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You and I both know the feeling when someone seductive walks into a room and all you can think is “how is she so seductive?”

“How does she make me feel this way?”

All you want to know is how to make yourself seductive because you know the incredible power seduction gives you over anyone.

Whenever we connect with a seductress, she makes us want to do all sorts of things for her. As if we willingly lose our own free will.

It is almost the way that they look at us that makes us lose all our strength. How does she have such a seductive look?

Learning seduction is very seductive. We crave the power that it offers.

The maddening part of seduction is that it is so mysterious. We don’t even know where it comes from.

It doesn’t make any sense. People who are seductive seem to go against the norm, but how can you become seductive?

I must be honest here and tell you that most of the ideas here come from my favorite seduction book and course: The Tao of Badass.

I started this journey by making the greatest decision of my life and investing in his course that comes with:

  1. The Tao of Badass book (150 pages and audiobook included) 
  2. 4 subliminal core confidence audios to reprogram your subconscious mind 
  3. 5 week Body Language Mastery Course
  4. Seduction Course – all about making you better, improving the “inner game” 
  5. Advanced Attraction Course – dedicated to arousing her sexuality and demonstrate your masculinity

I’ll tell you more about the course soon, but he’s got a great video presentation that you can watch HERE now if you don’t have time to read.

1. Become seductive by believing you know you will get everyone’s love

This belief is crucial. All seduction starts here.

You will feel this energy around any tempter or seductress. You can feel that they believe they will get your love one way or another.

Think of children. Aren’t they so cute?

Cute is another word for seduction. 

As we grow up we lose the belief that we are deserving of love, and become full of guilt.

But during the first years of our life, we still believe we are deserving of adoration and love, this has a devastating effect on everyone.

The energy of young children is amazing. They live their lives believing they will get your love. This is what makes them ‘cute’.

Cuteness is the complete lack of guilt and feeling that you will absolutely get everyone’s love. You can develop this belief inside of you.

One of the ways I did it, was by listening to the 4 subliminal core confidence audios that come with The Tao of Badass. You will see measurable differences in attraction within 2 weeks.

It is the expectation from a deep level subconsciously that everyone will love you. This is not some forceful energy that “everyone must love me.”

This belief comes from a calm, core confident place. It is your deepest truth. [1, 2]

2. Believe that you are deserving of love and adoration

Seduction does not come from things that you say or do. It comes from deep, core beliefs.

You cannot at a conscience level seduce anyone. Any seduction comes from the subconscious mind.

This is why you need to develop a second belief that goes hand in hand with the first one. The belief is that you are deserving of love and adoration.

We are taught as we grow up that we are not deserving of anything. We need to be grateful for everything we have or else…

Society tells us that we need to feel lucky for what we have. In essence, we are not deserving of anything good.

That is poison to any potential seduction. If you are going to develop seduction, you must learn to release all guilt.

Guilt means you feel deserving of pain and to be hated. That is what makes an “anti-seducer.”

Seducers have a deep seated belief that they deserve everything good and lovely in this world. They believe they deserve your love.

This is what draws you in. You desperately want to burst their bubble of entitlement.

The Tao of Badass covers HOW to reprogram your mind to the natural state of solid confidence, I am just teaching you the WHAT is seductive.

3. How to use Intense ‘self-sufficiency’ to seduce

You will notice that anyone with unbreakable self-adoration is so seductive.

They act in a way as if they are attracted to themselves. As if they have everything they could possibly need.

They tell you subconsciously that they don’t need your love. That you cannot affect them emotionally.

Their magnetism comes because they don’t seem to need you at all. They love themselves so much that they don’t need your approval.

A seducer’s self-love doesn’t come from a forceful, external place. 

Real seducers seduce because they have already seduced themselves.

In our culture we are so used to thinking “I wish I could look as good as that girl” or “I wish I was making that much money.”

The seducer is seduced by who he is now. He lives in the present moment and does not need to go anywhere. This brings us to the 3rd principle. [3, 4]

4. How to be a calm seducer

Because seducers are so in love with who they are in every moment they can afford to live in the moment in a calm state.

This allows them to give their full attention whomever they talk to. They grow and work hard from a place of self-expression, not pressure to conform.

Once you start going through the courses you will start to feel this inner calmness and feeling that you are totally fine with who you are.

When I was younger I set up rules in my life of who I needed to be till I could be OK with what I was. I lived with stress, pressure and forcefulness.

This is why no one liked me. I couldn’t connect to anyone because I never let myself calm down.

Now that we have done the inner work, we are ready to learn behaviors that are seductive.

5. How to seduce and control anyone

You will notice a trend in the first 3 principles, you are getting approval from the seducer and NOT the other way around. 

But how else can we make people need approval from us?

Act the coquette.

This is very simple. You approach your victim girl and you give her all the approval she could ever want.

Tell her about how cute her voice is and how adorable her eyes look. Tell her that her lips are the perfect shade of red.

Now she feels incredible about herself, understandably. No one in her family or friends has ever given her compliments like this before. 

She now gives you access to her emotions.

Here is the moment you flip the switches. You begin to criticize the things that you know she is insecure about.

You make passing remarks about her messy hair and how she eats like a slob. 

Because you have gained access to her emotions she now needs you in order to feel good about herself. You have become part of her identity.

Without her knowing consciously, she, subconsciously, has given you full control over her mind and body. 

All you need to do is insinuate to her that you’ll approve of her if she does this for you or sleeps with you.

Once she understands what she needs to do in order to get your love and admiration again, she will be happy to do it. This is real power.

This is real seduction. You will learn much more when you get The Tao of Badass that has a whole dedicated course on seduction. [5, 6]

6. How to use masculinity as a seductive power

Women that aren’t afraid to express their sexuality and love themselves are the number one prize for us men. They are so enticing and sexual we need to have them.

And so all we see is this desirable woman so we think that to seduce other women we need to become a sexy girl too!

The line of (mistaken) thinking is very simple. If women are the most desirable and seductive creatures then shouldn’t we all try to act like them?

Here is the mistake: women aren’t sexually attracted to other women. Women want a man. 

A woman doesn’t find a girl in a bikini sexually attractive. She will find a man that she sees as masculine, sexually attractive.

Therefore, if you are to seduce women, you need to accept and fully express your own masculinity.

Let me tell you from personal experience, even if the woman doesn’t seem interested at first, she will get very attracted to you when you meet her feminine energy with your solid masculinity.

You’ve got to learn to see things from their perspective. Give them what they want and they will give you everything you could’ve ever dreamed of.

7. How to be seductive with words

This goes together with being the coquette that I mentioned earlier. This applies to the first stage when you are filling up her ego in an attempt to access her emotions.

Robert Greene in his book, The Art of Seduction, writes that just like men have a weakness with the visual, women have a weakness for words.

Women will fall for anyone that knows how to use words properly

You must learn how to build up her self-esteem without making her feel that she needs you. If she feels that she is being led on like a child then she will run away.

Here are some examples of bad compliments:

  1. You are wonderful
  2. You are ‘good’
  3. You are likable

If you tell her any of these, assuming that she isn’t a super insecure girl, she will tell you to get away.

The goal is to make her compliment herself so that she doesn’t realize you did anything, but yet she will be attached to you.

But how?

You compliment things about herself so that she in turn tells herself “I must be so likable and good.”

For example:

  1. Your eyes shine in the most stunning ways
  2. You picked the perfect dress for today
  3. Your eyes glow in such a perfect way that they turn me on
  4. Your lips are the hottest shade of red
  5. You’re so easy to talk to

After you give her one of these compliments she will turn around AND TELL HERSELF “I am so lovable,” which is the ultimate compliment.

Now she is completely attached to you and is at your command.

8. How to be seductive with touch

Just like words, caresses and touches have intensely strong effects on women. Women are very sensual, so cater to their needs.

When you first approach a girl and start talking to her, you cannot start touching her with her ass and breasts!

Start by touching her arm. Caress it back and forth with your hand. 

You need self-awareness here. Does she like it? If she does, then take your time till you move on to the next step.

The next step is to touch her hands and wrists. How can you do that? Simple.

If she has a watch on just ask her if you can look at it. While you are inspecting her watch lightly touch her, take it slow. 

Continue with this for however long you can go. Touching women is the gateway to their heart.

Now you can start touching her neck: again, if she has a necklace on go in and inspect it. 

Never forget the neck and ears because they are erogenous zones. By touching those places she is going to get horny.

This is the best way to turn on a girl. At this point she should be very comfortable with you, start moving down.

You can go closer to her cleavage or the small of her back. The small of her back is the part where the spin curves at the level of the waist.

Once you go there, you can also head for her thighs. Again, for a man this won’t do anything. 

We just want girls to ride our dicks, but women find this seductive.

9. How to be seductive to a girl by saying her name

We all know the soft, sexy voice of women and how seductive it sounds when they say our names, right?

By saying and repeating our names we feel important because our name is who we are. Dale Carnegie writes “names are the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

We love the sound of our own name, and it gets even better when a hot girl says your name in a low, whispery voice.

Nothing is more seductive than that. That is what men want, but what do women want?

Women also want to hear a man say their name, but they want to hear it in a deep, masculine voice. That is what makes them horny.

This is the perfect time to practice. Make a recording of yourself saying a girl’s name.

Ask yourself: do I sound calm and confident? Does my voice sound nasal? Do I have that deep, masculine part of my voice?

And with practice over a couple weeks and you will see measurable improvement. 


I have given you everything that I know about the main keys to seduction in this course. 

I know this article was a little complicated, but you’ve pulled through. This means you are above 90% of men already.

I think it is foolish for any man that is serious about his not to get The Tao of Badass NOW. You will see that women act towards you very differently.

You will walk with a sense of pride and a healthy amount of masculine brazenness that gets girls horny. You can get every girl that could ever want, but it’s going to take some work and some guidance.

Get the Tao of Badass before it’s too late.

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