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I remember the days when I used to ask these super hot girls out without having a clue what we’re going to do on our first date and how each time it ended in a disaster until I learned (the hard way) what to do on a first date with a girl.

In this post I want you to learn the easy way. I don’t want you to fail like me, but before we get started, I want you to remember the one rule of dating: KISS.

KISS stands for Keep It Simple Stupid! As a general rule, the simplest dating idea is the best dating idea. 

Once you make things complicated, you’ll need back up plans and too much coordination which ruins 99% of first dates. So as long as things stay simple, fun and casual, you’ll do just fine!

(Side note: this post is perfect for guys AND girls, I am just writing from a guys perspective because guys are the ones usually searching for answers like this:-)

1. Bike riding

Like any outdoor dating activity, make sure you check the weather first and be sure to find some good trails where you can ride a bike, for example:

  1. The Great Ocean Road — Australia
  2. Munda Biddi Trail, Australia
  3. North Sea Cycle Route — Europe
  4. Shining Sea Bikeway, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
  5. Cabot Trail — Nova Scotia, Canada
  6. Route Verte, Quebec, Canada

Obviously, don’t do the whole trail, just bike down these roads while allowing the scenery to overwhelm you.

Biking is one of my favorite things to do on a first date because it gives us a chance to talk while also giving us something to do so we don’t get bored.

By the way, you don’t need to be some wealthy guy with a super successful online business to afford top quality electric bikes, you can always rent good bikes at an affordable rate.

2. Play truth or dare

There is no better way to get to know your partner than playing truth or dare. When you ask a question, your girl must answer the question or do whatever embarrassing thing you dare her to do. For example:

  1. What was your worst kiss?
  2. Who was your 2nd grade crush?
  3. What was your most awkward moment with your parents?

If you need some more examples just read my post titled: 50+ Hot Questions To Ask a Girlfriend. But what do you dare your girl, if she’s too scared to answer?

  1. Sit in middle of the shopping mall for 1 full minute
  2. Dance for 30 seconds in public
  3. Stare at any stranger for 10 seconds

But remember:

  1. You need to be in the right place to do truth or dare
  2. Your partner needs to be in the right mood

But otherwise it should be a great first date idea.

3. Eat at some obscure restaurant

Coffee dates can be boring, girls get them all the time! Why don’t you change things up by eating at some “different restaurants,” for example:

  1. Modern Toilet — Taipei, Taiwan
  2. Tonga Room San Francisco, California
  3. Heart Attack Grill — Las Vegas, USA
  4. Ithaa Restaurant, Maldives
  5. The Cave Richland, Missouri
  6. Casa Bonita Lakewood, Colorado
  7. The Disaster Café, Lloret de Mar, Spain
  8. Dinner in the sky

They might be far from you, but if you arrange to meet in the middle, you can have the best time.

And now, instead of worrying about what to order on a first date, you can actually have fun talking about all the weird things you can order!

Just make sure she doesn’t have allergies and of course, don’t be afraid to split the bill. This isn’t some cheap coffee date.

4. Take the dogs out

I love taking my dogs out for a walk as a first date especially if my date also has a dog for a couple reasons:

  1. We already have something  in common: we love dogs
  2. We already have something to talk about: dogs
  3. Dogs give us something to do, we aren’t just talking all the time.

Just because you don’t have a dog, doesn’t mean you can’t borrow your neighbor’s dog and still have a fun first date.

And besides there are plenty of other things you can do: have a picnic, go for a walk in the park and push your date on the swings.

Super easy, super cheap and super fun!

what to do on a first date

5. Do scary stuff

OK, so this one requires the right type of girl, but if she’s up for it, I dare you to do it! The idea is pretty simple: do anything that will totally scare both of you. For example:

  1. Watch a horror movie (Midsommar, Midnight Meat Train, or The Cabin in The Woods, to name a few)
  2. Visit a haunted house
  3. Read some creepy poems
  4. Go for a walk in the cemetery later in the evening (this is probably a bad idea!)
  5. Let her read you a short horror story – with the lights dimmed
  6. Go for a walk in the forest and talk about demon legends

After doing any of these, you won’t feel so courageous after all, but it’s arguably the best way to connect with your girl – if you have the guts!

6. Switch clothing with new clothing

Everyone wants to know exactly what to wear and how to prepare for a first date. But how about getting prepared for the date on the date!

In other words, put on some OK clothing, then head to the mall and buy the clothing you actually want to wear. Once you’re done, switch into them while you’re in the mall!

And by the way,  don’t be scared to be a little goofy, get some oversized clothing or other types of clothing you would never wear.

You don’t need to make it complicated, first dates are supposed to be fun!

7. Go to a soothsayer

Head over to your local soothsayer and ask about your future, there is no way you won’t leave without laughing at what you just heard.

You can even mess around with the soothsayer and make him prove to you that he actually has psychic or telekinesis powers.

(Wouldn’t recommend it for a tinder date, but if this date is with someone you kind of already know, go for it!)

8. Drive around the country

I suppose this one works best for the guys that have a successful online business who can afford a nice sports car that impresses girls because for this date idea, all you’re doing is going for a joy ride around the country.

  1. Visit places in the city you’ve never seen before
  2. Drive to the beach
  3. Fly up and down the roads right outside of the city
  4. Drive by miles of beautiful farms

Do your research and if you see something that interests you, drive there! (I’d recommend not driving too far out because this is just a first date and you don’t want to freak her out…)

9. Play a light sport

Here are some examples:

  1. Mini golf
  2. Basketball
  3. Pingpong
  4. Jumping on the trampoline

The point is to have fun so don’t be super competitive and when you lose (which you will!) don’t curse. Just relax and have a good time!

10. Do a big puzzle

OK, don’t get a 4000 word puzzle! that’ll  take you a week to finish. Just get a decently sized puzzle that looks cool, prepare some coffee and have a fun time putting it together.

The only challenge with this option is that you need to know what to talk about while putting the puzzle together. And to become a good conversationalist I recommend you read my post titled 14+ Things to Talk About On a First Date.

11. Make a BBQ

If you have a nice grill, great! If you don’t, just buy one of those disposable coal grills and BBQ some hotdogs!

If you like low-energy/ calm dates, start the BBQ later in the evening (and you can always end off with Netflix and chill!). If you like high-energy/ exciting dates, start it at lunch time and get all that wonderful sunshine!

And by the way, don’t feel pressured to talk throughout the BBQ because remember, this girl accepted the date because she is at least curious about you.

Don’t force yourself to do all the talking, let her initiate at least some of the conversations.

12. Play a board game

Coffee dates can be fun, but you know what’s even better? Coffee dates with a fun board game. Of course, don’t play games like Risk or Monopoly because they are super stressing games that’ll take half a day to finish.

Try quick fun games like:

  1. Taboo!
  2. Ticket to Ride
  3. Pinch n’ Pass
  4. Bananagrams

Have fun, don’t be too competitive and don’t forget to joke around!

13. Volunteer at an animal shelter

My favorite reason for going to an animal shelter and helping animals as a first date is because there are great vibes. People are there to help, contribute and give – no better energy than that!

Just pick one that’s near you and that gives you the option to choose what to help out with (you don’t want to end up cleaning dog poop on a first date!).

14. Kiss your girl on the first date

You asked what to do and I’m answering: kiss your girl. I dare you! It’s not as hard as you think, just read: How to KISS a Girl on The First Date In 8 Irresistible Ways.

But here’s a quick run down of the steps you need to take:

  1. Make sure the girls want to be kissed
  2. Escalate sexually
  3. Tell her that you want to kiss her
  4. Lean in 
  5. Kiss her

I’ve just linked to every article you’ll ever need in terms of kissing girls, but if you haven’t kissed a girl on the first date, what’s holding you back? Be unapologetically confident!

15. Plan your escape or revenge

Maybe you hate your job, boss and your co-workers, guess what? Spend some time fantasizing how you’d get revenge on them. For example:

  1. Pooping on your bosses desk!
  2. Messing up the copy machine
  3. Making them feel very jealous by bringing a very attractive girl to work

Or if you’re still in school and you desperately want to escape, you can spend some time planning it:

  1. Busting the gate open
  2. Putting some “Benefiber” in their coffee so they need to poop
  3. Getting their notes wet
  4. Putting some fake poop on their chair

You can also spend time planning your dream vacation until you get every detail straight! Either way, drawing up some plans is a great way to have a passionate conversation.

16. Water fight

This works great if you’re already having a BBQ date. Pull out your supersoaker and get her wet (OK, not the way you’re thinking!).

Surprise her, invite her for a BBQ, make sure she puts away her phone and then hand her a water gun and before she knows it, you’re having a full on water fight!

17. Buy come antique weird stuff

Another very easy thing to do that can actually be pretty fun if she’s a cool girl. Just head off to your local antique shop and get the weirdest stuff like:

  1. Canned jars
  2. Old instruments
  3. Old phones
  4. Scrolls
  5. Comic books

The truth is you don’t actually have to buy anything and if there’s no antique shop nearby, just go to a local flea market or yard sale.

18. Visit a sex museum

You can go to a normal museum, but why would you do that!? Going to a sex museum is so much more enganging, fun and crazy!

I mean you will never run out of things to say and if you want, you can always buy her a vibrator – just help her use it later on 😉

19. Go shoot some guns

I’ve had some girls tell me that any guy that takes them to a shooting range AND knows what he’s doing is guaranteed sex when their done… how about that?

Showing your proficiency with guns and blowing stuff up demonstrates your masculinity like nothing else. It’s super sexy and it’s a great first date idea.

20. Fly RC planes

Flying drones is an awesome hobby and tons of fun especially if you fly FPV. but it gets even better if you fly RC planes for a first date.

You can have tons of fun putting planes together, going crazy when it flies and laughing when it crashes. If you’re good at flying, you have no excuse!

21. Renovate or fix something

Girls love watching guys fix, build and renovate things, it’s super attractive because it shows you can provide and create a shelter for them. It’s a sign of your masculinity.

That’s why if you are doing any of the following things, just invite a girl over to “help you out” and she will watch you working with irresistible desire:

  1. Fixing your bike
  2. Replacing a wall at your house
  3. Building a shed
  4. Making a homemade boat

And by the way, your girl doesn’t just need to be sitting around watching you. Go to Home Depot with her, pick up the supplies and let her help you out as much as she can.

You’ll enjoy it, but she’ll enjoy it even more!

22. Plan your second date

A lot of guys ask me “how can I ask for a second date” and what I tell them is this: if your first date is going really well, just plan your second date during your first date!

No need to ask because you can already see that the girl is enjoying the date, so just talk about the second.

If you see that she feels uncomfortable, hold off for now and follow the rest of the rules in my post titled How to Ask for a Second Date: 13 Steps to Get a Second Date.

23. What not to do on a first date

If I’m gonna tell you what to do, I also need to give you some examples of what not to do on a date:

  1. Not wearing clean clothing
  2. Bad hygiene/ not smelling
  3. Being needy
  4. Not knowing what to talk about
  5. Talking about your ex or other bad topics
  6. Confessing your feelings way too quickly

If you’re looking for some other things to avoid, read my post titled What Not to Do on a First Date: 17 Date Destroyers.


I get it, reading this may overwhelm you, but I don’t want you to start overthinking every date. So what’s the solution?

The solution is to realize that you’ll only get good at dating with practice. Inevitably your first couple dates will be a little rough and that’s fine. Don’t be scared to fail, stop thinking about each step and just keep dating!

Your friend,

Colt Smith

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Thanks again, 

Coach Colt

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