Alpha Male Body Language: The Dominance And Power

My whole life, ever since I was a young teenager, I wanted to have that instant effect on people that alpha males have.

I wanted to feel that instant respect and love from the audience.

With time I realized that I would have to first study alpha male body language to get any results.

The more I studied alpha and beta male body language the more I knew that nothing can command instant respect and honor more than alpha male body language.

This is what led me to spend the last 10 years studying, researching and practicing alpha male body language and now I’m teaching all of it 100% free of charge!

But before we get started, let’s get one basic foundation clear:

Alpha male body language is not about looking more masculine or having the sharpest suit on. 

Alpha male body language means that you make it clear to everyone that you run the show without being forceful or saying a word.

If you’re wondering why alpha male body language is worth studying even even you don’t care about the instant respect you command, the listen up:

Read my post about The 14+ Ways Alpha Males Are In Relationships: The Anger Love And Passion, from there you’ll learn that women feel an instant sexual attraction to alpha males.

Make yourself look like an alpha male and women will chase you. That makes it worth it!


But why does alpha male body language attract women?

The answer is simple, alpha males exude masculinity in their body language and that masculinity attracts them and as says:

Women don’t look for the most physically attractive male, necessarily, but they are looking for certain characteristic traits to show up in male body language.

My friend, I have written this post so that you can also read it as a “how to have an alpha male body language guide” because not only will I teach the alpha male body language, but also how you can have alpha male body language.

Moreover, you will know all the body language signs of alpha males allowing you to know who’s the alpha male in any social situation to calibrate and be strategic with your approaches.

1. Head and hair

Alpha males will hold their body in the opposite way a seductive, sensual woman would.

The sensual woman seduces men by making herself look small and submissive such as leaning her head on a man to express her girly weakness.

(This small, submissive act is powerful enough to make any man fall for her.)

On the other hand, alpha males attract women by having the exact opposite body language by expressing dominance and power throughout their entire body.

So instead of leaning their head on their partner like a seductive woman would, they will hold their head straight up conveying power. 


Everything part of the alpha male exudes power and dominance that includes his: body language, words, clothing, and even how he walks.

That’s why you’ll often see alpha males wearing hats because hats accentuate dominance of a head held high as explains:

There are certain meanings that a hat sends that are a bit subconscious. Have you ever wondered why military men, why police officers, why men in authority oftentimes are wearing hats? Because they send a signal of strength, so that’s a great thing.

Another thing is why do they send off that signal of strength? If you get down to it, hats make you look taller. Any man wearing a hat gives a perception of added height. Think about it.

In my post about The 19 Little-Known Alpha Male Character Traits I explain that alpha males will always keep their hair clean to create an image of respectable men.

In addition, they will never play with their hair as it is a pacifying behavior and everyone subconsciously will understand that they are feeling insecure.

That includes:

  1. Flipping 
  2. Pulling 
  3. Stroking 
  4. Plucking

99% of time they will never touch their head or hair because it gives off the sign that they are in defense protecting themselves, but there is one exception:

The cobra position:

Alpha males will interlace their fingers behind their head with their elbows up. This is commonly known as hooding because it’s exactly what cobra’s do.

cobra position body language explains that it expresses “I have everything over control” and “I am smarter than you.”

2. Forehead

You’ve got a staggering 43 muscles in your head, including the 2 in your forehead that you must control to create a dominant face to complete your alpha male body language.

The problem is that this is way too much to consciously control.

According to Auburn University we are completely unconscious of 95% of our cognitive activity such as our decisions, emotions, behaviors and of course, body language.

So how can you possibly have alpha male body language if it’s impossible to consciously create?

You train your subconscious mind to express the alpha male mindset throughout your body.

Of course, you can try to remove tension from your forehead and get rid of any vein throbbing. But generally speaking you’ll need to authentically feel alpha to express alpha.

And before you can ever actually feel alpha you need to be socially intelligent and be worth something.

There are many ways to do this, but start by earning some money, get a respectable job. Don’t live in your mom’s basement!

For all I know you can do exactly what I did: create your own online business, but I won’t explain how to do that because:

  1. I simply don’t have the time, but more importantly…
  2. The amazing finance coach, John Crestani, already does 2 hour long live webinars completely free of charge explaining everything you need to start a solid business.

Once you are earning real money and you have a reason to feel alpha, your subconscious mind will automatically express alpha male body language.

alpha male face

3. Eyebrow and eyes

Remember how we discussed the idea that a woman’s seductive body language is the opposite of alpha male body language? 

Well here’s another example of that:

When a woman wants to take down all the defenses of her man she will put on those bedroom eyes, keeping her eyes out of focus as if she’s living in a dream.

She will look down and then slightly up, bat her eyes and flash her eyebrows to show submission to her man to express her love. 

It’s a way of telling her man that she’s ready to be obedient like a good girl.

But alpha male body language has nothing to do with living in a dream, being submissive or out of focus.

An alpha male will always keep his eyes focused, yet relaxed.

His eyes express that he’s living in the cold hard reality with confidence. Girls will instantly get soaking wet and crazy horny when he looks at them in the eye.

His body language is so dominant that every woman automatically goes into her natural state of submission and obedience around him.

His subconscious mind will make him blink less and keep his pupils dilated reflecting his concrete inner peace.

All 6 muscles around his eyes are relaxed removing any fluttering, wrinkling or quivering.

Instead of looking around the room in a disorganized manner, he looks at people dead in the eye making his dominance clear without forcing it.


4. Ears and nose

A very unique character trait of alpha males is that they will often strategically replace words with body language which makes them appear even more powerful for 2 reasons:

  1. It shows the level of control they have over themselves
  2. It shows that they don’t even need to open their mouth to make their point

But alpha males will use this technique for another more important reason:

Body language is 95% subconscious which means it cannot be faked. This leads people to trust body language over words. 

People sense that something feels incongruent when body language doesn’t match the words.

Therefore, everything alpha males “say” using body language “sounds” more authentic and trustworthy

And this strategy plays itself out throughout his face because that holds the most non-verbal meaning that influences communication.

According to Chris from, frequent touching of the nose means:

“I’m stressed, and the blood is flowing to my nose, which in most people, triggers an itch response, making me want to scratch it.”

Only in very chaotic or traumatic times will you ever see an alpha male touch or scratch his nose because alpha males have extreme levels of confidence and inner peace.

But wait! We are not done, we still have to discuss the body language of the ear:

Pulling, rubbing, or massaging the ears is a subconscious way to block information from coming in because you don’t have the mental strength to deal with it. [1

Alpha males will keep their hands away from their face including their ears to make it clear they have nothing to hide.

The more dominant and confident the man is, the less he’ll do any of this. 

Like I said, an easy way of getting started with all of this is by having your own business. I means seriously, go watch John Crestani’s video, he will really teach you how to get started and even create a passive income!

Alpha male confidence comes from having your life together.

5. Mouth and lips

Don’t listen to anyone that tells you to be that robot alpha male stereotype who never expresses happiness or shows a smile, it creeps girls out!

Being alpha doesn’t mean you don’t have emotion, it simply means you have control over your emotions.

Girls fall for guys that have an authentic, “duchenne,” smile because it shows confidence. But let me make something clear:

You are always much better off keeping a calm face than a fake smile.

There is nothing worse than a fake smile. It makes you look like an incongruent creep without any confidence.

Don’t be too goofy like some guy with smile syndrome. Just relax. 

Alpha males will take deep, calming breaths, talk slowly and will often delay answering a question for a few seconds to show authority. 

Alpha males never bite, pluck or compress their lips.

And of course, you will never see them stutter, freeze, hold their breaths or let their voices rise up in pitch.


6. Cheeks, jaw and chin

Just like the alpha male’s keeps a calm demeanor throughout his body, his cheeks, jaw and chin will stay relaxed.

According to retired CIA agent, Joe Navarro when we experience stress we have sets of pacifying behaviours such as:

  1. Chewing on your own tongue
  2. Pushing your tongue against your cheek
  3. Rubbing your chin often

But because the alpha male has calm body language he never does any of those pacifying behaviours. 

He holds his body in a way that reflects his inner peace. 

But of course, without dominance no one can be an alpha male that’s why he also raises his chin that conveys dominance and fearlessness:

  1. By raising his chin he is effectively looking down on everyone
  2. By raising his chin he’s exposing his throat to everyone which is a vulnerable spot therefore telling everyone “I am not the least afraid of you”

So if you are going into an important business meeting make sure you keep your body relaxed, but also raise your chin to command respect.

Not only are you going to appear more assertive, but you’ll seem more trustworthy.

7. Shoulders

The first thing you’ve got to know about the way alpha males is that they keep their shoulders at the same height.

This keeps them looking congruent.

But you also need to know that they will always keep their shoulders up and in an open and wide position because by doing so they establish their place and control.

On the other hand, if you were to see the average beta male standing you’d see him shrugging his shoulders giving off the impression that he looks worried.

Generally speaking, keep a wide stance and make yourself seem comfortable.

8. Arms

Let me share with you an insight that I’ve had recently. But first take a look at the following body language:

  1. Hugging yourself
  2. Holding your arm with your hand
  3. Crossing your arms
  4. Holding your arm behind your back

Here’s something really interesting: both alpha males and beta males have this body language!

So then what’s the difference between beta males and alpha males? 

A beta male will show this body language when he’s feeling a threat to defend himself, to cover up his vulnerabilities because the beta male always runs away from his fears.

An alpha male has a completely different mindset, he believes that when you are not on the offensive, you are on the defensive.

That’s why even when alpha males show the exact same body language as the beta male, he’s actually expressing aggression and not avoiding conflict.

He may look as if he’s on the defensive, but it’s just part of a plan to gain more power in the long run.

With all of this in mind, it is still uncommon to see an alpha male “hugging himself” or holding his arm with his hand because it’s a sign of self-comforting.

Here’s a quick tip for you: if you’re ever giving a talk never put your hands on the podium because once you start doing that it’s very easy to start leading on the podium which makes you look weak.

Always keep your arms open.

9. Hands and fingers

Obviously the hand is absolutely incredible. You can do pretty much anything with them, for God’s sake there’s even such a thing as hand dancing!

But for the purpose of this article, we’ll talk about how the alpha male uses his hand to perfect his whole body language:

The steeple

This is the most famous one, you see presidents, high level CEO’s, gang leaders or anyone else that you would consider an alpha male.

You form a hand steeple when you put your fingertips together while keeping your palms apart as clear in this video:

But there’s much more to hand body language, for example the alpha male will keep his palm open to the audience to show how he has nothing to “hide.”

You’ll also see them using their hand to lead the way by telling people where to look, sit or follow them.

This is an easy way alpha males show decisiveness, leadership and responsibility.

While alpha males shake hands they will pat the top of the other guys hand using their other hand as a way to show dominance.

Keep mind, without empathy an alpha male cannot continue to be the leader. That’s why you will see him use his hand in a way to connect with people, for example:

  1. Kiss on the forehead
  2. Belly patting
  3. Face tapping
  4. Face caressing

When he touches people he does not do it in a needy or clingy way because he’s afraid of being alone, instead he uses the power of touch as a mentor/ parent to convey love and caring.

That doesn’t mean that I recommend you go kissing guys on the forehead! Please don’t do that, but women love it as it let’s them slide into their submissive feminine energy.

And while you’re practicing any of this keep your hands relaxed. There’s nothing worse than showing love while you’re feeling high levels of tension!

10. Chest and stomach

As with the arms and practically every other part of the body, the alpha male will keep open body language. 

They breathe deep breaths with their chest out and open.

Think about what people do while feeling anxiety. They take shallow breaths and will usually start massaging their chest and stomach area.

And by the way, why don’t you test this out?

While you’re feeling like an alpha male, give yourself a second and become aware of your own body language.

You will see everything that we’ve talked about already, but more importantly people will respond to you more, you will be seen as a more likable person.

That’s the power of alpha male body language.


11. Hip, legs and feet

We definitely can’t leave the lower body behind because there is so much to learn from there!

All you really need to know is that alpha males use their legs to take up as much space as possible.

They will put their legs on the desk, chair, or simply spread them apart. 

Think of it as a way to mark their own territory. 

Weak, beta males don’t dare to do that and will make themselves look small and in chaotic situations they might even fold up into a fetal position!


Like I said at the very beginning you can also use this as a how to have alpha male body language guide.

As you practice you’ll find yourself being much less needed in relationships, but more importantly you won’t even end up in the friend zone.

Girls will see from the very beginning that you’ve got that hot, sexy masculinity and won’t give you much resistance.

Keep practicing!

Your friend,

Colt Smith

P.S. You’ve already made it to the end of this post, so why don’t you make the smart decision and watch that video by John to create your own passive income?

You will see that as you become more financially successful, the more confidence you’ll feel and there’s no better way of doing that then watching a free webinar!

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