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First of all, you can’t assume that every guy likes to be called daddy, every guy reacts to being called daddy differently.

Some guys…

  1. Gets creeped out
  2. Think it’s acceptable
  3. Think that only girls with “daddy issues” like it
  4. Get totally turned on when called daddy

However, I do think it’s fair to assume that most guys get turned on by it and here are the 6 reasons why:

[Bonus: towards the end of this article I’ll tell you about how to call your boyfriend daddy so that he never wants to leave you!]

It’s very taboo to some guys

Let’s get the weird reason out of the way, a very small minority of guys have a daughter fetish and love seeing their girlfriend as their daughter…

I agree, pretty creepy. 

But thankfully that only explains a very small minority of men because to most men it’s not about that, it’s about the power dynamic

It makes guys feel in control

By calling your man “daddy” you’re making him feel in control of you which is a major turn on for any guy! 

Here are some alternatives to “daddy” that have the same effect (if not better):

  1. Master
  2. Sir 
  3. Chef
  4. Papi

But whatever you decide to call him, make sure he feels:

  1. Dominant
  2. Powerful
  3. Commanding
  4. Superior 
  5. Ruling

Remember: this is a win/ win situation, because instinctively, men want to be in control and as a woman, you want to be submissive!

It makes guys feel admired 

Your father is the man in your life. He runs everything and makes all the decisions. If he’s a good man, you truly admire him.

So when you call him daddy, he feels like you admire him which is the best feeling in the world for a guy.

Quick tip:

As we discussed in the very beginning, some guys like it and some guys don’t. Always ask him what he thinks about BDSM and be open about it.

Alternatively, you can test it out. Try it once, if he reacts well then continue, if he doesn’t, just act like you pranked him

It makes guys feel like a defender

Remember how we said guys instinctively like being dominant?

Well, guys also like being the protector and by calling him daddy, you are showing him that:

  1. You trust him
  2. You’re relying on him to protect you
  3. You know that he’s the one taking care of you

And by the way, you love the feeling of being protected by your man which is why you love it when a confident guy calls you these nicknames:

  1. Baby girl
  2. Peachie
  3. Freckles  
  4. Little girl
  5. Baby boo

Bottom line:

Guys like to be called daddy because it makes them feel like your protector.

It makes men feel adored

I know I’ve been telling you all this time that daddy is a way of making him feel powerful, dominant and in charge, but I left out one important meaning:

Calling a guy “daddy” makes him feel loved, adored and needed which is what every man wants to feel deep down.

It makes you more girly which is what guys want

Contrary to popular opinion, guys do not want strong, independent women. Guys go crazy after girls with feminine qualities:

  1. Submissive
  2. Bubbly
  3. Alive 
  4. Flowing
  5. Playful
  6. Emotional
  7. Loving 

By calling him daddy, you’re showing him that you fit all of those super attractive feminine qualities because you love being submissive to him.

And trust me, when he sees that, he’ll desire you on a whole nother level!

calling a guy daddy

How to call your boyfriend daddy

So far I’ve given you the reasons why guys like being called daddy, but I haven’t told you how to call a guy daddy, so here’s how you do it:

Go all in

If you’re gonna call your boyfriend daddy, don’t hesitate at all. Hesitation shows that you’re not willing to submit. 

Be playful

Calling your boyfriend daddy doesn’t need to be a serious thing. In fact, guys like it when you say it off the cuff, even randomly.

Be aware of the environment 

Although guys like being called daddy, most of them want to keep in the bedroom. Don’t do it in public and definitely don’t do it around his parents!

Ask him first

We’ve covered this one already, but it’s worth emphasising. Always keep dialog open so there’s no misunderstanding.

Ask him what he thinks about BDSM and you never know, he might even agree to do kinkier stuff with you!

Really make him feel like your daddy

If you really want to make him feel dominant, calling him daddy isn’t enough. You need to be completely submissive!

How do you do that?

While you’re in bed with him, use these phrases so that you can really submit and make him feel like your daddy:

  1. Am I being a good little sl*t for you?
  2. Your cock feels so good inside of me
  3. F**k me harder
  4. F**k, it’s feels so good
  5. I need to be spanked tonight
  6. Your nasty w**re loves when you spank her
  7. I want to be good
  8. Yes daddy, anything you want
  9. I’m your dirty little sl*t daddy and I love it, I’m just so hungry for your cock
  10. Daddy, I need you to f**k me
  11. Daddy, I’m desperate to be f**ked 
  12. Please sir, f**k your slut
  13. Thank you sir

But of course, you don’t just want to be passive, you want to be submissive and involved, so here are some things you can do:

  1. Feel his muscles 
  2. Heavy breathing 
  3. Moan – show how much you enjoy his dominance
  4. Show eagerness while you’re in bed
  5. Wrap your legs around him
  6. Dig your fingernails into him

Always focus on bowing to him and being a good obedient girl.


Although most guys and girls enjoy this daddy thing, I must end off with a warning from Quora:

An absolute red flag with the term “daddy”, however, is when it is someone forcing you to call them that, even if just during sex where it wasn’t previously talked about/prepared for, so maybe the current sub is not actually okay with it. 

The other side of that is if you were to call your partner daddy without that agreement. 

Also, it can further devolve into contexts of abuse or intrusive control (like rape), but I’ve personally found that to be the least common (and certainly unacceptable) use.

Stay safe!

Your friend,

Colt Smith

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