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You came here to learn how to impress a girl, why? Because you like girls and you think that to get girls you need to impress them. We all know that classically boys use violence to impress girls. [1, 2]

But I am going to show you how to seduce any girl that you want based one one simple concept.

This one principle will not only change your dating life and which girls you get in bed, this will change your level of abundance, health and love!

The reason why one concept can change your entire life is because “how you do one things is how you do everything.”

My story: The motivation: no girls and loneliness.

“How to impress your girlfriend” reminds me of how I started on my journey. I had no friends so all I could think of was the famous book “How To Win Friends And Influence People.”

I looked it up online and found a YouTube video of what would become one of my mentors Joseph Rodrigues doing a discussion on How To Win Friends And Influence People. Once I realized how deep and useful his 100 or so YouTube videos were, I invested into all 5 of his courses and did lifesaving skype coaching calls with Joseph Rodrigues. I highly recommend both his courses and his training.

You have to understand I had no friends at all. Until I reached the age of 5 or 6 I had friends in my life, after that everything went downhill.

In my early teenage years I used to cry every once in a while, but by the time I got older I gave up really feeling my feelings and crying because there was nothing I could do anyway.

I had a lot of pent up anger directed towards myself – “why can’t I get a girlfriend!” or really why can’t I get anyone to love and appreciate me.

So, even though I read How To Win Friends And Influence People, I still felt that there was something intrinsically wrong with me. As if in essence I was not likable.

But since I was in so much pain and experiencing loneliness so often I needed to get an answer. And 3 years later after learning everything I could on, finally getting Joseph Rodrigues’s courses, doing coaching sessions, reading every personal development book, I got the answer.

This is the first thing you must understand: if you don’t have a girlfriend now and making friends is hard, then you better get super motivated cause this stuff is hard.

Step 1. Motivation

You better NEED to change your life, ‘wanting’ isn’t enough. [3]

Even after I revel the one concept that will change your life, you will need the will to change. In my story you see that. I sometimes look back and feel grateful that I was in such a bad place.

If I didn’t suffer that much I never would have had the motivation to take my life up to a place where I experience love everywhere and women are naturally drawn to me.

This is the point: look deeply into your life and find what you are so angry about, find what motivates you and write that down because the times will come where you will want to give up.

Becoming an impressive man is a huge shift that’s why you need to find your motivation. Ask yourself questions like:

  1. Why do you want the hottest girls?
  2. How bad does it feel to be alone?
  3. How does it feel to see everyone else with a girlfriend?

These questions are meant to get your mind focused on the pain in your life so that you get motivated.

Record a 3 minute motivational speech to yourself when you feel there is no point in moving on and you feel that you are just a lost cause.

You are not a lost cause!

This brings us to the one idea, that is sooo simple, yet it took me 3 years to get to.

Step 2. Be impressed by yourself and girls will be impressed by you.


Because the inner world = the outer world.

The more you love yourself, the real loving you, the more the outer world/ people will love you. Do you want to learn how to win friends and influence people? Then learn to win your own friendship and influence yourself.

The degree that you love yourself is the exact degree that everyone else will love you.

And don’t automatically assume that you love yourself!

I used to think that I loved who I was because… why not? Why in the world would I not love me, sure, I don’t like other people. There were people I hated, but me, I love me. Obviously!

This is what made this simple concept so difficult. I thought that even though I had a rough childhood and had no friends that I still loved ME.

And the truth is the reason why I couldn’t feel the intense self-hate and shame is because it was just that bad, too horrific to feel. 

You need to think deeply and ask yourself: 

  1. Am I happy with who I am?
  2. What do I love about my appearance?
  3. What do I not like about me?
  4. Is it OK for me to feel love?
  5. What do I feel that I am deserving of?
  6. Am I deserving of love?
  7. Do I love my personality?

If you are like most people you won’t be able to say “I am impressed by myself” and this is why you don’t have girls craving you. If you crave you, girls will crave you. This is how you get the girlfriend you always wanted.

Step 3. Follow the steps to reprogram your subconscious mind.

Joseph Rodrigues on his YouTube channel put out a video called subconscious reprogramming methods, and he goes through the basic steps to change your thinking patterns.

My favorite way to reprogram my mind is to sit in front of a mirror and talk to myself with love and like I’m impressed with myself.

I say certain affirmations to myself in order to cultivate a feeling of self-love and self-desire. For example:

  1. I like you cause you are so likable
  2. I need you
  3. I love you, I really, really love you

This develops deep self-love and I really feel like I am my own best friend. From this place I go out and approach women, date women and take them to bed.

Women go wild for the man that seems like he doesn’t need them. As if he’s self-sufficient. 

If she feels that she cannot get a hold of you emotionally because you already have all the love you need inside of you – she will desire you so intensely that she will do anything for you.

In Joseph Rodrigues’s course on subconscious mind reprogramming he dives deep into different ways to transform your mind and how it all works in order to give you confidence in the process.

Remember your goal is to get beautiful women into your life, but to get there you need to learn the timeless principles that apply to every human. If you get all five of his courses at once you are getting each hour of the courses for less than 4 dollars each!

Go check his authentic courses, but I’ll warn you: his courses are truly good, but you need to work hard and follow the steps of the course in order to see any results.

Here is how it looks once you get the courses:

Step 4. Let them impress you

I have a feeling, I know what you’re thinking “I came here to learn how to impress girls, not to impress myself or let them impress me!” – I know, but you really came here to learn how to take women to bed and I’ll teach you.

Once you try to impress anyone, you are already on the looser side, you don’t hold the power. Let them impress you, you will hold power and they will fall in love with you in the process.

In every book on influence, seduction, or making friends they all say the same principle: let the other person speak about themselves and be super interested. [3, 4]

When the girl you are dating feels that you are dazzled by who she is and what she has done her ego will be chained to you. She will need you for approval and will experience deep love for you. [5]

She won’t even know why she feels that way towards you because you barely spoke. She will have no clue.

And that is the key, only speak about yourself when she wants you to, trust me, she will pay you back with 300% interest.

Let her feel amazing about herself, that she has truly had an overwhelming effect on you and nothing can stop her from falling hopelessly in love. [5]

Here are some awesome quotes about this exact topic:

“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” 

“Talk to someone about themselves and they’ll listen for hours.”

(How to Win Friends and Influence People)

Getting people to think that you are good enough will never work, you must develop that self-love and believe that you are good enough using the techniques above. But giving everyone else the feeling that they are enough is the key to EVERYTHING.

Step 5. Get ripped

Wait what!? Didn’t you just say make them feel awesome and how good you are doesn’t matter!!

Yes, I know.. Let me explain…

Every woman loves a man that is muscular, I don’t care what you’ve been told. Girls like muscular men. If you are not convinced watch this video:

Here’s the point: if she can only get a skinny, scrawny or fat dude she won’t feel so good about herself. But if you come along and you are ripped then she’ll feel so good that she was able to get you. [6, 7]. And she will get turned on.

She is now able to use you in order to build her own ego, doesn’t sound nice, but you do what you need to do. And when you get that model in your bed, send me an email late thanking me.

It had nothing to do with how good you are, it’s about making them feel good about themselves. So go to the gym, get some abs and build your arms, most of all remember it’s all about them.


It’s been quite a journey, you came here thinking that you need to be good enough and now you understand that being good enough has nothing to do with anything. 

In fact, worrying about yourself is toxic to any seduction, your focus must be exclusively on her. Give her what she needs and she will give you anything you could possibly want from a woman.

Head off to the gym and if you are really serious than get Joseph Rodrigues’s courses, follow those steps and see massive change, if that doesn’t seem like a good fit for you check out my list of best seduction courses.

So when you get back to school, college or you are on your first date with a new girl just use these 5 steps and she will be addicted to you.

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