How To Flirt With a Guy In Any Situation: 43 Examples

Your black pants stand out like a black hole.

How did you learn to eat so well?

I speak English too. I guess we already have something in common.

Use these lines, I mean, what could go wrong? 

They are failed attempts at flirting and to be frank, most of the articles I see online are about just as useful.

However, this article is different.

I’ve scoured the internet, finding all the hidden posts, golden YouTube videos, scientific research papers, and condensed it all into this one 11,000+ word article article.

But I didn’t stop there, I studied all of my personal experiences with women (I’m a guy BTW) discovering all the exact principles that made each flirtation attempt work… or not.

I’m not holding back anything, so neither should you: strap on your seat belt, turn on your thinking cap and get ready to discover flirting techniques that’ll completely transform your love life!


If you're a gay or bi guy reading this article, read my complete guide to getting a gay boyfriend before this one. I've been getting lots of positive feedback!

1. Use The Flirtatious Straw Technique

Sexy move #1:

You’re on a date at the bar, you take a straw (optionally play with it) and start drinking from it while looking away.

This makes him stare at your lips and make him think all sorts of naughty thoughts…

If you’re a bolder type of girl, while you’re using your lips to play with the straw, make eye contact and ask him what’s so interesting/ why he’s staring. [1, 2]

The following pictures should give you some ideas:

2. Use the stripping technique

OK, OK, I know this sounds bad, but trust me, this technique is perfect as long as you’re already in a committed relationship.

Wait till you’re having a FaceTime call with him, then ask him to wait a moment because you need to change into your pajamas, gym clothing, etc. 

Walk off camera then start taking off your clothing and throwing them past the camera so that he can’t help himself but fantasize about what you’re doing and how you look.

Take your time, but once you’ve finished and changed into your new outfit, walk right back into frame like nothing happened. 

3. Flirt with your sexy shoulder

PSA to all girls: guys find your shoulder super sexy. 

I know it’s not your boobs or butt, but still.

Anyways, what were we saying?

Right! Flirt with your sexy shoulders - and here’s how:

  1. 1
    Wear a tank top (any kind really, as long as your neck and shoulders are visible)
  2. 2
    Use your hand to start rubbing your neck or shoulder as if it’s sore
  3. 3
    Optional: make some girly noises (guys get off to that too, I know, they get off to everything, SMH)
  4. 4
    Optional: ask him/ give him the opportunity to give you a massage

What I love about this trick is that it works anywhere: at work, school, on a first date, you name it! It’s not suggestive at all, but it’ll make him stare every time (and maybe even offer you a massage).

4. Use the lip cleaner technique

Oof, this one’s for the bold and confident girls out there.

If you’re a shy girl looking to flirt, this one’s not for you.

So how does this one work?

  1. 1
    Wait for a time that you’re eating together (date, lunch at work, school break, etc.)
  2. 2
    Try to wait for a time that he actually has some food on his lips (or cheeks)
  3. 3
    As he’s talking, casually clean off his lips with your finger
  4. 4
    Again, casually bring your hand back like nothing happened, you can mention that he had something on his lips depending on the situation
Flirting with your mans lips

If you’re looking to seduce him, act all cool. If you want to flirt and tease him, wink at him with a knowing face and enjoy his reaction.

5. Laugh at his jokes is a flirtatious way

This one technique may just be one of the core principles to attract a hot guy.

Any guy will lose his mind over a girl who knows to laugh at his jokes in a flirtatious manner. But how? How can I attain that majical laugh?

  1. 1
    Make sure you laugh at his jokes when he’s in a group (doesn’t matter who’s friends and especially if the joke falls flat)
  2. 2
    Giggle and innocently make all those girly noises
  3. 3
    Mention how funny his joke was well after he said it
  4. 4
    If his joke is particularly funny, hold onto his arm as if you needed his support

As you can probably already tell, this will give him a huge boost to his ego, but more importantly, make you seem super girly and feminine which is the core of any genuine desire.

6. Use the macho-darer technique

If your man is the macho, tough guy, this trick was made for you.

  1. Wait till he tells you that he can do something 
  2. While using your soft feminine voice, almost whispers in his ear and says “would you?” or “I bet you can’t” (remember: girly voice makes you seem more feminine. More feminine = genuine desire)
  3. Watch as he gets all excited (or scared) trying to prove you wrong

Alternatively, you can egg him on with a challenge that you know you can easily win at e.g. “I bet you could beat me in a 1-on-1 game of basketball”.

Same effect, different steps. [3, 4]

7. Ask him to untangle your necklaces 

8 simple steps:

  1. Wear a shirt that allows some cleavage 
  2. Wear a couple of necklaces (try to pick some that you don’t care too much about)
  3. Purposefully tangle them up
  4. Meet up with your man on a date and start trying to untangle it yourself
  5. Show him that you can’t do it yourself
  6. In a feminine, girly voice, ask him if he can untangle them for you 
  7. Optional: you can tell him that it got tangled when you while you were sleeping
  8. Watch him get nervously excited as he goes ahead and helps you out

This trick is so damn flirty for several reasons: 

  1. It’s another way to show off your sexy shoulders
  2. It’s a great boob teasing for his horny mind
  3. It encourages him to touch you
  4. It gives him permission to be more bold with you from then on

And of course, this one works in pretty much any setting, besides for the super formal ones. 

8. Use the stained shirt technique

This is just about the opposite of a subtle way to flirt, nonetheless, it is a flirting technique which is why it’s included here:

Before your boyfriend comes home, put on a nice dress that has a stain on it. Wait for him to notice you and make some small talk. When he does that, mention that your shirt/dress is stained/dirty and that you need to change it. Without giving him time, start taking your dress off and leave the room before he gets to see everything so that he completely loses his mind over your gorgeous body.

You can see how this one is especially powerful and if you like this style of sexual teasing, this article about seducing men is something you don’t want to miss. 

9. Use The Grab You By The Dick Technique 

This sounds too extreme for the casual flirt, but like before, it’s not nearly as bad as it sounds (I know, I need to come up with better titles).

Here’s how it works:

  1. “Accidently” fall or drop something
  2. When you hit the floor , put your hand up like you need support
  3. Instead of going for his hand, place your hand on his thigh or even dick area
  4. Before he gets a chance to react and while you’re still on the floor, look up at him with puppy eyes and say how sorry you are in a soft feminine voice
  5. Prepare for the bulge in his pants to “enlarge itself”

Everything about this is so hot: touching his dick, looking at him with puppy eyes, asking him for help and of course, saying your sorry in a soft feminine voice.

10. Tell him there’s something in his eye

The easiest way to do this is to simply tell him that there is something in his eyes - dirt, eyelash, whatever - and without scaring him, gently rub your finger and get that dirt out.

This gives you a chance to have some great eye contact and build some real trust because your finger is literally in his eyeball!

Use this technique to flirt only when you’re sure he won’t freak out from the offer to clean him up. [5]

11. Use The Flirting Dream Technique 

This is a good option for a second date and on, you’ll see why in a sec. 

While you're chatting, excitedly bring up that you had a dream about him.

Then as suddenly as you get all excited, immediately calm yourself and confess that you can’t tell him the dream because you really shouldn’t be thinking about him that way. 

When he presses you to spill the beans dreams, don’t tell him! This is what’s gonna keep his mind busy all night wondering what the hell you dreamt about.

12. Use The “Just Noticed It” technique (JNIT)

Here’s a trick that’ll work perfectly if you’re looking to flirt with someone you just met or currently stuck in the friend zone with (i.e. you don’t have to wait for several dates to use this method).

While you’re hanging out together, pause for a moment and smile at him, when he asks you “what?” - just say that “I’ve never realized how attractive you are”.

Now you have 2 options:

  1. Continue on this path and talk about what you love about him, etc. (even get a little sexual) 
  2. Act like nothing happened just to tease his mind by immediately replying with “well we’re friends, so whatever” or just continue with whatever he was talking about as if you never said a word

Just remember this all starts with him noticing your smile - read this article about getting men to notice you: 24 Subtle Techniques To Get Any Guy To Notice You & 5 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid.

13. The Naked Or Not Technique (NONT)

This teasing technique “naked or not” is much like the stripping technique we discussed earlier, only that now we’re taking it a step further by making his mind tirelessly try to find out if you're naked or not and then picture how you look.

It’s a bold technique, but sometimes you need these when he’s not being good.

Here are some ways to use this technique:

  1. While you’re on the phone, tell him that you’re bra or thong just won’t go on right “it just keeps sticking up”, then ask him if he messed around with them
  2. Interrupt the phone call with “So sorry, I really need to get dressed, my moms almost home!”
  3. Complain over the phone that you’re trying out a new pull up bra and V-neck t-shirt and that it just doesn’t feel comfortable! Talk with him while you’re trying on new bras and make sure to be descriptive, but at no point may you send him a picture. This is about letting his mind loose, fantasizing about your boobs.
  4. When he calls you, tell him that you’re setting up candles around a sexy bath you're having all alone. Be “friendly” by sharing how you feel, what towel you are wearing, how it feels, etc. etc. this is all crack for the male mind.
  5. Sound like you’re in a hurry and complain that you can’t find your clothing and not even your good bra!
  6. Before you answer the phone, turn on the shower to pretend like you’re taking a shower. Before he tries to hang up, tell him that you’re just lathering shampoo all over your body and that you’ll be out in a minute. 

This is what I got for now, but as always, if you have any additions, be sure to add them in the comments! 

14. Flirtatiously mention that you’re hungry... for him

I guess there are a couples ways to do this, but here’s two ways that seems to work for most ladies:

  1. Look up to your man and say “Uh, I’m so hungry, I want to eat…”, then when he asks where, look at him with a flirty smile as if all you need is him - optionally add “take me… anywhere you like”
  2. Tell him that you’re super hungry right after coming back from a huge lunch, then give him a flirty smile when he asks why the hell you’re hungry

It shows him that you need him just like food!

15. Tell him that he knows what he’s doing to you

With this technique, you’re flirting by insinuating or outright telling him how crazy he makes you feel.

For example….

While you’re having a regular conversation, pause and tell him in a seductive voice “stop talking to me in that voice”. 

When he says that he has no idea what you’re talking about, reply with “no, because you always look at me like that and you know how that makes me feel, you know what you’re doing”.

16. Use The Whisper Kiss Technique 

Are you a bold girl? If so, I made this one just for you.

Instead of simply whispering into his ear whatever secret you have to tell him the normal way, try this: start by placing your hand on one of cheeks like you’re leaning in for a kiss, but then move in to the other side to whisper your secret into his ear.

This will initially catch him off guard, then excite him as he’ll be expecting a kiss, but then be disappointed when you share your secret. Putting him through an emotional roller coaster with this one.

By the way, you don’t need to come up with some secret to whisper into his ear, you can whisper pretty much anything: it’s cold, I need the bathroom, can we get some lunch - or whatever. However, I do recommend you start using this technique by actually whispering a little secret as you’ll feel more at ease.

17. Use The I.M.S.S.B.M.G. Technique

You don’t know what I.M.S.S.B.M.G. stands for? Do you even know anything?!

OK, jk.

I.M.S.S.B.M.G. stands for “I’M So Sorry, But My God!”

How does this have anything to do with flirting? Relax! Give me a moment to explain…

  1. OMG, I’m so sorry I bumped into you, but my God, your pecs are so big!
  2. I’m sorry about asking you for help moving my fridge, but my God, I’ve never felt such powerful muscles, you moved it like a feather
  3. I’m so sorry about using up so much of your time, but my God, how did you learn all about ___

Start with an apology for whatever, but then immediately compliment them based on what just happened in a way that shows you just couldn’t help but point it out. 

18. Ask him to help you in a flirty way

I’ve talked about this one waay too much around Dating Armory, but it’s so damn powerful that I just can’t leave it out: you got to learn how to ask guys for help correctly because it’s so damn flirty, attractive, seductive and absolutely makes him want to commit to you.

Seriously, guys get high on girls who ask them for help the right way. 

OK, so what is the right way? Let me give you some examples first, then I’ll lay down the principles:

  1. Asking a guy to lift your suitcase when it’s a little too much for you
  2. Asking a guy at the grocery store if this is the right food to buy for ___ recipe
  3. Asking a guy at the library for a book suggestion because “I can’t find a good one here”
  4. Asking a guy to fix some setting on your PC because you just can’t figure it out

In all of these examples, you’re:

  1. Not asking for too much (i.e. don’t ask him to help you move all your shit to a new apartment)
  2. You make it very easy to continue into a new conversation e.g. I can’t pick this suitcase up, how are you so strong? How long have you been training for? Etc. OR if I use ___ in my salad won’t that give it a bitter taste. Hmm, you need to help me more, my cooking skills are in severe need of help
  3. You can easily sneak in a compliment e.g. “You are so strong”, “You know so much about cooking”, etc. 
  4. The question must be contextual: only asking a guy food questions when you’re at the grocery store, only asking a guy for book recommendations at the library.

But most importantly, make it seem that you’re asking him for help because you like him! Otherwise, you don’t seem flirty, end up in the friend zone and he goes home disappointed that you didn’t actually want him. 

You can learn to get around this and show signs that you like your guy in this article: 17 Subtle Ways To Get A Guy To Ask You Out & 5 Things You Must Never Do Try

19. Make him unsure if you’re trying to seduce him

Arguably, the art of flirting is right “below” the art of seduction, which makes me think that if you water down a seduction technique (like the one we’re about to talk about), you’ll end up with a great flirting technique. 

So what is our watered-down-seduction-technique?

You make him unsure if you’re attempting to seduce him or not.

There are many ways to try this, but here’s one way that works:

Send him a hot selfie that hints at being sexual, but just not quite. Sitting right on that edge. 

Essentially, you’re teasing him with mixed signals, but without his knowledge, which is the exact ingredients we need to get him thinking about you.

20. Use the Flirtatious-Compliment Technique

I’ll admit, I’ve written too much about compliments - especially for guys - just take a look at all these articles:

  1. 215 Compliments for a Girl (Dress, Picture, Eyes, Lips, Hair) | 
  2. Best 100 Compliments For a GIRLFRIEND | 
  3. Best 53 Compliments for a Girl's Picture and Her Photo | 
  4. 8 Steps To Compliment a Girl - ONLY The Hottest | 
  5. How to Compliment a Girl's Eyes In 11 Fail-Proof Ways With 32 Examples [NEW] | 

What can I say? Guy need to learn how to normally compliment girls, but now it’s time for the girls to learn:

#1: Avoid the insignificant compliments

It’s the little compliments that matter - said no one ever

These following compliments are an example of what you should NOT do:

  1. I love the way you tie your shoes
  2. The way you drink water is so cute


  • Give him compliments that he’s never heard before. 
  • Give him compliments that he won’t forget. 
  • Give him compliments that make his heart melt. 

Here are some examples adapted from my list of compliments that I give to guys to help them with girls, enjoy!

  1. That is the most stylish shirt I’ve ever seen, it really makes your muscles show! Where did you get that shirt? (showing how his shirt complements his sexy body, while making the conversation flow by asking “where did you pick it up?”)
  2. When we meet up tonight, you better be wearing the same shirt! (this brings him back to whatever you we’re saying before when
  3. Is it flirting if I tell you that I can’t stop looking at your muscles? It’s not my fault you look like a greek god…

Let's keep moving because I got another 6 tips for you!

#2: Keep your compliments a surprise

Compliments should always surprise him, and never be expected. 

Give yourself some space in between compliments and remember that just because something works, doesn’t mean you have to overuse it. 

#3: The extreme compliment

This one’s from and lucky, it’s exactly what it sounds like: never give an over the top compliment.

#4: Keep your compliments contextual

I missed this one for years: you want to compliment his biceps? Great, but wait for a time where he’s using them i.e. at the gym, helping you move, etc. 

This makes your compliments seem drastically more genuine because the complement seems “involuntary” - see the next tip #5.

A creative example of this is: Hey ___, I’d be dead here without you in this boring class.

#5: Make the compliment seem involuntary

I mean involuntary not as you're literally forced, but as in “you’re so hot that I could help but tell you that ___”. (Remember the I.M.S.S.B.M.G. technique?)

It’s a big sign that you’re not objectively judging him, you’re simply noticing how fucking attractive he is. 

When you say it like this, he’s gonna feel his ego balloon in size and be more inclined to commit to you.

#6: Say it with a flirty voice

Seems obvious, and it is. But that’s precisely the reason why I’m reminding you. It’s always the obvious stuff that we forget in life.

But let’s break it down. What does it actually mean to have a flirty voice? As a guy I can’t tell you for sure, but here’s my 6 rules:

  1. Speak softly
  2. Speak with emotions
  3. Never speak loudly
  4. Use clean language
  5. Speak slowly 
  6. Talk with a big smile

Here’s a wonderful video from Dr. Michelle Daf with so many more examples and tips:

#7: Don’t ruin the compliment after the fact

Here are some things to avoid doing after you’ve already given the compliment:

  1. Don’t ask for a favor 
  2. Don’t base your compliment on who he was a year ago e.g. “You look so muscular… last year you looked like a skinny loser” or less extreme “that’s a sexy haircut, I can’t even remember what you had earlier”
  3. Don’t self-deprecate yourself e.g. “those muscles are so huge, my arms are about 10/1th of the size”

You can get additional examples of what doesn’t work from this article from, but that being said, let's move onto our next technique:

21. Flirting with your hair

The first thing you need is long hair, and by no means am I a female hair specialist, but the following video by Sarah Betts should really help you:

OK, now that we have that down, let's move on to some actual ways to flirt with your hair.

#1. Twisting your hair 

Simply use both of your hands to twist your hair in order to bring attention to your beautiful, long hair. This one’s very under the radar so it’s an obvious choice when flirting with someone you just met.

#2. The Tousal Technique

According to, tousal in the context of hair means:

“Anything that's tousled is rumpled or disheveled, like your tousled hair when you first get out of bed in the morning. ... Tousled hair is messy, windblown, or otherwise unkempt. The verb tousle came first—today it means "make untidy," but originally to tousle was "to handle or push roughly.”

So all you really need to do is play with your hair in a way that makes it a little messy 

I’m sure you can think many ways to do this, but here’s one technique that grabs my attention:

Grab a bunch of your hair with one hand and pull out so that you volumize your hair.

#3. Flipping your hair front to back

No secret in this one, but since we’re compiling a list - may as well add it in.

Just lean forward so that your hair is in front of your shoulders, then jerk your head back OR use your hand to flip your hair back behind your shoulders. 

Add as much drama as you’d like.

#4. The up and down technique

More of a seduction technique than flirting per say, but what the heck!

  1. “Whoops I dropped something” - gives you as excuse to bend down 
  2. Let your hair fall all the way down 
  3. Snap back up so that your hair flies all the way up and back down behind your shoulders
  4. Don’t forget to add in a flirty wink 

Ready for #5?

#5. The ponytail technique

This is best done while wearing a shirt or dress that shows your neck and/ or shoulders.

  1. Start your class, date, etc. with your hair down
  2. Then start by “trying” to get your hair into a ponytail or whatever other hair style you like
  3. “Unfortunately” you just can’t get it right the first time so you have to try again.. And again.
  4. Each time you’re playing with your hair, revealing your shoulders for a second, and making his mind go crazy for you without his knowledge that you’re even trying to flirt with him

It’s so subtle, but it’ll never fail to get his attention which is why I included technique, among others, in my gigantic (arguable too big) article : 24 Subtle Techniques To Get Any Guy To Notice You & 5 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid |  

#6. Flirt with the smell of your hair

Hair perfume is a huge deal for guys, it makes us a little crazy, don’t know why. So if you don’t have any, now is the time to pick some up.

That being said, here are some ways to use your sweet smelling hair to flirt with a guy:

  1. Talk in a low voice so that he’s forced to sit closer and smell your hair
  2. Give him a big hug 
  3. Flat out ask him how your hair smells
  4. Ask him to spay your hair with your new perfume
  5. Sit next to him in a way where it’s natural to run his hands through your hair

I’m searching for more ways to get a guy to smell your hair, so if you have any ideas - let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to update this article!

#7. Trying new hairstyles and colors often

Here’s something you might hate or find absolutely interesting:

Guys have an insatiable need for novelty, excitement and new toys, while girls prefer security and enjoy the small details of the same environment. 

This brings us to the following trick:

Changing hairstyles, color, etc. is the best way to flirt with a guy without his conscious knowledge or approval so that he becomes infatuated with you and can’t help but ask you out.

The following gallery are just a fraction of the styles you should be experimenting with on a daily basis:

#8. Flirt with your boyfriends hair

Lastly, the best way to flirt with your hair is actually… well… to flirt with HIS hair.

Here are several ways to do that:

  1. While he’s sitting down doing his thing - gaming, studying, etc. - come from behind and give him a head massage
  2. If you’re sitting beside each other on the couch, guide his head down to your lap and give him a good head scratch (btw it’s not my fault if his dick gets hard)
  3. When he comes home with a brand new haircut make sure you give him a big compliment paired with playfully pulling on his hair

Moment of silence for all the girls with bald boyfriends...

22. Flirting while standing

Body language is important here:

Stand up straight with your chest (and boobs) out and lean your hips to the side so that your butt is very noticable.

Try mirroring your mans’ body language. If his feet are in a certain position, copy him. If his head is leaning towards one side, copy him, and so on. This creates a level of trust on a subconscious level. 

23. Flirting with your eyes

First off, you can’t forget to make your eyes look incredible (big flirty eyelashes!) so that when you are flirting with your eyes, he won’t be able to look away. 

As a guy, I am definitely no makeup artist, but this video from Aly Art with 13 million views seems to be good:

Next, let’s talk specific techniques:

#2: Eye batting

Eye batting = fluttering your eyelashes. 

Sounds wonderful, but what’s the best way to do this so that he doesn’t just think that there’s something stuck in your eyes?

Start by looking at him straight in the eyes - not just from the corner of your eye - and once your eyes meet, immediately look down like you couldn’t take it, but come back up again while fluttering your eyes (optional: and tilt your head).

The reason why eye batting or fluttering works so well is because it’s a big sign of vulnerability, cuteness and trust in the man you are flirting with.

#3: Eye smile

Have you ever read Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl? Was definitely my favorite book as a child, anyways here’s a quote from the book that always stuck with me:

“I was glad my father was an eye-smiler. It meant he never gave me a fake smile because it’s impossible to make your eyes twinkle if you aren’t feeling twinkly yourself. A mouth-smile is different. You can fake a mouth-smile any time you want, simply by moving your lips. I’ve also learned that a real mouth-smile always has an eye-smile to go with it. So watch out, I say, when someone smiles at you but his eyes stay the same. It’s sure to be a phony.”

Try it right now. Try smiling without your lips, just your eyes. 

How does it make you feel? Chances are that it makes you feel better because your brain actually recognizes this as a real smile. 

Same goes with people, when you show them a genuine smile and for our purposes, it’s a great way to flirt with your man.

Here’s a great video from Kimberly that goes deeper into this:

Here’s the mascara she’s talking about from Amazon:

#4 Tell him there’s something in your eyes

Ask him to look into your eyes because there’s something small that is bothering you, but you just can’t tell what it is or get it out.

As he’s above you, looking down into your eyes, smile. When he asks you why you’re smiling, simply reply with “I like seeing you look down at me like this”.

This works like crazy, but it takes confidence.

#5 Use the “we know what’s going on” look

Something weird happens at the grocery store - maybe someone crazy starts acting up - look at him like you both know what is going on and are having a shared experience. 

It’ll give that initial connection so that either one of you will be able to ask one out.

Just be aware that this is not some accidental glance. This look must be clear so that he knows you’re interested in him. Otherwise this technique cannot help you.

24. Flirting with your mouth 

So many ways to flirt with the mouth… Maybe too many! Anyways, here’s what I’ve been able to find online (including some from my personal experiences).

Biting your lips

Just bite your lips - that’s all - remember, it’s just about bringing attention to your already hot teeth.

Biting your lips to flirt with your mouth

Flirting with your lips #3

Use your teeth to bite your straw

This is perfect if you're at StartBucks on a date, just take a sip of your ice coffee, but make sure you play with the straw while you’re at it: bite it, roll it around with your tongue, suck it in and out, etc.

Put on some lip gloss 

Another way to bring attention to your lips:

Use red lipstick 

I think most women know this instinctively, but the color red really grabs the attention of men. It makes you seem open to intimacy. 

So even though we’re only talking about this in regards to red lipstick, try using the color red on other accessories and clothing.

Looking at his lips

Guys do this too, but when you look at a guy's lips it signals that you want to kiss him or at the very least that you’re interested in him. 

Try doing this 20% of the conversation to not overdo it.

25. Flirting with your shoulders:

We’ve already mention several techniques that have taken advantage of your gorgeous, sexy shoulders, but here are some quick tips we may have missed:

  1. Always show your shoulders or wear clothing wear that can be moved around/ stretched to show your shoulders
  2. Don’t cross your arms - makes you seem put off by something and defensive
  3. Face your shoulders towards to guy you are talking to - this subconsciously makes him feel like you’re giving him your full attention
  4. Wear necklaces and other jewelry to bring even more attention 

Doubt I missed anything, but as always, if you have anything else to add, be sure to drop them in the comments. 

26. Flirting with your hands

Like all our tips, it’s important that your hands look beautiful and feminine:

Make sure you don’t do any heavy work without wearing gloves.

Be careful to never burn yourself.

Make sure you aren’t vitamin D deficient and that you apply skin moisturizer on a daily basis. 

Now let's get into some real things you can try:

#1 Ask him what he thinks of your nail polish

There are so many sexy nail polish colors to choose from, so try this: go to the mall, get your nails done, ask him what he thinks of it. Then ask him what he likes more while showing him other examples.

Great way to hold onto a guy's attention.

#2 Expose your wrists

When in a fight/flight situation we instinctively pull our arms closer to our body and protect our wrists - there are many critical veins in your hands/wrists that cannot be harmed under any circumstances. 

On the other hand (pun fully intended), when you openly show your wrists you’re showing vulnerability and trust in your man which is super cute and will only increase his love for you.

#3 Dangle your hands

Another way to have this cute-vulnerability effect is by dangling one of your hands while resting it on another hand (most comfortable done while at a table - possibly at a coffee shop).

#4 Touch yourself teasingly

Lastly, touching yourself in a seductive manner (like you’re enjoying your own body and don’t need anyone else) is the best way to flirt with your hands.

Concrete examples here: How to seduce a man: 19 techniques [with examples]

27. Flirting with your legs and feet:

Our feet are largely ignored when it comes to flirting which is real sad because they are literally the foundation of it all.

That being said, here are some of my favorite techniques:

#1 Wear shoes with a stiletto heel i.e. high heels

There are so many reasons to wear high heels, but to name a few:

  1. It makes you appear taller
  2. Your walking as naturally sexier as your hips sway more
  3. It shows you care about your appearance
  4. It makes men feel that you’re open about them approaching you
  5. It makes you seem more delicate and feminine
  6. It makes your calf muscles stand out

Sure they’re uncomfortable, but to flirt with your special man, it may just be worth it.

#2 Wear an anklet

It doesn’t need to be an anklet per say, any foot jewelry will do (toe rings, jewelry sandals) - the point is that you want to bring attention to your feet.

#3 Dangle your shoe

Unlike most of these techniques, sitting at a coffee shop will not work here because he won’t be able to see your feet as they are under the table. 

  1. Find a place to sit beside each other or wherever he can see your feet (this is a strictly sitting flirting trick)
  2. Place one leg over the other and let it hang there freely
  3. Loosen the heel of the foot that’s hanging and let the shoe rock back and forth almost hypnotically


Do not try this technique too often, otherwise he’ll think it’s just some nervous tick and not that you’re flirting or excited to see him.

#4 Mirror the body language of his feet

If his feet are crossed over, your feet are crossed over.

If one foot is facing away from you, one of your feet is facing away from him.

If his feet are strictly together, your feet are also strictly together. 

This trick (AKA mirroring) comes from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and what it does is makes him feel like you have something in common on a deep subconscious level. You’ve got to try it to understand what we’re talking about here. 

28. Best books and resources to learn flirting

If you’re looking for the holy grail, the bible of flirting, then look no further than The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene

It’s a ‘big boy’ and nothing comes close to it in terms of core principles which is why I name it the bible of flirting. 

Nevertheless, where this book severely lacks is in concrete examples and techniques. 

Sure, he brings tons of stories from the middle ages, but how is that gonna help you in the age of social media?

That brings is to our second recommendation: Text Chemistry by Amy North

It’s the polar opposite of The Art of Seduction.

The Art of Seduction = all core principles.

Text Chemistry = all practical techniques and examples.

For most people, I say start with Text Chemistry. Get results, then head back to The Art of Seduction and study the science of attraction deeply.

29. how to flirt with a guy without being obvious

Flirting without being obvious is great because you get that proverbial backspace key; if it doesn’t work, you can easily back out like you didn’t mean anything. 

However, this subtle flirting can’t be easy as we know, guys are terrible at getting subtle flirting… stuck in a “catch 22” if you know what I mean. 

However, there are ways to get around this:

#1 The Feminine Flirting Technique (FFT)

I call it the feminine flirting technique because all you do is act feminine - even from across the room - and watch him chase after you.

Soooo how do you act feminine to attract your man?

  1. Seem shy, don’t be super loud or tomboyish 
  2. Avoid cursing, think dainty, cutesie, quiet, polite, etc.
  3. Wear a feminine dress (sundresses kill me)
  4. Smile a lot, eradicate that bitchface
  5. Laugh and giggle at the small stuff like a little girl

And when you do make eye contact (which you surely will), look away momentarily as if to say “I’d love to stare, but you’re too hot and I’m too shy” - it makes you seem submissive to him which is exactly what it takes to get the top, masculine men excited for you.

The benefits of this technique are incredible: you can flirt with a guy across the room, without saying a word, only using your body language. 

The downside is obvious: you must cultivate true femininity for this to work, however, I wouldn’t worry too much about this now as it’s truly a lifelong journey. 

#2 Use your mom to flirt

Maybe that sounded a bit weird… OK, I’ll admit, it did. 

Here’s what I meant to say:

Approach your guy at the school lunch and say “my mom gave me too much ___, could you please take some?” 

Basically you’re using anything extra your mom gave you (not necessarily food) and share it with the guy you’re interested in.

Very under the radar which is great for you, and it’s also a great conversation starter so he doesn’t just take it and walk away.

#3 Make them feel special in a group

He makes a joke and no one seems to notice, be the one to laugh at his joke.

He mentioned a cool fact about himself, be the one to ask him more about himself.

He gets teased/ made fun of by the group, be the one to defend him.

Regrettably, this may be a little too subtle and he may never get it, but it’s worth a shot.

#4 Talk about his hobbies in a flirty way

The first thing you do is find out what he loves doing in his free time.

Once you discover what his hobby is, walk by him in the school hall and briefly make eye contact.

Right as he’s about to pass behind you, look back up and say “Hey___, aren’t you the guy that likes __”.

As long as you say this in a flirty voice, a slight tilt in your head, he should get the message.

#5 Use simple compliments

If you look back to #20: The Flirtatious-Compliment Technique, you’ll see that we talk about all sorts of crazy compliments… do not use any of them here because he’ll notice that you are obviously trying to flirt with him. Instead try these:

  1. A quick compliment to his hair e.g. you’re hair is looking extra fresh today
  2. Sneak in a compliment in the conversation and continue the conversation as if nothing happened e.g. I don’t remember your eye being so blue, anyways what were you saying about tomorrow's assignments?
  3. Simply notice the clothing or his style without making any compliments or judgements e.g. so you decided to go with that red shirt and that gray Nike shoe…

Each of these examples will make him wonder what you mean by your comments and chances are that he’ll come to the conclusion that you were flirting with him - Bingo! That’s exactly what we want.

#6 Touch your body or his

Obviously, we’re not talking about grabbing his crotch and dragging him into your bed until he fucks the shit out of you - we talk about that in 25 exclusive ways to turn on a guy and make him horny |

Here, we want to be subtle. We want to make him unsure; “does she want me to make the bold move or is she just being friendly?”

Here are some examples:

  1. Holding onto his shoulder while laughing at his jokes
  2. Wiping some food off his cheek with a napkin “as a friend”
  3. If his back is hurting, offer a massage 
  4. Ask him if he could help you with dress and is “just doesn’t seem right”
  5. If you’re sitting beside each other, rub your thigh against his
  6. Check out his watch, necklace or any other jewelry with lots of care while “having” to caress his hands (because that’s where his watch is sitting)

That’s about it when it comes to stealth teasing, as always, add your ideas in the comments below.

30. how to flirt with a shy guy

We are reaching the 3rd and final section of this article. I am ready to finish this off. It’s exhausting to write your ideas down in well over 8,000 words!

So getting back to our topic, shy guys do a lot better when you take the lead, therefore:

  1. Only flirt with him where there are less people around 
  2. Take your time with him to build trust and make him extra comfortable around you
  3. Pay attention closely to the small moves he makes to get your attention (that’s how introverts/ shy guys flirt)
  4. Don’t overwhelm him with attention - introverts need time to be by themselves
  5. Be flirty in a way that doesn’t require him to do anything in return i.e. hug from behind
  6. Never tease him about his shy nature
  7. Flirt in ways that don’t require much action or talking from either one of you, i.e. look deep into his eyes
  8. When you do notice that he makes a move on you, appreciate it for what it is and never tease him about it

Understand his shyness, work with his shyness, love his shyness.

31. How to flirt with a guy if you are shy

But what about if you’re the shy one!?

Little tougher and what I usually recommend is that you play around with the 6 techniques we talking about in #29: How to flirt without being obvious.

32. How to flirt with a guy at work

Flirting with anyone at work is a bad idea since the advent of #MeToo. I talk about this profusely in my article 17 steps to seduce, manipulate and control girls, guys are (or should be) very wary of dating girls at work. There have been too many false accusation and lives ruined over a stupid “relationship” at work. 

So if you have a choice of flirting with him or not, don’t. However, if he’s just too hot for you to let go, here’s what you do:

  1. Use the modified handshake technique: shake his hand normally, but show a little extra love with a noticeable caress
  2. Ask him what he’s up to after work and show extra interest 
  3. Ask him where a good place to go as a afternoon vacation from work

Flirting at work is kinda like texting, you only do it so that you can meet in real life.

33. How to flirt with a guy in school

If you’re at school (possibly middle school), there are 2 things you should keep in mind: flirt with your eyes and be physical.

Here are somethings you can try:

  1. Use #6 The Macho-Darer Technique, challenge him to a game of basketball
  2. Use #16 The Whisper Kiss Technique by telling him some school gossip
  3. #23 Flirt With Your Eyes - do everything I talk about there
  4. Don’t stop play fighting with him, one of the best ways to make yourselves feel comfortable with each other, more about this here: 24 Subtle Techniques To Get Any Guy To Notice You & 5 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid | 

At school, it’s not about using any advanced techniques, it’s really just about getting started and learning from experience. 

34. how to flirt with a guy you really like

He’s the popular guy.

He’s the guy who (you think) likes you.

He’s the guy you’re terrified of appearing creepy.

So how do you do it? How do you make him crazy about you? Is it even possible?

Luckly, yes, of course!

The first thing you do is use The Feminine Flirting Technique (mentioned in #29 How to flirt with a guy without being obvious).

Re-read that piece to get all those little steps there. 

But what’s important is that you know why it works. Do you remember?

Let’s review together:

Just like you deeply desire a dominant masculine man. Your man (even if he’s just in highschool) deeply desires a feminine girl. The more feminine you appear (by using The Feminine Flirting Technique), the more genuine desire he’ll feel for you.

There are no tricks here, this is simply how human biology works.

35. how to flirt with a guy over text

You’re in a long distance relationship or maybe he just approached you at the bar and now you’re texting, what can you do until you get to see each other face to face?

  1. Use #19 Make Him Unsure If You’re Trying to Seduce Him i.e. sending him a vaguely sexy selfie of some new clothing you tried at the mall
  2. Ask him flirty questions, here are some examples from 100 Flirty [And Cute] Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend | Have you ever had a dream about me? If we got married, where would you take me on a honeymoon? Do you remember the day we met?
  3. Tell him how bored you are without him with some sexual undertones i.e. If you were with me at my house, I wouldn’t be so bored alone
  4. As a general rule: never ignore him for more than a single day as you’ll diffuse a lot of the existing sexual tension
  5. Make him feel like texting you is too much for your mind to handle, e.g. I can’t do this texting thing anymore, I can’t think straight (but don’t actually tell him what you want to do together)
  6. Talk him through (over text) how you look as you’re dressing to ignite his imagination e.g. “Right now I’m putting on my shirt, uch, I think it’s showing too much cleavage… what do you think?”

I’m coming up with new ideas and examples for my upcoming article “How to flirt over text”, but till then, this should be more than enough.

36. How to flirt with a guy over Snapchat, FaceBook, Etc. 

 When it comes to Snapchat and other social media platforms, there’s only so much you can do in terms of flirting.

If we’re talking about DMs, well that’s the same as texting… 

Nevertheless, I have some techniques for you:

  1. Replying to their snapchat story with a little teasing
  2. Tag them in a hilarious post - have flirtatious undertones
  3. Make it easy for him to poke fun/ tease you by making corny/ stupid jokes
  4. Flirt with him by sending him a selfie while saying “I’m at least 10 times cuter than you”
  5. When he tries to impress you with his own selfie, tell him “no, I meant cute, not ugliest!”
  6. Find out what his favorite food is, buy it for yourself then post a picture of it to Facebook tagging him saying something like “jealous? You’ll have to come over to try some”
  7. Send him a private photo of you and your dog, saying “this dog is my love”
  8. Post a public story that only you and him would understand (only works if he’s a guy you already know)

That just about sums it up for social media and I encourage you to read 17 Subtle Ways To Get A Guy To Ask You Out & 5 Things You Must Never Do Try as I’ve packed that article with even more info! [5, 6]

37. How to flirt with a guy over the phone

These techniques, although originally written strictly for phones, will work just as well over Zoom or FaceTime.

  1. Use #2 The Stripping Technique, if you’re strictly on the phone, take off your clothing near the microphone so that can hear you changing 
  2. Use #5: Laugh at his jokes in a flirtatious way, this is something you should be using nearly everywhere. It’s a basic communication trick for girls.
  3. Use #13: The Naked or Not Technique - try any of the examples mentioned there
  4. Use #14: Flirtatiously Mention That You’re Hungry For Him
  5. Use his name often - a classic trick to boost egos from How To Win Friends And Influence People
  6. Make sure you talk in a very feminine, soft, girly voice even with the little filler works 
  7. Talk slower than you usually would, over the phone you lose the body language aspect that helps people understand your words
  8. No matter how much you love him, do not let the conversation drag on. When you feel the conversation has already met its peak, end it. 

One thing you’ll notice is that as you practice these techniques and internalize the flirting mindset, you’ll be coming up with brand new, creative techniques on the fly.

38. How to flirt with someone you just met

These methods will help you flirt in situations where you suddenly find yourself with a guy you really like: first date, a party or even a cashier. 

  1. Ask him about the story behind his tattoo
  2. Ask him personal questions, examples here: 150 Deep, Personal Questions to Ask a Guy to Create an Emotional Connection
  3. Use #17: The I.M.S.S.B.M.G. Technique
  4. Flirt with your hair by using The Up and Down Technique (#21)
  5. Do everything in #23 Flirt With Your Eyes - probably how your grandparents met
  6. Use everything in #20 The Flirtatious-Compliment Technique - simple compliments will not do here

39. How to flirt with a married man 

There are several things to do right in order to flirt with a married man and possibly make him commit to you (assuming that you know him already or using Tinder).

#1 Make it easy for him to rationalize his cheating

You want to make it super easy for him to rationalize his cheating so that he doesn’t pull away from all his guilt. 

Try any of these ideas:

  1. Give him just a little bit of alcohol, nothing that could even remotely make him drunk, but enough where he can tell himself that “it was the wine”
  2. Get him when you know he’s totally exhausted from work or maybe you know he just didn’t get enough sleep that night
  3. Casually mention that “90% of couples cheat once throughout their marriage”
  4. Tell him that there’s a good chance that his wife is already cheating on him
  5. Make him feel that if you drain his balls every night, his marriage is much more likely to stay intact
  6. Make him feel that if he doesn’t make bold moves on you that he’s not expressing himself fully and that he’s repressing his masculinity which is a sin
  7. Even when you having sex (later on), be the one to be making all moves: be ontop of him, give him blowjobs, etc. so that he doesn’t feel like he actively did anything

By doing this, you are removing his guilt which is arguably the single biggest thing holding him back from going all out (assuming that you know how to appear as an attractive woman). [7, 8]

#2 Start innocently 

Keeping it all innocent at the beginning also removes guilt, but it’s more than that. It makes him feel like he is not even cheating!

  1. Flirt only with simple compliments (remember #29: How to flirt without being obvious)
  2. Make it completely impossible for him to get caught, never talk about your relationship with anyone else
  3. Only flirt with him in your designated place, anywhere else, act as formal as it gets.
  4. Tell him that you’re just this way, flirting isn’t a big deal for you (useful tip when just starting with this guy)
  5. Start with innocently touching him and only with time, move up his thigh 
  6. Even be honest and say that “we really shouldn’t be doing this”

The idea here is to keep your first moves as innocent as possible so that he doesn’t feel like his initial flirting is cheating at all.

#3 Use all the classic seduction techniques

The reason why you are only starting to seduce him now is because you needed to set the foundation earlier, which now gives you the permission to hook him so that you can start being more sexually aggressive without fearing that he’ll turn back on you.

Not gonna get into any of the specific methods here, you can read my gigantic article about seduction for that - How to seduce a man: 19 techniques [with examples] |

#4 Give a meaning to the relationship

Now that he’s fully seduced and hypnotized by your presence, it’s time to give a deeper meaning to the relationship.

Till now, it was just about draining his balls and keeping each other less lonely. 

That all changes starting today, here’s what I mean:

  1. Tell him that God set this up because why else would you work so well together
  2. Tell him that “we need each other to in order fulfill our life’s purpose”
  3. Make the love between you sacred
  4. Tell him that God must want us together, I mean, why else would we be working together
  5. Tell him that it’s the first time in his life where you feel accepted for who you are (this makes him feel like he’s improving himself at a deep level)
  6. Tell him that you we’re having dreams about him even before you met, so he must be the ONE
  7. Tell him that you’ve never felt this way about a man in your life, and you didn’t even know that you could feel this way, just another reason why he must be your soul mate

Now that he’s thoroughly seduced, it’s time to really tie him down so that he’ll be fully committed even before you officially ask him.

#5 Give him a new identity

His default identity is: 

I’m a loyal, married man who knows it’s wrong to flirt with another girl, let alone sleep with her. 

This identity is a huge source of resistance, and it’s time to change it to something like this: 

I am a proud masculine man who doesn’t care about marriage and only commits to the woman he genuinely likes. 

But how can you change his identity? It can’t be easy!

You’re right, it isn’t and it’ll take some work, nevertheless here’s what you need to start doing: 

  1. Make him admit using his own words how much he loves women and not just the woman he’s married to
  2. Make him admit using his own words that he truly enjoys your company and hated being stuck with his wife
  3. Make him admit using his own words how masculine he is and how marriage has no power over the women he chooses to be with
  4. Make him admit using his own words that he’s not as loyal as he believes he is by talking about all the naughty things he’s done with you and other women 
  5. Make him admit using his own words that being good and loyal is for suckers that don’t have options 

By allowing him to talk about his own disloyal nature, he will slowly start to prove to himself that he isn’t the man he was led to believe, therefore changing his own identity. 

#6 Give him the ultimate choice

Truthfully, this step is optional. Some girls just want to flirt with a married man, have sex then move on. In that case, you don’t need this step. 

However, if you want him to be yours, this step is crucial: 

Give him the ultimate choice: does he want you or his current wife?

OK, there’s more to it than that…

  1. If you’ve been following all the steps until now, there’s a chance that he’s bring this up himself and try to lock you down
  2. There are better and worse times to give him this choice. Did his wife just piss him off? Good time. Did he just have a great time with his kids at the park? Bad time. Are you about to make him cum from a passionate blowjob? Good time. 
  3. Don’t just ask yes or no. Make it clear what he’s losing out on and what he stands to gain by choosing you over his wife.

At that sums it up, however, there’s one question I’d like to answer before we end this topic:

Why do guys flirt with everyone when they are in a relationship

Good question? The answer is usually falls into one of the following 3 options:

  1. He’s just being polite and you’re mistakenly percieving that as flirting
  2. He wants to gain your approval, but doesn’t want actually want anything sexual
  3. He a guy that wants more than one woman and will absolutely cheat on you if you respond to flirting 

I can’t tell you for sure which reason your guy falls into because I’d have to see it in person and gage the energy. That being said, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you.

40. how to flirt in your 30s

As a woman in your 30’s there are several facts you need to make peace with in order to date successfully at your age:

  1. You’re outer femininity i.e. looks, are waning 
  2. From now on, you’ll need to rely more on your inner feminine energy to attract high value man (because of course, low value beta males will fall for any girl that touches his dick)
  3. You simply will not be able to compete with girls in their 20’s. Men want young, fertile women.
  4. Unless you’re a sugar mommy, high value men don’t care about your money. Having a million dollars in the bank won’t create genuine desire for you, only femininity can do that. 
  5. You must learn to lower your standards. 6 pack abs, 6 figure income, 6 inch dick might be too much to ask for at your age. 
  6. Aim for guys 5-10 years older than you, these guys are already sick of all the games young girls play
  7. Get ready for the men you date to be a lot more direct and tell you exactly what they want. These men have real experience. 
  8. Make sure you go to the right places when looking to meet good men. The bar is not a good place. A volunteering event is a great place. 

Once you understand these key principles and differences, you should be all set to go assuming that you follow the previous flirting methods. 

Oh’ and one other thing, make sure you follow r/datingoverthirty, they have lots of great content over there. [9

41. What to say to flirt with a guy

As we’re wrapping up this article, I’d like to compile all the examples of things you can say to flirt with a guy including new ones:

  1. I bet you can’t ___
  2. Could you help me untangle these necklaces
  3. I had this emotional dream about you last night… I’m sorry I can’t tell you… really, I-I shouldn’t be thinking about you this way
  4. I never realized how cute/attractive you are
  5. Why did it take me so long to notice your soft, blue eyes?
  6. [Tell him over the phone] Yeah, I’m getting dressed. Why is this bra pressing my boobs so hard! They are literally spilling over!!
  7. [Tell him over the phone] Hold on, I’m in the shower, just putting shampoo all over myself, be out in a minute
  8. Well I am sooo hungry [when you just went out to eat]
  9. Oh, you gotta stop doing that… you know how you make me feel when you look at me like that
  10. I’m so sorry for bumping into you, but my God I’ve never felt such solid muscles, thought I walked into a steel pole for a second! (great if flirting with a new guy at school)
  11. I’m new to cooking at home, you seem like the kind of guy who could help me. Does ___ work with ___ recipe? 
  12. I’ve decided to escape my digital prison and read some books. Don’t know what to pick. Could you recommend a love story? (you know how to continue the conversation)
  13. That is the most stylish shirt I’ve ever seen, it really makes your muscles show! Where did you pick it up (showing how his shirt complements his sexy body, while making the conversation flow by asking “where did you pick it up?”)
  14. When we meet up tonight, you better be wearing the same shirt! (this brings him back to whatever you we’re saying before when
  15. Is it flirting if I tell you that I can’t stop looking at your muscles? It’s not my fault you look like a greek god…
  16. Hey ___, I’d be dead here without you in this boring class
  17. You’re so hot that I could help but tell you that ___
  18. Where do you like to kiss me the most, my cheek or my forehead? (100 Flirty [And Cute] Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend |
  19. How would you describe our most perfect kiss?
  20. Do you ever get nervous around me?
  21. Would you like to dance in the rain with me?
  22. Have you ever written a song or a poem about me?
  23. Do you like when we cook together?
  24. How many pictures of me do you have on your phone?
  25. Are you ticklish?
  26. Do you prefer the pool or the hot tub?

Definitely check out 100 Flirty [And Cute] Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend | for more examples and TBH, 150 Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl That’ll Make Her Laugh is a good resource too.

42. How to tell if a guy is flirting with you or is just being nice

Here are 11 signs that he’s actually flirting and NOT just being nice:

  1. It’s not a one off thing
  2. He’s not a flirty guy
  3. He’s a flirty guy, but is noticeable more flirty with you
  4. He seems nervous around you
  5. He doesn’t just flirt with words, he also tries to get physical
  6. He’s a known player and acts hot and cold with you
  7. He’s asking you a lot of personal questions 150 Deep, Personal Questions to Ask a Guy to Create an Emotional Connection
  8. He acts slightly weird around you
  9. He shows off to you (use this to notice if a guy is flirting with you at the gym)
  10. He shows off to everyone, but noticeably more to you
  11. He praises you accomplishments

The following video, although not directly about flirting, is also a great resource:

43. What to avoid doing when flirting with a guy

We’ve covered everything to do in this well above 10,000 words article, now it’s time to talk about things to avoid while flirting:

  1. Don’t reveal too much about yourself. Mystery is important for guys and girls.
  2. Don’t think that being weird is being flirty.
  3. Don’t seem closed off with a bitch face, keep a big, happy smile on
  4. Don’t seem sad or depressed around them just to get their attention or sympathy 
  5. Never try all these methods at once
  6. Don’t overdue teasing, find out what he takes personally and what you can tease him about
  7. Don’t flirt with him in front of his friends if he’s shy
  8. Don’t rush flirting, take your time
  9. Don’t put yourself down so that he can pick you back up
  10. Avoid the little compliments
  11. Avoid doing everything in the relationship even though you are taking the lead here with flirting
  12. Never point out that you’re flirting with him. Guys want to enjoy the dating game without knowing that they’re in it. 


There you have my complete guide to flirting for girls.

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Coach Colt here, the founder of Dating Armory, your go-to source for no-nonsense, practical relationship advice. I'm a bisexual male in a same-sex open relationship and a researcher in sex, love, and relationships with 7+ years of experience. I specialize in helping both men and women navigate the crazy world of dating.

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