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You can take women straight to your bad without even talking, just with your energy.

You can seduce any girl by developing incredible dating skills and masculine energy.

But how can you develop that cool, sexy energy that you can approach and attract any girl, say basically anything and get her number?

It’s tough… 

But I’ll tell you what 3 really famous YouTubers who approach women very smoothly as part of their prank videos say about building their own confidence:

(I’m paraphrasing)

“I got rejected so many times that rejection hurts MUCH less and I kept on approaching for years that I got really good at talking to them, I learnt what works and what doesn’t.” – ThatWasEpic, AngryPicnic, and BigDawsTV

They make 3 points:

  1. Get over the terror of getting rejected

  2. Practice for years, not just for a month or 2

  3. Practice and practice till you become a pro

Let’s take each of these points apart so that you can recreate their results in your own life.

The first point: I’ve learnt through my own journey that I needed to get over what people thought of me.

Like I needed to stop giving a Fuck about what sexy women or some looser thought of me.

If you worry about what people think about you than you will live a miserable life.

You won’t risk taking your life to the next level because you’ll be constantly worrying maybe you friend will laugh at you.

You won’t be fully confident around hot girls because they might reject you.

You won’t push a business deal because you fear the pain of potential rejection.

You won’t show what you are really made of and instead hide in your shell while approaching women.

I grew up terrified of rejection, I was literally petrified that some girl might think I wasn’t good enough. 

I took me a while to become aware of this, and then I began to take action. (To learn about WHY many of us develop this fear read my post on How To Love And Escape Loneliness.)

I started to do what these YouTubers do in the videos: 

  1. Singing in public

  2. Approaching women funny ways

  3. Dancing in public

  4. Asking strangers ridiculous things 

  5. And other funny things.

I even randomly proposed to a girl, I am not even kidding and she told me maybe tomorrow!!

I was soooo scared start approaching women at the start, I couldn’t even imagine myself telling a girl she’s pretty. But as a progressed everything got much easier.

This is called “rejection therapy” you are looking to put yourself in a situation where you will get rejected.

Through all of this I learnt that rejection isn’t a death sentence, I didn’t need to be terrified of rejection.

There is a Youtuber out there called Qpark, he does hilarious public dancing and horrible singing, it’s a MUST WATCH.

He doesn’t fear rejection at all because he’s got himself rejected so many times that it means nothing to him anymore. Rejection therapy is the only way to get over the fear. (Do you think that he has a hard time picking up girls?)

You can use him as motivation and as a goal to reach, he lives a life of not giving a shit about what people think about him, isn’t that a fun life?

But also remember YOU CANNOT start by dancing at his level in public, take it slow.

If you are really anxious around girls, start by simply asking for directions.

Try to keep the conversation as long as possible. Talk about anything.

Then push yourself to tell her that she is pretty and if you can tell her that you love her!

You can also propose to her.

Do anything fun, shake her hand for a long time.

Go over to a girl and say “I am lonely” or “I am new here” and just wait for her to respond.

Do anything that would guarantee a rejection (or if you have the right energy you might end up with a girlfriend).

Imagine if you told a girl a day that she’s pretty for 100 days, do you think by day 100 you’ll fear approaching a girl to tell her she is pretty? by then you’ll be fearless!

I’m sure day one might be terrifying, but you’ll get over it quickly.

Once you get over that fear, get yourself a date.

Just like the first time you tell a girl that she is pretty, the first date will be awkward and terrifying.

But once again, the 100th day, you’ll be cool because you won’t care if she rejects you.

The point of this is to show your brain that rejection is not that terrible, you’ll develop a degree of genuine self-love too.

You must remember that if you try and try again you will get better and eventually pro at this. You do not need to be awkward around sexy girls for the rest of your life. You are a human being and human beings change by definition.

The second part: Stop thinking that people will reject you when they won’t.

This brings a terrible energy to the room, everyone starts to fear rejection.

Why do you think that you’ll get rejected when there is no reason why you should get rejected?

If you act like a jerk then you should get rejected, but you are not a jerk and why would you act like an idiot? So why do you irrationally fear rejection?

I think that it comes from your parents and teachers. Many of the people you trusted  rejected you for no good reason.

Maybe you forgot to do your homework and your mom got angry at your mind, so your mind now thinks “OK, I guess I better keep my relationships to a bare minimum in life so that I avoid rejections cause this does not feel good.”

But this is wrong, people love relationships and openness and if your there for them they will love you. Your future girlfriends aren’t like your parents, in fact your parents treat you worse than a random girl on the street.

So don’t expect the world to treat you like your parents.


  1. Do rejection therapy to get over the pain of rejection
  2. Don’t expect rejection, expect love

This video is a perfect example of this:

A word of serious warning:

Rejection therapy can be very powerful in getting rid of the fear of rejection, BUT there is also a great danger. 

While you are (for example) dancing in the street, it is very easy for your mind to develop an identity that you are crazy and since crazy people don’t care about what people think about them you don’t either.

Don’t do that! You are not crazy, rather you are a mentally sane human that is getting purposefully rejected in order to release himself from the fear of rejection.

It’s very easy to think that “I am doing crazy things therefore, I am crazy.” 

The mistake is that what your doing is not crazy or insane because you recognize the transformation that will overcome you by getting laughed at by girls.

I see some really great dating coaches that make this mistake. They are all into doing rejection therapy, but come out believing that they are kinda crazy and that’s why they don’t care about what anyone things about them.

Very tragic.

The first couple months will be awkward and cringy and that brings us to the next point:

The second point: you need to practice for years.

The reason why these guys are way above 90% of men is because they tried for months and got through that inevitable awkward, embarrassing first year and kept at it until they have such great energy that women like them right away.

You can use a 30 day course, but that is only meant to get you started like a defibrillator. You got to go for years, but lucky for us it starts to get fun after a couple of months.

There is an inevitable painful period at the beginning of any type of growth and you need to get a real “why” behind you.

Most men never get past the initial excitement because they don’t have the motivation to push past the pain of embarrassment and rejection. 

Ask yourself “WHY do I NEED to become attractive to women and be able to seduce any girl?” If you ask yourself this question enough times your mind will give you an answer.

Some guys immediately ask themselves this every morning right after they wake up to set their mind straight.

You need to have a reason to go through the pain of rejection.

For most men it’s the pain of regret, you really don’t want to be thinking in 5 years from now: “I could be surrounded by the hottest girls, but instead I was to scared to even start working on myself.”

Think of this whenever you don’t want to approach girls and you’ll feel motivated.

Some men do it for other people, they will do it for their children and friends. THEY deserve to have a father or friends that isn’t needy and is cool to be around.

This is motivated out of love.

If you really have a hard time getting some solid powerful motivation behind you then use anger.

It’s a dangerous source of motivation, but “desperate times call for desperate measures.”

Use the anger you have against yourself and the world to push forward.

Feel how you want to prove them wrong, prove all the people in your life that said it’s not possible for you. 

Prove to everyone that said you’ll never be socially acceptable wrong. Show them what you’re made of.

Every time you feel down, you want to watch Netflix and don’t want to approach women feel the devil voices overtaking you and fight back!

The third point: They practiced their dating skills until they became pro’s at it

They got over rejection, but they also learnt what makes women like men. 

You can act in certain ways that will attract women and there are anti-seductive ways that will repel women. You choose.

They learnt how to exude attractive qualities + not really caring if they get rejected = perfect mix for seducing any girl.

Some guys know how to act attractive and charming, but are terrified of getting rejected by women, so they come off as needy.

Other guys don’t care if they get rejected, but don’t know how to act attractive so they don’t get the right friends.

They don’t know how to present themselves to women.

You need to learn what it takes to get a woman interested and keep her sexually hooked.

The best way to learn seduction and become a pro at dating in general is by learning it from the experts!

Because you really have only 2 ways of learning seduction:

  1. By yourself, hobbling along, smashing your head against the wall until you create some success. Although this success will take a long time to reach and you will suffer a lot. In addition, you will only learn some incredibly powerful shortcuts much later.
  2. With powerful courses and mentors. You will learn what it takes to succeed from the beginning. You will know what you are coming up against and you’ll get the tools to overcome the struggle. These courses (if you get the right one’s) will make your dating life full of abundance and success.

I say: pick the second option.

Don’t make the same mistake that other men have made, get yourself guided so you don’t fail like they have.

At the beginning of my dating journey I was about 18 years old and so damn confused.

I was so disoriented because I never invested in a serious program and took full responsibility for my dating life.

I can’t encourage you enough to invest in a course, pick one and run with it until you reach that goal of yours.

Remember our goal is to learn seduction, to learn basically: what turns girls on.

For you need to get: The Rise of Phoenix By Sebastian Harris.

This is the exact same course that I got when I started to learn about dating and how to attract women.

I tell my clients to get this course specifically and read my review on The Rise of Phoenix By Sebastian Harris HERE to see why. t’s cheaper and much better than other options out there I found out the hard way.

But I want to get back to what I was saying before.

I said before that we must learn 2 things:

  1. Get over rejection
  2. Learn what attracts women

Summary: everything comes together to form one point. 

This one point changes everything:

Just completely relax and expect women to love you because of your deep relaxation and openness and see them melt in front of you.

Give me a moment to explain:

The hottest, sexiest thing that will take down any resistance that any woman could put up is: OPENNESS. 

Maybe you remember while you were 5 years old, you had no approach anxiety while meeting new kids at preschool.

It was simple: you came with the energy of “I know you and I already want to be friends because why not.”

You had no fear associated with a new relationship and really the opposite: you only saw potential pleasure.

You came with the offer of let’s have pleasure together. (In preschool I think it was non-sexual!)

But that is the ultimate energy that anyone could ever bring to a relationship.

It’s like saying “do you want to have pleasure of a great relationship”? And who in their right mind would say no to that.

Your telling women that I accept you, I love you and let’s make this happen, if you come with this energy I swear you will never get rejected.

BTW don’t forget to learn about The Rise of Phoenix By Sebastian Harris it was the single course that took me from 0 to 60. 

Anything is possible for you…


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