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I’ve been in these situations: a girl seems to like me, but she has a boyfriend! 

What am I supposed to do?

Does that girl like me or should I leave her because she’s purposely teasing me?

In this article you’ll find out if girls like you and learn how attractive you truly are!

1. Girls stand closer to you

Remember this rule: girls will walk next to a guy they like.

Here are some examples:

  1. You’re walking with a bunch of female friends and for some reason they walk so close to you that you think they’re drunk!
  2. Girls always sit right next to you whether it be the park bench or school lunch
  3. You’re walking on the street and you notice that girls passing by tend to slow down when they get close you

Obviously, the reason why girls behave this way is because they want to get your attention and encourage you to approach them.

if girls sit next to me it's a sign that they like me

2. Girls mention their relationship status 

Another big sign that girls like is you is if they constantly tell you how available they are, for example:

  1. She’ll constantly “remind you” that she’s still single
  2. You’ll be talking about work and out of the blue, she’ll tell you how lonely she feels 
  3. She’ll talk about the fights she has with her boyfriend (she’s telling you that she’s about the break up with him)

And sometimes you’ll get this type of sign from girls in a negative way, here’s what I mean:

  1. Girls will talk about your girlfriend in a negative way to get you to break up with her
  2. Girls will tell you how much they get hit on by other guys in the attempt to make you jealous (this never works because unlike girls, guys get turned off by jealousy)

Think about it this way, if you were “just friends” with all of these girls, why would they even care to mention their relationship status?

The answer is obvious: girls find you attractive and want to get with you! [1]

3. Girls play-fight with you

Play fighting is one ways girls flirt with guys and girl only first with guys they like, so if girls are doing any of the following things, girls think you’re sexy:

  1. Girls will steal something stupid from you so that you have to run after them
  2. You’ll have fight in the pool with a bunch of girls over who gets the floaties 
  3. You’ll have a pillow fight with a girl in your bed
  4. Girls will playfully give you a kick in the butt
  5. Girls will playfully punch you in the stomach
  6. Girls will tease you by calling you a weirdo or an idiot

So how do you respond in this situation?

  1. Kick them back in the butt
  2. Pin her down so that she can’t move (girls find this super sexy)
  3. Push her down, ask her to get up again and to it all over again! (make sure she knows you’re stronger than her)
  4. Ignore them or act super cocky like they don’t even matter

But whatever you do, never ever get emotional or angry because as mentioned, these girls are only flirting with you.

And by the way, if you’re alone with a girl and you’ve already been wrestling for a couple minutes, you better start getting dirty with her because by now, she wants it more than you do!

if girls playfight with me it's because they like me

4. Girls look at you

What do you do when you see a hot girl with huge titties? You stare at her (and hope that she doesn’t look back).

Girls do the same when they see a hot guy: they stare at him: whether it be in a supermarket, across the classroom or in a business meeting.

Important distinction: there’s a big difference between girls looking at you and staring with lust in their eyes. 

Looking doesn’t mean anything, cashiers will look at you. 

Staring with lust is what I’m talking about and when you see that, you know you’re a liked guy.

Side note:

At this point you’re probably asking the same question that many other guys ask themselves: Instead of playing this “hide and go seek game,” why don’t girls just directly tell you how they feel?

The answer is surprisingly simple: 

Girls like being girly i.e. submissive. NOT bold and assertive. (Plus, wherever girls are direct with guys, they get called sluts and whores…)

So then what do girls do?

They intentionally show small signs of interest and hope that the guy they want is experienced enough to pick up on the signs and bold enough to take action.

5. Girls do stuff for you

Here’s a nice quiz for you:

  1. Do girls make you a nice lunch wherever they come over?
  2. Do girls randomly do your laundry?
  3. Do girls help you run your business?

If yes, you passed the test! Girls are into you.

Here’s the general rule: when girls like you, but you aren’t getting sexual with them, they’ll start doing stuff for you in the hopes of winning you over.

6. Girls smile at you and laugh at your jokes

As mentioned in the very beginning, plenty of women will smile at you throughout the day: cashiers, teachers, boss, etc. and that’s because they’re being nice women and it doesn’t mean much.

However, if girls smile at you:

  1. While you’re having a very normal conversation
  2. While you’re sitting in class together
  3. While you’re having fun with a bunch of friends…

Then it’s quite obvious that they find you particularly hot. This is also true when you see girls laughing at your jokes, for example:

You’re together with a big group of friends and everyone’s having a great time, but for some reason all the girls laugh at your jokes more than any of the other guy’s jokes.

And by the way, you get bonus points if the girls are looking at you while laughing at your jokes. [1]

7. Girls blush around you

Obviously, you’ll see this sign with shy, introverted girls more than extroverted girls: 

You’re in math class and a girl is looking at you and when your eyes meet she quickly turns around and blushes. 

She’s blushing because she’s head over heels in love with you and doesn’t want to mess up her chances with you.

Girls will also show other signs of insecurity around a guy they like:

  1. Biting their lips 
  2. Playing with their arms 
  3. Feet turned in (i.e. not parallel)
  4. Nail biting 
  5. Hands in her pockets

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8. Girls always want to talk to you

Girls will constantly be trying to have some sort of conversation with you even though there is nothing to talk about, for example:

  1. Ask about what things you like
  2. Ask you about what type of girls you like
  3. Talk about your homework
  4. Talk about college
  5. Ask you the typical “so what do you do” question
  6. Talk to you about your online business 
  7. Give you random compliments to start up a conversation when you’re obviously not interested 

If this is how girls act around you, you are probably quite liked by girls, if girls don’t respond to you this way, read my article titled: Why Don’t Girls Like Me: 9 Common Reasons

9. Girls stutter around you

Just like sign #7, this sign is mostly seen in shy girls. 

However, if an extroverted girl really has a crush on you, you’ll see her stutter too because she’s so pressured to seem perfect.

But as always, never ever rely on one sign! Why? 2 reasons:

  1. Girls love to purposely confuse guys with mixed signals
  2. Sometimes girls themselves aren’t sure how they feel about a guy

Keep your eyes open, don’t feel pressured and only make your move when you’re 100% sure.

10. Girls respond to your texts

If girls “like” you, girls will play hard to get and make you wait for a text back.

If girls have a “mad crush” on you, here’s how they’ll text you:

  1. Girls will text you while in the bathroom
  2. You’ll get good morning texts
  3. Respond to your texts immediately 
  4. Girls will text you way past their bedtime

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11. Girls touch you

Girls “accidentally” touching you is a BIG one and you need to be extra aware to catch it because it’s one of the most reliable signs that you’ll get from any girl.

Here are some of my favorite examples:

  1. Girls will do the classic “bump into you by accident”
  2. Girls will feel your muscles and make you talk about your workout schedule 
  3. Girls will play with your hair because it’s so “cool”
  4. Girls will try to hold hands
  5. Girls will whisper something into your ear, but it’ll feel more like an ear kiss!
  6. Girls will clean off your chin/cheek/lip because you “apparently” had something there
  7. Girls will play with your fingers (especially your thumb) and try to press really hard
  8. Walking together with a girl and she’ll constantly bump into you with her hips in a way that makes you think she’s drunk
  9. Girls will invite you to touch their skin because “they got a new cream or shaver and want to get your reaction”
  10. Girls will sit with you on a bench, but their hands will crawl on your legs and eventually your inner thighs
  11. Girls will push their boobs against you while giving you a “normal” hug
  12. It’s cold and girls will try to warm you up by sharing “body heat”
  13. You’ll be watching a movie together and girls will put their legs on your lap because it’s “fun”

Not sure how to respond when girls act this way around you? 

Read my post titled What Do Women Want: 17 Things Girls Like and you’ll get all the instructions you need!

12. Girls try to impress you with their looks

Girls know that guys like big butts, huge boobs and thin waists. 

Girls also know how to use their “assets” to get a relationship with guys they like, for example:

  1. Wearing tight yoga pants to show off their butt
  2. Putting on red hot lipstick before meeting up with you
  3. Purposely leaning in and show ample cleavage 
  4. Changing clothing in front of you “without realizing it”
  5. Walking around without a bra, only an oversized T-shirt
  6. Taking off clothing because “you need to see her tattoo”
  7. Taking off her T-shirt because it’s just “too hot inside”
  8. Girls wearing the type of clothing that they know you like

If you notice that girls are using any of the previous techniques to seduce you, it’s because each girl wants you exclusively or herself.

if girls try to seduce you with their looks it because they want you

13. Girls encourage you to make the bold move 

As mentioned, girls want to act feminine and always want guys to make the bold move. 

But how can you tell if “this” girl wants you to make the bold move? Here’s a great answer from Reddit:

She implies that the current circumstances are ideal for sex. 

  1. We’re the only ones here
  2. We could fool around no one would know
  3. No one can hear us with these walls
  4. This bed is really comfortable, you know
  5. I’m not wearing panties
  6. I’m on birth control
  7. I’ve got condoms in that drawer

Those aren’t random facts she just brought up…. 

If you see any of these signs, get physical, go in for the kiss and get busy because if you freeze up and miss the opportunity, she will put you in the friend zone!

By the way, if you’re the type of guy that freezes up a lot this may explain why girls only like you as a friend. Read more: Why Do Girls Like Me? 8 Insightful Reasons

14. Girls share their emotions with you

This is another solid, reliable sign that you’re a likable guy: girls constantly share with you personal stuff with you, such as:

  1. Sad personal stories
  2. Their childhood
  3. Tell you about things they really want in life
  4. Random embarrassing secrets
  5. Tell you about their past mistakes
  6. Tell you about their sexual experiences
  7. Tell you about their relationship with their parents

However, if you notice that girls start having these personal conversations without any context, you get bonus points because it shows just how desperate they are.

15. Girls like your stuff on social media 

You share a meme on Facebook and all of the sudden all the girls you know are liking and commenting on your post as if it was the worlds funniest meme. 

You know why girls are doing this? 

You guessed right! It’s because they want your attention.

16. Girls always want to come over to your place

As mentioned there’s a difference between:

  1. Do girls “like me” i.e. possible boyfriend material
  2. Do girls “crave me” i.e. willing to fight over you

If girls are coming up with excuses to invite themselves over to your house, you know you’ve reached level 2!

Here are just some of the ways girls will invite themselves over without making their intentions too obvious:

  1. Girls will come over to because “they need” to see your childhood photos 
  2. Girls will come over to do their laundry 
  3. Girls will come over to borrow something unnecessary
  4. Girls will miss their bus while hanging out at your place so that they are “forced” to sleep over
  5. Girls will stay behind even when the party’s over to “help clean up”

Of course, once they do come over, they’ll start touching you, giving you compliments and showing all of the other signs.

17. Girls will invite themselves on a date with you

Just like girls will invite themselves over to your house, girls will also invite themselves on a date with you…. What does that mean!?

  1. A girl will tell you how she really wants to get some coffee at Starbucks, insinuating that she wants you to come with
  2. A girl will tell you she’s afraid to go the bar herself and that you need to come with her
  3. A girl will tell you about all a zoo that she really wants to visit and tells you why you’d also want to go check it out

In all of these examples, the girl is telling you about something she wants to do, but won’t quite explain why she hasn’t done it already because she wants you to get the hint and ask her out.


These 17 signs are meant to be a guide to tell if women, in general, like you. 

However, if you’re not sure about a specific girl, make sure you read How To Tell If a Girl Likes You And Wants To Get Hot because that’s where I hyperfocus on specific female behaviors.

Your friend, 

Colt Smith

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