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Notice to all new readers: Girls, start with His Secret Obsession

Guys, you need The Obsession Method. Good luck :-)

You are about to learn the 17 tricks to attract a man that most girls don’t even know exist.

However, this article is exclusively about attraction, so if you want to learn how to make a guy horny, read this article and if you want to learn about seduction read this article.

Anyways, enough talking! Let’s get started:

1. What attracts a man to a woman

What is the core element that attracts a man to a woman?

If you said femininity, you are correct!

Everything that works to attract your man, boils down to making yourself appear and seem more feminine. [1]

So now that you understand the core of attraction, let’s learn about the qualities, behaviors and looks that will make him fall in love with you:

example of a women attracting a man

2. How to attract a man with your breast 

So what do you do when a guy ignores you?

Attract him sexually!


Well there are a couple ways (as we’ll cover soon), but for now, here’s how to use your boobs to attract your man:

#1 Make your breasts seem bigger

Obviously, you can use push up bras, however here are some tips you may have missed:

  1. Stand with your chest out (works better in high heels)
  2. Lose inches in your waist – the contrast will make your boobs seem bigger
  3. Take specific supplements and/or foods
  4. Use highlighter and bronzer to create an illusion
  5. Try chest exercises (having larger chests muscles can push them up higher and give the illusion of a larger chest region) [2]

Here’s a nice example:

#2 Move your breasts around 

Here are some ways to do that (and make sure your man sees this):

  1. Move them around with your hands
  2. Lean your boobs on the table
  3. Jump/move around without a bra on [3]

Now for technique number 3… 

#3 Reveal your boobs more

Boobs are sexy, so why hide them?

Here’s how to give him that seductive look:

  1. Get your closing wet so that your clothing seem semi transparent 
  2. Let him see plenty of cleavage 
  3. Lean forward as if you’re going to pick something up, like so…

#4 Let him feel your breasts

I talk about this technique in my article about turning on a guy and making him crazy horny for you, so read that article for the full step-by-step instructions, but for now let’s get the basics:

  1. Give him a big hug so that he feels your boobs pressing against him
  2. Playfully tackle him and “accidentally” brush his hand against your boobs
  3. (If you’re feeling bold) actually take his hand and push it against your boobs, like so:

Now that you know how to attract a guy with your breasts, let’s talk about the psychological side of attraction:

3. Attract a man with his ego

Want to attract a masculine man?

Want to get a real man’s attention?

Use his ego!

Here’s how you do it:

#1 Laugh at his jokes

Multiple studies prove that women are attracted to guys that can make them laugh.

On the other hand, men are attracted to women that laugh at their jokes…

Well isn’t that interesting?

So if there’s a guy you like and he’s trying to make you laugh… laugh! 

#2 Be impressed with his body

Guys are very conscious about their body no matter what they say, so be very careful what you tell your man and that includes subtle comments.

Here are some things you can tell him:

  1. I love your big arms
  2. Whenever you hug me I feel so tiny and cute
  3. I never seen a guy with a sharper jawline 
  4. I can’t keep my eyes off your beard, it’s soo perfect!

Of course, never say anything that remotely hints that his looks make him seem feminine because he will feel emasculated and let you go.

how to attract a high quality man

#3 Be impressed with his skills 

The last way to attract a guy with his ego is to let yourself be impressed and compliment his skills no matter what they are:

  1. Woodworking 
  2. Skating
  3. Mountain biking 
  4. Metal works
  5. Plumbing
  6. Business skills

Never tell him that you’ve seen a guy do just the same thing he did or that “Bob” could do a better job.

When he tells you something that he’s working on or creating, don’t just brush it off. Let him talk about it and make yourself seem impressed.

And besides for complimenting his skills, you can also show him how much his masculine personality impresses you.

Remember, unlike women, guys rarely get compliments. Guys are expected to perform and create results. By giving him compliments, you are lifting his ego up and he’ll love you for it!

Side note: 

In my post titled How to seduce a man: 19 techniques [with examples] I talk about ways to use criticism and compliments in unison to seduce his mind and grab a hold of his ego, however that is beyond the scope of this article. 

4. Cuddle with him

Cuddling with your man may be the best way to get him emotionally.

I’m sure you already know the common ways to snuggle, but here are some positions you may have missed:

#1 The head scratcher

  1. Sit on the couch normally
  2. Let him lay down lengthwise so that he head is sitting on your lap
  3. Play with his hair and scratch his head
  4. You can also rub his face and play with his beard!

The great part about this technique is that you’re actively doing something as opposed to doing nothing like in the spoon position.

#2 The back massage 

This type of cuddling is a little more sexual and can be a great foreplay move.

  1. You can either lay down on the bed or the couch length wise
  2. Spread your legs and get him to lay down just “below you” so that his head it resting on your tummy 
  3. Now that you have easy access to his shoulders, why not give him a massage?
  4. And if he likes it, you can also caress his head as mentioned

And if you just change things up a little, you can always let him use your breasts as a pillow and caress him that way. 

cuddling in bed is a great way to attract your man

#3 The simple snuggle

This one’s easy because you don’t have to figure out what to do with your arm – like in the spoon position – and you don’t need to worry about getting “in position” because it’s just so simple!

  1. Get him on his back
  2. Lean to the side with your head on his chest
  3. Push a little so that he feels your boobs
  4. Get his arm around the back of your body so that he “surrounds” you
  5. Caress him by running your hands up and down his forearm 
  6. This time ask him to play with your hair or give you a back scratch 
  7. Last tip: this works a lot better naked!

This position also works if you lay directly on top of him, however, it can get a little too warm at times!

But wait! 

If you want to make sure he doesn’t forget this experience with you, make sure you:

  1. Tell him that you want to be near him. 
  2. Tell him that you feel so safe
  3. Tell him that he’s so warm

Never forget to make your man feel like a man!

5. Let him lead you

Why would you want to let a man lead you?

Because by letting him lead you, you’re making him feel like more of a man.

But who cares about making him feel manly?

Because men will do anything to feel more manly, so if you become the source of that masculine feeling, he’ll become obsessed with you.

Here’s how you let a man lead you:

  1. Instead of telling him how “he should..”, just tell him that you feel a certain way about this 
  2. Listen closely to everything he says as if every word is precious
  3. Instead of overtly pointing out that you want to do things differently, just show him how you’re curious you are about other options
  4. Don’t talk in way that points out how you know things that he doesn’t 
  5. Don’t try to take care for him as if he’s your son (be loving, not nurturing) 
  6. Let him decide where and what you’ll do (Let go of needing to be in control)
  7. Honor his thoughts
  8. Do what he wants (e.g. cook his favorite foods even before he asks)

The more he feels like the leader, the more he’ll feel attraction towards you. [4, 5]

6. Let him protect you

Men want to be the protectors. Here’s how to let him be your protector:

  1. Hold his hand before crossing the street
  2. Let him talk to strangers and stay shy
  3. Lean on him when you’re sitting side by side
  4. If there’s a spider or mouse running around, let him get rid of it
  5. Let him warm you up if you’re feeling cold
  6. Ask him to accompany you on a trip because “your scared to go alone:
  7. Etc.

These are all very important as it appeals to his inherent masculine duty to protect women which will make you seem mysteriously attractive.

However, make sure you don’t go too extreme so that you don’t appear needy.

7. Be feminine and show your emotions

Here are the basic feminine qualities that will make you seem attractive to quality men:

  1. Weak (being dependent on him)
  2. Emotional
  3. Soft and delicate
  4. Submissiveness
  5. Trustful (letting go of your need for control)
  6. Girly/ childlike 
  7. Tenderness
  8. Compassionate

To be clear, being “emotional” isn’t just about acting crazy, it’s about being exuding femininity, for example:

  1. Show lots of compassion 
  2. Show sadness when you feel sadness
  3. Show lots of joy
  4. Show him how your emotions make you weak
  5. Don’t be ashamed to show how you get scared

The more of these qualities you pick up, the more sexy feminine energy you’ll have to attract a good, godly man.

example of a good man that is worth attracting

8. Keep your body feminine

Attracting a man isn’t just about your personality because you also need attract your man physically:

Here’s how:

  1. Keep your feet soft and pretty
  2. Never get tattoos 
  3. Keep your natural hair color
  4. Don’t use excessive makeup
  5. Workout (lift!)
  6. Show some modesty (don’t act like a sl*t)
  7. Keep your hair long
  8. Keep your hands soft (more about this later)
  9. Wear colorful, joyful clothing (dresses > pants)

The main idea is that you should work for a clear contrast to masculinity. [6, 7]

9. Dress for your man

The key here is that he should feel that you’re dressing for him, not for everyone who manages to get a peek at your cleavage!

You don’t need to spend that much, just focus on dressing for him:

  1. Ask him what he likes
  2. Look nice whenever he’s around, not just for those special occasions
  3. Make sure you got some good perfume on!

And of course, if he’s coming over to your place make sure it’s looking perfect!

10. Walk in an attractive way

We all know that sexy Marilyn Monroe walk…

Well you want to emulate it (without going over the top):

  1. Take light steps 
  2. Take short steps 
  3. Aim to seem graceful 
  4. Pull your chest back
  5. Suck your stomach in 
  6. Walk by placing your right foot in front of your left foot and vise-versa
  7. Lean into your hips as you walk
  8. Do your best to keep your thighs close together
  9. Don’t pick your feet up, instead drag your toes as you take each step
  10. (optional) run your hands up and down your hips/thighs/chest

To learn more about this, read How to seduce a man: 19 techniques [with examples].

11. Keep your hands attractive

Keeping your hands feminine and attractive isn’t just about keeping them soft, it’s also about what you do with them.

Here’s a list of things you should and should not do with your hands:

  1. Do not carry heavy things
  2. Do not slam your hand on any surface (table or slapping people on the back)
  3. Move your hands in a fluid motion (never be erratic)
  4. While shaking hands, always use a gentle grip
  5. Use your hands to express more emotion as your speak

And that’s it!

12. Make cute noises 

Making cute noises isn’t just attractive, it can also turn your man on!

Here’s what you can do:

  1. When your feeling totally loved and adored, just make whatever noise comes to your mind
  2. If you’re feeling extra happy or joyful, make “that” sound  
  3. If your so overwhelmed with feeling of love, talk that way, men love it no matter how silly it seems

Onto #13…

13. Cook for him

If you know how to cook well you could attract nearly any man you want, no matter how narcissistic he may seem!

You really can reach any man’s heart through his stomach.

So it really does pay to learn how to cook, however it’s not just about the food. It’s about how you cook the food:

  1. Ask him what he wants before you even start cooking
  2. “Accidentally” get flour on your breasts 
  3. Wear only lingerie or just an apron and heels while cooking
  4. Lean over in front of him while picking something up so that he gets a good look
  5. Make sure you don’t let him cook for you. Insist that you want to serve him.

cooking in lingerie is a great to attract a man you like

And while eating with him, make sure you keep arousing him by… #14 letting him smell your body.

14. Let him smell your body

We’ve already talked about wearing the right perfume, but how can you get him to smell you? After all, if he’s across the room he won’t smell anything!

  1. Apply perfume right before to talking/ approaching to him
  2. Apply perfume to your wrists 
  3. Lean in towards him and ask him what he thinks of your perfume
  4. Give him a big hug
  5. Ask him to apply his favorite perfume on you [8, 9]

Now that he’s fully attracted to you, how can you take it to that next level? #13 wear naughty clothing… 

15. Wear naughty clothing

I talk a lot about this topic in both of my articles about turning on and seducing your man, however, here are the basics:

  1. Wear sexy lingerie under your normal clothing and slowly reveal your lingerie 
  2. Wear a big sweater with nothing else underneath besides panties
  3. Wear one of his big shirts while leaving the top buttons undone so that he can see some cleavage 
  4. Wear a wet, white shirt without a bra on so that he can kinda see your boobs

There are many more ideas, but I hope you see that to get your man addicted to you, it doesn’t need to cost a dime more! You just need to be creative.

16. Innocently touch him

The last thing you have to do in order to attract a man in the bedroom is to touch him in a naughty yet innocent way:

  1. While at the movie theater, run your hand up and down his leg
  2. While sitting together “accidentally” place your hand over his crotch area and then look at him with an innocent look “oh sorry”
  3. While he’s busy give him a quick kiss on his neck right behind his ear while whispering something naughty to him

If you follow the previous 16 steps you’ll be able to attract nearly any man you desire.

17. How to attract a married man

But we are not quite done yet.

What if you want to attract a married, rich man? What if he’s a successful guy over 50 years old? How can you attract him for marriage? 

Well the rules stay the same: the more feminine you appear, the more attractive you’ll be…

However, here are something things to keep in mind:

  1. Approach your man as a way to have fun on the side, not as a way to destroy his marriage
  2. Take it slowly, start by giving him very “normal” compliments and ease your way into flirting with him
  3. Invite him to a group lunch so that you get a chance to talk and flirt without seeming too forward
  4. Talk to him out of work as he may not want his coworkers to see you together and possibly tell his wife


As I said in the very beginning this article is strictly about attraction, not seduction or sexually arousing your man.

However, if you take these steps seriously, you’ll find that he’ll be naturally turned on without any real effort on your part!

Good luck, 

Colt Smith


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