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It’s normal for people to think that there’s only one type of alpha male whether it be Ironman or Floyd Mayweather.

But the truth is that there are many different types of alpha males just like there are different types of yoga, push-ups, and headaches!

There is no “one way” of doing things. And in this post I will explore 9 types of alpha males while giving you real life examples of each type.

types of alpha males

Keep in mind that there will always be pros and cons to each type. No alpha male is perfect.

After understanding his type the alpha male must focus on his strengths and from that place improve his weaknesses making him a stronger man overall.

Once you decide what type of alpha male you are, read my post 25 Fail-Proof Ways To Be An Alpha Male Without Stressing Yourself Out to truly become that alpha male. 


Let’s get started!

1. The wealthy alpha male 

First off, we are not talking about the rich kid that inherited all his cash. That kid is going to be a beta male unless some miracle happens!

Here we are discussing the man who started with nothing, wasn’t given any easy path and possibly came from a broken home.

His hard work earned his wealth, but more importantly his hard work developed the alpha male mindset in him.

Remember, money, women or random toys doesn’t make anyone alpha, it’s a man’s character traits and beliefs that make him an alpha male.

And that’s why we are discussing the wealthy alpha male who worked tirelessly on his business because his hard work is what made him exude the body language and character traits of alpha males. 

You will commonly see him getting things done instead of talking about everyone else’s success, he is set on making his business the greatest.

He will be up at 2 am working out business deals and increasing his wealth. Making money is passion.

Good examples of the wealthy, alpha males are: Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerburg, Larry Ellison and maybe even Elon Musk. [1, 2]

But as you know there is no such thing as a perfect alpha male. So what are the cons of being a wealthy alpha male type?

They spend all their time in work and have no time to have decent relationships which leads them to fall apart.

This may be why Jeff Bezos got divorced.

Although these alpha males usually mature to learn how to manage their extreme productivity allowing them to calm down and have intimate relationships.

How do you become the wealthy alpha male? Simple:

Start your own business and work tirelessly even when you don’t see results till you have your big break.

Although I am not a wealthy billionaire, I am doing quite well financially so I do feel like I could help you get started, so listen up!

Go watch the financial advisor, John Crestani, in his 2 hour long video webinar. He will get you started with making a solid passive income that runs 100% online.

I followed the exact steps that he lays out and I am doing very well. (By the way, the more money you have, the more women feel attracted to you!)

2. The leader alpha male 

The leader alpha male knows how to inspire and compel people to follow him. 

He makes it clear to everyone he talks to that they are subservient to him.

He completely controls the power dynamic, making himself the dominant leader.

The alpha male leader has practically unlimited power and resources because all of his followers will supply anything he may be missing.

Some examples of powerful, alpha male leaders (whether you like them or not) are: Donald Trump, Narendra Modi, and Xi Jinping.

The cons of being this type is obvious: they don’t know how to do anything but lead. They can make decisions, but don’t always understand what they are making decisions about.

leader alpha male

Being a leader is their only strength.

Of course, he compensates for that by having advisors and looking at the key metrics before making any important decisions.

The way you become an alpha male leader is by working on your life’s purpose for decades. It takes time to improve!

The greatest leaders of history only reached their power after the age of 40 because they needed to spend all those earlier years developing themselves.

But this all starts with finding your purpose. 

In my journey I used the The Power Quadrant System by Ric & Liz Thompson which is designed to discover your true desires.

After I got the course (for $7) I began working on my purpose and slowly, but steadily I was amassing more wealth and power for myself.

Not sure what direction my life would’ve gone in if not for that course.

3. The bad boy alpha male 

I talk about this type in my post called, 14+ Ways Alpha Males Are In Relationships: The Anger, Love And Passion

This is the immature alpha male, A.K.A. the bad boy.

This is actually how most alpha males start out. They are angry, feel oppressed, rebel and disrespect others.

That’s why they get the name bad boys. They are bad!

But this leads everyone to ask why the heck do girls love bad boys!?

But the answer is simple: while bad boy alpha males are brazen, aggressive, and egotistical, these are all clearly masculine traits which makes all females instantly super horny.

This type of alpha male needs to mature, learn how to use strategy to win instead of letting emotions get the best of him.

If you want to be a bad boy alpha male I have a full post all about that: How To Be The BAD BOY In 15 INSANELY EFFECTIVE WAYS.

But the downsides are clear and that’s why I recommend you do what we discussed earlier: find your purpose and become wealthy.

4. The seducer alpha male 

These men don’t care about having power or becoming wealthy. They just love female company and sleeping with beautiful, model women.

To them life is about pleasure.

Typically these alpha males grew up around girls and understands the female spirit to such a degree that women find him irresistible. 

He knows how to flatter a girl with the best compliments, take her out on a date and make her body shake from an explosive orgasm.

These types are the extroverted social creatures. They understand body language, NLP techniques and everything that it takes to make a girl fall in love.

They hold the power in social interactions using flattery, never aggression. 

Of course, they only reached this level of success with hard work and learning from the masters. You will find them re-reading books such as The Tao of Badass in order to continually up their game.

Some examples of the seducer alpha male type is: Giacomo Casanova, Ryan Gosling, Hugh Hefner, Gabriele D’Annunzio, and Rodolpho di Valentina. [3

The cons of becoming this type is that you cannot hold leadership and because you are so feminine you hate competition.

But listen, if you love women and you love to be with them, then why not invest your time into becoming the seducer alpha male?

This is what makes you happy!

And by the way, Joshua Pellier is offering an incredible deal on his seduction course, The Tao of Badass, and you know how much he’s charging?!

One freakin’ dollar!

Definitely go check out that deal!

5. The spiritual alpha

You won’t hear much about this type unless one of them somehow explodes in popularity.

What makes the spiritual man an alpha male is his deep, unshakable stance on his religion and beliefs.

He cannot be persuaded to let go of his beliefs and will stay determined to fulfill his purpose with unimaginable determination.

Determination is one of the greatest character traits of alpha males.

They typically like to be alone and serve God for the rest of their life to fulfill their life’s mission. 

They don’t believe in the pleasures of this world, unlike the seducer alpha male, instead they do everything they can to fill their lives with meaning.

Some examples are: Paramahansa Yogananda, Osho, Deepack Chopra, David Dieda and Eckhart Tolle.

If you want to become this type, all I can really tell you is find your purpose by using the course we talked about earlier and take it from there.

6. The warrior alpha male 

This is the most popular version of alpha males. Everyone looks up to this type.

They are fighters and have that classic aggression to them that makes the people go wild.

But here’s what most people miss, there are different ways the alpha warrior will fight:

  1. Verbally
  2. Physically 

Verbally means they will take down their opponent with hurtful words and insults, usually destroying their enemies reputation in the process. 

Physical aggression means exactly that: violent, hand to hand fighting. Sometimes they will combine physical and verbal force to crush the enemy.

They have no mercy.

You will never see them calm because they are always looking for the next battle to fight.

In life they live on the edge, never happy with a stable job unlike beta males that love having a reliable income and crave the approval of their “tribe.”

Anything these warriors get their hands on will be used to defend themselves and destroy the enemy whether it be money, missiles or even alliances with other warriors.

Some examples of this type of alpha male include: Floyd Mayweather, Alexander Overeem, Miyamoto Musashi, and of course Audie Leon Murphy. [4]

If becoming an alpha male warrior is your goal, first find what you will fight against first. In other words, discover your purpose.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What makes me come alive?
  2. What evil is there in this world that I want to crush?
  3. If I had unlimited money what would I do with my time?

Get The Power Quadrant System that we talked about earlier and invest 7 bucks to find your purpose, wake up energized and live a passionate life.

7. The genius alpha male

In regards to being boring, the genius type is much like the spiritual type.

Nobody hears about genius alpha males unless a leader alpha male uses their inventions or strategies to win a big victory.

Much like the spiritual type, they love being alone, creating new design breakthroughs and producing scientific discoveries.

Think of the genius type as the typical inventor.

Some examples are: Richard Branson, Sun Tzu, Nikola Tesla, John B. Goodenough, and Albert Einstein. 

I’m not much of a genius myself, although I do make good money, but I’ll say it this: find your purpose, decide what interests you and start inventing!

8. The entertainer alpha male 

These types are the typical influencers.

They lead because people love them, not because they are actually functional leaders.

They can act, make people laugh, and just like the seducer, they flatter people.

Some examples of this type are: Johnny Depp, Kevin Hearts, Jerry Seinfeld, and Elvis Presley.

9. The villain alpha male 

These alpha males rank very high on the dark triad:

  1. Psychopathy
  2. Narcissism 
  3. Machiavellianism

All the earlier types can be good for the world, but not these villain types. 

They don’t care about other people’s feelings, will destroy anyone’s life for their own benefit and are exceedingly cunning to attain power.

They will do inhumane things without feeling any regret.

What makes these people alpha males is their leadership and determination. Remember it’s possible to be an evil alpha male too.

Some examples are: Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and Adolf Eichmann.

Stay far away from these people and definitely don’t attempt to become these types!


I’ve answered your question and given all the examples you’ve asked for, but what will you do with this information?

Will you forget it all and live your life the same way?

You don’t have to!

I’ve linked some amazing courses throughout this post that have changed my life and the lives of close friends, so why don’t you check them out?

Your friend, 

Colt Smith

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  • I am definitely the villain type, man I’ve corrupted too many genius and spiritual types lfmao!
    Thnx anyways

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