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To become the man that can seduce, turn on and attract any girl you need to learn the core principles in any attraction.

You will learn the exact techniques and actions that you need to take in order arouse, attract and turn on any girl you choose.

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Step 1: basic laws of attraction

Men love looking at incredibly beautiful girls, because we, men love femininity.

Femininity is characterized by beauty, emotion, chaos, and flowing energy. We crave that.

Masculinity loves anything feminine. The more feminine the better.

But this also works the same way around with women. Femininity craves authentic masculinity.

That means if you want to be attractive to women, don’t act like women, you need to go deep into your masculinity.

Men make the mistake of thinking that they need to tone down their masculinity while being with their women. Just the opposite.

You must build that solid masculinity and meet girls with that powerful energy.

She will love that. 

That’s why women will be attracted to men that have thick eyebrows, high cheekbones, square jaw, full lips, and a square chin. These are all masculine traits and that’s what they crave.

Men sometimes think that women want what we want, beauty, playfulness, all things feminine. But it couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

Women want that animalistic monster inside of you that will do anything to run after your life’s purpose and passion.

She wants the man in you. You’ll notice that when you are on your purpose and taking calculated risks to take your life forward women will come automatically.

So although this is NOT the purpose of this article, maybe later today make a list of 20 things you need to have in your life 5 years from now AND 20 things you must not have. Just doing this one simple 5 minute exercise will clarify what you really want in life and you might even find yourself happier. 

The point of all of this is to get you on your purpose this will in turn build masculinity which will attract girls because girls want a man that is working towards his purpose.

I find it funny to watch women being interviewed and they talk about manly features, they will clearly say that they are attracted to having manly hands! 

She doesn’t want a pretty boy, YOU want the pretty girl. She wants that tough guy and she wants you to meet her with that tough energy. That will turn her on, it will hypnotize her.

BUT there’s a small catch, and this comes from my favorite book, a MUST READ on seducing women: The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene

Being fully, intensely masculine can scare women, your boldness can terrify her… 

The Art of Seduction dedicates a chapter to deal with the terror that women will feel from your masculinity. 

He discusses the character called the “dandy,” the dandy embodies character traits of the other sex in order to make them feel more secure and comfortable. This works for both men and women as discussed in the 450+ page book.

This is the ultimate sex lure for women: have a super masculine tough guy, that can act feminine some times. Women will fall like flies to any man like this, she will be ready to pull down her panties for you.

If you can pull this off you will be the perfect man, go read The Art of Seduction, he will teach you all of the techniques you need for the most intense hypnotizing seduction.

So yes, masculinity is what attracts women, but it also frightens them, and that’s why you mix in a little femininity and that really wraps up the package.

An important distinction: 

One of the top dating coaches in the industry, known as Sasha Daygame, recommends this one book to his clients and it’s for a very specific reason.

The book teaches what real confidence is about. 

The mainstream concept of confidence is to push your way through life with a lot of forceful energy. Society teaches us that we should develop this closed up, tension filled idea of confidence.

Real confidence is open, it’s warm, present and powerful. 

Powerful, not forceful. 

The book is called Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins (M.D. Ph.D).

When you come with friendly, completely-open-to-love energy. And guess what? Everyone loves that energy. 

Everyone will love you. Hot girls, cool guys, sexy ladies, and ripped men. Having a powerful, open confidence is what will make everyone love you.

Having that pushy, negative, inauthentic, insecure confident energy will only make people run away. Get rid of that energy.

David Hawkins teaches how to develop that energy. It’s a real game changer. Most personal development books out there will teach you external techniques for self-improvement. 

This book goes deep, and hits the soft spot, while although creating the most change makes it unpopular. 

So for 10 bucks go get the book, you really don’t have much to loose and you will gain a sense of wellbeing inside of yourself which is priceless.

If you are confused as to which book you should get, The Art of Seduction or Power vs. Force, start with The Art of Seduction because that will get you basic attraction skills that are necessary when dealing with women, and then later on you can work on improving and purifying your energy.

BTW if you still haven’t got The Art of Seduction, then go get it now for fucks sake! 

I actually own the audio-book and the hardcover version and I bought both of them so that I could fully reprogram my subconscious mind into believing that I needed to radically change my personality. So, go get it NOW and then come back and finish this article.

The second mistake that guys make is that they expect women to show them love the same way men do.

Men are much more outright and bold so they will be much more explicit about their love. But women are much less straight out, clear cut therefore, they won’t show their love the way you do.

Don’t feel rejected when she doesn’t chase you like you. We men are the chasers.


I guess hot women are lucky. They don’t have to approach you and they will never chase you.

And guess what? She wants to be chased. Give her that masculinity.

I know I’ve just said that you shouldn’t tone down your masculinity, BUT that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t smile.

One of the top dating coaches told me to be happy and smile. Being an “alpha male” doesn’t mean you can’t relax and smile.

Think about it, girls are also insecure and scared when they get approached. They don’t know who you are… you might be some freak off the street. I used to think that only guys where scared to approach girls, but you gotta realize that everyone is scared! 

Make girls feel comfortable around you.

And the best way to do that is by having a genuine smile. Having a warm smile can take you really, really far with women, I’m 100% serious.

This ties back to what I was saying before: build authentic, open confidence.

Any guy that is full of insecurities cannot have a genuine, real smile.

So don’t do that, be kind and make it your goal to make the next girl you meet comfortable and happy that you approached her.

This brings us to our next topic: Getting over the terror of approaching girls/ social freedom.

Watch this and then we will get into this!

The only way to reach this level where you can ha this much fun with girls is by doing it again and again.

That’s it.

The way I got myself from being scared as a fuck to even ask girls for directions to having multiple, beautiful relationships in my life with amazing women is by getting myself a course, day to day mentoring and a couple skype meetings.

and yes it took me a while, a couple months, but by the 5th or 6th month (I don’t quite remember) I was getting numbers, making out and getting laid.

Here is what I didn’t realize while starting off: growth isn’t linear. growth is exponential.

For the first couple months you aren’t just improving by 5-10 percent, you are transforming at a 100% rate. The first 2-3 months you won’t see much, but by the 5-6 everything will explode in the most magnificent way possible.

Imagine just earning 500 dollars a month, and that’s not very much at all, but if you grew at the 100% rate you would be doing very, very well by the 5-6th month.

the second month you’ll have doubled that leaving you will $1000, by the end of the 3rd month you’ll be earning $2000 a month, by the end of the 4th month you’ll have $4000 a month, and by the 5th month you will be earning $8000 a month, and by the 6th month you will be easily in the 6 figure salary.

You are at the same place now with women attraction, right now you’re “broke” but if you take small actions every day, and you have the right coach to push you when you want to quit than you might even have a chance at being a “millionaire.”

If you are serious about getting your dating life together you must get a coach, I paid $97 dollars a month to get my mentor Sebastian Harris coach me.

Every day he would give me my daily challenge, steadily increasing the pain until I started to get numbers and from that point it only got better.

Before you learn how to seduce I suggest you get over your fears, and to be perfectly honest $97 a month is nothing compared to the insane benefits you will get.

So you must go learn about it HERE and once you get it (free 2 week trial) come back here and finish the article!

The Immoral Way to Arouse a Woman: The Erotic Regression

This is the super deep and deadly part of seduction… this comes straight out of The Art of Seduction and its deeply rooted in psychology as you will soon see.

Robert Greene in the Art of Seduction brilliantly points out that we all think of the good old days, the days when we were kids. We think those days were perfect, but in reality we suffered from having no control over our own lives.

Why do we forget the pain and remember only the pleasure of our childhood?

“Because the responsibility of adult life are a burden so oppression at times that we secretly yearn for the dependency of childhood, for that person that looks after our every need, assumed our cares and worries.” (Art of seduction, pg. 335)

We want to feel dependent on people, to escape the feeling of overwhelming responsibility. 

Now comes the second part from the Art of Seduction:

“This daydream of ours has a strong erotic component, for the child’s feeling of being on the parent is charged with sexual undertones. Give people a sensation similar to being protected, dependent feeling of childhood and they will project all kinds of fantasies onto you, including feelings of love and sexual attraction that they will attribute to something else.”

The Art of Seduction is a very dense (and large) book, and it takes much studying to full incorporate the timeless lessons.

Robert Greene is saying that if you can make a woman feel like a child, to make her feel as if she doesn’t have any responsibilities and she’s fully dependent on you she will attribute all those buried love and sexual to you, because emotionally she sees you as her parent.

In other words, you can trick her emotional mind into feeling that you are her father and she will do anything to be with you.

The second seduction technique: Chain a woman up though vanity.

The following is a quote from the book Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill. This book is about a man has found a way to force the devil to reveal all of his secrets on how he manipulates people and ruins their lives.

The devil admits that he makes use of flattery and gain control of basically any man or woman’s life.

And here is where the man asks how he does that, keep in mind, we can use the same technique to seduce women.

“Q) Through what motive can women be most easily flattered?” 

“A) Their vanity. Tell a woman she is pretty or that she wears clothes well.” 

“Q) What motive is most effective in harpooning men? 

“A) Egotism, with a capital E! Tell a man he has a strong Herculean body or that he is a great business tycoon, and he will purr like a cat and smile like an opossum! After that you know what happens.” (Outwitting The Devil, pg. 101).

Napoleon here is dropping a bomb on the concept of seduction, he is saying that if you can compliment a women correctly on her looks she will become emotionally a slave to you. 

She will be addicted to you. 

But let me put the emphasis on complimenting her correctly, you don’t want to just say “you look pretty” or even worse “you are attractive.” you need to say something special. 

And you need to come up with something yourself, something that you really feel.

Start with this “your dress looks beautiful on you” or “your hair looks special today.”

The point is that you want to be specific and while you are approaching a girl and giving her a compliment feel calm and give it authentically. There’s nothing worse than giving an insincere compliment. 

You need something that will really rock her vanity, don’t go for the ego, that’s how you could manipulate men, here you are looking to take her to bed so use her vanity to your advantage.

But here’s where we take this to a new level: press on their weakness and put them on your leash.

But first here’s a video by Shallon Lester that illustrates this point clearly, although she’s talking about seducing a man, but you’ll get the general idea.

The point is you learn what they always wanted to be or look like and YOU give them that validation.

She talks about a guy that deeply inside wanted to be into fashion, but nobody accepted him for that, but SHE did. And at this point she could use that much needed validation to get him to do whatever she wanted 

But to accomplish this you really need to understand your victim deeply. You must learn what their family, community, or religion didn’t allow them to be or look like.

You need to find their “shadow self” the part of themselves that even they don’t even know exists.

Once you find it, and it might take a while, push on it and then suddenly take it away. Give them validation and then unexpectedly take it away. 

This is what Robert Greene calls in his book The Art of Seduction, The Coquette. You give the victim what they want and forcibly remove it. Think of it as if you were trying to get them addicted to your drugs. 

Give the first sample of heroin for free, but the next doses come with a price. 

You must remember that we are not just searching for a nice, kind compliment. We are really looking for that deep part of themselves that yearns to express itself and then we selectively allow our girl to express that part of herself, although sometimes she has to earn it by doing us some favors.

Here’s a link to an in depth article discussing the shadow self from scottjeffrey.com.

And just before we get into the physical parts of turning a girl on, I really want to share with you a little mindset switch that has really helped me out. I call it “she is the victim” mentality,

This isn’t my original idea, but it’s still worth sharing.

Think of her as your victim, and the reason is because the less emotion you have invested into this the more you can be objective and take the necessary action to seduce her.

The biggest problem anyone faces while seducing a woman is their miserable ego. If you can detach yourself from the situation and play one of the seductive characters as described in The Art of Seduction

And that’s why I say you need to see her as your victim, because if you see her as your girlfriend than you will be too invested emotionally to make clear cut decisions.

OK so now that I’ve laid out the principles…

What are a woman’s turn on spots?

Let me tell you about the 5 best places to get her passionate and sexually turned on.

The best way is to begin by giving your girl a back massage and just relaxing her [1, 2].

This will relieve all the stress which destroys sexual drive [3] but also force her body to go from “I don’t really want sex” to “let’s get this going.” She will want to continue. 

The easiest way to do this is to offer her to lie down on the bed and start giving her a massage.

While you are giving her a deep massage and you are kindling her flame start by kissing her neck, start by going lightly and get more into the kisses as time goes on. 

You can also gently massage the area between her ankles and Achilles tendon.

At this point her body should be shooting out hormones that are turning on her sexual monster. But always remember that by taking your time and never rushing things will make her orgasm all the better.

Once she is relaxed and ready to move to the next stage, tell her that it would be easier if she took off her clothing in a playful way. Help her as she removes her bra and takes off her clothing.

Now, I know that the one thing you want to do is take you dick and slam it into her and release all of that energy. BUT…

If you really want to have incredible sex and give her an awesome orgasm so that she wants to come back you need to continue this foreplay. 

Here’s where you start to have fun with the prize: her breasts.

If you can gently kiss her breasts she will be fully turned on, a woman can even experience a full blown out orgasm by you just caressing her breasts.

The last and most important place is called the clitoris.

And here is the ultimate turn on for any woman, the female sexual organ. 

In the clitoris there are over 8,000 nerve endings packed into one place. 

Each woman’s clitoris is different and at different times [4] it can react differently. Varying degrees of pressure at different times can generate varying degrees of sexual feelings. 

So just like the other 4 sexual arousal spots you want you want to start slow and easy, you can start with a circle motions. 

But you need to be very aware of how she is feeling, sometimes she will be experiencing so much pleasure that you think she’s in incredible pleasure.

That’s all folks!


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