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Notice to all new readers: Girls, start with His Secret Obsession

Guys, you need The Obsession Method. Good luck :-)

Knowing where to meet women can be the difference to getting laid or spending Saturday night alone.

From my experience going to the bar or clubs and approaching girls can put you at a great disadvantage because you are competing with other man and the girls there usually aren’t quality girls. You’ve got to meet women where you have the greatest advantage. [1]

Remember there are thousands of men, just like you, who want to date and get laid with those beautiful girls. You are in a competition, but you can easily make this game work in your favor if you follow simple rules.

On my website I give the advice straight up, the way dating advice needs to be said. I don’t fluff up anything. Therefore, before we get into where to approach women, you need to have the confidence to approach women.

If you have the confidence to “cold approach” women on the street you are ahead of 85 percent of men. Yes, you are part of the elite.

If you cannot yet do that, you must develop the skills. Everyone will overcome their fears one way or the other. 

In my journey I used about 6 months of Whatsapp coaching to overcome my fear and develop core confidence. Every day I would receive a challenge, starting very small maybe giving a compliment, but I steadily built myself up to a place where I felt likable enough to do cold approach.

If you don’t have the balls to do a cold approach – I highly suggest you read my review of Sebastian’s Whatsapp coaching and his seduction courses. I promise you that no matter where you are at now, you will be getting laid with the hottest chicks within 6 months.

But for those that have the confidence to approach women and you are just looking to find the best places to meet girls, here they are:

1. The Club:

If you want a party girl, a girl that’s not afraid to get your attention you’ve found your place.

The only downside is that you are competing with a lot of other men, but if that’s OK with you than more power to you. You will find tons of girls their, but in my experience they aren’t the highest quality.

Here’s a good example:

I enjoy going to other places where everything is much easier and I can find the women I am truly attracted to. [1]

You need to ask yourself:

  1. Do I like party animals?
  2. Do I want a girlfriend or a hookup?
  3. Do I want my girl to be a health nut?
  4. Are you looking for an outdoor girl, do you love the outdoors?
  5. Do you want a super feminine girl or one with some masculinity mixed in?

2. The Beach:

One of my favorite places. Beautiful women in bikinis, what more could a man ask for? 

And it gets even better, because these women are so cute looking, basically no men approach them. This means you will have no competition, it’s easy to win the race when there is no competition. [2, 3, 4]

You simply go up and tell them “Hey I saw you from the other side and I had to tell you that you are so cute… my name is ___, what is your name?” and there you have it.

As long as you believe that you are worthy of love and feel OK being yourself you’ll get her number. In the PUA community there is such a focus on seducing girls, but if you can be your authentic self you can get basically any women you dream of.

Most guys are too scared to approach a woman on the beach, I get it, she’s half naked. Just remember this also gives you the greatest advantage because ain’t’ no man stealing this girl from you.

3. University Campuses:

Another great place, swarming with young beautiful women. So why not head over there to harvest one or 2 numbers?

One of the questions that I get is: “what if she asks me what I’m doing here? I’m not studying here so what’s my excuse?”

This question actually bothered me for a long time, but the answer comes back to the same thing: BE AUTHENTIC. [5]

If you are going over there to pick up a girl, tell her that you are looking for the love of your life. She will trust you so much more.

If you can’t be honest to her now, how can she know you’ll be honest in the bedroom?

4. The Mall

Till this day I don’t know why I used to be so terrified of approaching women at the mall. I used to joke around with my mentor that there are scary mall monsters that hide in every mall! [6, 2]

But you know what they can be a great place to meet women!

5. The Book Store And The Library

I love the library, but it really depends on which city you are in. If you are in a big city and there are tons of big libraries/ bookstores then you are a lucky man.

The girls you’ll find in these places are emotionally healthy, learning girls. You are an introvert this IS your place. Don’t go searching for women anywhere else. [7, 8]

If you are an avid personal development ‘studier’ like me then this is the place for you. You can discuss all sorts of topics.

By the way, don’t be worried about finding a nerdy girl, trust me, in the bedroom they are superwomen.

6. The Gym

This is the PERFECT place if you are a strong guy. The second the two of you meet you will have something in common. That makes it soooo easy to start any conversation.

Just ask her what she likes to do or whatever and see where the conversation goes. If you feel the connection go for the number close.

If you’ve read some of my blog posts you know that women are just as afraid of getting approached than men are approaching. So take it easy, relax and appreciate her for who she is.

The other reason why the gym is a great place to meet girls is because they are hot and fit. They look great!

7. The street

I know you didn’t want me to say this, but the street is a great place. True, it kinda depends on  where you are and the weather, but you could have a goldmine half a block from you.

The biggest resistance that I get from men is that they don’t know what to say…

But again I’ll tell you the same thing: just be authentic. Tell her that she is super attractive and that you just had to approach her.

Accept that you are a man and your masculinity. A great book to read is The Way of The Superior Man. Here I’ll link to a discussion that my mentor Joseph Rodrigues did on his YouTube channel.


Once you can accept your solid masculinity, approaching a woman on the street will be as easy as it gets!

I learned all of this through Sebastian’s Harris’s course and Whatsapp coaching (mentioned above). It was not easy, but it was well worth it.

8. The food store

You have less of an advantage here because of all the social pressure she is under. No woman wants to appear like a slut.

Women, much more than men, are super worried about what other people think of them. So try to make it look like you are already friends or that you are just asking her a question.

When you give her a compliment say it quietly and as just like every approach take it slow. Rushing kills every seduction. You always want to appear natural.

If you are a healthy guy, head over to whole foods or a healthy store, you might find some girls like you. That always makes things much easier. 


I really feel the need to stress the point: be the authentic you. Be yourself. I don’t mean the persona that you have on because of all the fear and trauma you went through, I mean the real masculine loving you. 

The guy that loves himself and does what he wants. This is who you need to be when you find girls in these 8 places:

  1. Club/ bar
  2. University campus
  3. Beach
  4. Mall 
  5. Bookstore/ library 
  6. Gym 
  7. Street 
  8. Food store

And don’t worry, practice makes perfect. You will get better. Much better.

If you are one of the guys that are really serious about this then go check out Sebastian’s course that I recommended at the beginning of this article. I tell guys to get it because it’s the same course that I used and it worked.

Either way, get out of the house, stop playing video games and watching YouTube – you have women to meet, date and take to bed.


As a young man, you need to master 3 areas of your life: Health, Wealth and Sex.

Here's how:

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