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Hello from wherever you're from, welcome to Dating Armory! For the guys here, I suggest you start your journey with Unlock the ScramblerWomen, start with The Devotion System. Good luck!

In this review you will learn 5 game changing tips to your dating life:

  1. How you can naturally attract women, without learning creepy pickup lines
  2. You will learn the one key in the Make Her Crave You PDF that .01 percent of men use that will hook women.
  3. You will learn exactly which course is right for you.
  4. You will learn about the FREE bonuses the course has to offer.
  5. What you can do now to transform your dating life long term.

Make Her Crave You is a full program from start to finish covered in actionable concepts about attracting women.

This course offers real value. I’ll reveal as much as I can…

(Beware: if you are not OK with deep dark dirty secrets and your not above 18 than do not buy this course or continue reading this. But otherwise I couldn’t encourage you more to continue reading to fully transform your dating life.)

Concept Number One: Be Authentically Masculine. 

We men are naturally attracted to feminine energy like a magnet.

But it has to be real feminine energy, not some girly joke, that turns guys off.

The same is true about women, women are naturally attracted to a man that puts out masculine energy.

It’s not that you need to say something specific or some pickup line to attract a woman, it’s about giving out the general dominant masculine energy and that will naturally attract women towards you.

You know when you see a super hot girl and you instantly want her, that is the same feeling that girls get when a super masculine man is around them.

They feed off his energy, but they will never show it outright because that is part of being feminine. [1]

So to be clear, the reason why men don’t understand that being masculine is 99% of their attraction powers is because the female, although very much attracted, will naturally hide it because that is feminine nature.

This course explains exactly what being a man means and how to develop your own masculinity.

That means that you are not becoming someone else to attract your dream girl, instead your developing your own natural masculine essence and that way you can meet any woman you could possibly want.

Don’t forget, just like you are deeply attracted to women, women will be deeply attracted to you once you develop your essence with this course.

Imagine being at work while women are checking you out in the most obvious ways.

Imagine if you had the hottest models approaching you for a date and to get fucked.

You have it all inside of you to live that dream life if you take the bold action. I recommend my clients to use this course as a guide to take them to their dreams.

Although I can’t reveal everything about Make Her Crave You, I’ll let you into one more mind transforming idea that can double your dating life.

Concept Number Two: Engage and Manipulate Her In Emotions. 

OK, I know engaging her emotions doesn’t make any sense to you, and I totally understand that YOU ARE A MAN, and men are much less emotional and are much more logical.

Women run on emotions, men run on logic.

What attracts you to a woman, the same will make a woman hate you. 

Therefore, if you want to really learn how to make women fall in love with you than you must learn how to control and manipulate their emotions. 

Using this ‘engaging her emotions’ concept that is taught in the course you will take allow you to reach women you never thought you could even talk to.

And it’s really easy to understand why such a massive transformation can happen with this course: you were treating women like men.

If you learn the lessons in this course than you will go to a new fucking level.

So learn how to engage her emotions with this course and take her on an emotional roller-coaster and she will become your slave.

This alone makes this course worth it. Make Her Crave You will teach you this from the beginning to the end. From now you won’t be attracting sexy ladies through some ridiculous pick up line.

In fact, the same way hot girls captivate you, you will attract and enslave them.

This is the only natural and power remedy to your loneliness. I know you care about yourself so get the course, make it like a present for yourself.

A real act of self-love and even if this course doesn’t work out for you at least you started your journey and also you have a 2 month no questions asked return policy. So go for, as a friend I encourage you.

Besides for learning these 2 powerful practical techniques, you’ll be learning a whole host of other concepts.

My friend, I would really love to help you out and give away all the other amazing ideas in the course, but then number one – that’s illegal. But the real reason why I am not revealing everything is because if you invest your own hard earned money into a course than you will actually follow through and do what they say you need to do, this will lead to massive results.

This is a crucial concept that I talk about all the time: it doesn’t matter how great of a course you invest in if you don’t do what they say you gotta do, you aint’ going nowhere.

So invest your money and you’ll feel the internal pressure to get everything out of the course.

Make her crave you course

“Make Her Crave You” Bonuses:

How To Become A Sexual Dynamo By Mirabelle Summers

(Valued at $19.99)

sexual dynamo

Mirabelle Summers uses her clear feminine perspective to teach you what to do once both of you are naked in bed.

You will learn how to sexually arouse her till she is begging you for more. And of course, what to never to do in bed.

Social Mastery By Slade Shaw

social mastery

(Valued at $24.99)

This e-book is full of intense, super down to earth advice about how to take your social skills to the next level and make friends.

But most importantly it’s about how to build a huge network to attract high quality women into your life.

Make The Internet Your Playground Interview With Dave M.

dating playground

(Valued at $9.99)

This is an intense interview with the online dating coach Dave M. where Dave reveals his personal techniques that has led him to massive success to attracting uncommonly hot women the internet has to offer.

How To Become Bulletproof  With Babes Interview With Clark Cassidy 

(Valued at $9.99)

bulletproof with babes

Clark Cassidy is the man behind the player society.

He reveals his secret on how to get over anxieties and fears chaining you down from approaching woman.

So what are you getting when you purchase Make Her Crave You?

The actual course value is $69.99

  • How To Become A Sexual Dynamo Valued at $19.99
  • Social Mastery By Slade Shaw Valued at $24.99
  • Make The Internet Your Playground Interview With Dave M. Valued at $9.99
  • How To Become Bulletproof With Babes Interview With Clark Cassidy Valued at $9.99

= Total Value $135 All for just 47 dollars…


This is the best course for the value by far.

And with a 60 day, no-questions-asked return policy you have nothing to lose. There is no risk.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

But wait, it doesn’t end there… when you get this program you get the first issue of the Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series for free. (Regular $27).

issue 1

What’s Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series?

This is a one year long complete course on relationships from the beginning till the end, written by a group of relationship experts at “Meet Your Sweet.”

They collected all the dating advice from Mirabelle Summers, Slade Shaw, Amy Waterman, James Bradley, Andrew Rusbatch and organized it in a learnable way to take you from 0 to 60 in your dating life.

I believe this is the most powerful relationship course on the internet, why? Simply because…

The Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series is one year long. 

The longest programs available are maximum 2 months long or if you decide to go to a seminar it won’t be longer than three days, so even if they manage to really transform you during those 3 days it’s only natural that you’ll fall back.

And unless your part of a very small minority that continue putting in work with nobody coaching them than you’ll loose what you gained to a large extent.

This is where the Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series power really stands out.

This year long program will take you from where you are to where you want to go. It’s simply ridiculous to believe that you can transform in a week or a month.

You can create changes and break patterns, but the real transformations happen later.

In the Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series you are coached along, month by month teaching you everything you need to know about relationships. 

That includes, but not limited to:

  1. Core confidence in approaching women and knowing how to reach their attraction triggers.
  2. A real health program to get improved looks and health – no matter what you look like now. Telling you the truth about carbohydrates, fats and calorie intake. This will get the most powerful energy out of your body. This also includes clear exercise and workout techniques.
  3. The ability to be present and relaxed with your hot girl. You will get the power to hold them in a relaxed state so that you decide where to take your relationship. 
  4. You will learn to love yourself and your life. I know what your thinking, “but I already love myself” – don’t tell me this till this program takes you to the next level. This will make you super authentic with yourself which will project that alpha male energy that women are addicted to.
  5. Tons of interviews with seduction masters, expert authors, and dating gurus.
  6. How to maintain your relationship. They offer techniques to open up positive communication. And when you have inevitable challenges in your relationship the Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series offers clear tools to deal with that too.

So you MUST sign up to this program and take control of your life. 

Wow, let’s recap…

The actual course value is $69.99

  • How To Become A Sexual Dynamo Valued at $19.99
  • Social Mastery By Slade Shaw Valued at $24.99
  • Make The Internet Your Playground Interview With Dave M. Valued at $9.99
  • How To Become Bulletproof With Babes Interview With Clark Cassidy Valued at $9.99
  • Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series $27

= 162 US Dollars of value


If you don’t take action now, when will you?


You will get all the advice you could ever get that most men will never learn. Don’t let your mind take you out of the game and tell you that you will never get to that relationship that you know you can. 

Don’t procrastinate anymore, you will make it. It is not impossible, but you need to make the investment.


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