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I am the biggest believer that you need to be and CAN be a naturally super attractive man to any girl.

I went through hell trying to become attractive till I got to where I am today. 

I live a life of complete social freedom and I can date any woman I want, even if they are in a relationship already.

I live a free and unshackled life and if you want to learn about the one course that transformed my life read this article.

I believe that a day will come that you will learn how to be attractive to girls and you feel at home with yourself.

I know that if you follow the steps in this article you will see real concrete results within weeks.

But it’s going to take a hell of a lot of work and dedication and if you are 100% committed than continue reading.

In this article I will explain to you:

  1. Foundations of seduction attraction.
  2. How to build masculinity.
  3. Exactly what courses and coaching you must invest in so that you don’t make the mistakes that I made and waste years.
  4. Shortcuts to attract women.

A fresh new perspective about being attractive to girls

Let’s think of it this way, don’t listen to the mainstream stuff out there, you need to be a politically incorrect to succeed in attraction.

You are attracted to women, why? Because you fucking love their femininity. We all love it.

Femininity is about beauty, flowing energy, feelings, emotion…. And any man – like you and I – will crave that.

The more feminine a woman is and masculine you are the more attracted you are to her.

And the feminine are attracted to the masculine the same way. 

You don’t need to play any pickup-artist tricks, you can utilize what nature gave us.

Think of a magnet, it’s physically impossible to have only the positive side attracted the negative or vise-versa, that would go against the laws of nature. 

We only  need to learn how to express that masculinity to her so that you attract her with the power of nature.

If you are masculine and she is feminine – you will be attracted to each other, although you will be attracted in different ways.

What does that mean to be attracted in “different ways”?

Her attraction will manifest differently because of her femininity. 

Femininity is all about being submissiveness so therefore, she will not show her attraction to you in a dominant way.

Men expect women to show them that they are actually attractive outright when that would go right against their beautiful, submissive nature. 

She will only show her attraction to you in a submissive way, and you, by your masculine nature need to run after her powered by your dominant nature, that’s how you will show your attraction.

So by now we understand 2 crucial points.

  1. Women are attracted to men biologically, just like men are attracted vise-versa
  2. Women express their attraction in their feminine, submissive manner so don’t feel let down when she doesn’t run after you.

Let’s take a deep dive into this.

If you see a hot girl instantly you feel attracted.

You feel instantly attracted to sexy women because femininity can be detected visually.

Women don’t have this instant attraction to men the same way.

This is because masculinity is not about beauty and emotion, masculinity is about strength, purpose, growth, passion, a woman can’t know if you have these genuine qualities till you actually pass her tests.

But once you pass her tests to confirm that you are authentically masculine she will be attracted to you like you are attracted to a super hot model. 

She doesn’t know if you are really strong till she tests you. 

You see why so many men are so frustrated these days? Men don’t understand that women are completely different from men and therefore must be treated completely differently.

A woman’s tests may include

  1. Complaining about small things
  2. Fighting for no reason
  3. Asking you to do things for her
  4. Crying about small things
  5. Getting annoying about things you did for her

In all of these examples you will have no idea why she is getting all pissed off and the one thing you need to do is love her even more. 

In the book, The Way of The Superior Man, David Diada says that you can even go up to her to kiss her while she is “angry”, and this is when she will be happiest because she will know that she you are a real man.

(By the way, if there was one book that I recommended about attraction and masculinity The Way of The Superior Man by David Diada is it. Go read the reviews on amazon to see why I think it’s the best.)

The goal is to show her that you are masculine and once you do that, let nature do it’s magic to her. And oh’ fuck natures magic is strong.

How to attract a woman instantly, the shortcut to the female brain

Hack #1

Get to the gym, I know that everyone says looks don’t attract women, but they do in terms of muscle. 

If you are ripped and got some really nice looking abs, you will be more attractive to women. 

Muscles are another indicator that you are masculine.

Hack #2

Let your woman see you surrounded by other women who seem to like you.

And although you will not understand the next line and neither do I because we are men, but women instinctively trust each other about who is attractive.

If you saw a woman surrounded by men you would not feel anymore attracted to her than if she was alone.

But women function in the complete opposite way, if she sees you surrounded by women she will assume that you passed the tests of all the women and she will feel instantly attracted to you. 

So make sure to be around women and she will feel instantly attracted to you. 

But remember she won’t show her attraction to you outright, a woman will never, but you must learn to tell if she is attracted to you.

Summary: it will take a woman more time to be attracted to you because she has to know that you are truly masculine and not some feminin soy boy.

Hack #3

Be passionate about life. Have goals and responsibilities that you value more than anything else in life, your goal of life must be more important than even any relationship with women.

This is crucial.

Let’s say your on a date with a smokin’ hot girl and she asks so what are you into? What do you do on a day to day basis?

Your answer must be the “I wake up and do what I choose to do in life.” 

That doesn’t mean that it’s easy for you or you currently love it; the truth is if it was easy, I really doubt that you would have any passion.

Although no women would ever admit it, she wants your purpose to be more important than her. (Source: The Way of The Superior Man.)

This might be a shocker, but she doesn’t want to be #1. 

She needs you to be masculine and if she sees you are on purpose in life you will be instantly more attractive to her.

She will feel let down if you let her take first place over your purpose in life.

Now that we got clear why you need a goal and passion go get one.

How to build masculine passion in your life to attract women.

When I realized that I needed to change my life I invested my money into powerful courses, I followed the advice of my mentors and invested wisely in the 100 Day Challenge Program.

That was the best decision that I have ever made in my life. 

I was some young turd, having no friends and I was terrified of meeting women. 

But throughout this chaos I made one good choice: spend my own hard earned money to transform my life.

Watching free YouTube videos can be very helpful to learn one hack, but then you will be left not knowing how that works with the 1000’s of other hacks you learnt and you won’t take any action. 

Sometimes less is more.

You’ll learn 1000 ways to transform your life, and you will be miserably confused and completely frustrated because you didn’t take any action. How do I know? I was exactly that.

I wasn’t lazy while I suffered all those years. I was dead confused.

I watched all the YouTube videos and listened to all the podcasts, some really quality stuff, but that still doesn’t and will never match the effectiveness of buying a course or program.

The one course that really changed my life was the 100 day challenge program

The was the number one course that allowed me to execute my vision is a perfect way.

The course is designed to allow you to pick any goal you ever wanted to reach, but you thought was impossible and then the program will give you the tools to build that indestructible motivation that will crush all the obstacles in the way.

I needed this exact program at that time in my life, and if you are also scared of approaching attractive women than I beg you to really consider investing in this course.

This course gave me the strength to fight my fears non-stop for 100 days and come out experienced knowing exactly what I need to do to transform my life. 

For years I was so scared to crack the ice, each time I would get closer I would freak out and run away from the fear.

This course got me to approach my fears and get through the hell till I cracked the ice and I could see what was actually possible for me. You need to do the same thing.

Go invest in The 100 Day Challenge. This is your life.

In addition, I need to tell you about one other big plus to this course.

I always recommend my clients at first to make 5 year goals and not any longer. The main reason is because most people don’t know what they want in 15 years and in addition, 5 years is enough time to transform your life.

The challenge arises when you are within the 5 year time, you know your end goal, but you don’t know what to do short term. Then you begin procrastinating, thinking “I’ll never be attractive.”

The 100 day challenge strikes the perfect balance between long term (5 year goal) and short term: 100 days. 

But even if you decide not to take the 100 day challenge I’ll give you a couple pieces of advice that I have learnt from mentors.

(Remember our goal is to let the women feel that you are passionate about your life and your passion will attract them.)

if you have no goals in life and you feel helpless, miserable, and depressed then you need to do one thing: drop a nuclear bomb on your life.

I mean to say if your stuck in a 9-5 that’s ruining you, go pack your car and just drive…. Anywhere. Go anywhere, quite, go sleep on a friends couch.

This is an extreme solution, but if you feel trapped and you can’t move, you need to do this and during your traveling you will learn about yourself and find your passion.

The key is break you pattern, destroy your 9-5 schedule and work hard building a new one.

And spend time on the internet just browsing learning about things that potentially might interest you.

Once you do the necessary steps finding your passion, you must figure out how to monetize it.

You can’t eat rocks so find out how to make money while doing your passion. This might mean having to do things that you dislike doing, but do those things anyways well.

The less extreme version of this is a much easier version that fits most people better. On the weekends instead of sitting at home, travel to new places and talk to successful people that will open your mind to other possibilities.

The next things you must know about finding your passion is that it must include expanding you and giving to other people.

You don’t want to be using willpower as your motivation it must be about fulfillment.

Being driven by fulfillment will not tire and stress you out. Willpower will.

There are 2 parts of making anything fulfilling.

  1. Growth
  2. Contribution 

So make it about real growth so that you feel truly fulfilled doing your passion

Something that is hard for you. Let’s take my favorite example, fear of women and social fears.

What if you made your goal get over women where you can be genuinely romantic and loving?

And what about giving, the second part to any successful goal?

You can make your goal to relieve the loneliness of women by building relationships with them.

Nothing in the world will make a woman happier than a real man who has an authentic relationship with them.

There are a lot of super hot, model girls out there that are single and lonely because they are too hot, men feel too scared to approach them and so really nobody approaches them.

Make it your goal to be that man that can transform a woman’s life, that way you check off the 2 parts that make any goal fulfilling 1. Growth 2. Contribution. 

Give yourself at least 5 years

Don’t make this mistake.

The fatal mistake is to think that you can change within 30 days.

The problem is that if you follow a 30 day course, although you may learn a lot, but since you don’t have anyone on top of you forcing you to go out and meet girls everyday for a month, you won’t take the necessary action to really see improvement within 30 days.

If you just now looking to improve in your dating life give yourself time and get some coach.

You can get coaching with Sabastian Harris (He offers coaching to only those who invest in his course)

When I first started by saying that “in 6 months I’ll get over all my fears” – that put a ton of pressure on me.

I tell people to do get a coach that will “force” them to get out of their comfort zone and while they are doing their own personal growth I advise them to take their time.

You need to come from a place of acceptance.

Accept that you are not good or even pathetic dating women.

From that place know that it will take time to improve and you will love yourself.

Now that you have your life coming into order

Now every time you meet hot women she will feel your sense of direction and passion in your life and she will automatically crave you.

This is the exact opposite of the male mind.

We just want her to be smoking hot, but she needs you to be strong and masculine.

She will feel this instantly.

She will be attracted instantly.

I was talking to a friend and this guy has a very clear purpose in his life and he tells me that he effortlessly has sex with the hottest models out there.

They literally approach him.

They desire him.

You can also attract girls without even talking by just being powerfully masculine and releasing that energy.

This is how to be attractive to girls. It’s that simple, yet nobody talks about this because it’s so unsexy to go out there and live your passion and follow the other steps such as investing in the 100 day challenge.

Do some unsexy things that will get you all the sex.

Become as masculine as possible with the information in this article and get the 100 day challenge and watch how attractive you become. 

In conclusion, I am not teaching anything new or brilliant.

I am simple telling you, my friend, what the rules of nature are and how to use them to your advantage.



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