makes you feel safe.

#2 Complement his dick

You can’t hook his heart unless you hook his ego. 

Here’s what to say:

  1. It’s soooo big
  2. No wonder you have so much dick energy
  3. So this is why you’re so tough and manly
  4. It barely fits in my mouth
  5. Oh’ I love it, it’s sooo hard
  6. It’s too huge for my mouth [wink, wink]
  7. It’s so beautiful
  8. You could kill me with that
  9. It feels so perfect inside of me
  10. I can’t wait any longer, I need this inside of me
  11. You have big balls
  12. It feels enormous in my hand
  13. It makes me soaking wet
  14. Your balls feel so good in my hand
  15. Just f*ck me in the ass already
  16. You gave it to me just perfectly 
  17. It’s so handsome

And of course, most girls won’t treat him this way which will make him see you as his special girl and possibly his soul mate! [7]

showing desire for your man is a powerful seduction technique

#3 Show extreme pleasure 

This also ties into boosting his ego because you’re showing him how awesome he is in bed, this in turn makes him want you even more:

So how can you show him how much you’re enjoying the sex?

  1. Initiate it by pushing him onto the bed
  2. Moan
  3. Kiss his entire body
  4. Bite him out of passion
  5. Dig your nails into his back
  6. Tell him how good it feels

This video is a perfect summary:

6. How to seduce a man with perfume

First of all, find a perfume that your man likes. If you’re not sure, ask him!

  1. Vanilla?
  2. Light or heavy?
  3. Jasmine? 

Here are some ways to get him to smell your perfume and seduce him:

  1. Tell him “I know you like my perfume” with a cheeky smile
  2. Give him a long hug so he gets a nice smell
  3. Ask him to put the perfume on you
  4. While you’re wearing perfume, tell him that you only wear this perfume when you’re horny
  5. Apply perfume right above your cleavage and ask him to come smell while guiding his head to your cleavage

Side note:

Some guys like natural smelling girls with very minimal perfume on, so if that’s your boyfriend, only do what he likes.

7. Insinuate sex

You insinuate sex as if you’re ready, but you pull away and make him wait. 

Do this pattern enough times and he’ll be stuck thinking about you and your irresistible body!

Here are the best ways of doing that:

  1. Get into a pillow fight (you can even aim for his dick)
  2. Ask for a massage while laying on your stomach
  3. Tell him that he’s welcome to come over and that your parents aren’t home
  4. Walk out of the shower with only a towel on and kiss him lightly
  5. Tell him that you only wear “these shorts” when you’re horny and then put those shorts on
  6. Send him a really dirty pic, meme, or Gif
  7. Take off your panties in the restaurant bathroom and then walk back and show your panties to him
  8. Tell him that you haven’t had sex for the past month
  9. Ask him about his favorite sex positions

Get him hot, get him turned on, and then make him wait. 

In other words, purposefully give him blueballs!

8. Let/ make him turn you on

Letting a guy turn you on is something that will make him feel super manley and triple the size of his ego which will put him under your control!

Here are the best ways to do that:

  1. Give him the control to a remote vibrator and tell him to use it because you want to get horny
  2. While he’s chilling on the couch, get on him and tell him that he needs to catch you if he ever wants to have sex with you. Before he gets his hands on you, run off and make him chase you.
  3. Give him the exact instructions to turn you on and then ask him to use those instructions

Remember: the better you make him feel about himself, the more he’ll be in the palm of your hand.

9. Move your body in a seductive way

Besides for strip teasing, there’s an entire art of moving your body in a seductive way:

#1 Dancing

There are so many different styles of dance that will make any guy crazy about you, but here are just a few examples:


Bachata Sensual


Learn whichever dance style resonates with you most and watch how easily you impress men.

#2 Walking

Here’s how you get that Maralyn Monroe walk:

  1. Pull your chest back
  2. Suck your stomach in 
  3. Walk by placing your right foot in front of your left foot and vise-versa
  4. Lean into your hips as you walk
  5. Do your best to keep your thighs close together
  6. Don’t pick your feet up, instead drag your toes as you take each step
  7. (optional) run your hands up and down your hips/thighs/chest

And most of all, make sure you seem comfortable. 

#3 Touching yourself

Touching yourself is the last way of using your body as a tool for seduction and here’s how to use it:

  1. Get your man’s attention
  2. Find the sexiest, most favorite part of your body (boobs, thigh, butt, hair, etc.)
  3. Start touching yourself the same way he would
  4. Show him how much your enjoying yourself 
  5. (optional) moan or even giggle as to show how enjoyable touching yourself is

This will make him see you as the prize and trust me: all men get rock hard when a confident girl does this!

10. Control him with his fetish

Using a man’s fetish for seduction is crucial especially if we’re dealing with a man that…

  1. You’ve already slept with,
  2. Super stubborn or
  3. Doesn’t seem interested in you

Because in these cases you need to use his irresistible fetish to keep him for yourself:

#1 Tease his boob fetish

I talk more about using your boobs to attract a guy in my article titled 25 exclusive ways to turn on a guy and make him horny, but here are some good ideas:

  1. Walk over to him chilling on the couch and smother him with your boobs
  2. Give him a boob job
  3. Let him choose your bra for the day (and make sure he feels each bra well!)
  4. Slowly take off your shirt and bra while facing away from him so that his imagination goes wild. Then turn around towards him, but place your hand over your boobs so that he doesn’t see you fully topless. As you see him getting excited, turn away while biting your lip and winking at him as if to say “come and get me, I’m yours”
  5. Straddle him while he’s in bed and lean in so that he’s just a milimeter away from kissing your boobs, but then pull away and tell him to ask permission first

The boob fetish is the most common, but there are of course guys with foot fetishes, so let’s cover that…

#2 Tease his foot fetish

  1. Let him give you a pedicure
  2. Let him give you a foot massage
  3. Put on some soft socks and rub his face
  4. Let him tickle your feet

example of beautiful feet that can easily seduce a guy

And last but not least…

#3 Tease his little girl fetish

This fetish works especially well when seducing an older guy. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Wear a schoolgirl outfit
  2. Get emotional at random times for no reason
  3. Hold onto his arm like you really need him
  4. Ask him to tuck you in at night
  5. Ask him to order food for you (and even spoon feed you!)
  6. Tell him that you’ve been bad and hand him a vibrator, but say that you don’t know how to use it
  7. Ask him to dry you up after a nice, long bath
  8. Ask him to put a pacifier in your mouth

But remember:

You’re here to get him emotionally hooked and addicted to you which means you need to seduce his mind.

And in order to seduce his mind, you need to learn about him:

  1. What is his secret fetish?
  2. Does he like being submissive?
  3. Does he like being dominant?

However, sometimes he won’t tell you (either because he’s embarrassed or because he doesn’t know), so never stop experimenting and trying new things to see what gets his mind all sexed up.

11. Best books and PDFs about seducing a man

Although we will cover another 7 master techniques, you must understand that I cannot cover the entire subject of seduction because it is truly massive!

This is why I want to talk to you about the best seduction training that you must consider studying: 

The Women Men Adore by Bob Grant.

Why do I recommend his training? 

Simple, it’s because he teaches:

  1. How to secure alpha males, not loser beta’s
  2. How to seem hypnotic around me, not just mildly attractive
  3. How to make your body seem majestic no matter your age
  4. How to use “The Bonding Code Technique” to transform your personality without trying at all

Still not sure about the course?

That’s totally fine because for the time being, Bob Grant has created a free, exclusive presentation that you can watch right now to learn the basics of his method!

12. Make him feel absolutely needed

If your man doesn’t feel needed, appreciated or admired he won’t feel like a man.

His ego will feel crushed and he will reject you.

However, if you become his source of feeling needed and appreciated, he will never let you go and that starts with admiring every little thing he does:

  1. His work
  2. Mowing the lawn
  3. Building a storage area
  4. Taking the kids to school
  5. Doing the shopping 

On top of that, you must also ask him for his help to show him how much he needs you. 

Make yourself seem like you couldn’t function independently, for example:

  1. Ask him to fix your clothing
  2. Ask him to help you out with your emotions
  3. Ask him to help move apartments 
  4. Etc.

Bottom line:

Make him feel like he’s your God and he will shower you with his money.

13. Seduce his shadow personality

This is one of the darkest ways to seduce a man.

Seducing a man’s shadow personality is what you need to use if he’s:

  1. Married/ not yours
  2. Powerful
  3. Older, rich man
  4. Player 

How to use this technique:

  1. Understand how he sees himself i.e. his self-image
  2. Find the part of his personality/self-image/ego that he doesn’t even know exists (i.e. his shadow personality) 
  3. Compliment it when he does what you want
  4. Criticize it when he doesn’t do what you want

I know this sounds difficult, so let me give you some examples:

Example #1

The guy you want to seduce is a police officer and sees himself as Mr. Law and Order.

What’s his shadow personality?

Well, from small hints he drops subconsciously, you learn that secretly he loves letting go and breaking rules.

How can you leverage his shadow personality? 

When he does something you like, tell him that you love bad boys that don’t follow the rules.

When he does something you dislike, tell him how pathetic he is for being so crazy about following the rules.

Example #2

So you’re trying to get this married guy and you think that him being happily married will make this harder… well think again!

He consciously sees himself as a good father who’s so faithful to his wife and family.

However, subconsciously (i.e. his shadow personality), he doesn’t care about being moral or faithful and deep down, he’s dying to express that part of himself!


When he does something you like, give him a sexy smile and tell him how mad his wife is gonna be.

When he does something you dislike, laugh in his face and tell him that he’s so boring for trying to gain his kids’ approval.

Example #3

He’s a rich dude that won’t shut up about his accomplishments in life and all the hard work he put in to get so rich.

Because he’s keen on telling you about why he’s so proud of himself, he’s probably got a lot of guilt in his shadow personality, possibly feeling guilty for being so selfish.

When he does something you like, tell him how you love selfish guys

When he does something you dislike, tell him that he’s so stupid for trying to appease everyone

Let’s be clear:

By playing with his shadow personality, you make his ego completely reliant on you for validation (without his knowledge or consent!) and he’s practically on a leash like a little puppy.

This is also much like The Sexual Transference Method that I discuss deeply in my article titled 17 steps to seduce, manipulate and control girls.

14. Make him your submissive

Now it’s time to learn about yourself: do you enjoy being sexually dominant?

If not, this technique is not for you, however, if yes – keep on reading:

Although guys are embarrassed to admit it, many, many men enjoy being submissive to their women and it really turns them on.

Here’s how to do it:

#1 Make him worship your feet

Obviously, this works especially well if he has a foot fetish:

  1. Work on your computer and make him lick your feet clean
  2. Make him apply pedicure 
  3. Make him kiss, lick and caress every part of your foot
  4. Rub his bulge in his pants so that he associates serving your foot with feelings of sexual pleasure
  5. Make him talk about how wonderful your feet are
  6. Never allow him to cum while worshipping your feet
  7. As he grows more addicted to you, make him earn your feet by doing stuff for you or by paying your bills

#2 Tie him up

There are many different variations to this BDSM-seduction technique that all work miracles, here’s my favorite variation of it:

  1. Ask him if he wants to watch a porno with you
  2. When he agrees, tie his hands to the chair or headboard (works if sitting or lying down)
  3. Blindfold him
  4. Talk dirty and tell him that he couldn’t escape even if he tried
  5. Tease his dick with small licks and kisses
  6. Run your boobs all over his body and playfully slap him if he even tries to kiss you
  7. Take off his blindfolds and watch a porn scene together while you are masturbating
  8. Seem super confident (“you are so lucky to have me” type of thing)
  9. At this point, you can either free him and have him chase you to get “revenge” or you can ride his dick until he cums

Obviously, if there’s a step you want to add or remove, that’s totally fine! It’s all about being as sexually confident as possible.

#3 Make him your sex toy

My last example is to turn him into your sex toy and it works especially well with shy, hesitant guys because you are literally doing all the work:

  1. Make him lie down on his back/ face up
  2. Place a tablet that’s playing porn on his chest so it’s facing you
  3. Keep “brazen” eye contact (it’s super hot)
  4. (Optional) tie him up with ropes or handcuffs
  5. Ride him like he’s your dildo or vibrator
  6. Ask him if he likes it and/or if he deserves it
  7. (Optional) punish him if he cums before you do

Just make sure that whatever you want, he wants too.

15. Act seductively submissive 

What if you don’t like being dominant in bed? What if you want to seduce your man while staying submissive? 

No problem, just follow these steps:

#1 Seem surprised 

You want to seem sexually nervous, as if your surprised about his and your own sexuality, for example:

  1. Seem embarrassed when you “accidentally” drop your towel exposing yourself and say in a super cute voice say “oops!”
  2. While your straddling him seem stunned when you feel his boner, then out of ”curiosity” put your hand down there to “find out what’s going on”
  3. When you take off your panties in front of him and get naked, look at yourself and say “wow, I didn’t know how beautiful I was” and then ask your man for “help”

If you do this right, you’ll also appeal to his little girl fetish which will grant you even more control over his mind and soul.

#2 Degrade yourself

The idea is to make him feel like your God/ master and that you don’t even deserve his presence.

Here are some things you could say:

  1. I wasn’t a good girl today, but I can’t stop dreaming about you
  2. Don’t leave me, I’ll be your good st*t
  3. Your cock is so powerful and magnificent 
  4. Sir, I will do whatever pleases you
  5. (Walk like a dog towards him) Can I please spend some time with my master?
  6. Thank you sir for pushing your enormous cock deep inside of me
  7. Am I behaving well today?
  8. Sir, I am all yours
  9. I know I don’t deserve it, but please fill me up

Remember: it’s not about what you say, but how you say it!

#3 Be his sex toy

Instead of making him your sex toy (as mentioned), here you become his fleshlight:

  1. Get into the doggy style position (or any variation of it)
  2. Get him to place a tablet that’s playing porn on your back so it’s facing him
  3. Let him use you like you’re his little sex toy

Now that we’ve covered being submissive and dominant in bed, you have no excuse for not becoming the ultimate seductress!

16. How to seduce a man with your eyes

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Use makeup to make your eyes seem bigger
  2. Never have forced eyes, always have those “bedroom eyes” like you’re living in a fantasy world
  3. Apply makeup to get diamond shaped eyes like Angelina Jolie
  4. Get longer curved lashes
  5. Thinner, dark eyebrows
  6. Look at your man with desire mixed with innocence

And if you don’t like the color of your eyes, you can always wear contacts to change them to whatever you like.

17. Use your voice to seduce him

Learning how to get a seductive voice is especially crucial when you want to seduce a man over the phone, so here’s how you do it:

  1. Don’t be loud, bold or course
  2. Keep your voice sounding relaxed
  3. Put your finger in your mouth in a sexy way
  4. Sound higher pitched (it’s more feminine)
  5. Talk in a soft, low, almost weak voice
  6. Never sound monotonous, instead, freely express emotions (happiness, sadness, love, etc.)
  7. Sound like it’s so hard to talk because you’re so horny
  8. Remove all nasality

Another way of using your voice is by making an audio recording of you masturbating and while you’re moaning, say his name like he’s the reason why you’re masturbating…

Trust me, this is better than any nude pic you could ever send.

18. How to seduce a guy over text

Another way to seduce a guy over the phone is by texting, here are some great copy-paste examples

  1. I am ready for you, just some home
  2. I couldn’t help but notice how manly you look in your new profile pic
  3. If you don’t come home sooner, I’ll have to masturbate to a sexy pic of you
  4. I am already in your favorite position master
  5. I control your dick! Don’t you dare pleasure yourself at work
  6. I want you to make your cock hard and send me a photo
  7. Do you want to see me topless? 
  8. I’m getting wet just waiting to see you tonight

Now that we covered texting, let’s cover what you could say in person… 

19. Things to say to seduce a man

I want you to remember your seductive voice and eyes so that these lines are 10 times more powerful and manipulative because it’s not about what you say, but how you say it.

Here’s the list (including examples from before):

  1. My pretty mouth is just waiting for your enormous cock
  2. Make sure you bring some thick rope when you get home
  3. You gonna have to dress me later
  4. Your big arms are so manly
  5. Your mind is so attractive
  6. I know that I can easily control you with my magnificent feet
  7. I just want you to pick me up and kiss me 
  8. Picking me up like that makes me want to serve you forever
  9. When you get home I want to be your little sex toy
  10. I want your hands on me the second you get home
  11. I’m too horny for my own good, I need your help
  12. You can’t help but stare at my boobs
  13. Please come home, I’m feeling like such a naughty girl 
  14. I need to be punished for being naughty
  15. I’m being too naughty for myself
  16. It is bad to fantasize about your dick?
  17. I am hopelessly yours, just take me into your arms
  18. I love watching the bulge in your pants grow
  19. Stick it in anywhere
  20. Shut up! You better cum now!
  21. I know these are the hottest boobs you’ve ever seen
  22. I bet you like how that feels
  23. Do you want me to continue?
  24. Why is it soooo easy to get you hard?

If you have any other lines, make sure you leave them in the comments!


That’s it for now, but remember: you only get good by taking action, not by reading articles.

However, if you need any additional help, I strongly recommend Dr. Bob Grants training that we mentioned earlier.

Good luck, 

Colt Smith

  • this is Jennifer and I LOVE YOUR POSTS -KEEP GOING. You’ve really helped me with my dating and sex life and recently I got into a relationship with a hot alpha male!!!!!

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