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Are you scared to cold approach women on the street?

Do you fear just plain talking women and you lack the charisma that you know women love?

Do you want to reach a level that you can approach any girl you want and make them want to give you their number?

Do you believe that becoming an attractive man is possible?

Do you want to get to a level like this?

This guy’s energy is so good that he can attract a girl without talking!

He started by being an awkward nerd but build himself up to have an abundance of women in his life.

How can you recreate his results in your life? 

Use this 3 step system that I created for myself, it’s really simple: you focus on these 3 things and nothing else.

  1. Learn what turns girls on
  2. Give yourself time to become a pro
  3. Get over rejection

These are the 3 steps that anyone who has succeeded sexually has used. IF you follow these steps 100% I can guarantee you that wherever you are now, you’ll have an abundance of women in your life in 1 year.

Yep, you heard that: IN ONE YEAR. 

In one year you will be able to approach and attract any of the hottest women you can find!

OK, but what do you need to do?

Learn what turns girls on

Even women you’ll ever see in your life has a slut inside of her, it’s a monster that wants to have the most insane sex of your life and most women don’t even know it’s even there.

Basically every single girl has a sex vampire inside of her.

The problem is that it is inside of her, not outside of her! Society tell us that women are these calm creatures that don’t really like sex, when studies show that women need twice as much sex then men need!?

The reason why she keeps her sex desires to herself is because of shame. A woman feels embarrassed that she has such intense cravings so she hides them.

But if you can show her that you accept her in all of her sexuality she will be addicted to you. She will be able to unleash her inner sex monster and give you the most incredible memories. You must learn to have unconditional acceptance. 

Core principle #1: Accepting and loving a woman’s sexuality is a huge turn on

 Core principle #2: your unapologetic masculinity will get her wet instantly.

You need to be that strong grounded guy that isn’t scared to show the world what he’s got. If you can approach her from a place of power while not being forceful you got her, it won’t matter what you say, your energy will be so sweet to her.

The essence of masculinity is power. Develop that power, I don’t mean being forceful, belligerent or unnecessarily aggressive. I mean pure power. 

To be open to the world and yourself. Making real decisions while taking responsibility.

Women are irresistibly attracted to power.

Although being grounded means that you are led by your mind/ logic and not emotions, many men make the mistake to believe that you have to repress your emotions and basically pretend that they are not there. 

Everyone has emotions, the question is if you will allow them to take over your life, men have the choice to allow logic to guide them. 

But every man must acknowledge that he has emotions and must find time to express them, this will allow him to live in his power when he needs to. 

Although this is kinda paradoxical: when a man is really living his purpose, he has his power in his hand and he’s not chasing girls, girls chase him. All he has to do is approach any girl he wants and he will have her. 

Your power will make her feel small and weirdly enough for us men, girls love feeling small behind a powerful man. If you are really masculine you’ll attract her without talking and even if she doesn’t initially like you!

Being unapologetically masculine to women is the same as a super hot girl is to men. 

It doesn’t matter what society tells you about masculinity. 

Learn the specifics too. I know I just said that being genuinely powerful is all that matters you also need to learn the art of pickup. 

Before I get into the core principles of pickup so that you can seduce any girl you need to know about the one seduction course that changed my life.

But before that let me tell you little miserable history of the beginning of my life.

I started off being this awkward freak with no friends, definitely no girlfriends.

And just like most people who realize that they need to change: I started to just take in information at an insane rate.

Wherever I went I was listening to some podcasts or watching a YouTube video. My abusive parents didn’t give me money to buy books, so I had to rely on borrowing books and getting all the free content on the internet.

I learned a tremendous amount, however that created a new problem: I had too much information on my plate. I spend so much time learning in a disorganized fashion that I didn’t know what to take action on. I had so many perspectives about how to overcome social anxiety that I never took action.

I was missing a good solid course that could get me started off. To get me to start approaching women.

I started my 3 year journey of frustration. 

meet your fears

Those were some hard years… I don’t know what kept me going all those years… I guess I just knew that giving up would be much more painful. So I kept going…

Till I stumbled on a course from the creator of the Global Seducer Podcast, Sebastian Harris.

Sebastian Harris started out exactly where I was: awkward, depressed and without any friends. Neither of us are super handsome or physically attractive, so we had to rely on our personalities.

Girls would never be attracted to us because of our looks, I hate to say it but “it’s a blessing in disguise.”

Sebastian Harris spend years just trying again and again, approaching women getting improving a little and then seeing some results.

He also spent thousands of dollars dating coaches and seminars. After years of incredible effort he reached a level that now he’s called A Global Seducer, that basically means he travels the world and attracts and seduces women.

I miraculously found Sebastian Harris through one of his daily podcasts on seduction and made the greatest decision of my life to invest fully in his course and What’s app coaching. I find it funny that I even found the money to invest at the time.

Core principle #3: be ready to invest in a course or a coach so that you don’t do the same painful mistake for years, when you could be light years ahead if you had a coach.

I don’t want to get all into what he has to offer because I already wrote an entire review on it here: Rise of The Phoenix by Sebastian Harris – Full Review – 5 Reasons This Course Will Change Your Dating Life.

Core principle #4: you must accept if you want to learn how to attract girls: your journey will be FULL of ups and downs, you cannot escape that. 

As I was going through this course I had intense ups and downs, one day I could crash through my fears feeling that I could attract any girl, but other days I couldn’t even talk to girls.

I was able to make it past the newbie period because I had Sebastian Harris as a coach who didn’t let me crash.

It was really hard and I suffered. I definitely cried.

Core principle #5: Be playful.

A lot of you guys are going to tell me, what! Didn’t you just say to be masculine and be powerful? 

Being playful is the opposite of powerful!?

Society has given you the wrong picture of real power. Real power means you can laugh and smile because you have nothing to worry about.

A guy that is full of fear can’t think of a joke or have a genuine smile, this type of guy is coming from a place of force not core power. 

Don’t be forceful, be powerful.

And think of this situation: whenever a girl gets approached she is scared too! She doesn’t know who the guy is, for all she knows this guy might be a rapist! Most guys that I speak to think that only guys are afraid of girls and not the other way around… 

So the goal is to limit the girls fear and the best way of doing that is by being playful and fun. 

If you are living in worry and fear and you approach girls in that state they will feel the same way, it’s all about the energy.

How To Be Playful and Fun With Girls?

You need to tap into the crazy parts of yourself.

As much as you think that your a rational, logical human being, you also have a part of yourself that is crazy funny. 

Most guys disown that attractive part of themselves due to childhood experiences so chances are you need to reclaim that part of yourself. And the best way to do that is to practice, go talk to girls today and push yourself to be playful.

Listen! Nobody wants to be friends with a robot! Show some emotion, be human and you can also be masculine at the same time.

Watch this video to see why being playful with girls will allow you to say or do anything and still get their number:

The more you work, the better you get.

Let’s say you are a cool guy and you really want to approach this super hot girl in college but you are too scared what can you do?

I would first tell you to go get Sebastian Harris’s seduction courses and coaching, because that really changed me life, but before you invest in that course you need to understand this:

Core principle #6: 1000 approach therapy

Think of the first time you rode your bike… did you fall? Yes. Did it hurt? Yes.

The 20th time you rode your bike, you even did a pretty good job at it!

But the 100th time you rode that bike like a 5 year old pro.

My point is that you can change your brain, you may feel incredible fear approaching women now. And when you do approach girls for the first time and go on your first date you will fall and get hurt just like the 5 year old you learning how to ride a bike, but that’s the only way to learn.

The 20th date you go on will be pretty easy.

The 100th date will be out of this world! You will get a date with a model and you guys will make out! 

Get a goal of what level of dating you need to reach, break it up into manageable pieces and get moving!

People don’t like to say this, but getting good at approaching women is a numbers game. You go out, get rejected, learn how to change, get some improvement, rinse and repeat.

You have no excuses, if you don’t have money to spend on course on books (–my favorite book being: The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene) then start with Wikipedia! Read about seduction and charisma, you will find yourself surprised at the sheer amount of quality free content there is available, you will find yourself confused, although it’s a good place to start.

Make yourself a 100 day program to reach a certain goal and start today. 

Let’s say you want to have a date without being stuck in your head, and just enjoying the company of the girl you are with.

[note: I specifically wrote what I don’t want and what I wanted, this allows me to to have much greater clarity on my goals and now my mind can steer me in the right direction with confidence]

So you need to get out of your house every day and approach a girl till you get a date. The first date will be bloody. It will not go smooth and she might dump you. You will not be happy about that.

Don’t let this hold you down. As my mentor Joseph Rodrigues says “rejection and failure is just optimization data.” Rejection is only there to tell you what to improve on. Don’t take rejection personally.

Go find a new girl and get a date, you’ll probably notice that now it’s significantly easier to get a date then it was the first time. Your energy will be a lot higher.

I’ll share with you something that happened with me when I went on my third date.

I was actually surprised that I felt less fear than I would expect. I was expecting to be terrified from the beginning till the end, but somehow I was calm. I was still on my toes, no doubt, but the fear had been shattered!

I made a breakthrough! I had always lived my life FULL of fear, and around girls I was terrified, but now I could go on a date with reasonable calmness! I was exhilarated.

I realized that from here on the fun begins… but remember my friend, for me to get to this point I had to go through hell and back. 

I started with just asking for directions and slowly pushed myself taking small steps till I got the courage to ask for a date.

This is why I call this the 1000 approach therapy, you are getting over your fears by simply exposing yourself to it.

You can read this article by Theconversation.com to understand more deeply how exposure therapy works.

Although I must emphasis this process is hard and there will be times that you will want to give up completely. I definitely wanted to, but I didn’t.

And I didn’t because I had Whats App coaching from my mentor Sebastian Harris (incredibly cheap by the way). He gave me my daily assignments slowly pushing me to take bigger risks. And when I had my inevitable bad days he didn’t let me go. 

I know that I could not have done this myself, I really don’t think that anyone can do this by themselves. The beginning is brutal. Nothing is easy. 

That’s why I must push you to do the same thing that I did: Go get Sebastian’s course and his What’sApp coaching. Read my review HERE.

The coaching is only available for those who buy his course and the actual coaching is $97 a month, I cannot write enough about how cheap that is, 3 bucks a day to change your entire life!

My friend go spend a little money and in a couple months you’ll see your life explode with an abundance of beautiful girls.

After thoughts: there are many, many fake dating gurus out there, therefore, guys are scared to invest in courses. And maybe out of sheer luck I discovered Sebastian’s podcast and got his courses and What’s App coaching.

But he IS legit, he is basically the only dating coach that I recommend. 

I’ll be happy to recommend other dating coaches as soon as they show the level of results Sebastian can produce.


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