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Notice to all new readers: Girls, start with His Secret Obsession

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When you ask the question how to look more masculine you are not asking how to look like a hot girl…

Why am I telling you this? 

Because I used to think that all men were at a disadvantage. I thought that as a male I wasn’t as likable as a girl.

Before you laugh at my ridiculous mistake, think about it. When was the last time a girl approached you to get your number?

You are always trying to get their number!

Do you see girls always checking you out? If you are seriously good looking, OK…

But, girls get it all the time!

And as a growing up male teenager I thought I was unattractive to women because I wasn’t as pretty as they were… 

Until I learned the obvious answer to my problem:

Girls are not sexually attracted to another hot girl!

They are sexually attracted to the masculine man. They are looking for that tough guy that has total power over his own life.

They go crazy for the guy with high status. 

The best part is you can make yourself look like that tough, rugged man that girls love. I promise you they work because they changed my entire dating life.

All I needed to do was to forget about looking pretty and look as manly as possible, that turns every girl on.

1. Grow facial hair

Having facial hair is a classical masculine look. And therefore, women are very attracted to men with a beard.

In fact a study published in the journal of Evolution and Human Behavior made it abundantly clear that men with facial hair are more attractive.

It can increase your face width to height ratio and you’ll also have a perceived increase in your jaw line. Women find both of those attractive.

But here’s the catch, a well kept beard can make you look masculine and sexy. But an unkept beard can make you look homeless. [1, 2]

If you take care of it, it’ll take care of you with the ladies!

2. Have a good posture

Having the right posture can make it or break it with the ladies. A bad posture will make you lose your entire masculine look if you aren’t careful.

But how can you have the right posture?

Here’s a simple exercise that you can do:

  1. Stand up
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Breath deeply
  4. Relax your whole body
  5. Know that everything will be OK
  6. Let your body get into this feeling
  7. Remember this posture

This posture is the perfect way of exuding confidence. Because confidence isn’t some forceful energy.

You aren’t making the world work how you want it. You are just letting go, knowing it will all be fine.

When your body is relaxed you know you have the right posture. You are holding yourself up with dignity. [3]

3. Take up space

Don’t be afraid to let your body take up space.

Studies have shown that alpha males will naturally take up a ton of space while sitting down. While shy, insecure men will take up less room.

By allowing yourself to take up more room you are showing the world I am not afraid.

This means:

  1. Taking your hands out of your pocket. 
  2. Not making your arms stick on your body.
  3. Allowing your feet to spread out.
  4. Allowing yourself to lean back

You’ll notice it’s about “allowing” – you are allowing your body to be in its natural dominant space.

4. Have a calm presence

Having a calm presence is the number one thing that you need if you are aiming for that sexy, masculine look.

You need to allow yourself to be in the moment. You don’t feel like you need to go anywhere.

You are OK with who you are now. I.e. self love.

You don’t walk like insecure people.

Insecure people walk super quickly. You want to walk at a slower pace, establishing a calm space around you.

When someone is speaking to you, you can truly listen. As we mentioned, while being in the moment.

You aren’t waiting for the moment that you can talk. You are truly letting her express herself.

Another common thing that all calm men do: they talk at a slow pace.

OK, maybe not s-l-o-w like that, but they do talk with a calm energy. That’s what you are looking for.

Holding eye contact is extremely important too.

It shows that you aren’t afraid to connect with people. And when a girl sees that, she sees that you are a dominant man and feels attracted.

5. Build muscle

Women are definitely attracted to muscle and it’s for a good reason: it is the number one way a woman can tell you are masculine by just your appearance.


  1. Arms 
  2. Shoulders 
  3. ABS

Do whatever you can to build muscle. Personally workout programs work the best for me.

To really get your muscles to look amazing aim to lower your body fat percentage to about 10%. And the way you do that is by eating less.

Find something that works for you and slowly lose that fat while building the muscle. 

And just as a side note: I used to be so skinny. You couldn’t even believe it, but then I followed a workout program and by the end of it I got a six pack.

Since then I’ve been lifting weights and stuff, but my point is you can change your body.

I don’t care how fat or skinny you are, you can change. [4]

6. Wear masculine clothing

You are aiming for that rugged, masculine look so here are some ideas:

As a general rule stay with neutral colors. Avoid anything bright, girls classically wear blue and yellow clothing.

You are looking for something comfortable and bold, but not too tight. You are not dressing as a model or for beauty. 

You are dressing to show your toughness. 

If the environment calls for it, wear a suit. It shows women that you have your life together.

And one last thing: you don’t need to spend a lot of money on your clothing, head over to a thrift shop and you’ll be fine. 

Buying second hand clothing is fine. In fact it can give you that rugged look that girls love. [5]

7. Take responsibility

Of course, looking more masculine isn’t just about picking the right clothing or heading off to the gym. It’s about the way you live life.

Masculinity is all about taking responsibility for your life.

It’s the ability to look at your life and say “I am not growing every day, I do not feel fulfilled”.

Taking responsibility is about taking your power back. Understanding that you put yourself in the position that you are in now.

You take responsibility for your money situation and start building a new business. You work hard building the man you will be.

You look carefully at your relationships. Are they where you want to be?

You don’t let yourself watch porn or drink alcohol to forget about your loneliness. Instead you start to learn what’s wrong.

You begin to think about why you can’t get a girlfriend. Maybe you think of getting a dating course.

Responsibility means when you look down and you are overweight you don’t give up on yourself. You start following a workout program.

You believe nothing is unfix-able. You trust that as a human you can transform your life over time with hard, consistent work.

When you truly believe this everyone will see it one your face. And your face will give you the ultimate masculine look.

8. Be assertive

The last thing that I have for you is called being assertive. And I’m sure I’m not the first one to tell you about this.

But I think I have something to add. 

Being assertive means you are respecting yourself and others. It does not mean you believe that you are better or worse than anyone.

But you don’t run away from conflict. If you want a raise you go talk to your boss about it.

If you want to start your own business you get right to it. You follow your true calling.

Even when you are having a tough conversation you stay calm. You don’t let yourself become overly emotional.

You are looking for “what” is right, not “who” is right.

When you give someone a handshake you hold their hand well. You can look at people in the eye. [6]


As I mentioned at the beginning you will never be as pretty as a girl. And that’s perfectly fine because you don’t have to be pretty to get girls.

Girls aren’t attracted to your “beauty” they are attracted to your manliness. They are attracted to that rough guy.

So besides for creating that look with clothing and the gym, you need to have the ‘look’ of a man on your face.

And the way you do that is by following your true calling. You find your purpose and you get straight to work.

Once you get working and you are living a passionate life the most beautiful women will find their way into your bed without even trying.

As I’ve said before: when you are happy, women are happy to be with you.


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