What GIRLS Like To Talk About

Girls love talking all the time. They love sitting on the couch with their friends and chatting about every little thing.

For some reason, when men go on dates, conversations end up dry and awkward.

You don’t want that right?

And I understand there aren’t too many more painful things than that. You’ve got to learn what girls love talking about on a date or really anywhere.

Once you learn what to talk to girls about here, you also need to learn how to talk to girls, I’ve written a whole article on that too.

As a general rule, chill out. There is no reason to be all full of tension, unless it’s sexual tension.

Let yourself go, love yourself. There is no reason to be all serious.

“Don’t be serious, be seriously funny and you’ll never run out of things to talk about.”

You’ll see throughout this article that confidence is the one thing that will make it or break it with women.

To anyone that ever asked me how to get confidence I always say that they need to get a course from a specific dating coach.

I’ll mention the course only at the very end because I really want you to read through this entire article first. 

1. Talk to her about her passions and goals

The number one thing girls like talking about is themselves. They love telling anyone who is willing to listen how beautiful their life is.

Even if you’ve just met this girl and she seems pretty insecure and boring, I guarantee you she has some passion she loves to talk about.

Everyone has some passion, even if they gave up on it.

Maybe she has always wanted to be a dancer, but she gave it up.

Guess what. It’s still a passion and it’s something she would get all excited about. 

Of course, most girls do SOMETHING that they enjoy, but the past passions are always there if you run out of things to say. [12]

My favorite dating and seduction course talks about how you can get a girl that you’ve JUST approached on the street to start talking about her life passions and create a strong initial connection with her.

But that is a much higher level of skill.

2. Talk to her about her beauty

The course also explains that every girl has a deep desire to feel beautiful, to feel desirable. But the vast majority of women don’t feel pretty enough.

Steer the conversation so that she talks about the most beautiful parts of herself. You will see that she will begin to feel good about herself.

If she is insecure she might want to keep telling you how she isn’t pretty enough.

Here is where you compliment her and continue the conversation.

She will love you for giving her the ability to talk about how beautiful she is and how she turns you on.

Don’t just say that she’s pretty, get into detail: talk about how her eyes are stunning, you can talk about her dress, her beautiful necklace, or really anything.

There are endless things to chat about when you are allow a girl to talk about her own beauty.

She won’t even notice that the conversation is only about her because her ego will feel too good. As long as you sound interested she will continue talking. [3, 4]

3. Talk about her relationships

When men talk to girls they are looking to feel a sense of status and independence. But when women talk to men they’re looking for love and feelings of connection.

Therefore, if you really want her to love you and have an awesome conversation, then talk about relationships because that is exactly what she loves the most. 

Talk about her relationship with her parents, with her siblings, or even with her dog. The point is to allow her to talk about love. [5]

4. Talk about hilarious stuff

Every girl loves to have a relaxed and light-hearted conversation. The greatest way to get that is by joking around. 

I had a teacher that used to say “life isn’t a joke, but what’s life without a joke.”

When you are just relaxing with a girl, just chilling around, then the last thing you want to do is be serious and talk about the purpose of life.

You definitely don’t want to talk about religion or politics. 

I don’t mean to say that everything needs to be a joke, but you have to keep the good energy. If she mentions something that she hates to do, laugh about it. [6]

Girls love to have conversations with guys that can make them laugh.

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This is the one thing that too me from being a frightened virgin to a hardcore, masculine man with an abundance of stunning girls in my life.

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5. Talk about her pets

I once went on a date with a girl and she was so into dogs. Most girls have an obsession about pets, it might be cats or might be their pet lizard.

Let her talk about the craziest experience that she had with her cat. Maybe her dog pooped all over the floor and she had to clean it up. 

Here is the general rule, if you get her to talk about her experiences and you are genuinely interested, you will never run out of things to talk about and the conversation will never get awkward. 

If you’re a guy that can get fascinated about her, she will be the happiest girl to talk to you. And every time that you call her to set up a date she will make time to meet you. [7]

6. Talk about gibberish

Like I said before, you don’t need to be serious at all. In fact, girls would be happy to talk about plain gibberish.

Just think about it when you are sitting around with your friends you don’t start talking about the purpose of life and deep stuff. You guys just mess around talking about the news video game and the sports highlights.

This is the same thing with girls. Talk about some stupid fun you had or some stupid fun you want to have with her.

Talk about some stupid ideas that you have that you think that will save the world. 

Talk about why you think she is a dragon. Of course, this depends on how old you are, but if you’re still in high school this will work fine.

You can also explain to her why you feel she’s a little monster and why you need to escape as fast as possible.

Anything works here. And she’ll love it.

7. Talk about revenge she would love to have

Generally speaking, it’s not a good idea to talk about work, but you can talk about work in terms of getting revenge on her co-workers or her boss!

Or if you’re in school you can talk about what type of things you would love to do to that hated teacher. 

Get all creative because there is nothing sweeter than revenge. This can be a very exciting topic to talk about.

You can even talk about getting revenge on an inanimate object. If her phone wasn’t working today you can talk about the things that you guys are going to do to her phone.

All of these things might seem a little childish, but these are the things that you can talk about that will get you laid. 

You will seem like a trustworthy, confident, and playful man that she can trust.

8. Talk about children

Whether or not the girl you’re dating wants kids doesn’t matter cause you can joke about having 10 kids that night!

The first thing that she will do is laugh, but then you can tell her that you’re in a hurry and you really need to get things moving!

Tell her that if she can’t give you at least 10 kids by tomorrow morning then you don’t think the relationship will work out. LOL.

On a more serious note, you can also talk about what she feels about having babies. From here you will learn about her beliefs and values.

You might also learn about what type of relationship she’s looking for now, but either way she will love talking about this. [8]

9. Talk about how they grew up

Once you get talking about her childhood you will never run out of things to talk about.

I don’t think too many people have what you would call a “normal childhood.” Everyone has some crazy story that they would love to share.

So why not let her share her stories? She will be so happy to share. 

Most guys that she has dated in the past have either fallen asleep or have shown such disinterest to her childhood memories that she was is probably too afraid to share. 

But if you can be the guy who is fascinated with her childhood and how she grew up, she will love every minute and you will be on your way to get a girlfriend! 

10. Talk about school

I am talking for myself here, but everyone has had a tough time in school at some point and we all had those moments that we couldn’t stop laughing.

I definitely had moments that I felt very embarrassed, but when I look back at those times I can’t stop laughing.

You might even find that both of you had very similar experiences in school. You can tell her about the time that you got suspended by the principal and got sent home (I know you did).

I guarantee you both of you won’t stop laughing and this won’t be your last date. [9]

11. Talk about online dating

Everyone has had their own fair share of horror stories and hilarious experiences with online dating. 

Let her talk about the time that she met a creep or maybe the time she met this super hot guy and they got down and dirty very quickly…

You can also ask for her opinion on online dating. Many people think that girls have a ridiculous advantage because people just judge by the looks.

12. Talk about common interests

If you are planning to have a long-term relationship with this girl you need to realize that good looks only last for a while, soon you will need to talk to her also…

And the best way you’ll get to have passionate conversations with this girl is if you can talk about your common interest. 

Why not get to know them now?

Here are a couple ideas: fishing, painting, writing or exercising, whatever works.

Of course, if you see that she has different interests than you, get interested in whatever she is interested in and show her respect. 

There is a hidden power of attraction when you show respect to a woman. You can treat her roughly, in your masculine way, but that doesn’t mean you don’t respect her.

13. Talk about bad habits

Talk about how you can’t stop picking your nose when you go on dates with girls….

Okay I’m just kidding don’t talk about that… Although I’ll guarantee you’ll give her a good laugh. 

You can easily talk about the things that you would love to improve on, and I’m sure that she has habits she wishes she could stop doing.

And if you can’t come up with anything, then talk about the habits you had as a kid. Most people can easily laugh about their own childhood.

14. Talk about food and cooking

I love debating girls that men are better than women at cooking. I obviously men are better Cooks…

This usually makes girls all angry and scream “it’s not true” while trying to prove me wrong.

The only way to find out is if she invites you over to her place and she cooks you a nice dinner. Once you’re all full and tired from eating it’ll be very easy to sleep with her.

You’ll be surprised how happy girls are to chat about this. And I’m sure you’ll be happier when you get inside her.

If you aren’t sure how to take a girl to bed on the first date I’m sure you’ll love that course.

15. Ridiculous life lessons

As I mentioned before you don’t want to make everything serious, but you can always mix serious and hilarious together.

You might tell her about the time you learnt to never put ketchup in your cereal. Then she might tell you about the time she learned that tuna doesn’t go well with cake.

Anything works…

16. Talk about crazy things you have done

Make her talk first, even if she doesn’t want to. She will tell you about all the insane things she has done. 

Once you know how crazy she is in the real world you’ll know what type of girl she’ll be like in bed. 

And now it’s your turn and you get to tell her all the crazy things you do. The best part about this is that both of you feel comfortable being a little crazy around each other now.

We all have that weird funny side that isn’t normal, but we are afraid to show it. But by talking about the crazy things you do, you show her that you also have a crazy side. 

And she will feel a lot more comfortable and ‘at home’ around you. [10]

17. Talk about sexual stuff and get dirty

I’m going to tell you a secret that’s going to change your entire dating life. 

96% girls are very insecure about their sexual appeal according to a global study. They often have a piece of themselves that they wish they could change. 

When you start telling a girl that you find her sexy and start talking dirty, you are telling her that you find her sexually attractive. This will calm a lot of her fears.

She will be so happy that you brought this up. 

All girls have used vibrators to masturbate and get turned on at some point in their lives, ask her what she thinks about using one during sex? Did you ever use a male masturbator?

If you use a male masturbator you will last much longer in bed, you’ll have a much higher chance of satisfying her in bed and giving her a mind-blowing orgasm.

The second reason that girls love to talk about sex is because this takes away all the mind games that people play to get laid.

She knows exactly what you want from her and you know exactly what she wants from you. Plus every girl gets a little turned on by talking about sex. [11]

18. Talk about seduction

Ask her what she does to seduce men. You can even ask her to explain to you how she would go on to seduce you.

Ask her what she feels about seduction whether it is moral or not. Ask if she thinks pheromones should be legal.

Maybe she feels that forcing someone to experience sexual arousal with pheromones aren’t moral.

Ask her what type of book she reads and any of her success stories. Did she ever have a crush that she successfully seduced?

Women love talking about the power that they have over men.

When she gets to express her own seduction techniques this will make her feel like a very desirable woman.

As she is getting all passionate about her own seduction theories you can act as if she is seducing you. This will make her addicted to talking to you.

You can tell her how she already seduced her and I swear she won’t want to stop talking. This is a great seduction technique itself, but you’ll learn many more in the course.

19. Talk about secrets

We all have secrets, and sometimes secrets can separate us. But if we choose to share some of our deepest secrets with someone we trust we can connect at a deep level. 

Mark Twain once said that a secret is something we only tell one person at a time.

But on a more serious note, we don’t dare to share with anyone our secrets because we are too ashamed of what we have deep inside of us.

But this also presents you with a great opportunity, if you can get her to share her deepest feelings with you, she will feel a special connection that she has never felt before with any other man.

Once she shares one secret she will have plenty to talk about and then you can share your own secrets. You have a crazy emotionally-charged conversation. 

20. Talk about her favorite clothing 

I told you earlier that women love to feel that they look incredible oh, they want to feel that they are desirable.

Therefore, women love talking about their favorite clothing.

So whenever you’re talking to a girl make sure you ask her what’s your favorite clothing. She might have her favorite morning clothing or whatever.

As long as she is talking about herself you are winning. 

21. Talk about trips that she’s gone on

Girls love talking about trips because there is so much to talk about. No one likes having a boring conversation.

Remember, whatever she tells you, be super fascinated. What makes a great conversation for a girl is allowing her to talk about the amazing things she has done.

Only talk about your own trips when she wants to hear about your adventures. 

Be confident and proud of yourself, but most guys make the grave mistake of non stop talking because of their insecurities. 

22. Talk about how naughty she is

If she comes to the date wearing a revealing dress showing all her cleavage, tell her that she is a naughty girl in a joking voice.

This is a great thing to talk about because every girl is very naughty inside. Ask her about the naughtiest things she has ever done in her life.

Talk about the naughtiest thoughts she’s ever had. She will feel so embarrassed talking about herself that way, but if you just accept her she will feel a special connection with you. 

Most girls feel guilty about their own sexuality. When you laugh about her naughtiness with her she feels so relieved. 

Someone finally accepts her darkest, sexual dreams!


Learning the language of girls can be a really hard and complicated thing to learn, but with practice you can become a pro seducer. 

Remember while you are talking to girls to keep the energy light and stay out of the serious stuff.

After that it doesn’t really matter what you talk about with her. Just keep having a fun time and don’t take things too personally.

You can read and re-read this article and get all the books, but if you don’t take action nothing will help you.

My friend, even though we haven’t met yet, I feel that I must remind you again: Get The Rise of The Phoenix

and Sebastian’s Whatsapp coaching.

You need to get the motivation, in 3-5 months he will take you to the level that you can get laid. After that you’ll be able to improve on your own.

And of course, his book will teach you all the “how to,” from the second you approach her to the moment you get inside of her.

You can’t wait any longer. You’ve already waited too long and you’ve lived without women for too long.

You were not meant to exist like this. Get the course, start talking to girls and get laid.

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