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You could meet women anywhere, e.g. the postal office, buses, even at a hospital, just approach that cute girl and talk to her! 

But that’s not what this guide is about.

This guide is about finding the best spots where you can spend significant time meeting single women. Enjoy!

meeting girls on the street while they are having fun

What makes the best places to meet women?

The most important factor to consider when choosing a venue to meet women is your personality: are you extroverted or introverted? 

Let’s break it down:

  1. Extroverted men will enjoy meeting women in chaotic venues full of people and distractions, for example, malls, clubs, train stations, etc. 
  2. Introverted men will enjoy meeting women in calm venues with little distractions, for example, parks, libraries, bookstores, etc.

Now that we got the most important factor down (your personality), here’s a list of things you should be looking out for in any city or venue:

  1. Are there hot girls there?
  2. Are there the type of girls I like? For example, Russian, blonde, quiet, etc. 
  3. Do you fit with the vibe of the venue?
  4. How expensive is it to live in that city or to enter that venue?
  5. Logistics. Is that venue close to your apartment? Is it easy to take girls home?
  6. Is the city walkable? Are there girls walking on the street or does everyone take a car?
  7. Is the population over a million? Are there lots of tourists flowing in and out? Important for anonymity. Perfect examples: New York, London, Moscow, etc. 
  8. Do you speak their language? (Less critical than most people think.)
  9. Are there other guys in your city who you could meet up with to help you approach and talk to girls?
  10. Is the city so big and dangerous that girls are weary of men approaching them with a nice compliment?
  11. Is this venue good all year around? Wouldn’t recommend approaching girls outside with it’s negative 20 degrees out! A mall would be a much better option.

Lastly, it’s important to realize that even in the most perfect venue, meeting and seducing women is not effortless. The rules of the sexual marketplace never go away. The purpose of this article is simply to optimize the venue to your strengths. 

1. College campuses

Where to meet women in college

If you’ve read my guide titled 55 Tried-and-True Steps to Get a Girlfriend at Middle, High School and College, you’d already know most of these “secret” locations, but let’s review for the new readers:

  1. Meet girls while they are walking around campus. This is best for guys who don’t attend that college.
  2. Meet girls in the cafeteria (I go in depth in this approach in my guide to getting a GF in college)
  3. Meet girls in the bleachers after you finished playing a game (and hopefully won)
  4. Meet new girls through your female friends
  5. Meet girls at college events
  6. Meet girls in different college clubs
  7. Meet girls on their way to class. The hallways will be so noisy that no one will notice your approach. Don’t worry.
  8. Meet girls in the college library
  9. Meet girls after class is over 
meeting girls at college

Pros and cons of meet women at college campuses


  1. Thousands of hot girls in that perfect age group: 18-25. No need to filter to girls like what you’d be doing on the street or at the mall
  2. All these girls are walking around (not driving) which makes it possible to approach them
  3. In big campuses, it’s easy to insta-date and bounce your girl to different venues which makes it much easier to get an SDL (Same Day Lay)
  4. There are many girls on the campuses so there is a sort of competition between them


  1. You’ll need to explain what you’re doing on the campus. Possible reasons: meeting a friend, visiting the library, etc. 
  2. Not the best places for guys over 35, although you will find older guys studying in college even at that age
  3. In small campuses, you really don’t have much to do on the actual campus which can make it very difficult to insta-date a girl

It’s no secret all the YouTube pranksters spend 90% of their time at colleges talking to girls.

2. Supermarket

As Redfoo says in his song, Booty Man:

Next stop, Whole Foods
Me and the crew, we call it WHOLE Foods
It be cracking on the weekend
The only place you can find a big booty on a vegan

Why meet girls at the supermarket

There are many reasons to meet girls at the supermarket:

  1. Best place if you live in a non-pedestrian city where all the girls are driving cars
  2. Every girl needs to do grocery shopping, even the hottest ones (yes, they need to eat too)
  3. Women buy clothes with friends but they are often alone when they buy butter, bread, and tampons.
  4. You can easily start a conversation with all the things in the supermarket (the food she’s buying, her big shopping car, her outfit, etc.)
  5. You have good reason to be there as you’re also shopping for food and happened to be in the same section as she is
meeting a girl at the supermarket

On the other hand, there are some downsides:

  1. Touching a girl at the supermarket to build a connection is nearly impossible (must be replaced with sexualized eye contact)
  2. You can’t stay at a grocery store for hours doing your approaches
  3. It can be difficult to maintain a strong vibe 
  4. Store employees may have a problem with you using their store to talk to girls
  5. You don’t have much time to create that emotional connection as she needs to get home to put that ice cream in the freezer before it melts

How to pick the right supermarket to meet women

However, you can’t just pick any grocery store and expect big booty on a vegan! You gotta learn how to pick the right one and for that, I’ll quote Midwest Daygame, in his Indoor Daygame Guide:

"The grocery store in my area that has yielded the most sets for me had the following characteristics: 

  1. Newly built (the biggest grocery store in the city)
  2. Located in an area known for young professionals to live
  3. Close to a couple of college campuses!"

It’ll take time to find that perfect supermarket, but once you find it, you’ll be all set to go. 

When to meet women at the supermarket

Midwest Daygame recommends you split up your grocery shopping and spend 10-15 minutes approaching girls each time.

Many benefits to this approach:

  1. You don’t have the employees asking you what the hell you’re doing spending 3 hours in the supermarket talking to girls!
  2. You won’t end up approaching the same girl twice
  3. You won’t be seen approaching other girls by the girl you just approached

However, as Midwest Dayame points out, you can throw these rules out the window if you learn that 90% of the cute girls do their shopping on one particular day at 2pm. In that case, take your time and harvest as many numbers as you can.

How to meet and approach girls at the supermarket

You’ve picked the right supermarket and know the right times to go hunting. But how do you actually open these girls? 

  1. Avoid the super busy parts of the supermarket as it’ll be hard to build that little bubble between you and the girl
  2. Example from Sebastian’s dating masterpiece, The Rise of The Phoenix in Chapter 3 - Hunting Angels: The Best Places to Meet Emotionally Healthy Women “You’re looking for something but you can’t find it. She has it in her cart. What a freaking coincidence! You ask her where she found it. Then you ask her if she bought so much because her husband is hungry. She tells you that she’s single. You’re in.”
  3. If she has a lot of ___ food, verbally observe that she has a weird obsession with ___ food. (Easy to spike and get sexual if it’s cucumbers!)
  4. From Midwest Daygame: start with a simple compliment opener, “I saw you as I was walking by and thought you look nice, so I had to say hi” then hit her with one of these stacks: that’s a big cart for such a small girl, you seemed so focused on <grocery store item>... I thought you were possessed and I was about to go get help, your outfit, it must be gym time... or laundry day. And you don’t look like you workout, 

Next venue!

3. Mall

Let’s talk about the ideal mall for meeting women:

  1. It’s less than 15 minute drive from your place
  2. It’s a nice mall with nice coffee shops and possible insta-date venues
  3. It’s a mall full of hot girls (not the types that are falling away due to online shopping)
meeting a girl at the mall

Pros and cons of meeting girls at malls


  1. Girls love to shop (although you need to find the best days when all the hot girls tend to be there)
  2. You can stay in the mall for as long as you like
  3. If you approach girls in the mall hallway, they can easily walk away, unlike meeting women at the coffee shop where they can feel courned in
  4. You can stay in the mall for as long as you like, unlike the grocery store


  1. Girls are almost never do solo shopping so you’ll be doing group sets
  2. If you’re looking for a girlfriend, you many end up with a high maintenance girl that needs you finance a new handbag every month
  3. If you’re not quick enough, girls can disappear into stores or head home
  4. Talking to girls in the lingerie section of a Victoria’s Secret store is not easy
  5. You can’t do the traditional “police stop” approach as you’ll garner too much attention
  6. It’s easy to create that personal bubble between the two of you in the mall hallway, not so in the stores 

Considering these pros and cons, I believe the mall is the best venue for non-pedestrian cities. 

4. Train station

Pros and cons of meeting women at the train station


  1. Girls almost always alone as they are either on their way to meet up with friends or heading from being with friends
  2. There are a ton of girls as long as it’s a busy train station
  3. You get more anonymity than any other venue


  1. Girls are on edge in a big train station from all the weirdos there
  2. Girls are in a rush to catch their train 
  3. A lot of these girls don’t live in your city are coming (or came) to visit

So would I consider this one of the best places to meet women? No, but if there are no girls at the mall and it’s been a particularly slow day, visit the train station, after all you have nothing to lose.

5. The street

What a glorious location: The good old street! Tons of girls, anonymity and fun. Best place to meet women during the day, hands down.

However, there are some downsides as no place is perfect:

  1. Doesn’t work if you live in a small city
  2. Doesn’t work if you live in a non-pedestrian city 
  3. Can be difficult/ bad logistics of you don’t live near the pedestrian side of town
  4. If it’s too hot or cold outside, it’ll be rough on you and most girls won’t be out

Even with all this in mind, street approaching (AKA daygame), is something every guy needs to master, so if you haven’t tried it yet, head out today and get over that fear!

meeting a cute girl on the street

6. Coffee shop 

Here’s a great example of Tom Torero meeting a girl at a coffee shop:

Sometimes you’ll end up with a cold polish women as seen in the above video, and sometimes you’ll end up with a warm, fun girl as seen in the following Tom Torero video:

Pros and cons of meeting women at coffee shops


  1. A lot of girls are there (who else is paying 10 bucks for a coffee??)
  2. Easy to instantly sit next to girl as most girls sit alone at the table scrolling through Twitter
  3. Easy to have a 10 minute conversation/ insta-date, unlike the 3-5 minutes you get when approaching girls on the street


  1. Can’t hang around for 2 hours picking up chicks like you would on the street or at the mall

Can’t think of more cons for now, so I guess that means coffee shops are overall great places to meet single girls.

7. Library & Bookstore 

If you’re an introvert, libraries are the place for you: it’s quiet, calm and not too many distractions. Plus, in some areas, you’ll have a bookstore and a coffee shop together, example: Barnes and Noble

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. As there isn’t much going on in a calm library atmosphere it may be harder to start conversations 
  2. Can’t talk too loudly
  3. It pays to wait for bookstore events
  4. You can tease her for reading naughty books
  5. Easier if you know a lot about books
meeting a girl at the library

8. Antique Shops

At the time of writing this article I am in a quasi coffeeshop-antique shop, very cool:

antique shops are a cool place to meet women

However, plain antique shops are great and can have cool girls browsing old things. Worth a try.

7. Volunteering event 

There are always volunteering events no matter which city you find yourself in:

  1. Animal shelter
  2. Beach cleaning
  3. Fun with kids with special needs
  4. Working at a soup kitchen
  5. Clothing charities

To find volunteering events in your city or town, just search Google for <volunteering events + your city> and click on any of the results. 

I’ll add that this may be the best place to find a girl for a serious long term relationship as only feminine, caring girls spend time helping others. Plus, you’ll be in high demand as the vast majority of the volunteers are always women.

8. Dance class

Pros and cons of meeting girls at dance classes:


  1. Super hot, confident girls there
  2. 90% of dance class attendees are girls so you’ll be in high demand and become the chooser
  3. Lots of physical touching which allows for easy sexual escalation as seen the in the video below


  1. You’ll need to visit different dance schools, otherwise you’ll be “eating where you shit”
  2. If you don’t know how to dance (and are insecure about it), you’ll be immediately labeled as the unattractive beta
  3. Introverts will hate this venue with all the noise, people and distractions 
  4. Dance classes cost money!

So with this in mind, what do I think? If you’re a dancer, why not approach girls once you’re already spending time there. If you’re not a dancer, trying it once can be fun, but for long term meeting venues, there are better options. 

9. Apple picking

Apple picking is a fun way to get delicious apples

But it’s also a cool way to pickup girls

meeting girls while picking apples

10. Outdoor Market

Can meet girls in any type of market:

  1. Flea market
  2. Farmers Market
  3. Flower market

Girls at these outdoor markets tend to be in good moods and open to being approached. 

10. The dog park

Another great venue for guys, but even better if you own a dog as it’ll be much easier to start a conversation. If you don’t, no need to worry, you can always borrow your friends/neighbors dog and take it for a walk.

11. Beach 

As surprising as it may sound, meeting girls at the beach is easier as most guys are terrified of approaching a girl in a bikini. 

meeting a woman at the beach

Plus, on the nice sunny days, there’s no lack of smokin’ hot girls. Happy hunting!

12. Wine tasting 

Girls are having a good time + alcohol = excellent opportunity to meet and seduce girls.

The trick here is to take your time and allow the wine tasting to do it’s work.

13. Drama class

Girls love drama, so if you find yourself in a drama or improve class, why not use the opportunity to approach new girls?

14. Gym

Meeting girls at the gym is very controversial as discussed in 29 Concrete Steps to Approaching & Talking to Girls at the Gym [With Examples] | DatingArmory.com

  • Most will say that girls go to the gym to workout, not socialize, plus you shouldn’t shit where you eat, so guys should avoid using the gym to meet women.
  • While others will argue and say that since most of the gym girls are fit and look incredible, it’s well worth your time to work around those downsides to date these girls.

You decide for yourself, as for me, I believe it’s worth the effort as long as you have the right techniques as we talk about in 29 Concrete Steps to Approaching & Talking to Girls at the Gym [With Examples] | DatingArmory.com 

15. Museum 

What better place to meet women than a sex museum. OK, in all seriousness, you don’t need a sex museum, any museum will do:

Depending on which museum you visit, you may end up with a lot of tourists which is the perfect conditions for casual sex.

16. Conventions

There a ton of different types of conventions, the trick is to find the one with the most girls:

Adult Convention

Daring? Yes, but what’s life without adventure?

Anime Convention

If you like these types of girls (lots of gamers girls too), go for it.

Fashion Convention

There are fashion conventions all over the world, so if you ever wanted to visit one while meeting fashionable women, search for one in your state.

17. Sports event

You don’t need the Olympics, any sports event in your vicinity will do.

18. Festivals

For this, my lazy ass will quote Wikipedia’s long list of festivals to give you an idea of how many opportunities you have:

  1. Beer festival
  2. Comedy festival
  3. Esala Perahera festival
  4. Film festival
  5. Fire festival (Beltane)
  6. Fire festival (the Japanese festival)
  7. Folk festival – celebrates traditional folk crafts and folk music.
  8. Food festival
  9. Harvest festival
  10. Cultural harvest festivals
  11. Language festivals
  12. Literary festival
  13. Vegan festival 
  14. Japanese Cultural Festival
  15. Mela Festival
  16. Music festival
  17. Peanut Festival
  18. Religious festival - who said you can’t meet women in religious settings too? 
  19. Calendar of saints (Feast days)
  20. Hindu festivals
  21. List of Sikh festivals
  22. Renaissance festival
  23. Rock festival – a large-scale rock music concert, featuring multiple acts. Also called a "rock fest".
  24. Science festival
  25. Sindhi festivals
  26. Storytelling festival
  27. Theatre festival
  28. Vegetarian festivals and vegan food fests
  29. Video gaming festival
  30. Winter festivals (read this to get the full list of winter festivals)

What’s great about festivals is that there are tons of girls, the girls are happy to be approached and you are surrounded with limitless insta-date venues which is every player's dream!

19. Concerts 

Another event to pickup women, just be careful you don’t take a girl home while she’s super drunk and wakes up thinking you raped her!

20. Marathons

In the last mile, ask the girls who've been running at about the same speed as you if you can exchange numbers and have a date sometime… 

21. Social group

If you’ve met a cute girl through your friends, great. More power to you. But what I will say is if you solely rely on your social group to meet women, you’re greatly limiting your reach.

22. Parties 

Whether private or public, I believe parties are the best place to meet women at night. Why?

  1. Girls are out having fun
  2. Girls usually go out to parties when they want a guy to approach them
  3. If it’s a private party, you have friends that can help you approach women at night. However, if it’s a public party, don’t worry. Let the following video show you how it’s done:

23. Bar & Club

You can go to the bar to meet women as discussed in 22 Smooth Steps to Approach Girls at the Bar [& 34 Practical Examples] | DatingArmory.com, however, as a beginner, you’ll have a much easier time if you meet girls on their way out of the club as they are finished partying and are easy to take home.

24. Meetup

There are ways to meet women online without using the traditional dating apps (which suck for guys that don’t look like the top 20% of guys). Enter: MeetUp.com

What is MeetUp.com?

Meetup is a platform for finding and building local communities. People use Meetup to meet new people, learn new things, find support, get out of their comfort zones, and pursue their passions, together.

Definitely go check out that website, you can make friends, but most of all meet women.

25. Online Language Learning Communities

This online meeting point comes from Sebastian Harris, in his book The Rise of The Phoenix:

You’ve never thought about meeting women through online language learning communities, did you? I stumbled upon this well-kept secret by accident. I signed up on an online language learning community to learn Thai. The platform allowed Thai people and foreigners to exchange skype contacts. It was a bit weird that 95% of the members were women. It was even weirder that the first girl I Skyped with was only teaching me compliments. Try it.

And that wraps up this article. If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends. And if you have any questions, as always, share them in the comments below.

Good luck, 

Colt Smith

  • a lot of these places are kinda obvious, but it’s good that you pointed them out anyways because most guys don’t give themselves a chance to think about these things!

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