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You will learn in this article how to turn any woman into your hypnotized little girlfriend.

In a few short months: you will become a man that can melt the resistance of any woman. If you can follow these instructions you will be teaching other people how to get a girlfriend!

You will learn:

  1. Specific mindsets to annihilate neediness and awkwardness
  2. What seductive character you need to play
  3. How to take advantage of the #1 weakness every woman has

Be sure to take real, immediate action on these tips. So you don’t get confused I am taking many of these points from The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene. If you don’t have this book yet, GET IT. 

Nice guy vs. Narcissistic Playboy: The 2 extremes.

Every nice guy out there is always wondering “why are these girls so crazy about jerks, I actually care and they don’t care about me!” Many men can’t wrap their head around why women narcissistic playboy’s get all the girls.

The jerk/ narcissistic playboy doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings. He isn’t into getting a girlfriend or having a stable relationship.

He just wants sex and then run off to his next victim.

But why is he always getting laid?! [1]

What the nice guy doesn’t understand is that women get wet from a MAN, and although the narcissistic playboy isn’t a good man, he is a man. He exudes solid, masculine qualities.

On the other hand, the nice guy isn’t even a man. He is a fake feminine soyboy that will never get himself a woman.

Women will come to the nice guy when the narcissistic playboy jerk breaks their heart. They will come and cry on his shoulder, but he will never bring a girl to bed.

Act like a narcissistic playboy for a year and you will be getting ass everywhere.

But what should you become? Who should you be if you want to get a girlfriend?

Answer: neither is correct.

You can’t be the nice guy, because then you don’t get any girls. You want to keep the masculine, powerful traits of the playboy AND be kind at the same time. [2]

Never be nice, always be kind. Nice is where you are acting for validation. Kindness comes from within.

Women will sense that perfect mix and you will have no problem getting a girlfriend. 

When you are going to be consciously kind, empathetic and masculine girls will be running after you.

This is somewhat going against the grain because most PUA will teach you to be the terminator. You need to be an alpha male without any emotions. When this is just the opposite. 

One of the sexiest things a man can do is smile, this makes a girl feel safe around you.

How mystery will get you a girlfriend

Men fear that if the girl sees that you are actively practicing seductive tactics than will weird her out.

People think that if you bring sexual tension and clearly exude charismatic qualities you will build awkward tension. It’s as if you need to hide that your charismatic qualities from everyone.

This is not true at all.

When you are actively seducing a girl, you are really putting up a seductive mask. In other words, your victim, the girl, doesn’t really know who you are.

You are clearly adding mystery to yourself by telling the girl subconsciously “this is not who I am, I am acting this way to entice you” and she will go mad trying to figure out who you really are. [3]

This is exactly why you should be clearly seductive and do not feel awkward when you practice this on girls. Most people becoming so boring after a day with them because you know everything about there; nothing left to explore.

Learn how to make an alter ego, a separate identity that you can pull out at anytime. When you are with a victim you put on this seductive persona/ mask and seduce them. That will make you all the more seductive because the victim will be dying to know more about you.

Play by the rules of the game and you’ll win. 

Meet anyone seductive or charismatic and you will feel that you both know that you are being seduced getting purposefully flattered! Both of you know that she/ he is purposefully stroking your ego and yet you don’t stop him/ her.

Why not?

Because emotionally you’ve already been chained up.

Build a strategic mindset to get women

When you are attempting you arouse your woman you must come with strategy. With strategy you must come with an emotionally free mind. To reach this strategic mindset you need to see every approach as war and her as the victim.

This means that even if your narcissistic, egotistical part of yourself wants to just be self absorbed, learn to escape that by reframing your interactions as a war. And with war you need strategy. Your goal is to win, keep your eye on the goal and ignore your ego.

Naturally you may be a self-obsessed narcissistic guy, but act with empathy and stroke their ego in order to win this game. Keep your eye on the prize.

In addition, if you are really dedicated to taking action and want to learn what turns girls on read my review on my favorite course. This course is the one decision that changed my life, and I really tell everyone to learn about it.

Becoming a high value man that women get wet from is not easy and that’s why you need to take all the action you can!

Which seductive character do you need to be for a hot girlfriend?

“The Rake is a great female fantasy figure– when he desires a woman, brief that moment may be, he will go to the ends of the earth for her… the rake is delightfully unrestrained, a slave to his love of women.” (The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene)

Women desire deep love from a man, but the problem is that men get too distracted. 

You want to turn her on? Give her unconditional, focused love and soon you will be making love.

Girls know that men are attracted to her body, she knows that if she shows some cleavage guys will stare, but that’s not what she dreams of, she doesn’t just want attention, she wants to feel like she is completely loved, every inch of her body. [4]

She might becomes friends with a guy that likes her and wants to have sex, but a women really want a man to crave her.

She wants to feel as though she is seducing you, as if she has control of your sex drive because you crave her so much. This will give her the emotional security to fall in love. Tell her that she is making you an evil man and how much you lose control of your sexuality around her. She will be completely manipulated by you and even though logically she’ll know what your doing, emotionally you will have her chained.

Showing your deep desire is actually quite simple because she will test you anyways to see how much you desire her and once you passed those tests you won.

She knows the only power she has is to get attention, but even with the hottest, sexiest body a women will never really get the entire craving that she needs. 

This is why women fantasize about getting gang banged. Girls crave the feeling of being desired and having a group of guys on top of her fulfills that need.

Think about some of the hottest girls you have ever seen.

Do you desire them? For sure, their hot, but what happens when a hotter more attractive girl walk by, you stop caring about the previous girl and stare at the new girls.

She wants to feel unconditional love and desire for her body.

This is what makes foreplay so important. As a man you just want to throw her on a bed and jackhammer her. She needs to feel like you desire her whole entire body. 

That’s why you start by kissing her neck, her earlobes (they are amazing for getting her wet) then you move to her legs, kissing and adoring her beauty. 

This is exactly what frustrates a woman. Only you can choose to give that to her.

Do not approach her breasts or vagina until you have kissed every part of her body, her back, inner thighs, lips, neck and anything else. Show how much she dazzles you and that you worship her beauty.

This is real seduction.

You can also give it conditionally, when she does what you want than you can give her a little sip of her emotional needs.

That’s why people think women want marriage more than men and that’s true, but it’s because she thinks that her man will love and worship her from then on.

We give what we want not what girls want.

This is a core principle in The Art of Seduction. You need to give women or people what they want.

I am 100% guilty of this. My whole life I thought that I could get people to love me with force. I thought that if I had enough aggressiveness I could command respect. 

This was the beginning of the end for me, I had to learn the hard way that people will never love or respect you through force.

It’s crazy to think that I used to think this way…

My old thought patterns used to be that if I can talk enough about myself and do enough impressive things people would like me. But I was 180 degrees in the wrong direction!

You want to learn how to win friends and influence people? Learn how to be a friend and influence yourself!

The famous personal development speaker and salesman, Zig Zigler said: “If you go looking for a friend, you’re going to find they’re very scarce. If you go out to be a friend, you’ll find them everywhere.

If you have a hard time getting rejected then take a good look at what Zig Zigler is saying, are you coming with the energy of “what can I say or do to make you feel great?”

When you give a compliment to a girl like “your dress looks pretty on you” and you follow with “my name is Colt, what’s your name?” why would she reject you?

The greatest part about this is while you are coming to give you can’t be needy or be Mr. Nice Guy because the essence of the needy nice guy is that he has “taking energy,” the real friend is coming to give.

And the friend will say if you don’t appreciate my gift to you than I’ll move on to someone else.

This is the core principle to any seduction is learning the wants and desires of your victim, then using that to your advantage.

Put up a mask and ‘alter ego’ and act as if you only live to serve your victims desires. This will allow your girl to trust you even further.

This can be used lightly as a friendship or you can use this in a dark way and manipulate, arouse and take a girl to bed.

I say be the rake, seduce girls and live the life. [5]

Once you are overpowering her with your burning passion of your love for her you can increase the effect by utilizing the power of words.

In the chapter 10 called ‘Use the Demonic Power of Words to Sow Confusion,’ Robert Greene writes: 

“Inflame People’s emotions with loaded phrases, flatter them, comfort their insecurities, envelop their fantasies, sweet words, and promises, and not only will they listen to you, they will lose their resistance to you.”

A man’s greatest weakness is visual, a woman’s weakness is words. Specifically, the way words make a women feel.

“The key to seductive language is not the words you utter, or your seductive tone of voice; it is a radical shift in perspective and habit.”

Instead of constantly being self-absorbed and talking about our own feelings, we need to shift our focus onto our victim.

Why? Because we need to deeply understand our victims psychology. See with words we are aiming to flatter their ego .

We need to understand our girl’s ego and insecurities if we are going to flatter her successfully. You cannot tell a woman who is beautiful and knows it that she is beautiful.

Although this video is about how to manipulate men, it does an excellent job at showing how to completely manipulate anyone with their ego and vanity.

You need to learn about what she is insecure about… maybe it is her intellect. Tell her in direct and indirect ways about how much you love her for her incredible mind.

Give her the validation and approval where she most needs it and she is yours. 

Sometimes she won’t be so clear about it, dig into her psychology, learn about her family and childhood. Maybe there is something that she always secretly wanted to be, and then give her that approval Let her be that super-girl around you.  

But give her that approval in the form of words. Be creative and show her that she is seducing her.

The Spotlight Paradox

I used to be so scared of losing love if I gave people my attention. I felt that I needed to be aggressive and force my way to get love. 

Sadly, I grew up on a french line from my parents that went like this “l’agressivité est tout ce qui compte” which means “aggressiveness is all that counts.” This could not be further from the truth, being forceful and aggressive will never get you love, respect and any sort of long term success.

You get love and success by giving the spotlight to other people. And this is why this is a paradox, because when you are truly giving love, you’ll receive love.

This was super scary for me, I grew up with l’agressivité est tout ce qui compte, I thought that I needed to fight my way through people, but I needed to trust the process and as I mentioned in other articles over a few years I transformed my personality.

I became Mr.Giving. And you should too. Give them what they deeply desire and don’t even know.

Nothing to do with being Mr. Honest.

I also used to also always get hooked up on the idea that I needed to be honest and brute with people. I couldn’t act a pleasant character, I needed to act the way I felt truly inside.

And I’m sure you have also heard the world’s worst advice: “BE YOURSELF.”

This video is excellent from a channel called Coach Red Pill showing why you should never be yourself. And I know this is even more important in a dating situation.

Never do what I did, it doesn’t work. I had no friends! Act in a pleasing way even if you don’t feel that way. You must learn to act, you do not need to be honest about your emotions. 

Be Mr. Charisma and ditch Mr. Honest.

Conclusion and summary

To really get a girlfriend you need to:

  1. Be a masculine man
  2. Be kind
  3. Be mysterious
  4. Build a strategic mindset
  5. Give women their deepest desire/ The rake
  6. Use the demonic power of words

If you follow the rules of the game you will win. Read my reviews on the best dating courses now and change your dating life forever.

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