How To Get A Girlfriend: Complete Effective Guide

How I Got Myself A Girlfriend

In the beginning… I was not able to even ask directions from girls because of my intense fear, I would talk super fast in the most awkward way….

I would go to sleep asking “why can’t I get a girlfriend?”

Those were hard times, and I lived like that for a long, long time.

I had zero social skills, I thought I had a permanent mental problem. I didn’t think that I would ever be capable of having real friends, and real love. [1]

Everyone told me that I was crazy, and I never felt comfortable around people. And because everyone told me I was crazy I believed them.

But whenever I would look in the mirror I couldn’t understand how I could believe such horrible things about myself… I was stuck in this unending pattern of self-destructive thoughts.

To make a story of many years short, I started to get my act together. I found myself a coach and began approaching girls.

Eventually, after a billion rejections and many years of work my life my life gradually transformed into a fantastic life, full of girls.

I want to tell you guys what took me out of that sad, depressing place to a popular, charismatic guy with tons of beautiful girls in my life.

But I want to warn you about something before we get started: stop dreaming for the one key that will give you super seductive qualities. It doesn’t exist. 

There is no one thing that you are missing that will change everything, I write in How To Be More Confident Around Women other very important points that you don’t want to miss. Here I will be focusing on one aspect you need to master.

What I am about to tell you is a major key to success in any area, BUT it isn’t THE key. 

Throughout your journey you will learn different keys that will give you breakthroughs.

If you are reading this I’m assuming you are not part of the lucky sperm party. You were not born with incredible parents that allowed your personal attractiveness to blossom.

There’s a chance you are also not the best looking… like me.

Gosh I am so happy for not being born a girl, because if you are a guy that’s not so pretty there’s a chance that you can get your act together and change your personality and attract women. Women don’t care nearly as much as men about looks.

But if I was born a girl I wouldn’t really have a chance at getting a good boyfriend because as we know men are only going to approach hot girls.

So I guess at least I’m lucky to be born a male…

But anyways, you are probably not part of the lucky sperm club and you want to learn how to get a woman to love you.

There’s a good chance you looked it up how to get a girlfriend on wikihow. And that probably didn’t help.

And I’ve read their article… and although the author might have some good points, she frankly missed the point.

The entire article makes the dude look and act like a nice guy and we know how that works… I doesn’t.

So now that you weren’t naturally endowed with an attractive character you need to get one AND you need to learn to build courage and get over the fear.

Let’s start with fear.

I was petrified of telling any girl that she was pretty.

If you could get over your fears most of  your natural attractiveness would shine and you wouldn’t have a hard time approaching women. [2]

Is there something that you can do to become 10 times more confident and less fear than you are now?


What is it?

Stop releasing your semen and masturbating. This is a huge key to success with women.

How To 10x Your Confidence To Entice Any Woman

If you want to bring that inner lion out, fuck the real world, conquer your fears you must stop masturbating.

Stop letting your life force go to useless places, masculine energy get wasted!

This conversation is for the men that have self control.

You have masculine, rough, aggressive, passionate sexual energy in you. 

You choose: either you let out that massive energy in the form of semen in one minute OR you can use that energy to get you everything that you ever dreamed of.

Think about it: your semen has energy that can create a human being. Every time you masturbate and let that energy go out in a physical manner you have wasted that incredible energy.

You can use that energy to create a new life for yourself. 

Go from being broke to earning 6 figures in 2 years. From nice guy, no confidence to a monster, attracting girls everywhere in 2 years. [3]

You have this massive sexual energy inside of you, but you release it the wrong way.

Napoleon Hill in his famous book “Think And Grow Rich” has a chapter on sexual transmutation.

(Think And Grow Rich is a book dedicated to teaching the 13 steps to success, it has sold over 100 million copies! I have read this book again and again, each time gaining new insights. Each chapter should be treated like gold. If you do not own the book yet I highly suggest you do NOW.)

Napoleon Hill first defines transmutation: “the changing or transferring of one element, or form of energy into another.”

Which means we are directing the immense power and energy of sex emotion into something we choose.

Napoleon describes the power of the sex emotion: “sex is the most powerful of human desires, when driven by this desire men develop keenness in their imagination, courage, willpower, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other times.”

So by using transmuting sex desire to succeeding in life you will experience: courage, willpower, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other times… and who the heck doesn’t want that while trying to overcome fear of sexy women?

If you don’t let it go through physically, you will feel your body vibrating in energy, passion and courage.

Your courage will make you take massive action and change your life. You won’t be Mr. Seductive, but you will feel the energy to take action, and over time you will perfect your skills.

I remember when I first practiced semen retention and transmuted that energy I felt like I needed to talk to a girl, just release energy. And keep in mind this was while I was still petrified of girls. 

I was super horny, and the only way that I could get rid of that feeling was by jumping into my fears. 

I will be honest and tell you guys that I did relapse on day 27.

Gosh, for 3 minutes of pleasure I lost 3 weeks of incredible results, courage… I was sad, but at least I was clear about the one thing that changed my life: semen retention/ sex transmutation.

The next 2 weeks were rough, I felt like I lost the monster in me, I lost that masculinity that I desperately needed if I wanted to smash through.

At the time I had an amazing What’s App coach, Sebastian Harris, that would give me daily challenges to push my fears with women, and within those 3.5 weeks of semen retention I did more than 2 months of coaching!

But after I lost my streak I had to wait another 2 weeks till I could achieve the same results. But don’t get me wrong, after I got my streak back up I smashed though fear every day.

Those three weeks of semen retention showed me that I needed to quit P.M.O. (Porn, Masturbation, and Orgasm) and let me telling you looking back having sex with a hot girl is way better than masturbating to porn. 

The second attempt was better and my streak ended with real sex! That was nice…

Napoleon Hill writes: “So strong and impelling is the desire for sexual contact that men freely run the risk of his life and reputation to indulge in it.”

Releasing the energy behind sex is so strong that men will do anything to release it to the world, but you have the choice on how to release it, you can decide to allow that creative courageous energy to destroy your social anxiety and build charisma or you can just masturbate and feel like crap.

You can build a multi-million dollar business over 5 years or you can consistently masturbate and do nothing.

Here’s the thing the emotion of sex is an irresistible force, you can equip yourself and transmute it and you’ll become a “superman for action.”

I swear if you have a good coach and you practice semen retention you will get laid in 6 months.

The first time you try semen retention you will most likely fail 3 weeks in, just like me, but you’ll feel the insane transformation that you will experience and that will propel you to continue.

In the NoFap community we say that you grow an extra set of balls, you take bigger risks. 

Let me give you an idea of what you’ll feel, let’s say you can tell a girl that she is pretty, but now you find it hard to close for the number, after 3-4 of this lifestyle you will feel FORCED to talk to girls and hang out with them. 

You will force yourself to learn social skills, you will get rejected multiple times, but it won’t matter to you. You will be focused on the journey, and you will keep your burning desire to create results. 

After 6 months of this (assuming you get a coach) I promise you will have real sex with a real girl!

Here’s a video of “Captain Sinbad” on YouTube describing his experience of NoFap for 70+ days. I recommend watching his videos, they are very encouraging for some.

Here are some quotes from Napoleon Hill author of Think And Grow Rich on sexual transmutation:

  1. Controlled sex supplies the magnetic force that attracts people to one another. It is the most important factor for a pleasing personality.
  2. It gives quality to the tone of voice and enables one to convey through the voice any feeling desired.
  3. It serves, as nothing else can serve to give motive-powers to one’s desires.
  4. It keeps the nervous system charged with the energy needed to carry on the work of maintaining the body.
  5. It sharpen the imagination and enables one to create useful ideas.
  6. It gives quickness and definiteness to one’s physical and mental movements.
  7. It gives persistence and perseverance in the pursuit of one’s major purpose in life.
  8. It is a great antidote for all fear.
  9. It gives one immunity against discouragement.
  10. It helps to master laziness and procrastination.
  11. It gives one physical and mental endurance while undergoing any form of opposition or defeat.
  12. It gives one the fighting qualities necessary under all circumstances for self-defense.
  13. In brief, it makes winners and not quitters!

The first quote is: “Controlled sex supplies the magnetic force that attracts people to one another. It is the most important factor for a pleasing personality” that is literally what we are discussing, this is how you attract a quality girlfriend!

Whatever fear you experience around girls now, you will only experience a 1/10 of that after a month of semen retention.

The first month or two, depending on how much porn you’ve been watching will be the hardest. Join the NoFap subreddit people will give you tons of encouragement.


  1. Don’t read sex stories/ edge, or do anything that will cause you to release semen because you will not feel the results
  2. Have something you can do when you are feeling urges. For many guys a cold shower does the job. I’ve done push-ups too. You will feel super horny, if you don’t have something to take you out of that state you will lose your streak.
  3. Understand that your brain get’s Fu(ked up by watching porn so for the 1st month you will experience crazy ups and downs.
  4. Learn more about NoFap, I’ll list a whole bunch of channels later. Learn about the benefits of semen retention this will keep you motivated.
  5. Breath deeply. Deep breathing, particularly Wim Hof’s style, is an excellent way to channel you energy to the rest of your body. This will also help you stay grounded as you can become very wild with all that stored sex energy. 

So listen I don’t care if you aren’t part of the lucky sperm club, you can use your sexual transmutation to your advantage. 

I started off by being a scared guy, and I really got control of my problem with my own sexual energy. I felt compelled to push my limits.

I had the perfect combination, sexual transmutation and a coach. 

For me the perfect solution was 3 things.

The best seduction book on the market 

The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene is by far the best book for anyone aspiring to seduce, attract girls.

I actually own the audio-book and the paperback version of the book simply because by taking in the information I am reprogramming my subconscious mind.

One of the biggest takeaways that I got was to see things objectively and stop taking things personally.

This was really big for me, especially at the beginning, when I got rejected 5 times, the book taught me to say that I just needed to change my behavior.

I learned that there are ways to act that will get me sexy girls and there are ways to fail BIG.

I was acting the wrong way, I kept on doing the same pattern over and over again.

But the book taught me that what I was doing was causing me ENORMOUS PAIN and if I acted in these new mindsets and followed some simple rules I could have any girl I wanted.

Easier said than done, BUT this DEEP 468 page book, which will teach you which character and what process to follow will make everything a hell of a lot easier.

This book will not:

  1. Give you the motivation, you need to motivate yourself.
  2. Tell you exactly what to say, this book is about the principles.
  3. Change you overnight, BUT if you reread this and allow the book to seduce you and you put in the work you will be set up fine.

I recommend you could do what I did and get both the audio-book and the paperback and just let the words seduce you!

What Is The Most effective Seduction Course?

The best course in my opinion is The Rise of The Phoenix and the 14 Day Seduction Bootcamp by Sebastian Harris.

I have a full review on the Rise of the Phoenix HERE.

The 14 Day Seduction Bootcamp tells you everything you need to learn. The Rise of The Phoenix just gives you the core principles

He teaches the exact methodology to remove all guilt, shame, fake confidence, and build solid mindsets and confidence.

module 1 box

If you can follow the steps in this course for 14 days, your eyes will open and you will be like “why was I ever so full of fear?”

I recommend you practice semen retention for 30 days and then go hard for 2 weeks on this program.

The course is also full of timeless principles. You’ll refer back to this program in a year from now to improve your nightgame.

The course includes:

  1. 14 life changing audio courses based on 73 scientific studies.
  2. 14 mind-altering trances that give you superpowers only master seducers have. 
  3. 42 practical exercises only my one-on-one coaching clients have access to.
  4. 13 hours and 28 minutes of transformative audio content in 14 modules.

Everyday, for 14 intense days you will listen to a lecture detailing you everything you need to know, then you will listen to the exercises that you need to do that day. And before you fall asleep you’ll listen to a mind altering trance that will reprogram your mind for success with women.


It costs less than 5 dollars per hour of transformative content.


Nightgame Evolution: The Rules and Words to Get Laid in Bars and Clubs (30-minute audio course) worth $49.99 for FREE.

Make Her Come: The Politically Incorrect Way to F@#k Her to Cloud Nine (40-minute audio course) worth $59.99 for FREE.

OH’ and by the way, this all comes with a 60 day no questions ask return policy!

A much needed day to day What’sApp coach

Important: The 14 Day Seduction Bootcamp and the What’sApp coaching is only available to those who invest in the The Rise of The Phoenix. Once you invest in The Rise of The Phoenix you will have the option to get the 14 Day Seduction Bootcamp and the What’sApp coaching.

The What’sApp coaching is Sebastian Harris, the creator of The Rise of The Phoenix and the 14 Day Seduction Bootcamp, coaching you every single day to take action and answering any questions you have.

Every day he would give a challenge. At the very beginning Sebastian only made me do very basic, but terrifying things like tell a girl she is pretty and then walk away.

But gradually he made me do some small talk with girls and over a couple months a got some numbers and some dates. Dating was sooo scary, but he didn’t let me chicken out. 

After 5-6 months I was basically fear-free. That doesn’t mean I had zero fear, it means that I had the relationships that I wanted with the hottest girls and I could live a healthy, sexy social life. [4, 5]

I accepted myself and I could go back and really learn seduction to have even more fun. Approaching girls has become a game for me. I see how deeply I can seduce and flirt with her. [6]

But let me warn you that it was horribly difficult. I had girls just walk away from me. I believed in “annoyed at first sight,” so although I make it sound like it was effortless it was not.

Becoming a man that can get a girlfriend is hard, Sebastian once sent me a message: “[it’s] Hard but in the end it will be all worth it.”

I remember being in a mall not having the guts to approach a girl, so I just walked around each floor twice till I forced myself to talk to a girl and it was terrible, she just said no and walked away.

So if you haven’t got the course and the coaching yet get it HERE NOW!

By the way, if you are a young guy trying to get a girl in High School then you are in luck, because of your age semen retention will have a much stronger and faster effect than you can imagine. 

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