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Before we get started with the review of The Tao of Badass by Joshua Pellicer, it’s important you know how many copies have been sold already.

Over 100,000 copies! That’s a massive number, but there’s a good reason for it: everyone that buys the course gets massive results and recommends the program to their friends and family which is why it’s so popular.

In this review you’ll learn about the creator of the course, what the course offers, the pros and cons and how you can get the best deal on the course.

1. About Joshua Pellicer, the creator of The Tao for Badass

Joshua Pellicer doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, so let me tell you a bit about him: Joshua started his journey as a poor guy who had no clue how to talk to girls.

He didn’t even know where to start! And the fact that he was a skinny 5’4 guy didn’t help either…

But because of his sheer determination, Joshua forced himself to approach girls over and over and over and over again until he mastered the keys to seduction, attraction and charisma.

This journey didn’t take him 3 weeks or even 3 months. This journey took him YEARS. When you purchase his course, you are getting in just a couple days what took him years to learn!

Here’s Joshua Pellicer’s Instagram (picture with his wife):


2. How much does The Tao of Badass cost?

The Tao for Badass cost 67 US Dollars.

But that’s a lot for some. I understand, but because you’re a reader of my blog I set up a special deal just for you:

Pay the same price, but get everything The Tao of Badass offers PLUS The Official Bedroom Rockstar course with a 60 day money back guarantee.


Awesome, but what’s included in the The Official Bedroom Rockstar course?

  1. The steps to become a dominant man
  2. Making women addicted to sleeping with you
  3. The steps to continuously get freaky threesomes
  4. How to become a bad boy that all the girls run after
  5. How give a deep-spot orgasm so that she keeps coming back
  6. How to get hookups with the girls you like
  7. The top 10 mistakes that most men make
  8. How to make a girl’s body addicted to sex

You can’t get this deal anywhere else: 2 for the price of 1, The Tao of Badass PLUS The Official Bedroom Rockstar Course for only $67!

3. Features

Now that we covered the price and the massive bonus (The Official Bedroom Rockstar course), let’s talk about what’s included in The Tao for Badass:

The Tao of Badass PDF/ Ebook

The Tao of Badass PDF is 150 pages long. This is where Joshua Pellicer takes everything he knows and distills it into 150 pages. It’s deep, concise and you will find yourself re-reading his book as I do.

Additionally, The Tao of Badass can be downloaded in all the Ebook formats (EPUB, MOBI, AZW) and of course, in PDF too.

The Tao of Badass Audiobook

A cool bonus. Here Joshua will read his book to you so that you get an even better understanding of the material he’s teaching.

4 Subliminal Core Confidence audios

Subliminal affirmation audios play positive affirmations in a way that your conscious mind can’t understand the affirmations, but your subconscious mind does which causes it to get reprogrammed without your conscious mind getting in the way.

For example, affirmations like “I am massively successful with getting hookups with any girl I want” are being played at double the speed while being played over each other. You can’t understand what’s being said, but your subconscious mind does which causes it to transform your personality.

I’ve actually uploaded some of my own powerful subliminal affirmations to my YouTube channel, just look up Dating Armory and you’ll see some great examples.

This course offers 4 subliminal audios just like that.

5 Week Body Language Mastery Course

Joshua Pellicer included this massive addition to The Tao of a Badass course because learning about body language is critical for several reasons:

  1. You’ll learn how to display confidence and fearlessness
  2. You’ll be able to tell which girls are already interested and are horny
  3. You’ll know how to respond to girls that initially reject you
  4. You’ll learn how to touch girls so that get wet even before you get into bed

This is exactly what makes this course unique, everything you could even need to know is taught in this course. Nothing is left out.


The Seduction Course

What would an attraction course be without seduction? Not much, which is why Joshua included a whole nother course just covering the inner game/ seduction aspect of pickup.

Advanced Attraction Course

Besides for everything else that’s included for the very fair price of $67, you also get a full on attraction course that’s based on deep personal development principles such as demonstrating your masculinity and arousing her sexuality.

example of what you can expect with the tao of badass

4. Pros

I’m sure you agree that there is no perfect course and the same is true here, so let’s go through the pros and cons, starting with the pros:

  1. Teaches you everything from beginner to professional pickup artist
  2. The Tao of Badass is legit and doesn’t make false promises
  3. Get a massive, exclusive body language program
  4. You get instant access
  5. You’ll learn how to read women so that you never get rejected
  6. Faster results than any other program
  7. You’ll understand the “why” behind each exercise
  8. You get relationship advice as well (it’s not just for one night stands)
  9. Includes other short bonuses (Escaping The Friend Zone, Monogamy vs. Polyamory, Guide to Breaking Up, Never Get Cheated On)

In short, you get more content and material than any other course I can think of.

5. Cons

Now let’s talk about what I don’t like about it:

  1. Expensive for some, not everyone can afford $67 to transform their sex life
  2. Doesn’t provide coaching unlike some other alternatives
  3. The material can be hard to master. I had to take massive action and a lot of notes till I actually understood the core concepts of the course
  4. You need to motivate yourself: This course is only good for the men who are sick of spending Saturday nights alone and are willing to work hard.

I do not consider these deal-breakers, but if you’re looking for something to fit your needs better, keep reading to find some alternatives.

Here’s a live presentation Joshua gave just a couple years ago to give you an idea as to how deep he can get:

6. Alternatives to The Tao of Badass

In my mind you have 2 other options:

Option #1: The Collection of Confidence by Hypnotica – a course created to master confidence and act like an alpha male. You won’t learn seduction techniques or attraction tools, but you will talk to any girls like a real man.

Option #2: The Rise of The Phoenix by Sebastian Harris – what makes this course special is that Sebastian offers coaching as an option and that the course starts at $20.

I’d go with The Tao of Badass simply because he offers way more content for a much better price. But the choice is yours!

7. Tao of Badass free PDF

Obviously, you can’t get the hours and hours of content for free, but I can give you an exclusive attraction flowchart created by Joshua Pellicer himself! Just click the link below and you’ll get the PDF for free!

Tao of badass free PDF

8. Overall Review

To summarize, does The Tao of a Badass work? Yes, it is 100% legit! But you have to be willing to put the work and have $67 to invest. And if you use my link you’ll also get The Official Bedroom Rockstar Course for free!


By the way, once you get it use this link to login to The Tao of Badass Members Portal.

Your friend,

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