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How To Seduce Girls – Bypass Her Psychological Barriers

50 percent of people report that they are not happy with their sex lives, which side will you be on?

I will tell you the things you must never ever do. No matter what. 

These are all the things that I did and failed miserably and I really suffered. 

If you do these things that I did than you have already devalued yourself in her eyes that you have already lost the game.

Then I will tell you the underlying concept that will make it easy for you to seduce any girl you can dream of.

From there you will learn how to seduce girls by talking and texting in the most sexually alluring ways that even a girl that doesn’t like you will be thoroughly attracted to you. 

You won’t make the mistake that I made that cost me 2 years of my life.

I will also walk you through the process of choosing which seduction course is right for you.

Seduction is possible for anyone, my students have gotten massive results by just following some of the rules in this post.

1. Never talk fast

Never rush a seduction.

Rushing is the complete opposite of seduction.

Seduction is about enjoying every moment – for you and the girl.

Rushing is the opposite of living in the moment with your sexy girl.

Take a chill, lean back, enjoy the ride with her…

This means you need to talk slowly. Pause.

If you just follow this, you can guarantee yourself a girlfriend or whatever you want.

Imagine if you walked up to girl and felt that you were totally grounded and that this girl was just a source of pleasure for you. And you know that she is looking for someone like exactly like you.

How would you talk? Would you be loud or hurried? You would speak in a deeply calm and authentically confident way.

And by the way, studies show that words are only 7% of communication, 38% is the tonality, leaving 55% for body language. (I’ll cover body language for you later.)

This shows that if you just rely on pickup lines you need to change lanes fast, because words only make up 7% of communication.

It’s about how you speak, and like I said: speak in a deeply calm and authentically confident way and women will flock to you. 


Don’t forget this because I will show you the best course that takes these tips to a professional level.

2. Touch her

One of the things that men underestimate the most is how powerful an aphrodisiac (arouses sexual instinct) effect a good massage can have in a woman.

A massage can cause her to go from “Not now, honey, I have a headache” to wanting to undress you in the blink of an eye.

This occurs because physical contact, such as massages, causes the brain to release hormones such as endorphins, a hormone responsible for the feeling of happiness and well-being.

This, in turn, causes the brain to release Oxycontin, a hormone released when physical contact occurs and better known as the love hormone.

This is the hormone that makes her bond with another person; it makes her seek physical and emotional connection.

Then, dopamine is released; this is the “reward” hormone.

This hormone makes her body want to keep looking for even more of that pleasant sensation.

This hormone is also secreted when we eat, have sex, and reach our goals.

It is also the one responsible for the addictive effects of dangerous substances such as cocaine and amphetamines.

The release of these hormones is what turns messages into a powerful aphrodisiac capable of sexually arousing any woman.

Now you know about the powerful effects that massage can have on a women use it with the intention of crushing her psychological barriers.

So if you want to seduce a woman into sex it’s very simple:

  1. Invite her to your home with some small excuse.
  2. Start giving her a massage, you will make her involuntarily secrete the same hormone that cocaine does which will render her unable to control herself.
  3. Have incredible sex, you have crushed her psychological barriers, she will be fully aroused.

And I’ll add, if you can kiss her on her neck and lightly on her ear that will turn her on definitely go try it out!

By the way, lesbian women kiss each other on the neck because they both know how much of a turn on it is. 

(This only works for women, if you are a girl reading this DON’T DO THIS TO MEN, it will only weird them out and if your a lesbian women you already know this.)

3. Never need her love

When your woman sees your need for her then her attraction to you will fall to pieces.

She needs you to desire her like your on fire.

But never ever need her.

Every woman needs a man that is strong and independent. 

All the women in the world, and I don’t care how hot they are, will fall for the man that shows he is self reliant.

A man must come to a woman with the state of mind that she will improve his life, but not she is a need.

The secret is that women themselves want you to think “I love and crave you, but I will leave you the second something doesn’t fit in with my life vision, I am not relying on you.”

She doesn’t want to be #1 although she might scream all day about it, she wants you not to listen to her and instead stay strong.

  1. Don’t go asking her for permission.
  2. Tell her exactly what you want from the relationship. If it’s sex then say so.
  3. Be bold, follow what you think is right.

If she needs you to compromise your passion for her love, let her go. Chances are that this is just a test, but be ready for the day you say “my way or the highway.”

So when you approach any female come with the mindset of I don’t need you, but I desire you. 

I get that it’s kind of a paradox, but live with it.

4. don’t get stuck in your head.

I heard someone say before “if your in your head, your dead” this is exactly right. 

We both know that if you are thinking about what to say while you are attempting to seduce girls, the game is over.

You need to be in a state of flow.

You know what I mean?

You can’t be thinking about if she’s out of league or how she is too hot for you.

She will feel this. And she will know that it’s coming from a place of insecurity.

Imagine if you knew that she wanted someone exactly like you and that you are an attractive man, when you approach her, would you be thinking any of those insecure thoughts? No.

You would be simply enjoying the moment with her. You would appreciate her beauty and love her femininity.

When any man gets stuck in his head, the woman will feel it and it will be repelled by it.

Robert Greene in his best selling book “The Art of Seduction” says the number one thing you must do anything to avoid is thinking about yourself.

He says over and over you need to think about your victim.

You need to get inside their mind.

Once you get into their mind you will be able to control them because you know exactly what to feed their ego to enslave them to you.

Lesson learned: never think about yourself, think about what the other person wants or needs.

Remember the rule: WIIFM: What’s In It For Me.

Anyone you communicate with will be asking themselves one question: what’s in it for me. Almost no one really cares about you, they just want to know what they stand to gain from you.

Give them what they want and watch how those women will be more than happy to give you what you want.

The underlying concept to every seduction technique.

You need to understand how all of this works if you want to take it to the next level.

The core of all of this is masculinity.

You need to be deeply masculine if you want to attract, seduce any of the world’s most beautiful woman

Women these days are starving for authentically masculine man, that is why you see on so many websites talking about being confident, eye to eye contact, and taking leadership in each interaction.

These are all aspects to true masculinity.

The problem is that everyone goes right around the core of everything and they just talk about the manifestations of masculinity. 

The core of any seduction is masculinity. 

I’ll tell you from personal experience that whenever I was deep in my masculinity, and I resonated power, women approached me.

I couldn’t believe my eyes at first, I literally had woman that had never approached me, come up and try to fake that they didn’t love me already.

Getting their numbers was a breeze.

And you know when I girl that you’ve completely seduced tries to show part of her beautiful body to seduce you back… well that was happening right at my work! 

To make a long story short I ended up having sex in my office. 

Another day their were 2 lesbian girls in my office that followed me into my office to ask me some questions about business only to start seducing me. 

They first started to take off some of their clothing to reveal ‘more’ but that quickly turned into them touching and flirting with me.

You know the little touches here and there and these girls were kissing each other.

I could feel that they desired me.

I started to lose control of myself and pulled them closer to me. 

It was clear to everyone what was going on here when they went from being somewhat dressed to half naked.

One of the girls was a stunning blond went straight for my dick (after I had ‘loosened up’ a bit) and just sucked it with passion.

And you already know where that ended: the most fantastic sex of my life.

This is just some of my insane sex stories, but you need to be bold and extremely masculine for you to see any kind of serious results. 

Remember being unnecessarily aggressive and belligerent is not being masculine.

You know your really masculine when you command respect without being forceful.  

You can do this too.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to invest in the greatest seduction course: The Tao of Badass.

“Badass” is another word for a deeply masculine man. The whole course is about developing true masculinity.

You will learn how to become so deeply masculine that you will achieve results that will blow your mind. 

The Tao of Badass is also jam packed with getting your approach skills sharpened, so that you won’t even think the thought of “what do I say next.”

The Tao of Badass covers the biggest challenge facing men: approach anxiety and for that reason the course focuses on removing that crippling anxiety that most men suffer from their whole life.

You will learn new technology about how to rewire the deep self-sabotaging beliefs that are ruining your life without your knowledge.

I’ll give you an example, When you were young, let’s say, second or third grade and you were being a regular boy.

Being wild, trying new things and finding your limits. 

What happened? Your teacher couldn’t tolerate your masculinity and treated you like a dysfunctional girl and got you to disown that masculine part of yourself through a series of punishments.

That put an end to your natural wildness that women love. It’s extremely sad.

This is called subconscious sabotaging, you want to express your masculinity around women, but something inside won’t let you. 

The course will take you through the steps to uncover, reveal and heal your subconscious damaged beliefs.

But the greatest part about this whole course is that he has an actionable step by step guide to seduction.

Why do I say that makes it the greatest?

Because the number one thing that holds men back from taking action and changing their lives is uncertainty: uncertainty that the actions that they are taking will lead them to results that they need. 

And when they experience a small hardship or failure they give up.

But if they only knew that they just had to follow simple steps then they would be guaranteed success they never would have even thought about giving up.

And that is what this course does perfectly.

After you learn the basics you move into a 4 step process that you can use with any girl you meet.

  1. Attraction
  2. Rapport
  3. Seduction
  4. Relationship Balance

And it’s that simple. Clarity is power and when you know what you need to do exactly to seduce and attract any woman you are unstoppable. 

Even if you fail you will get right back up due to the confidence in your developing skills.

He also covers how to sustain the relationship and the seduction which is also what makes this quality course unique. 

Most courses only cover the beginning stages, but The Tao of Badass covers every part. That is crucial.

All together you receive  the most value that I have seen in any course, you get:

The Tao of Badass eBook. This comes with an audiobook version as well. The book is where you will learn the dirty, dirty secrets that will make women do anything for you. $67

The bonuses:

The Tao of Badass Training Community. You will find hours of hands on coaching and content you won’t get anywhere else. +Value $129

Access to ASP: Accelerated Seduction Program. This is where you really take badass seduction to the next level. You will get to extreme seduction levels where you get into control. Here you will learn the extremely dirty seduction techniques that will put you at the top 99.9% of attractive men. (A free 14 day trail.) +Value $48

5 Week Body Language Mastery Course: here you will learn how to bypass the resistance in her mind without her consent. You will completely avoid any possible rejection by accessing her powerful sex craving. You will learn how to turn a young, soft girl into a sex monster. +Value $297

Hacking Attraction Audio. You will learn about how you can use your own personality to seduce young girls. He will teach you about the 4 types of males and how each type has its own attraction powers which will allow you to tap into your own power. +Value $9

Badass Advanced Training eBooks. Here you will receive even more value for your money. You will receive 4 quality eBooks that will give you a clear understanding of attraction and love.

  1. Escaping The Friend Zone  
  2. Monogamy vs. Polyamory 
  3. Guide to Breaking Up 
  4. Never Get Cheated On

+Value $49

Subliminal Inner-confidence MP3’s: these are audio recording designed to reprogram your mind while your sleeping. These are based on scientific NLP techniques that will boost your confidence dramatically with women. +Value $29

Total value of The Tao of Badass = $628 for a course that only costs $67!!! 


This is the best deal that I have ever seen on any dating course. The amount of quality content that you get in completely unheard of in the dating world

Ok, so I clearly think it’s a must for everyone to invest in that program.

(Warning, if you don’t take advantage of the wealth of information in this course by taking action than don’t invest in this course yet, give yourself some time to build real commitment.)

If you really want to be super serious about this than I recommend you get the program that will set you apart from most people because it will motivate you to take action and meet women.

Remember the beginning of anything is hard.

If you are a beginner than meeting women will be hard and you will be crashing through a lot of fear. Trust me I was there not to long ago.

So you need something to push you through this mandatory hell and that’s why you need to get the 100 day challenge program.

This program is designed to get you to take action for the first 100 days of you setting a goal.

You can go from scared of asking directions from girls and awkward whenever talking to women to being able to have a real nice small talk while feeling relatively calm.


But you need the motivation of the 100 Day Challenge Program to take advantage of the powerful techniques of The Tao of Badass.

If you have already invested in a seduction course then no more procrastinating go get the 100 day challenge here!

Now I will give an exercise to build your masculinity so that women will literally come to you.

You need to reach back into yourself and pull that natural masculinity out.

You are like a lion that’s been in a zoo for a decade, he’s lost a lot of his power, but let him wild and once he starts hunting he will become a real lion again.

You need to do the same to yourself, society has put your masculinity in a cage because society thinks it’s dangerous.

Do this one simple exercise for 2 months and watch how you will feel radically different about yourself

Every morning when you wake up: ROAR. 

When you wake up, take a cold shower to jump start your system so that you are in the right state of mind (make this a habit if you haven’t already)…

Then roar, roar like a fucking lion. Let out all the suppressed energy in your system.

Do it now, go right now, take a cold shower and then roar. Go now.

Feel this energy that flows through you while you roar, this is the energy that women are irresistibly attracted to.

That powerful, dominant energy that the world hates is the exact energy that the feminine need you to have, they are starving for it.

So dig out your natural masculine energy and automatically you will know how to seduce girls by texting, talking, or even without talking because you are coming from the seducing masculine mindset.

Each time you roar feel your masculine energy, roar with as much power as possible. 

After 2 months of this “therapy” you look back and feel very different about yourself and the whole world will react to you very differently. 

You will see that you will be treated very differently by women. They will appreciate your authenticity and be attracted to it.

You can also read this article that goes even deeper into building masculinity.


You were born with a natural attraction superpower, it’s called masculinity.

Build up your masculinity.

Once you have built up your masculinity than you will have no problem acting out all of the manifestations that are super attractive.

Use the Tao of Badass to build up your masculinity.

Use the 100 Day Challenge program to power you through the hard beginning of learning seduction.

Roar every morning to arouse you inner masculinity.

Do whatever you need to do to learn how to play the game.

Buy courses, books, or the best attend intense boot camps from the famous dating coach Sasha Daygame.

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