3 years after investing in The Rise of The Phoenix and re-reading it for the 5th time, I’d like to present to you my review. 

Some of you may be reading this review after listening to Sebastian’s podcast (linked below) or after seeing it recommended in any of my mega dating guides:

  1. How to Touch a Girl: 47 Smooth Techniques [Pictures Included] 
  2. The Guide: 74 Methods To Tease A Girl [& Learn Cock-Funny] 
  3. 29 Little-Known Techniques to Compliment a Girl

Anyways, enough self-aggrandizing, let’s get started!

Sebastian can help you get girls like this

Apparently, if I add enough random pics of hot girls throughout this article, you guys will read through till the end. Am I right? Enjoy 😉

What’s in this review?

This review is split up into 2 parts:

  1. The review, pro’s and con’s
  2. My notes on the rise of the phoenix 

I suggest you read through both parts before making a purchasing decision, just be warned, this review is long… If you’re into the tech side of YouTube, you may know of Flossy Carter and his “Real Reviews” of different gadgets and the latest smartphones. Recently, he posted his review of the Google Pixel 6 pro and it’s an hour and half long! Well I don’t see why dating related products should be any different. 

How did I hear about the rise of the phoenix?

I initially heard about Sebastian Harris after typing into the Google Podcasts App “how to seduce girls” (at the time I was clueless when it came to girls) then finding his Podcast “The Global Seducer Quicky Podcast.” 

I listened to his podcast (example below) which I thought sounded good. So after listening to a couple more of his podcasts and hearing about his course, the rise of the phoenix, I decided to pull the trigger and pay 20 dollars for his core book and another 30 bucks for his optional 14 Seduction Bootcamp add-on.

Side note:

As I’m writing this review in a mediocre coffee shop (you can always buy me a coffee), I came across another podcast called “The Leverage Podcast” where the host (don’t know who he is) interviews Sebastian Harris. It’s worth listening to, it’ll give you a much deeper view of Sebastian Harris and his early struggles:

This podcast really sums up why I like Sebastian Harris: He’s not a natural. He’s far from that. In fact, he was born with a congenital heart defect which left scars all over his body. 

A picture of the author and his struggle.

I know guys that worry about having a small dick. Having a massive scar running down your chest is another story, yet Sebastian gave it a positive meaning. 

He had massive social anxiety as a teenager and lost his virginity with a stroke of luck. 

So, much like you and me, he had to learn it all ground up which means he’ll know what it’s like to be in your position. 

Good looking naturals are (usually) horrible teachers. 

Anyways, back to my story. I read the book once, took no action (like most guys and probably you too) and promptly forgot about it. In fact, I thought I was scammed, so I applied for a refund and got it the next day (he has a 60 day no questions asked return policy)...

The rise of the phoenix has a 60 day no questions asked return policy

The Rise of The Phoenix offers a 60 days money back guaranteed return policy. No questions asks. 

Fast forward a couple months. I was still filled with anxiety, still depressed and had no clue how to deal with my issues. 

So what do I do? I contacted Sebastian directly and told him what I did. After a quick back and forth, I ended up ‘re-buying’ his course, but also paid 100 dollars a month for Whatsapp coaching (which is also an optional add-on).

That monthly Whatsapp coaching, which lasted 5 months, made all the difference. Day by day, Sebastian ‘forced’ me to take action and follow through with the advice in his book to get over my crippling anxiety. 

Screenshot of Sebastians WhatsApp coaching which is an optional bonus.

This is a real screenshot from actual coaching I received from here years ago. You can see how Sebastian forces me to stay in a powerful state of mind and continue approaching girls even though I was terrible at it at the time.

And that’s the key. 

I didn’t get over my AA (approach anxiety) in a day or 30 days. It took me 5 months of Whatsapp coaching (and some 1-on-1 Skype coaching) until I was ready to move on without a coach kicking my ass. 

Why I recommend The Rise of The Phoenix for beginners

Now that you have my little story and how I achieved success with the rise of the phoenix, let’s talk about why I recommend it for beginners.

  1. He talks extensively about approach anxiety (hereafter, AA) which the number one issue for any beginner (<500 approaches)
  2. He does not get all crazy about pickup details that leave you confused and unable to take action (this is why I do not recommend Daygame Mastery, Dead!, or other intermediate-level books for beginners)
  3. The rise of the phoenix cost $20 which is relatively cheap when comparing to the competition (The Tao of Badass is $60 and so is The Collection of Confidence)
  4. He leaves most of the theory out and focuses on the practical How To. This is the opposite of The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene which solely focuses on themes, psychology and stories. (I’m telling you this from experience as technically, The Art of Seduction was my first dating guide and it just left me more confused)
  5. He covers many basic principles without over complicated things: Last Minute Resistance, KINO, continuing the conversation (see Notes section)

But what’s even more important than all of this is that you admit to yourself that you are a beginner. As guys, we love to fantasize and imagine ourselves as grand Global Seducers who can get any girl in the universe. But of course, it’s not true. Here’s a good “test” to see where you really stand on the Global Seducer scale:

  1. You don’t have any friends, have massive anxiety and you’re a virgin
  2. You have friends, but you’re still a virgin
  3. You lost your virginity out of luck, but you don’t know how to talk to girls
  4. You kinda know how to talk to girls, but barely get laid and when you do, it takes a lot of work
  5. You can talk to girls in your social circle, but approaching hot girls on the street terrifies you
  6. You’ve approached less than 500 girls on the street or in “cold approach” fashion
  7. You’ve approach more than 500 girls on the street or in “cold approach” fashion

Once you reach #7, congratulations! You are no longer a beginner. 

But till then (because I know you aren’t there yet), humble yourself and get a course that’s fitting to your level. Skipping to the advanced seduction techniques is like learning a brand new language from an advanced grammar textbook in that new language. Surprise, surprise! It’s not gonna work! You gotta start with the basics. 

What I hate about this book

I do not hate this book at all, however there are some things that I hate about it.

Maybe hate is the wrong word (my mother wouldn’t be proud, “DISLIKE!” LOL), but who cares. Listen, just like any product, there are some flaws and in this review I would like to share them with you:

The marketing

This is my number one gripe: Sebastian’s marketing on his sales page. I mean, it’s frankly ridiculous. Here’s a screenshot from his sales page:

Sebastian’s sales page for the rise of the phoenix
“Women will approach you … touch you … flirt with you … and push their phone numbers into your pocket.” 

Really!? I’ve never in my life been approached by a girl and every other normal looking guy agrees with me. It’s only the rich male models who get approached and even then, it’s usually the unhealthy gold digger type girls who proactively approach. 

And don’t get me wrong, it’s not because the average guy is so unattractive, it’s simply because that’s a girl's submissive nature. Guys were built to chase, girls are built to filter. 

What makes this worse is that he sprinkles hot girls all over his sales page (example below) to get you horny and force the sale! It seems super needy on Sebastian's part, he could’ve just let the products speak for itself. 

Sebastian’s sales page for the rise of the phoenix

This kind of marketing on his sales page is so unnecessary considering the quality of his product

Actually, I do know why he has to over-market his course. Now, this is not an excuse, but I am saying that I understand his motivations: he has competition: dating gurus/ scammers with an unlimited marketing budget. 

You think the rise of the phoenix is the only dating course out there? There are hundreds, if not thousands and he needs to promise more to get his share of sales. You decide. 

The structure

This is a minor problem and I believe it has more to do with your style of learning than anything else.

He spreads out his practical “How To” advice throughout paragraphs instead of putting together easy to digest diagrams and bullet point lists. 

Here’s a screenshot of his course: 

Example text of the rise of the phoenix

Here’s a screenshot of a typical guide on Dating Armory:

Comparing the rise of the phoenix to my blog

We’re both talking about the same things: signs that a girl likes you AKA indicators of interest. He goes on with paragraphs, while I keep it simple.

Although when discussing how he organizes chapters, I think he does a great job as you can see in this screenshot:

rise of the phoenix structure chapters

Nothing about dressing well

That’s not totally true, he does cover dressing somewhat, here’s one quote:

That’s the power of style. Unfortunately, a lot of guys have no idea what style really means. Here’s what it doesn’t mean: Walk around like everyone else because Karl Lagerfeld tells you to.
Here’s what it means: Find a style that matches your personality. I’m a pretty minimalistic guy, that’s why my closet is full of plain black and grey shirts. Usually, I walk around like Mark Zuckerberg. I do it because this style represents who I am. But there’s more to it: It also helps me to attract the women that I want in my life.

But what I mean is that because this book is geared for beginners, I’d expect more from Sebastian about mens style. 

Some arguably bad advice

We’ll discuss this more deeply in the Notes part of this review, and of course, Sebastian has the right to disagree with me, however I do think that  a couple of things he says in the book are not correct. 

Here’s one example where he’s explaining what to do in the initial conversation phase of the approach: 

Calm down. Breathe, relax, and listen very carefully. Here’s what you say after your “Hey, my name is X. I don’t want to be rude, but COMPLIMENT”:
You say nothing.
That’s right. You say absolutely nothing. Not a single word. Listen to Marcus Tulls Cicero’s advice. Silence is one of the greatest arts of conversation.

While I don’t disagree with the importance of strategic silence, I think it’s quite obvious that you need to power through the first couple minutes of the approach until she ‘hooks’ and is ready to invest in the conversation. Before that ‘hook point’ she doesn’t even know who you are or why she’d like to continue the conversation so silence has no place at this moment.

What will you learn in The Rise of The Phoenix 

See the “Notes Part” below, but here’s a list of topics that he covers in good detail:

  1. A solid program to slowly overcome your fear of cold approaching girls (start by asking for the time, direction, etc.)
  2. Good mindsets/ “inner game” that can help with your dating (although TBH, I’ve never been a big fan of mindsets)
  3. How to transform any negative trait about you into a confidence boosting trait. For example, Sebastian sees he’s scars as evidence that he’s tough as he’s been through a lot. 
  4. Some solid biology lessons about women and what they actually want (being the bad boy, gentle-man, etc.)
  5. How to touch girls AKA kino (this starts at the very beginning of your approach, until your massaging her in bed, encouraging her to get naked)
  6. How to use assumptions and qualifications when talking to girls
  7. How to ask her for her number or take her on an “instant-date”
  8. How to bounce a girl home after a date and some ways to pre-prepare your place so the transition to sex is smooth
  9. 66 First Date Ideas (not sure why he calls them first date ideas, even he later admits these work with a girlfriend)
  10. Basic rules for keeping a girlfriend (this is what chapter 5 is all about)

Obviously, I’m leaving out quite a bit of content, but these are the core lessons that stood out to me.

Picture of the rise of the phoenix

While it's a fully digital product, you get the full eBook in all major formats and the audiobook narrated by Sebastian himself.

The optional add-ons to the rise of the phoenix 

There are 2 add-ons/ up-sells to his core book, one of them is optional, the other is mandatory:

  1. 14 Days to Seduction Mastery Bootcamp
  2. Sebastian's Whatsapp Coaching 

You guessed it! 14 Days to Seduction Mastery Bootcamp is optional.

Sure, the 14 Days to Seduction Mastery Bootcamp is a great program: you get over 13 hours of content split over 14 modules (module per day) and each module has 3 parts: lecture, exercise, and trance… but it’s not mandatory. If you have the money, go for it. If not, that’s OK too.

But what is mandatory is Sebastian's Whatsapp Coaching.


Well, as mentioned in my introductory story, I needed Sebastian to “force” me to approach women. I was simply too terrified to do what he says in the book and approach random hot girls on the street. 

My bet is that if you’re reading this review, you’re just like my old self and you could really use some coaching. 

The good news is that although his coaching is massively helpful (and I’m not exaggerating), it’s quite cheap at a hundred bucks a month. 

Screenshot of Sebastians WhatsApp coaching which is an optional bonus.

Sebastian has told me that he gets massages like this from guys who take action. This could be you!

The Rise of The Phoenix pricing

It goes as follows:

  • The core "The Rise of The Phoenix" book: $20
  • The optional 14 Days to Seduction Mastery Bootcamp: $30
  • The 'mandatory' monthly whatsapp coaching: $97 per month.

How to read the rise of the phoenix?

This is more important than you think and it only occurred to me after re-reading the book for the 5th time. 

  1. Download the book and read it (preferably off a Kindle) from beginning to end, only highlighting things that stand out to you
  2. Make your first couple of approaches with the help of Sebastian's Whatsapp Coaching
  3. Listen to the audiobook from beginning to end. (it’s included for free and Sebastian narrates himself. I hope you enjoy his German accent.)
  4. Continue to take action
  5. This time, re-read the book and take copious notes and reflect on how you can improve your daygame

Personally I like to play music in the background while listening to audiobooks. You can do that easily if you own a Samsung smartphone by downloading Sound Assistant

When can you expect results?

Results! Give me results! 

First, let me say that out of the few men that actually buy this book, most won’t get much if any results. Why? Because:

  1. They aren’t honest about being beginners and humbling themselves 
  2. They won’t read it even once from beginning to end (forget re-reading it)
  3. They won’t even take the basic steps to approach women (you don’t get good with women by reading books)

And chances are, you’re one of these NO ACTION guys. If however, you are one of the outliers and do take real action, here’s when you can expect results: 

  • 1 year of consistent approaching if you have the basic fear of talking to pretty girls. Quite like going from skinny to muscular/ lean.
  • 1.5-2 years of consistent approaching if you have bad social anxiety and the thought of approaching a pretty girl terrifies you. Quite like going from fat to muscular/ lean.

It can be done, but it’s a lot of work and it’ll feel like a nauseating emotional roller coaster. This is why I say that his Whatsapp Coaching is no joke. Without it, most guys fall right off the roller coaster and don’t land smoothly. 

The Rise of The Phoenix alternatives

Not sure if I’d call these “alternatives” per say, as I do truly believe that the rise of the phoenix (with all its flaws) is the best dating course for beginners. Rather I see these “alternatives” as more books to read on your dating journey (because if you do get into this long term, I promise you’ll end up with a huge collection of PUA material).

The Collection of Confidence by Hypnotica

The Collection of Confidence by Hypnotica and it’s exactly what it sounds like: a program laser focused on giving you the most unapologetic confidence ever. 

Read my full review here.

The Tao of Badass by Joshua Pellicer

Think of The Tao of Badass as the premium version of the rise of the phoenix (excluding the coaching). It costs more, but you get a hell of a lot more (including lots of video content).

Read my full review here.

Meet your sweet

I’d be really surprised if anyone recommended this course as it’s a dumpster fire. It’s expensive and although it has some good concepts, there aren’t any real practical steps for you to take.

Notes on The Rise of The Phoenix

Introduction: Five Years of Sex, Love, and Broken Hearts

Never forget that you are on a journey and that the infamous overnight success is nothing but a myth. 

This book is only the beginning for most guys. Real success with women takes most guys 3-5 years of solid, consistent work.


Chapter 1 - From the Ashes: The Laws of the Man Every Woman Desires
However, that doesn’t change the fact that I had a tough start in life. I was born with a congenital heart defect. Other parents would have aborted me, mine didn’t. Thanks mom, thanks dad. But all the love my parents gave me didn’t change my heart condition. I had a surgery when I was born, another one when I was two years old, and another one when I was only thirteen. Till this day I have nightmares about the pain, the blood, and the needles in my body. God, there were so many needles.

As mentioned earlier, Sebastian went through a rough childhood. This makes him a great teacher because he had to learn it all over again.


Look, I have a baby face, I look like a 16-year-old version of Justin Bieber (with a gene defect), I have scars all over my body, and I was suffering from social anxiety and depression. I know it sounds like a stupid cliché, but I’m telling you the truth: If I can do it, you can do it. If I can seduce the most beautiful women in the world, you can do the same.

This is actually true, if you've read my article about becoming a more attractive man, you'd know there is so much any guy can do to literally transform himself.


You can’t go from zero to hero within a matter of seconds. It’s just not possible.

The funny part about this is that most guys probably buy this book to get these overnight results. It's like they don't want to admit to themselves that getting good with women takes 1000's of approaches and lots of studying (this book is only the start). 


Just think about what the majority of men wanted a couple of decades ago: They all wanted a wife who stayed at home and took care of the children. Why did they want that? Well, many because they really wanted it, but I’m sure that a lot of them didn’t even want to get married and were terrified of the idea of having children. But a couple of decades ago, this was the only thing they knew.

Just a note on that last senetence: "this was the only thing they knew." That is soooo true for guys today (of all ages really), we don't realize what we can do in life. 

Did you know you could travel all year around by working stupid jobs and living cheap? 

Did you know you don't have to go to college if you're willing to work hard? 

Wake up! Take the Red Pill and live the life you want to live, sure, it'll be scary at first, but what's the alternative?


You have to know it for yourself. In case you don’t know it, you need to find it out.

Sebastian doesn't want to tell you what will make you happy and neither should anyone else. Fuck this whole idea of 12 Rules for Life. I do what I makes me happy and so should you.


An introverted bookworm, on the other hand, has it a lot easier to attract a nerdy girl who likes to hang out in libraries instead of clubs. Just take me for an example: I am an extremely introverted person and I spent years trying to crack the code of getting hot party girls. 

This simple self-awerness is super important when it comes to meeting women. Don't go to clubs if you're an introvert. Don't go to the library if you're an extrovert. Mix these up and you'll think there's something wrong with you when the results don't come.


How to Turn Your Limiting Beliefs into Pure Gold  

I'll be honest. 

All these mindsets and beliefs are good to have, but they should not have been placed here. Why? Action always comes first. Period. After you've approached 100 girls, come back and learn these powerful mindsets. 


Some people swear that affirmations work wonders. I personally believe that they are a waste of time. For years I screamed at myself in the mirror. I told myself all kinds of amazing things. One of the affirmations I used was, “I am the best pick up artist in the world.”

I love that he says this and I totally agree. Using affirmations to attract women may kind of help, but it's like taking vitamin C when trying to become a body builder: it's healthy, but won't build muscle.


Logically speaking, every flaw you have can also be your biggest strength

But besides for making it your biggest strength, you can also use it to appear more cocky, as if to say, "yeah I'm not that good looking, but I know you'll still love me."

For example, you have a crocked nose. Say "Before I was born I had to make a comprimise with God. He claimed that I was to charismatic and irressistable to be born on this planet. So I told him to give me crocked nose and he agreed on my comprimise. Little did He know that having a crocked nose wouldn't help much, I'm just THAT charismatic."


I’ve studied psychology courses at university and if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that psychologists are trained to welcome you with one problem and to make sure that you leave with two. It’s time to stop this machinery and to learn how to overcome your deepest fears without the help of others.

Although I never been to a psychlogist (and maybe I should visit one!), I've seen this phenominon happen with close friends: they visit a psychlogist and walk out with 5 problems which means they have to come back every week and read a whole bunch of useless self-help books (never taking real world action).

On the othe hand, if you do it right, approaching women (AKA Daygame) can be your therapy.


How do you overcome your fear? Again, there is no one single solution.

You see this even more often. Many guys say "I took cold showers and all my fears disappeared" or "I started the Win Hoff breathing method" or "I started going to the gym" or "I started THIS diet," I'm sure it all helps. But at the end of the day, you get over the fear of women, by approaching, dating and sleeping with them!


You want to become a seducer, you want to get out and approach women, and that’s exactly what you need to do. But what if you are afraid to approach a smoking hot girl on the street? Start with an average-looking girl. What if you are even afraid to approach average-looking women? Start by asking old men and grannies for directions. It sounds funny, but I’m serious.

So you have no excuses to not approach women today. I'm serious. Get up now and ask a girl for directions. Next, ask a different girl for directions, but introduce yourself quickly. After doing this for couple weeks of this, you'll be approaching women with a simple opnener compliment, without being indirect!


Oh, and self-discipline? The sad truth is that a lot of men who read this book, hopefully not you, will never take action.

Most men who read this book won't even approach 5 women and then wonder why all PUA books are a scam!


Instead of watching YouTube and reality TV, you should focus on living an active lifestyle.

This is important past just getting laid. Get out of your house God damn it! Find an outdoor hobby and no, watching porn doesn't count as a hobby! Build a boat, go hiking, learn woodworking, etc. LIVE YOUR GODDAMN LIFE!


Find a style that matches your personality.

This is super important. Unfortuantely, he doesn't go into the specifics on how to dress well (you can check out r/malefashionadvice for that). 


Chapter 2 - Setting Her on Fire: Cracking the Code of the Female Mind
On several PUA forums, the Madonna-whore complex is described as the inability to accept a sexual woman as girlfriend or wife material. 

Read this twice. Accept both sides of women.


You’ll experience some pretty amazing surprises on your journey. And does that also mean that all women deserve your attention, love, and commitment? Hell no! I love women. I really do. But I’m not an idiot. I won’t tell you that all women are heartless whores, but I also won’t tell you that all women are perfect human beings. Some women are good for you, others are not.

This is where the concept of "red flags" and filtering come into place.


She loves it when a confident man approaches her

Yes, you're first couple of approaches will go awkward, but after you get over your first 500 approaches, you be a cool as a cucumber and girls will love it when your 'cold approach' on the street with a compliment.


What if every woman you meet seems to be boring? Maybe you have to learn how to engage women in exciting conversations. What if every woman you approach looks at you as if she has to battle with congestion? Maybe you have to learn how to approach women in a way that makes their heart beat… and not their stomach twist.

This is the wonderful (and brutal) part of approaching women: they tell you directly what they think of you by either sleeping with you or not. You get some very real feedback about your level of attractiveness very fast!


Every woman I know wakes up with a desire. Either her vagina is itchy or her heart is lonely.

Probably not true, but it's a great mindset to have.


The hottest women DO NOT get approached. Read that again. The hottest women DO NOT get approached.
Yes, they receive dozens of comments on Facebook from desperate guys and yes, some of them receive generous offers on Instagram from rich men from Dubai.

You'll learn this very quickly when you approach hot girls. Most guys are terrified of the idea of talking to a hot girl on the street with the intent of sleeping with her.


“And yet women – good women – frightened me because they eventually wanted your soul and what was left of mine, I wanted to keep.” – Charles Bukowski

I always like these quotes he brings at the beginning of each chapter.


It’s frustrating, I know, but political correctness has no power over biology.

Learning the truth about a woman's biology will shock you, make you angry and motivate you to improve all at the same time!

This chapter (2:3) is good at describing what women really want. Read it twice.


But unless you have this dominant male energy, her pussy stays dry.

You need to have "dominant male energy" from the moment you approach her on the street until the moment you sleeping with her. 


What about sex? She wants a man who doesn’t judge her for wanting it. 

THIS IS HUGE. In the PUA community, this is referred to as ASD = Anti-Slut Defense. More on this later.


Women are like books: You can read them.

Here, Sebastian's talking about signs that a girl likes you (AKA IOI's = Indicators of Intrest) in regards to only approaching girls that show initial attraction.

While I agree that it's important to learn these signs, I disagree with the idea that as a beginner you should be filtering which girls to approach. I say, just approach any hot girl to improve your skills. Later, once you get good can you start to filter which girl you want and do not want to approach.


When you look a woman in the eyes and she looks up, she’s not interested. Her eyes roll up, you roll back. It’s that simple. I’m serious. Try it. I’ve never gotten the number of a woman who gave me this obvious sign. Knowing this one reaction can save you thousands of rejections.

Very strong sign that a girl doesn't like you.


As a man, you can either be hot or cold. But you can never be lukewarm. Women don’t fuck lukewarm men. They spit them out and throw them out of their beds. Nothing is worse than being lukewarm. Nothing is more deadly than being average.

I find this very interesting. PUA teaches men to go from hot/on/escalation to cold/off/comfort. What Sebastian is teaching here is that in no point should you be sitting in the middle. You're either on or off. 


A lot of men falsely believe that saying what she wants to hear, thinking what she thinks, and agreeing with what she agrees on is the fast track to her panties.

This doesn't mean you have to disagree with everything she says. Again, social callibration is everything and you'll gain that experience. Nevertheless, having opinions is attractive. 


The moment he sees her, he gives her a hug and a kiss on the check. He whispers, “You look so beautiful,” in her ear. She blushes. No matter how hard she tries, she can’t stop smiling.

Here he's talking about greeting a women on the way to the first date and it's excellent advice. Make it clear from the beginning that this is a man-to-woman interaction. You want to sleep with her. Don't hide your dick.


Let’s play a game instead

Here he starts talking about the well know Questions Game (taking turns to ask each other questions). Very good move to start a conversation and to sexually escalate by asking dirty questions (although I'd leave that for the second or third venue).


Chapter 3 - Hunting Angels: The Best Places to Meet Emotionally Healthy Women

This third chapter is all about where to meet women and what I like about it is that Sebastian points out:

1. Some places are better if you want a hookup vs girlfriend

2. It also depends on what personality you have

3. Clubs are no place to look for a LTR (Long Term Relationship)

4. You can use your hobbies to get girls (even the geeky ones)


Now you’re a freshman at university. You enjoy traveling, skiing, and Hip-Hop music. Instead of wasting hours upon hours approaching girls with expensive designer handbags, you focus on girls who run around with maps and backpacks.

Sebastian is saying that you should approach girls who like what you like. Fair enough. However, I feel this argument only applies when looking for a LTR, NOT a hookup. 


I want you to be angry because anger is a motivational force. I want you to stand up and scream, “Show me the pussy!” Nope, I don’t care that your mom is in the room next to you. Okay, don’t do it if you’re reading this at work. Your feminist boss with the Hippopotamus legs might take it the wrong way.

Just one example of Sebastian's humor. LOL. 


The Mall:

The mall is the number one place to meet girls in the winter when it's freezing/raining/snowing outside and you need to get laid!


The Gym:

I've got a whole guide to approaching women in the gym. Read it. 


If your not already going to the gym on a daily basis, start going today. Lifting weights saves lives. 



I also have a guide to approaching women in bars


Chapter 4 - Catch Her if You Can: Psychological Weapons of Mass Seduction

Chapter 4 and 5 is where he gets into the practical techniques to approach, attract and seduce girls.


Radical Honesty and the $100 Hooker Approach

This chapter is gold. It's a mindset: see each approach as being (potentially) worth 100 bucks because that's what you'd otherwise pay a hooker. He has another mindset here that doesn't resonate with me, so again, do whatever works for you.


No, you don’t run up to her, grab her shoulder, and scream, “You are so beautiful!!!” from behind. That’s creepy as fuck. Never, and I repeat, never approach a woman from behind.

I talk a lot about this in my article about getting a girlfriend in school/ college. Sebastian then goes on to explain how you can get infront of a girl who's walking down the street to stop her (and what to say, etc.).


Wounds of the War: How to Use the Blood of Rejection as Fuel

You will get rejected all the time as a Global Seducer. There's no way around it. Even the best guys only get laid 1/10 girls they approach. It's the same when starting a new business. Get realistic expectations.


Calm down. Breathe, relax, and listen very carefully. Here’s what you say after your “Hey, my name is X. I don’t want to be rude, but COMPLIMENT”:
You say nothing.
That’s right. You say absolutely nothing. Not a single word. Listen to Marcus Tulls Cicero’s advice. Silence is one of the greatest arts of conversation.

As mentioned in the review part of this article, I believe this is terrible advice for the reasons stated above.


You have two choices. You can either assume something that you think is true, or you can assume something that is so ridiculous that it makes her laugh.

Making assumptions about the girls (then telling them to her) is the core of moving ANY conversation foward. Lots to learn here.


Assumptions have only one purpose: They get the conversation going in a playful way. Qualification, however, has the purpose to prove that you are a man with high standards.

Qualifications is another massively important PUA technique: get her to prove to you why she's worth your time. Still surprised to how well it works even with the prettiest girls (but like I said, biology is surprising).


Touching Girls with The Anti-Trump Handshake (Grab them by the…)

I quote this chapter heavily in my article about touching girls AKA KINO. Read this chapter (and my post) at least twice.


The Instant Date: Fast Sex Since 2005

While he's right that insta-dates are the key to fast sex, the general consesus is that you'd be better off with the regular 2 date system. However, everyone agrees that beginners should push for every insta-date to gain more experience with girls... So do it!


How to Get the Magic Digits 83% of the Time

It would take me forever to summarize what he's saying here, but suffice it to say that there's a lot more to asking a girl for her number than you think.


I still have a spreadsheet in which I documented my approaches, my performance, and my number close rate.

Side point, but yes, you should be keeping a record of your approaches/numbers/dates/lays. As you improve, you won't need this tracking any longer.


But what if you want to set up a date? Don’t text her! I don’t say this because I’m mean, I say this because I understand one simple psychological principle: It’s easy to answer a question with, “No,” but it’s even easier to say nothing at all when the question comes in the form of a text message.

He says to set up a date over text. I've never heard this before, but considering this book is geared for beginner this may not be a bad move.


66 First Date Ideas that 99% of Men Don’t Even Think Of  

Lots of good date venues, but for 99% of your lays, all you'll need is: cafe, bar and the park. Most of these will come handy when she's your girlfriend.


The Big Bang is Coming: How to Prepare for Your First Date

This chapter seems like a boring idea: but I already know how to get ready for a first date!? First of all, you probably don't. Second of all, there's a lot more to learn about setting up your place than you think.


Don’t let her decide where to sit, look out for the best table and LEAD her

You gotta lead a girl from the moment you stop her until the moment you get inside her. She needs your masculine energy. This chapter continues with the things to do/talk about on a date (and what to avoid).


My three favorite books are:
Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini
How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie
Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if Your Life Depended on it by Chris Voss, the former lead hostage negotiator of the FBI.

This is actually quite interesting: see, books that aren't related to dating/ seduction will have a big impact on your PUA skills. Lesson? Buy a kindle and read, read and read more.


First-Date Fireworks: How to Lead Her Hands to Your Pants  

This is another critical chapter all about ASD (= Anti-Slut Defence). As Sebastian goes on to explain, girls don't want to feel like sluts even though they want to have sex with you, so they put up Last Minute Resistance (= LMR) which isn't a hard NO, rather a opportunity for you to take responsibility for the sex - which makes her feel like a good girl - as you get inside her.


Chapter 5 – Disney Must Die: The Secrets to Getting and Keeping a Girlfriend

Last chapter is all about getting a girlfriend and keeping her around. What I like about this chapter (and book in general) is that Sebastian doesn't tell you what to do. You want casual sex? Cool. Want a GF? Cool. Want to get married? Cool. Every other 'guru' I know has some life plan for you.


For 20 dollars, Sebastian's Rise of The Phoenix is a compelling offer. Lots of beginner advice with advanced conversation and KINO techniques. But what I really like is the optional Whatsapp coaching. Combine the two and you have a solid game plan to improve your dating life. 

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  • Gosh the rise of the phoenix it’s the course that I also started off with! Lfmao…
    Also got his course too not sure why you didn’t talk about his course too that was excellent. for whoever is reading this, get his main course when you get his book too.
    thanks for reminding me about me about this, good old times!

  • I think this is a much better then the tao of badass because sebastian also offers coaching and that’s what I need. plus it’s a pretty decent price so Im going for it, thanks for the review!

  • sure is a well written review, I’m still on the fence, but I have such bad social anxiety that I think I NEED to get it LOL.

  • I was just listening to the Global Seducer Quicky podcast and I heard about his book so I came here for the review. Thanks! I’M GETTING IT NOW!!!

  • Hey man thanks for the rise of the phoenix review I’ll definitely take a look into his stuff, but I’d also like to thank you for telling me about his podcast the global seducer quickie podcast!

  • I came here from sebastian’s podcast… ok it seems like a legit program, I’m gonna get it. Truth is a friend of mine also recommended it to me…

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