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The most important factor in having what to talk about on a date is having a fun life. If you’re going on trips every weekend, you’ll never run out of things to talk about!

On the other hand, if you’re sitting at home depressed, watching Netflix and never doing anything productive, how can you expect to have any engaging conversations?

So before you run through this post, I want you to think of a couple things that would make your life more interesting so that you can bring up the coolest topics for any date!

Let’s get started!

1. Talk about what what you do with your free time

Instead of asking “what do you” which is the worst question in the world, ask “what do you do with your free time.”

You’re not bringing up her work, you’re trying to find out what her hobbies are. And you can also share what you do:

  1. Workout
  2. Do martial arts
  3. Approach other girls
  4. Watch Netflix
  5. Do yoga
  6. Read novels
  7. Cook up meals

You could also talk about what you would do if you didn’t need to work. How would you keep busy? These questions give you a very good idea of the girl you’re dating without being too intrusive. [1, 2]

2. Talk about small things that drive you crazy

When talking about anything on a date, you want to bring out emotion. Being Mr. Logic on a date will bore girls out.

This is why talking about things that drive you up the wall is an excellent topic to bring up. Plus, you’ll never run out of things to talk about, for example:

  1. Stupid things you can’t stop thinking about all day long
  2. An annoying tune that just plays over and over in your head
  3. When people pressure you out of the bathroom
  4. Random noises that drive you crazy
  5. When the internet is slow
  6. People who act like they know it all

Let yourself run with it. You don’t need to be 100% serious. If you hate the slow WIFI, overexaggerate! Talk about how slow WIFI has ruined your life.

3. Talk about your business

Don’t bring this up on a dinner date, but talking about your business on a coffee date is perfectly fine. Here are some examples of what you can talk about:

  1. How did you get started with your business?
  2. How much time did it take until you earned 10k a month?
  3. How many hours do you put in a day?
  4. Does your work give you the opportunity to travel around?
  5. What are your goals related to your business

OK, but what do you talk about if you don’t have a business?

Simple, if you start building your own online business today by following this video series, you can discuss what you’re doing to get started.

Girls like guys with ambition. 

4. Talk about your values

Talking about your values or beliefs is not something you want to bring up on your first date because first dates are about having fun.

But as a topic for a second or third date, I highly recommend it because that’s when you want to get to know your girl and decide if she’s girlfriend material. Here are some good questions:

  1. How should you judge people
  2. Should there be a death penalty
  3. What would you tell your younger self
  4. What would you do with a million dollars

You don’t need to be so direct about asking these questions, but it’s a necessary topic that needs to be talked about – one way or another.

5. Talk about your passions

Girls love guys that are a little cocky and talk about what they want out of life. It’s an attractive sign of masculinity. This is why talking about your own passions is so important.

But how do you talk about yourself on a date?

  1. Find something that you genuinely enjoy, for example: #3: Talk about your business
  2. Don’t sound needy, but let yourself sound a little arrogant out of your own self-love
  3. Show passion as a way to express yourself, not to gain validation

By doing this, you’re showing your girl that you’re a high value man which is what all girls look for in a man.

6. Talk about things you don’t understand about people

Is there something that just you can’t understand why people do it? Like:

  1. Why people don’t ever question their own beliefs
  2. Why people are so pessimistic
  3. Why people work 9-5 jobs
  4. Why people watch movies twice
  5. Why people don’t travel around the world when you only live a short life

Even one of these questions can give you enough things to talk about till the end of the date. This is a good list to keep in the back of your mind.

7. Talk about other girls

Why should you bring up other girls on a date? Isn’t that only gonna make your girl angry?

Surprisingly, you actually want to make her feel jealous because by bringing up other girls, you’re showing her that you have options which makes you irresistibly attractive to girls.

By showing her that you have options you’re telling her that other girls like you and that you’re the high value man. But how do you talk about other girls?

  1. Talk about a pretty girl who just walked by
  2. Tell her how much you love the shirt of the waitress
  3. If you’re dating multiple women, talk about other girls that you’re dating

Beta males will be too scared to bring this up, but you can’t let fear control you. Be the alpha male and show your girl that you’ve got options.

guy and a girl are talking on a date

8. Talk about university

Talking about your studies is something I’d bring up on a blind date because it’s an easy way to connect even though you’ve never known each other.

Just tell your girl what you’re studying and why you picked that subject and then let your girl talk about her journey and why she picked the subjects that she’s studying. 

Simple, easy and effective.

9. Talk about how you plan to be famous

Here’s where you get to be playful: tell her about your plans to be famous:

  1. You are going to create your own country
  2. You plan on becoming a celebrity
  3. You plan on doing crazy dancing in public
  4. You plan on becoming a world famous YouTuber

You can even discuss your plans to become infamous by doing some of the most ridiculous things. Don’t make it a serious conversation, just have fun! [3, 4]

10. Talk about childhood stories

I don’t want you to bring up your childhood traumas! But no matter how you grew up, you must have some hilarious stories to tell:

  1. Times you got caught by your parents for stealing cookies
  2. The intense pillow fights you had with your siblings
  3. Times when you worked on a project as a family and it failed miserably
  4. Memories that you made while doing crazy stuff

My only rule is: don’t forget to have a great time and laugh a lot! Dating was never meant to be a “serious, formal encounter.”

11. Talk about goofy stuff

Don’t be too goofy, girls don’t like that, but having some “goof time” to talk about “goofy things” is tons of fun, for example:

  1. Sooo…. When are we getting married?
  2. I need 12 kids by tomorrow morning, do you think we could get that done tonight? 😉
  3. I think you need a piggy back ride… right now!
  4. Now isn’t the best time to fall in love with me, what about later tonight?

But like I said, being goofy has it’s time. Do it too often and you’ll come off as weird.

12. Talk about the scariest moments in your life

Awkward silence on a date is bad, but awkward silence on a double date is doubly bad! That’s why everyone wants to know what to talk about on a double date.

I tell people to start talking about their most frightening experience in life and then let everyone share their own scary stories. It’s super engaging and it can be anything! 

  1. A scary prank from a friend
  2. The time you couldn’t make it in time to the bathroom in middle school…
  3. The time when you were alone in the middle of the night, hiding under your blanket because of ghosts!
  4. Talk about your most ridiculous fears
  5. The time when you had to do cold calling for your business

This is one of the best topics to bring up on a date to connect with everyone!

girls talking about stuff on a double date

13. Talk about your talents

Nothing better than showing your date that you are proud of yourself (although not in a needy way to gain approval.) Maybe you’re good at:

  1. Skating
  2. Boxing
  3. Running
  4. Writing

You can even “brag” about your weird talents like crossing your eyes or having the ability to memorize the most trivial facts. [5, 6]

14. Talk about what you hate about yourself

This is not something you want to ask on a first date, but this is a good question if you’re on your 2nd or 3rd date because now is the time you want to get to know your partner on a deeper level.

  1. What do you dislike about yourself?
  2. What do you hide about yourself from other people?
  3. How do you wish you were different?

Don’t talk about this for too long, but it’s definitely worth bringing up.

15. Talk about what you like about yourself

Same thing, just a positive topic.

16. Talk about your craziest experiences

Here’s another topic that’ll give you plenty to talk about and you’re guaranteed to have a good time. The times you…

  1. Got hypnotized
  2. Went skydiving
  3. Went hunting
  4. Got your mind read by a psychic
  5. Thought you saw a ghost

The more emotion the better!

17. Talk about things you need to do

What do you need to do after the date?

  1. Laundry?
  2. Work on your business?
  3. Exercise?

It doesn’t matter what it is because you are showing her that you have a life and you’ve got things to do, but now you also have an easy way to end the date if it gets boring:

Once you want to go, just tell her this: “Hey remember how I told you that I work out every day? So I actually need to go now before the gym closes.”

18. What’s your favorite music

This is a better topic for those that love music and even better for those that play instruments or sing! But either way you can easily bring it up by asking any one of these questions:

  1. What is your favorite genre of music
  2. Who’s your favorite music artist
  3. What is your favorite song
  4. I love powerful music, don’t tell me that you like calm music!

Discuss the artists, talk about the music and most importantly, have a fun date!

19. Talk about places that you’ve traveled to

If you’ve traveled around, tell your date about it. But if you haven’t, just talk about the incredible places you’d like to go to, for example:

  1. Zhangye Danxia Geopark, China
  2. Venice, Italy
  3. Blue Ridge Mountains, USA
  4. Banff National Park, Canada
  5. Great Barrier Reef, Australia
  6. Lake Bled, Slovenia

You can look up the pictures during the date and enjoy the majestic beauty. I personally love talking about my dream plan for my next vacation.

20. Talk about your worst date

Only do this if you’re having an awesome date, but basically just share your worst date story and what went wrong.

Maybe you dated this girl that you didn’t know was totally psycho and she started doing crazy stuff on the date. Talk about how you escaped that date and made it home in one piece.

21. Talk about your favorite food

You want to know what to talk about on a dinner date? Food!

  1. Your favorite food
  2. Your favorite restaurant
  3. What type of food you love to cook
  4. What is your go-to meal
  5. What do you eat when you’re too bored to make your own meal

It’s super easy, just one big warning: never joke about the food your girl ordered or the way she’s eating it because that’s too much for most girls.

22. Talk about animals

Girls love to talk about animals! That’s exactly why I tell guys to go to the zoo at least once while dating, plus there are many things to do there:

  1. Find the cutest animal
  2. Find which wild animal you’d take as a pet
  3. Talk about which animal you’d never want to be alone with

Never ever forget the zoo!

23. Talk about stuff you’d love to do

Sometimes you don’t have anything cool going on in your life or don’t have the money to do what you want in life. So what do you talk about in these situations?

Simple! You talk about the things you’d like to do in the future.

Girls love this because they see that you know what you want from life which is a masculine trait. So what are some examples of this?

  1. You want to create an online business (#3: Talk about your business)
  2. You want to build your own cabin in the woods
  3. You want to start bodybuilding
  4. You want to become a comedian
  5. You want to start your own construction business
  6. You want to learn break dancing

You can also talk about your dream vacations and trips like we mentioned in  #19: Talk about places you’ve traveled to.

24. Talk about sexual stuff

I’d stay away from sexual stuff on your first date unless you’re an experienced seducer, but if it’s your second or third date, I encourage you to get a little dirty for several reasons:

  1. Girls love talking about it (read: What GIRLS Like To Talk About)
  2. Talking about sexual stuff makes girls horny
  3. You need to get over your fears

But how do you talk dirty on a date?

  1. Use sexual innuendos i.e. something that’s sexual while sounding perfectly clean. (Example from Urban Dictionary: guy: you can come with me friday if u want, and it wont take too long i dont think, but idk i dont want you to be bored or have to go home right when i get out)
  2. Compliment your date in a sexual way. (Example: you’ve got the most perfect bust, you better be good at giving boobjobs or you’ll be riding me hard!)
  3. Talk about what makes her crazy i.e. what you can do to make her soaking wet

But whatever you do, make sure to sound confident. Do not get over excited, just calm down and have a fun time.

25. Talk about what makes you jealous

Here’s another deep topic that is only suitable for later dates. Talk about the people you are jealous of or have been jealous of, for example:

  1. Jealous of the popular kid in school
  2. Jealous of people who have it easy in life
  3. Jealous of people that seem to get along with everyone
  4. Jealous of people that get to go on all the trips
  5. Jealous of people that earn 7 figures (Step 3: Talk about your business)

And of course, let your partner share too because it really creates a deep emotional connection that’ll plant the seeds for a healthy, long-term relationship.

26. Talk about your favorite entertainment

I’m not the type of guy that’s into movies, books or other types of entertainment, but if that’s your passion, why not bring it up?

  1. Talk about your favorite book of all time
  2. Talk about your favorite author
  3. Talk about your favorite actors
  4. Talk about your favorite TV show
  5. Talk about your least favorite author
  6. You can even talk about adult entertainment (#24: Talk about sexual stuff)

That’s more than enough topics for several dates!

27. What not to talk about on a date

As important as it is to know what to talk about on a date, you need to also know what not to talk about on a date:

  1. Religion debates
  2. Arguments about politics
  3. Talking about your ex in an angry way
  4. Your childhood trauma
  5. Your lack of money

Generally speaking, don’t bring up any negative unnecessary emotions. For more information, you may want to read: What not to talk about on a first date.


Even though I’ve given you 27 topics, I don’t want you to talk all the time. Let your partner do most of the talking. Your job is to just initiate the conversations.

And by the way, the less talking you do, the more mysterious and seductive you’ll seem! 

Your friend,

Colt Smith


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