Devilishly Attractive: 19 Transformative Techniques To Look More Masculine & Tough

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B...B..But “real men” don’t care how they look?!


Do you dress in your pajamas for a very promising job interview?

Do you wear a bathing suit to a wedding?

Didn’t think so!

You dress according to the occasion because looks DO matter.

And because you’re here looking to get hot girls, you need to dress for that opportunity i.e. dress masculine.

1. The business masculine look

You're dealing with high profile business men. You need to appear powerful. These are the 4 pieces to appear powerful and of course, masculine.

The suit

Yes, a deep black suit is the easiest color to choose. 

But think about how much more you’d stand out if you had a cool style, like this:

Wearing a designer suit can help tremendously with creating a masculine look

Or this:

Wearing a designer suit can help tremendously with creating a masculine look

Or this:

Wearing a designer suit can help tremendously with creating a masculine look

In addition, having padded shoulders will help you out tremendously as it adds to that V-Taper look (wide shoulders relative to hips). [1, 2]

The tie

Most guys stick with a simple color and tie knot style - half-Windsor, Full Windsor, Four-in-hand, etc - and that works. 

But if you want to stand out here’s what I’d recommend. 

  1. 1
    Pick a color that fits your style and stands out
  2. 2
    Try a cool tie knot such as the Eldridge, Trinity, or even Murrel

My only warning here is not to take it too far, try to only use one piece of clothing or jewelry to make you stand out - not all of them!

Here's a nice example:

wearing a tie like this guy can make you seem tougher, more put together and more masculine

And who knows, you might even end up with a girl that likes ties too!

a girl wearing a tie

The accessories

Accessories that come to mind are:

  1. Watch
  2. Tie clip
  3. Lapel pin for tie (can be a flower too)
  4. Cufflinks
  5. Dress shoes
  6. Belt
  7. Gloves
  8. Pocket square
  9. Scarf 
  10. Business coat (topcoat, peacoat, trenchcoat)
  11. Work bag
  12. Sunglasses 
  13. Umbrella 

Not all of these are needed, but they absolutely complete the look. [3]

The hair style

Lots of guys don’t pay much attention to their hair at all. 

But that stops today because as a man, you need to look put together and here are the basics to getting the perfect masculine hairstyle:

  1. 1
    Search online and find the right hairstyle that matches your personality and hair type
  2. 2
    Find a barber and ask him to re-do your hair to match that hairstyle
  3. 3
    Buy the right gell, etc. to maintain that look

Never underestimate the confidence that a respectable hairstyle can give you.

2. The casual masculine look

Let's say you’re at the bar with friends, on the street looking to start a conversation with that pretty girl or studying at college. 

What would be the most effective clothing to wear in order to appear masculine?

First off, here are some things avoid:

  • Thin pants
  • Loose fitting clothing
  • Mismatching clothing (here’s a great tool to use)
  • T-shirt with some message 
  • Sandals -  for the love of God, leave them at your grandma’s house
  • The wrong pair of socks - they stick out like a sore thumb
  • Don’t wear jeans that can’t reach your butt
  • Cheap shoes - women have a weird obsession with shoes if you haven’t noticed

Now that we got that out of the way, here’s a casual look that’ll work just fine for many occasions: 

  1. 1
    Shirt: Henley shirt (better than just a regular T-shirt) or better a casual dress shirt
  2. 2
    Jacket: anything that matches your shirt properly, can even be a suit jacket - layers can be the key to finishing your style
  3. 3
    Sweater: If it’s cold outside, pick a casual sweater
  4. 4
    Pants: Chinos (comfortable without being too chill) or jeans 
  5. 5
    Shoes: Boots or leather sneakers
  6. 6
    Watch: Anything stylish really, just avoid the 20 dollar Casio’s (helps to make you stand out), you could also go with a bracelet - just do head out naked

For a basically limitless number of examples, check out this article by Next Luxury and this article by Restart Your Style.

3. The worker masculine look

Lastly, before all the specific tips to finish the masculine look, here how to upgrade your raw industrial-worker look:

  1. 1
    Worker shirt (this shirt from Carhartt should never fail you)
  2. 2
    Worker jacket: if it’s winter get something warmer, but for spring/fall this option for Dickies should last you a while without breaking the bank
  3. 3
    Any work jeans: insulated for winter, lighter for the summer
  4. 4
    Watch: most guys go for G-shock, but you knew that already
  5. 5
    Boots: if your on a budget go with Jim Green Razorbacks from South Africa, you really can’t beat them at their price point

Even with all of this, in truth, your actual clothing won’t be very different from most guys, but where you’ll really stand out is in these 2 areas: 

  1. Color matching 
  2. Cleanliness (fresh clothing daily)

These 2 simple things will make you stand out and believe you me, your co-workers will notice. 

If you have any other questions, this playlist from Carl Murawski should answer all of them:

4. Tattoos

Tattoos… here we go.

Why are tattoos so masculine and why do women love them?

As the actual procedure itself is a risk, having tattoos is a sign that you’re willing to take risks which is a masculine trait.

So if happen to be interested in getting a tattoo, here are some tips to follow to get the most of it:

  1. Make it visible
  2. Don’t make it too generic (lions, roses, etc.)
  3. Weird messages (friends don’t lie, be your own best friend, etc.)
  4. Have a personal connection and story to your tattoo (it’ll give you something to talk about)

But tattoos aren’t for everyone, so here are more tips:

5. Seem capable of violence

You don’t need to walk around with an AK-47, but you should walk around with something that hints to people: I can’t defend myself, don’t mess with me. 

So give me some ideas:

  1. Pocket knife
  2. Wear a hoodie
  3. Have noticeable muscles and clothing that make them visible
  4. Wear darker clothing
  5. Talk less and keep a calm demeanor 
  6. Have friends that seem dangerous too
  7. Carry yourself with powerful body language (chin & chest up, eye contact, let your body take up space, etc)

Now to be clear for all those autistic guys out there, you don’t want to seem like you’re ready to commit some horrible crime.


The idea is to simply appear “capable of violence” which, needless to say, is a prime masculine trait and unsurprisingly, women react to it very strongly. [4

6. Earring

Yes, earring can make you seem more masculine in a bad boy way, but leave them outside your professional business life.

If you’re unsure about getting piercings, you could always get stud earrings which give you the same benefits without the downsides for the same price!

7. Necklaces and Bracelets 

I like necklaces and bracelets because you can easily find a style that’ll match pretty much any occasion you find yourself in.

Here are just some of the options you can choose from:

  1. Chain size
  2. Chain type (gold, silver, steel)
  3. Leather?
  4. What you want hanging off your chain AKA pendant

It’s amazing what a simple necklace paired with a nice bracelet can do to an otherwise plain outfit. 

And just like tattoos, aim to get a necklace that means something to you, a story behind it. It’ll be an easy conversation starter. 

8. Wear something that makes you stand out

Have 1 thing that makes you stand out, not everything.

A guy that uses every piece of clothing to stand out looks like a clown.

However, if you use 1 piece of clothing or accessories to stand out, you’ll benefit greatly.

But why is it so important to stand out in the first place? Several reasons:

  1. Women will notice you, instead of disappearing in the masses
  2. Women will see that you aren’t afraid to be noticed and stand out which is a sign on confidence
  3. Women will see that you care about your appearance enough to add that detail which is another sign of self-respect

This is why I recommend earlier that you wear a different color suit, have a special hair style, wear a necklace or anything else that’ll help you get noticed. 

9. Calm demeanor face

Having a calm demeanor will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine, for example:

  1. You’ll stop smiling just to gain approval less 
  2. You’ll think through decisions properly without rushing which means you’ll make less mistakes
  3. People will subconsciously trust you more as you won’t seem like your always running to hide something
  4. People will understand you more clearly as you’ll be talking with a… calm demeanor

But what all this really boils down to is confidence. 

In essence: calmness = confidence. And we all know that confidence is one of the biggest giveaways of a masculine man. 

Stay calm, stay masculine.

10. Have a masculine hairstyle

There’s this:

example of a masculine hairstyle

And then there's this:

this haircut ruins the entire young mans look

What seems more masculine?

Of course, there isn’t one masculine haircut, it’s on a spectrum, so let me give you some ideas:

The bad boy/ fuck boy haircut

younger guy - masculine haircut

The stylish haircut

stylish masculine haircut

The manly haircut

The picture above.

To finish this piece I’ll add that if you’re balding, just shave and own it. You won’t look bad as long as you’re ripped and dress well. [4, 5]

11. Facial hair

Ah’ beards, let’s start by saying the vast majority of women want a man with some kind of bear. 

Some women like light stubble.

Some women like a mustache.

Some women like a full beard.

But all women enjoy some facial hair. Why? Consider these reasons:

  1. Your jawline seems more defined
  2. It’s a sign of biological maturity
  3. It’s a sign of self-respect, but only if you maintain it right!

This also applies to eye brows so make sure you avoid picking them often (and biologically speaking the eyebrows of men are bigger than of women).

12. Have noticeable muscles

As a writer in my post, The 9 Biological Reasons Why Girls Like Muscles, muscles are just like boobs - the bigger the better. 

One big mistake guys make is that they think that “as long as I’m not fat, girls will like me” - sure, girls will like you, but muscles will take that and multiply it by a hundred. 

This becomes even more important if you're into online dating, your looks, i.e. muscles, are the only way women can possibly know if you're masculine and therefore, attractive. 

You can start with a program like Insanity by BeachBody, but ideally you want to find yourself in the gym (Body Beast by BeachBody is a good program for beginners in the gym). 

13. Wear glasses (if applicable)

Glasses can add lots of style, but they also convey that you are intelligent and creative - don’t ask me why. 

Practically speaking, just make sure you pick the right pair of glasses (if you need them) and use contacts sparingly. 

14. Wear a wedding ring

A wedding ring signifies that you are married, but to go a little deeper, it’s a sign that another woman chose you to be her captain and be the father of her children because she was attracted to your masculinity.

If a woman didn’t feel your masculinity, she wouldn’t marry you, and you wouldn’t be wearing a wedding ring.

So what does this mean for us?

By wearing a ring you automatically appear more masculine.

And I know I keep mentioning wedding rings, but in truth pretty much any $20 steel ring will do just fine as long as it’s not obvious that it’s only there for decor. 

15. Developed, strong jaw and chin

Men with more testosterone (testosterone is basically the hormone of masculinity) have a more pronounced jawline and larger chin. 

Luckly, there are ways to improve your jawline without getting expensive plastic surgeries. Check out this video for instructions: 


Isn’t it cool how much control you have over the way you look! Speaking for myself, this is definitely not the empowering belief I had growing up.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

16. Appear taller

OK, so some of my readers may not be 6 foot 4, so if you’re a tall guy, bare with me.

The first thing you should be trying is wearing shoes with tall heels.

Take this ($650) example from Nicks Hand Made Shoes “Urban Logger”:

Shoes with high heels like these ones can make you appear taller, therefore more masculine

Next, stand with the correct posture:

Ironically, it’s the taller guys who are gonna have a problem with this, nevertheless, if you notice that you posture is eating up an inch or 2, fix it up.

Thirdly, wear a hat

We’ll talk about this in #17: Wear a hat

Fourthly, appear slimmer

In a way, height is relative to width. So it can help if you go with slim fit clothing over baggy T-shirts.

Fifthly, color match your pants with your shoes

I got this tip from, a site for women, but I feel that it applies equally to men: if you color match your pants to your shoes, it’ll appear as if you have longer legs i.e. taller. 

And did I mention, drink a lot of milk? 🙂

17. Wear a hat

You really don’t see many guys wearing hats these days and it’s a shame. 

Hats can make you look taller, add so much style and protect you from the elements.

Here are just some of the types of hats you can choose from:

  1. Baseball cap
  2. Fedora 
  3. The flat cap
  4. Beanie
  5. And much, much more!

For a more comprehensive overview, I don’t think you’ll find a better video than this:

18. Adopt alpha male body language

This one’s a body language tip, but it applies just as equally here because it contributed greatly to your appearance - if not more. 

Follow these tips from my article Alpha Male Body Language: The Dominance And Power:

  1. Keep your hands out of your pocket
  2. Try to keep away from sticking to your body
  3. Allow your feet to spread out and take up room 
  4. Lean back in a relaxed pose
  5. Avoid making an erratic movement
  6. Keep your hands away from your face
  7. Avoid smiling at all occasions just to gain approval
  8. Maintain an upright posture

If you’re unsure, just ask yourself: how would I act if I had no worry in the world.

19. Masculine clothing tips

Lastly, let’s go over some basic masculine tips and techniques:

  1. Prioritize fit over brand name
  2. Never leave your house with a stain on your shirt
  3. Don’t spend all your money on one piece of clothing i.e. a pair of shoes
  4. Remember that it's the little things that make up the look


I’ll admit: this article was a big learning experience for me too. I had to do a lot of research to put this article together.

But it was well worth it because at the end of the day, appearing masculine will help you find better jobs, meet new people and get dates with the hottest girls. 

Good luck!

Colt Smith

  • You need to be a gentleman, not a nice guy. Nice guys are actually doing things and want appreciation from others but that’s not nice its actually greedy and self-seeking and that’s why women hate the nice guys. This also helps in becoming more masculine

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