Rise of The Phoenix by Sebastian Harris – Full Review – (2020 UPDATE)

Why Is Rise of The Phoenix The Best General Seduction Course?

Many courses focus on one point, but this course focuses on the whole seduction process, from the beginning to the end.

He teaches everything from core confidence to dirty seduction techniques that will make woman crazy for you.

Do you want to have extreme confidence like this guy? Watch how every girl says “Confidence is KEY.” This course is the perfect course to learn how to build calm, core confidence.

If you are a beginner at seduction and you want to learn about real seduction techniques than this investment will take you to places you can’t even imagine.


But besides for covering seduction, Rise of The Phoenix By Sebastian Harris is also the most unique course by far.

If you don’t care about being politically correct than read on.

He is all about telling you the truth about woman and seduction without any political correctness. He doesn’t give a shit about what people will say about him, he knows it’s all about results. This seduction course is something powerful.

In the world we live in there’s so many toxic beliefs about femininity and masculinity.

Sebastian Harris is about detoxing your mind from these beliefs that are chaining you down from reaching incredible woman.

First teaching you undeniable facts about woman and man that will set your mind straight.

The course reminds me of these strong drinks that people take to clean out their digestion system completely and everyone who takes them feel like they have a new body and incredible new energy.

This is the same with “Rise of The Phoenix,” it’s like taking that drink just for your mind. Cleaning out all the shit and allowing you to be your natural self – rocking it out with woman.

Think about it: you were not born scared to approach woman.

One of your greatest influences is society and society teaches total crap about woman and what woman want and that screws you over big time.

Society is what created all of that fear in your body. Fear is not your natural state.


No other dating course on the market is willing to tell you these truths about woman. No other seduction course will be willing to tell you things that will get people to write horrible reviews and ultimately ruin their course.

When I tell you that this course is one of a kind I mean it. This will allow you to approach any woman you could every dream of.

Listen: My website is all about getting the truth about courses and dating advice.

I went through so much confusion and misery, going from one course to another without getting any results that I am committed to not letting this happen to anyone else. I tell the absolute truth when it comes to dating advice.

And I know that there will be a whole lot of people that will want to sue me because I gave their course a terrible review, but I don’t care – I am so sick of seeing garbage courses that drive people into depression and giving up on themselves.

I am 100 percent about telling the truth.

Sebastian Harris Is Not Part of The Luck Sperm Club.

It’s so easy to say that “oh’ he’s successful with woman because of his looks,” and yes, looks do help, but in this course nobody can make excuses because Sebastian Harris has a baby face and has acne scars on his face, a 30 inch scare on his belly and acne scars. (Do you still think that your ugly?).

He also came from a extremely low place socially and built himself up to become a “global seducer” which means he literally travels the world and seduces woman.

He is living proof that this is possible for you and it doesn’t matter where you come from as long as you follow the steps in this course.

Sebastian Harris and I come from the same place, he was a depressed 20 year old virgin and was scared to death about even dreaming about meeting woman.

I had the same fears, but with real work we got out of our fear. [1, 2]

Now Sebastian Harris Has been doing private coaching for some years now and on his website https://www.globalseducer.com he has over 400 articles. He has come from a place of total fear and rejection to a place where he has seduced over 40 woman.

He has seduction clearly down. It is possible for you too.

He will teach you what to do to motivate yourself before every approach, so that you won’t sit at home alone scared to approach woman.

You will know what not to so that you don’t kill your motivation before every approach. You won’t make the mistake that so many men make that ruins their drive to approach woman.

From now on you’ll feel motivated to approach woman with a great energy.


You’ll know how to tell if she’s actually interested in you and you need take it to the next level.

Or if it’s time to move to the next pretty lady…

Scientifically proven methods to make woman fall in love with you. Yes, that’s 100% true.

The course is packed with real scientific studies that show you exactly what is a woman’s love trigger. Hint: it’s not the same as a mans.

Which word to never say to her once you have you naked.

And what words to use to trigger the dark side of her to be so sexual that you can’t believe your eyes.

You will learn to make her express that lust that she hides away from even herself.

He will teach you a question that will transform your entire perspective and will make you cry at the same time.

How not to ever compliment any woman. And the real authentic way to compliment the hottest girls so that they ask you for your number. Yes, that is possible.

You will get the powerful, but strange technique to reprogram your mind to remove the fear of approaching all the girls that your friends won’t dare talk to.

You will learn from the greatest modern seducers how the female mind works, so that you can attract any woman you want.

You will get the technique on how to set extreme sexual thoughts in her head and make her think that she started to think these naughty thoughts.

You Can Start Seducing Today

Even though your real success takes time and persistence. Sebastian Harris will teach basic concepts to you that will get you basic success almost instantly.

For example, the course will teach you which woman to approach and which places to go meet woman so that your not shooting your love arrow blindfolded.

He will explain to you not to go to every random woman because then you will get 90% more rejections, why do that? Just go meet the woman that you already know you have something in common. Go to the places that you know woman like you go to, simple!

And so by just applying this one concept you dramatically lowered your chances of rejection by 90%. Watch a video here of Sebastian Harris’s student applying this concept and getting real results. (—Scroll to the bottom of the page till you see the video.)

Verdict: Is The Rise of The Phoenix For You?

If you are:

  1. lazy and won’t do shit
  2. can’t listen to an audio book
  3. are looking for the magic pill

then do not waste your money on this because even the best course can’t help you. I’m sorry.

If you are:

  1. sick of being scared of approaching woman
  2. feel emasculated because woman don’t want you
  3. are willing to spend a little money to get huge results
  4. your going to be a man and put in the work

Then YES you do fit the criteria and you must get this program. You must be responsible for yourself and love yourself by getting this course.

Get Rise of The Phoenix Here

let’s compare prices:

Jason Capital’s eBook 77 Ways to Make Her Want to F@#k You. It costs $77.

Dan Bacon from The Modern Man charges $97 for his eBook The Flow.

Sebastian Harris mentor Sasha Daygame charges $105 for his eBook The Direct Daygame Bible.

This book costs $19.99 that about 75% OFF!!

Bonus #1 (Valued at $29)

International Dating Domination: How to Meet 183 Exotic Foreign Women Without Lifting a Finger By Sebastian Harris.

He teaches why meeting foreign super hot foreign girls are so effortless to seduce, and again this goes against all messed up political correctness and goes straight for the truth.

Bonus #2 (Valued at $19)

The Unethical Text Message Cheat Sheet: 42 Copy-and-Paste Texts That Force Her to Reply. This is where you become the devil and start with mind control. If you are all about being correct and moral this bonus is not for you.

international dating domination coverText message cheat sheet cover

Free Bonus #3 (Valued at $19):

The Cocky Cold Approach Cheat Sheet: 72-Word-for-Word Openers for Every Situation. This is for you when you are going out and meeting woman.

Free Secret Surprise Bonus (Valued at $39):

Inner Game eBook from the mentor of Neil Strauss, the author of The Game

approach cheat sheet coverunshakable confidence blurred


  1. Rise of the Phoenix Audiobook Version (5 hours of audio material) (Valued at $69.99)
  2. Rise of the Phoenix Kindle Version (epub + mobi) (Valued at $59.99)
  3. Rise of the Phoenix PDF Version (Valued at $59.99)
  4. International Dating Domination Kindle Version (epub + mobi) (Valued at $29)
  5. International Dating Domination PDF Version (Valued at $29)
  6. The Unethical Text Message Cheat Sheet PDF Version (Valued at $19)
  7. The Cocky Cold Approach Cheat Sheet PDF Version (Valued at $19)
  8. Secret Surprise Bonus (Valued at $39)

=worth $324.97! What the fuck!


Click DOWNLOAD NOW to get instant access to The Rise of the Phoenix eBook Course + 4 FREE Bonuses today!


What is this?

Here is private coaching only available those who invest in his book.

This is the man that will coach you using What’s App that will not judge you the least and will get you the hottest chicks.

He will give you advice and motivation whenever you need it.

The book will teach you what to do to fully seduce women into bed, but his What’s App coaching motivate you to do the things you need to do.

No more procrastinating, he will get you meeting hot girls till you are flawless with sexy women.

You can start without spending a dime for 2 weeks once you buy the book.

As I write this I wish someone had told me to invest in this course instead of other dating courses, not because they aren’t useful, but because this is the best all-in-one package you’ll ever get.

Remember: this coaching is only available when you buy the book, not before or after.


How much does it cost?

Most dating coaches who are effective that I know charge 200 euro a day!

This one time offer blows my mind!

If you want to go to any live training boot camp you are paying somewhere between $2000-5000 for only one weekend.

This coaching doesn’t even cost 1000 dollars…

Doesn’t even cost 500 dollars a month!

It costs 97 dollars a month, for those who aren’t into the dating world this is an incredible deal.

And you can start for FREE once you invest in the book.

It is 100% free with the 2 week trail.

And if, for whatever reason you don’t like this course or the What’s App you can return it no-questions-asked for 60 DAYS!

This is the definition of Zero Risk, you have only beautiful women to gain.

Get Started Here!



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