150 Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl That’ll Make Her Laugh

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Flirting is so fun; if you have just met a girl on tinder, or have a big crush on one of your friends... flirty questions are a little way to add spice and interest into the relationship.

These questions will surely make her laugh and you know the fastest way to a woman's heart is through laughter.

guy flirting with a girl

Table of Contents

1. What is your favorite compliment to receive?

Does she like the physical compliments or the ones that compliment her intelligence?

2. What compliment would you give me?

How will she compliment you? The same way she likes to be complimented or entirely different?

3. Do you like my smile?

Chances are she does, or she wouldn't be entertaining all these questions.

asking a girl if she has a flirty smile

4. Do you like the idea of a romantic candlelit dinner date?

Who doesn't... of course she does and if she says she doesn't someone really hurt her in the past.

5. How many stars out of 5 would you give me?

Does she know you well enough and should out a number or does she really contemplate her feelings for you?

6. Are you a hug or a kiss person?

Does she need constant touch to feel supported?

CRAZY long, but thorough guide: How to Touch a Girl: 47 Smooth Techniques [Pictures Included]

7. Do you like cuddling?

Is she the cozy kind? (again, read the guide linked above)

8. Do you enjoy dancing with a partner? What’s your favorite style?

Does she like salsa, merengue, shuffling?

9. Tell me about your ideal date night.

Is she more of a dinner and movie, or picnic and park girl?

10. What makes you blush?

You. You do, hopefully!

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11. What three qualities does your ideal man have?

Is he compassionate, kind, strong, determined, understanding, loyal, faithful, etc. (What Do Women Want: 17 Things Girls Like - wrote it a while ago, but still a good read)

12. Have you ever gone on a blind date?

Ask her for the stories on how well those turned out!

13. How do you feel about blind dates?

Does she encourage them or do they freak her out?

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However, if you're looking for massive list of purely flirty questions, just keep reading!

14. What is the most memorable gift you have received?

Notice if it's a tangible gift or something like a getaway.

15. What is the most memorable gift you have given?

Was it an experience?

16. What is your love language?

Does she need words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, or what? How does she need to be shown love. Take notes!

17. How do you express love?

Is how she expresses love the same way she needs love?

18. Do you like when guys have facial hair?

Or is she about the baby face?

BTW, hair or no hair, ALL girls like muscular guys: The 9 Biological Reasons Why Girls Like Muscles

19. What can I do to make you feel special?

What can you do that sets her apart from other guys she has dated and been with?

20. Do you like long walks on the beach at sunset?

Do the colors light up her life?

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21. Do you prefer casual or committed relationships?

Or does it change depending on her stage of life?

22. How do you feel about PDA?

Coming back to that love language... maybe it's physical touch and she needs constant cuddles!

23. Do you kiss and tell?

Or is she more secretive about who she kisses?

24. Do you believe in love at first site?

Is it love at first site or lust at first site?

25. What is your favorite romantic comedy?

Does she like the classics or is she more of an action type?

26. What song do you think describes you best?

Notice what kind of song she describes. Listen to the lyrics and the style.

27. Did you have an awkward-looking phase or have you always been this pretty?

Flirt flirt! She will blush at this one and probably talk about her awkward braces and acne days.

asking a girl flirty questions about her being pretty

28. Do you think men should always make the first move?

How old fashioned is she?

29. Can I buy you a drink? Which is your favorite?

Make her up her favorite cocktail. Impress her with your bartending skills.

30. Has anyone ever told you that you have beautiful eyes?

She'll blush once again.

31. Can I get to know more about you?

Show her that you want to know her underneath just her body and go into her mind. Discover and learn her.

32. Do you prefer a nice guy or a bad boy?

Maybe it changes depending on the phases. Read: 150 Dirty [And Sexy] Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

33. Are you more attracted to looks or personality?

It probably starts with looks and then transfers to personality after a little bit of time.

34. Do you prefer a quiet night in or a loud night out?

Is she an introvert or an extrovert? Does she enjoy silence or find peace in noise?

35. What is the worst date you’ve ever been on?

Has she experienced a plethora of bad dates?

36. How would you spend your last night on earth?

Hopefully with the people she loves.

37. Do you have a crush on anyone?

Hint hint.

38. Does romance make you cringe?

Are there certain things guys do that they think are romantic but they're way over the top?

39. What was your first impression of me?

Has it remained the same?

40. Does receiving compliments embarrass you or do you like it?

Both. Everyone likes a compliment, some people are just too insecure to embrace it.

41. Do you have a celebrity crush?

Who is the lucky bastard?

42. What is something odd you are attracted to?

Does she go after the jawline, the size of your thumb?

43. Do you think first impressions are generally right?

Or do people change the more she gets to know them?

44. When was your last first date?

Did she just get out of a long term relationship or does she go on tinder dates all the time?

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45. Who was your first crush?

Was he someone older?

46. Do you have any nicknames? What are they?

What does she go by? Is it a shortened version of her name or something goofy she was or is known for? Maybe you should pick one of these cute nicknames for you!

  1. Peachie
  2. Camellia
  3. Pumpkin
  4. Chicky
  5. Baby boo

47. If you had to choose a nickname for me what would it be?

How silly is she?

48. What is your favorite thing about yourself?

Does she like her wit, her body, her eyes, or her faith?

48. Do you believe in horoscopes?

Does she read her daily horoscope?

49. What is something you are obsessed with right now?

Is she practicing mindfulness and self love like most other women?

50. What kind of vibe do I give off?

Does she get cute or creepy vibes?

51. How are you single?

Is she off her rocker? Also: 100 Deep, Personal Questions to Ask a Girl to Create a Deep Connection

52. Are you different in all areas of your life or do you stick to being a certain way?

Does she compartmentalize her family from her friendships to her work, or is she the same with everything?

53. What is your favorite meme currently?

Is it cute cats?

54. If you were granted a single wish right now what would you wish for?

She'll wish for you to ask her out or leave her alone! Haha.

55. Can I see your tattoos and piercings?

Ask her the meaning behind them all.

56. What’s your favorite dirty joke?

Or is she all pure?

57. Do you smile when I text you?

A great flirty question for over text: does her face light up at just the thought of you?

58. Do you ever miss me?

Does she miss you when you aren't asking to know every part of her life?

59. Can I see your favorite picture of yourself?

How does she like looking her best? Once she shows you that special, learn how to compliment it here.

60. Would you share a playlist with me that you have made?

Will she bare her soul to you with her music?

61. If you had to sing a song for me what song would you sing?

Does she even like to sing?

62. What accent is the sexiest in a man?

American, Australian, English, Irish?

63. If you had to guess my favorite drink what would you choose?

Does she go for the old-fashioned?

64. What do you think is the most important quality in a relationship?

Compassion? Comprehension? Communication?

65. Do you kiss on the first date?

Does she do less or more?

66. Do you consider yourself adventurous?

Does she like wandering, meeting new people, traveling and trying new activities?

67. What are you known for in your friend group?

Is she the crazy drunk, or the momma?

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68. Do you have any guilty pleasures?


69. Do you follow your heart or your head more?

What speaks loudly? And what does she pursue? The calling of her head or the calling of her heart?

70. What do you regret having done in your life?

Does she have any regrets? Or does everything happen for a reason?

71. What does your ideal Valentine’s Day look like?

Does she think it is a dumb hallmark holiday or does she take it seriously?

72. Would you rather go to a strip club with me or perform a strip tease for me?

If she chooses the later, she is definitely into you.

73. Would you rather be single or in an open relationship?

Does she associate being single with being lonely?

74. Have you ever had a crush on a girl?

Has she experimented or is she bi?

75. Do you have any dating apps on your phone?

See if she puts her phone away or is open about it!

76. Have you ever had a crush on one of your teachers?

Pretty sure everyone has.

77. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Does she need 5 minutes or a couple hours?

78. On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate your looks?

Is she confident, insecure or entirely too cocky? Confident would be 6 to 9, cocky would be 10 and insecure would be below 6.

79. One a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate my looks?

Does she tease you first? Learn how to tease girls here: The Guide: 74 Methods To Tease A Girl [& Learn Cock-Funny]

80. Have you ever gone skinny dipping?

Let's go!

81. Would you be a sugar baby?

I mean how much money is he talking?

82. What is the craziest thing you have done for a guy you like?

Does she get possessive and say psycho things?

83. Are you hitting on me?

Just a cute little lighthearted phrase.

84. Where are you taking me this weekend?

Assertive is sexy.

85. Are you a trouble maker or a good girl?

Is she on Santa's naughty or nice list?

86. Is that what you say to all the guys?

When she flirts with you...

87. Did you save this seat for me?

Slide on in next to her, either way.

88. Shall we share a dessert?

There's something so sweet about sharing a spoon.

89. Do you prefer sweet or salty?

Maybe a mix.

90. Can I offer you a bite... of my food?

Sharing is caring.

91. Is all fair in love and war?

Or is everything unfair and horrible?

92. My friend dared me to kiss you. May I?

Win win here.

93. Would you like to know a secret?

Share with her something cute about yourself.

94. How do you feel about thrilling activities like skydiving?

Is she a thrill seeker or a comfort home-body?

95. Do you like eating food from different cultures?

Would she try anything if someone offered?

96. What is your biggest turn on in a guy?

Is it his muscles? Looks like you better hit the gym! Maybe it's time for her to learn the 17 techniques to turn on a guy!

97. What are your biggest deal breakers?

Someone who has cheated, someone who disrespects their family, someone who is entitled...

98. Do you play hard to get?

Or is she bold and up-front? Here's a good post to learn how to play hard to get YOURSELF! 15 Steps [With Examples] to Play Hard to Get

99. Who was your first love?

Was it recent or was it when she was growing up?

100. Would you change something about yourself if you could?

Or does she love herself and all she is?

101. If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would you choose to be?

Be. Here. Now.

102. Your skin is glowing. What is your secret?

Does she moisturize daily?

103. What does your name mean?

Is it French for dear?

104. What is your heritage? We should go see all the beautiful people there.

From where does she hail? What beautiful land?

105. What gets you excited?

Vacations, good food?

106. Who do you spill your soul to?

Listen to her talk about her best friend, her mom, her person! You will need to love them too.

107. Have we met before? I’m having deja-vu.

Aww, in another life!

108. Do you look more like your mother or father?

They sure must be good-looking.

109. What are your life’s goals and aspirations?

Is she an overachiever?

110. How well do you know yourself?

Does she know what she wants or is she constantly seeking more?

111. What is the hardest decision you have ever had to make?

This one might be a little deep, but you can lighten it up with something funny always.

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112. What is your favorite genre of novel?

How romantic is she?

113. What can I do to make you happy?

How can you offer to be the best version of yourself for her?

114. Do you consider yourself a giver to a taker?

She and you will need to know how to be both.

115. Do you like your wine red or white?

Maybe she likes sangria best.

116. What drives you crazy in a conversation?

When people don't listen to the answer after being asked a question?

117. How would you describe your childhood in one word?

Eventful. Funny. Sad. Joyful.

118. How fulfilled does your job make you feel?

Does she love what she does? She will bring her attitude home to you.

119. Do you think we will do well as lovers?

Or does she think of you like a brother?

120. Do you mind if I take your photograph?

Get those angles right!

121. May I draw a portrait of you?

If you're an artist she will be so into this!

122. Do you want to get married one day?

Not particularly to you, but in general.

123. What is your favorite terrible song?

What is one song everyone hates or makes fun of that she loves?

124. What is the most humiliating thing that has happened to you?

Does she have a lot of embarrassing stories?

125. Have you ever been trolled?

Haven't we all?

126. Tell me the story about what happened when you got super drunk.

Is she a classy drunk, a lazy drunk, a sad drunk, a super excited drunk a sloppy drunk?

127. What’s the cheesiest pick-up line that has been used on you?

How far is too far?

128. Would you rather be incredibly talented or flawlessly beautiful?

Looks or brains. How shallow or deep is she?

129. Do you think I’m attracted to you?

She knows you are.

130. Do you believe in destiny?

Or is everything a choice?

131. Do you believe in soulmates?

Do you think you have a lot throughout life, or a bunch to teach different things?

132. Have you ever experienced or witnessed a miracle?

Open your eyes.

133. Do you think you are living your life to the fullest?

Or is she lacking something strongly?

134. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Or is she never asleep?

135. Do you trust Gemini’s?

Is that the scariest zodiac sign? Maybe she is a Gemini, be careful!

136. Do you like surprises?

Or are they stressful?

137. Who is the best power couple?

Her own parents. aww.

138. Do you like “people watching”?

Does she guess how others live their lives?

139. What is your best party trick? Show me.

What does she have up her sleeve?

140. When was your first kiss?

Was she young or did it happen recently? A late bloomer.

141. Do you get jealous easily?

Is she chill or uptight?

142. Are you loyal?

Does she stick to her word?

143. Do you usually remember your dreams?

Does she keep a dream journal?

144. Where do you enjoy being kissed the most?

Everywhere. She likes it everywhere.

145. Do you prefer romance or spontaneity more?

Can't she love them both?

146. Are you more dominant or submissive?

Maybe she is 50/50.

147. What perfume do you use? You smell very nice.

Does she use perfume or essential oils?

148. Would you hold my hand?

Do they fit together like a fairytale?

149. How can we look this good together and still not be dating?

Wait for her to go in for that kiss!


These 150 flirty questions are all you need for the girl you like, who hopefully likes you back. They're lighthearted, cute, and can be asked in person or over the phone!

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