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Whether you want to tease, compliment or turn her on, I got a nickname for you!


Call your girl giggles when she’s doing something silly, funny or ridiculous.

call a laughing girl "giggles"


Girls love to be called diamonds because it makes them feel perfect.

Ma’ cupcake

Nothing like a cupcake, but adding the "Ma’ cupcake" at the beginning makes your girl feel like she belongs to you.

Seducer/ Seductress

As in “get over here you manipulative seducer! I want you.” This one works with women of all ages because it affirms their attractiveness. 

If she's obviously trying to seduce her, call her a seductress


Girls love being called cutie because it makes them feel small, feminine and “cute.”

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You only call a girl busty if she has big breasts. But otherwise, in the right situations, this is what girls want to hear. For example, “after seeing you in a bikini I think I’ll be calling you busty from now on!”

If she's more "flat chested" DO NOT call her Busty!!


I hope you are starting to see a trend here: girls want to seem petit, cute and femine. This is why girls like to be called baby. 

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You only call a girl brunette when she’s got deep black hair. For example, “listen here brunette, you have the most shiny, natural hair in New York.”


According to Urban Dictionary, Peachie means:

  1. adj. To brighten up someone's day effortlessly
  2. n. An avid and curious explorer, a free bird, a woman with a man's sense of adventure and direction.

Plus, girls like to be called this because it’s a super cute nickname.

Raven haired

Raven haired goes together with Brunette because they both mean a girl with intense, black hair.

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Cute kitty

Girls love this nickname because it means that they are: soft, playful, adorable and of course, cute.

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Girls like being called gorgeous, but I’d stay away from using this one all the time because you don’t want to seem needy. If you constantly call girls beautiful, it’ll seem like you're trying to gain approval.


Honey is sweet and your girl is even sweeter.


This is good all around, but it’s especially good when you notice your girl with juicy red lips. For example, “I love you Rosy, those juicy lips got my eyes glued to you.”


Camellia is a stunning flower, just look up some of the incredible photos and you’ll see why girls love this name so much.


Nothing too special, but it’s worth trying out. Every girl likes to be called something different: what works with one girl, fails with another.


The classic!


Great for a sunny day!


Is she looking too beautiful? Maybe it’s time to call her a cute, Barbie.

call cute girls "Barbie"

BTW smiling girls are always hotter. Don't @ me.


Red haired girls are stunning too.


Girls love being called freckles because it makes them feel super cute like I talk about in my article titled 10+ Ways to Tell a Girl She's Beautiful and Pretty With Examples 


Cuddle with your snuggle.


A fun nickname that’s good for chilled times.

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Does she have buttery smooth skin? Now you have a good name for her.


An incredible hot chick!

Another cute nickname for your girl

Baby girl

Great for when you’re spending together


Scarlet is a brilliant red color, so this works best when she's wearing a red dress, has red nail polish or has red lipstick on.

I swear all girls look hotter in red.

May the lord forgive me for adding hot girls to this post! 

Random side note: Jordan Peterson has a talk all about why the color RED is attractive to men.


If she’s looking at you in a tempting way or making your mind go crazy, now you know what to say “come here my little temptress and I’m gonna give you the time of your life.”

always call a girl on what shes doing in the moment


Bombshell is typically a blond girl that’s so beautiful that she shocks everyone like a bomb. If your girl is looking extra fine, let her know and melt her heart.


I’m not talking about a Siren as in an alarm, I mean Siren as in the female archetype that seduces men instantly. If she doesn’t know what this is, don’t mention it, but if she knows what Siren means, tell her because she’ll love it.


I know peanuts aren’t the most beautiful things, but it’s still something that girls love because peanuts are super cute and small which is how girls like to be!

calling a girl "peanut" can be a very cute nickname.


Traditionally, Delilah is a seductive and treacherous woman. Is your girl acting a little too dirty? You let her know!

Baby boo

This must be my favorite one, baby boo means a girl that is especially cute and adorable. It’s similar to sweetie, peanut and baby girl.


A spicy girl is typically a good, sharp looking girl. It can also refer to a girl that’s a deep thinker, has strong beliefs and is especially confident.

If she deserves it, call her Miss spicy.

Sweetie pie

Although sweety pie is technically the opposite of Miss spicy, girls love it when you mix the 2 together.

Victoria’s Secret model

This one is especially good because you’re complimenting her by calling her “my Victoria’s Secret model” and she gets to think about how beautiful you think she is.

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Honey bear

This is what girls want when you’re snuggling with her in bed and you just can’t get enough of her! I.e. I need more of your goodness, honey bear.


Sweetie pie, sweetheart and sweet cheeks are all good! Don’t limit yourself to one example.


Sometimes the simplest ones are the best ones, just read my post called 10+ Ways to Tell a Girl She's Beautiful and Pretty With Examples to get some more examples.


According to Urban Dictionary, Darlet means: 

A sweetheart, for terms of the girl you love. It’s the short term of darling, i.e. hey there darlet.


More affectionate word for Darling, for example:

  1. I love you darlets.
  2. Your arse looks big in those pants darlets.
  3. Peel me a’ grape darlets.

Don’t use it all the time, but girls love it.

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Sweet cheeks

A good one after giving her a big kiss on her cheeks


It’s a cute one, maybe best before a goodnight kiss.


“Pass me the cinnamon, Cinnamon!” 

Probably better for Spicy girls...


Don’t always call her Cinnamon, isn’t she also sweet?

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This works all the time. Whether you're out on a date, kissing or in bed.


If she’s a bombshell, she’s definitely a stunner.


Gigi is actually a French name with the meaning of “earth worker or God is gracious.” However, just like Siren, you don’t want to call your girl Gigi if she doesn’t know what it means.

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Penguins must be the cutest animals ever which makes it the perfect nickname.


Here’s how Urban Dictionary defines Daisy:

A smart and beautiful girl that loves to laugh. She's energetic and very fun to be around. At first she's shy but when you get to know her, she's nothing like you would think. 

Daisy may not be the most popular but people adore her. Some guys are even intimidated by her beauty. 

She can be very insecure (even though she has no reason to be) and will rely on people to help her gain confidence. She is a loyal and helpful friend. 

She will always be there for you to help you feel better and solve your problems. 

Daisy is very trustworthy if you have a strong relationship with her.

If this describes your girl, you know what she wants as a nickname!


I still don’t know what girls like more:

  1. Penguin
  2. Koala 

But they both work, so don’t be stuck with only one name. Diversity is key.


Like pandas, but pandy - twice as adorable.


As in “my little rabbit.”


After she cooks you a nice meal, don’t you think she deserves to be called precious.


Another adorable nickname.


Pixie means a vivacious woman or girl. Call her Pixie when she’s especially lively and energetic.


Fly over here butterfly!

Calling a girl "butterfly"

Did you miss those sexy legs?


Dumpling usually refers to a ball of dough fried with meat or vegetables fried inside, but it’s a perfect name for your girl if she’s plus sized.


I don’t know anything about Pikachu or the game itself, but I do know it’s a name that girls like. Say something like “aren’t you the cutest Pikachu ever?”

Little owl

This one works best with girls that stay up all night and sleep till lunch time. You don’t want to be mean, so you call her you little owl.


You can scare your girlfriend behind her back with “BOO,” but I’m not talking about that. I’m referring to boo as in baby boo or girlfriend.


Ain’t she as fragile and vulnerable as a bubble. Alternatively you can call her bubbles (in plural).


In this context, foxy means an alluring girl that’s cunning and slightly manipulative. Use this to call out your girlfriend when she’s playing with your mind.


There’s sweetie pie, then there’s Caramel - super sweet!

Sugar cup

Maybe she’s too cute for you? Call her sugar cup!


We all know how good toffee are, but the nickname toffee can also refer to someone that is a deep thinker.

Hot mama

Hot mama usually refers to a women with:

  1. Big butt
  2. Has children
  3. Makes herself look super attractive
  4. Likes to attract guys

If you ever find yourself in a relationship with a girl like this, you know what to call her!


Here’s when you want to call a girl fluffy:

  1. She’s cuddling with you in bed
  2. You are playing with her hair
  3. She’s wearing a fluffy hoodie

Always get the timing right.


Smooshie’s another good one. It’s like mushy and smooch (as in kiss) came together to form the name smooshie. Usually you’ll use it to refer to how kissable your girl is or how big her butt and boobs are.

Chika boo

Chika boo is just boo on steroids.


Scrumptious is delicious on steroids. I’m giving you the plus version of the previous nicknames.


She’s fluffy, scrumptious and your baby boo, so what do you call her? Muffin! 

OK, I’m not totally serious, but be creative.

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If you're dating a white girl with a pretty face, massive butt and a slim tight waist, this is what you call her! It’s a mix of booty and white = whooty.

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