Best 100 Compliments For a GIRLFRIEND

Here are the top 100 compliments that you can give to a girlfriend. But right before we get into them, let me give you some tips on how to give these compliments:

Make sure you say it at the right moment. If she’s in the bathroom don’t yell “you have stunning eyes.” Not exactly the most romantic time to give compliments.

compliment for a girlfriend

The best time to give a compliment is when you know it’ll have the strongest effect on her. Maybe do it when you are spending time with her. 

You can also compliment her randomly as you are having lunch, you are showing her that you can’t hold yourself back from giving her more compliments. You don’t need to wait till the moment you are kissing. 

The next most important point is to be authentic with your compliment. Don’t say it to get something from her. 

You aren’t trying to use these compliments in order to sleep with her, you are truly making her feel special and wonderful. Think of compliments as gifts.

And that being said don’t worry about changing any of the compliments here to make it more personalized for you.

(At the end of this article I’ll discuss what you can do in order to build up the confidence that you need in order to say these 100 compliments to any girl, not only your girlfriend.)

  • Your eyes have this perfect shade of blue

I don’t know why, but for some reason girls love it when I compliment their stunning eyes.

  • I have to hold myself back every time I look into your eyes

You are showing the girl how much of an effect she’s having on you.

  • Your blue eyes are something special

Now you are telling her why she’s special. Why she’s not like the other million girls in the world.

  • I feel calmer whenever I look into your gorgeous blue eyes

  • You have eyes like an angel

She will start thinking about what you meant by saying she has eyes like an angel. You haven’t told her outright that she has beautiful eyes which leaves her room for guessing. [1]

  • Your smile makes me smile

  • Your special smile drives me crazy

Women love when you tell them how much their beauty affects your mind, body and spirit. And in this case how much you lose your mind, body and spirit.

  • Whenever you close your eyes while smiling, you look so cute

  • You should wear this dress more often

Although you aren’t directly complimenting her, you are complimenting her choice of wearing that dress. Most guys don’t know, but girls spend too much time thinking “which one should I wear?”

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  • Your dress looks like it was just made for you!

  • How do you always know what to wear?

Again you are making her feel more confident and comfortable to wear sexy clothing around you.

  • The way you look at me makes me lose control of myself

  • You are making me think dirty thoughts

Like I said, they love to know your libido is getting warm up because of them. [2]

  • When you smile like that I get even harder

  • That look makes you look so naughty

You are allowing her to be a little sexual and naughty around you and guess what? She’ll be even more naughty around you. Watch out for what she does in bed.

  • You make me the happiest man when I’m with you

You are making her feel that she is a source of happiness in your life.

  • Your stunning eyes remind me of Alexandra Daddario

You’ve given her something to think about “What does he mean that I’m like Alexandra Daddario?” 

  • You don’t need any of that makeup because you have incredible natural beauty

Most girls believe that they are ugly if they don’t wear makeup. But you let her relax by telling her she has natural beauty.

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  • You have an adorable smile

  • The way you look at me is mesmerizing 

  • You have the hottest lips

Say these ones before and while you are making out with her. Better yet, say it in a soft, seductive voice.

  • You have the perfect lips

  • Your lips are so damn kissable

  • You are adorable when you’re sleeping

Especially after sex, girls feel insecure about how they look. Their makeup and hair gets messed up. Why not calm her fears and tell her that she looks perfect? [3]

  • When you dress like that I can’t stop looking at you

  • The way you put on that makeup makes you look like a model

Even if your girlfriend puts on makeup she probably still feels that she didn’t do a good enough job at least compared to the other girls. Tell her that she did a fine job and she’ll appreciate it.

  • I feel intoxicated every time you look at me 

  • I’ve never felt this way around any other girl

If you’ve been in other relationships before or your girl just feels a little down, tell her there’s no reason to feel that way.

  • I am the luckiest man with you

  • You have the sweetest smile

Make your girlfriend be proud of her own smile with this compliment.

  • I love how cute you are

  • I love how soft your skin is

Say this one while caressing her arm.

  • You have the softest kisses

  • Every inch of you is so delicious

Perfect time for this is foreplay. While you are kissing her whole body whisper this into her ear.

  • I love holding you in my arms

  • My heart is full around you

  • Your confidence is sexy

Don’t just focus on her looks. Compliment her personality as well!

  • You have a naturally seductive personality

  • You complete me 

  • I need you forever

  • I fell asleep thinking about your beauty

Now she feels that she is so desirable and attractive that even you can’t stop thinking about her. This is the greatest feeling for a woman, especially if she’s your girlfriend.

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  • I can’t get my mind off you

  • You make me feel feelings that I’ve never felt before

  • You have adorable eyes

I still don’t understand why my girlfriend loves that compliment so much…

  • You make me do too many crimes

  • You are priceless to me

  • You are my treasure

  • I love how you touch your hair

Here’s a place most guys don’t go: her hair. You don’t have to stick to her dress or that she’s cute. Tell her how much you appreciate her flowing hair. [4]

  • I love how you play with your lips

  • I love how submissive you get

You know when to say this 😉

  • I appreciate all of your kindness

  • I get horny every time you stand like that

I love to say this one randomly to my girlfriend. We might be in the mall and I’ll just tell her without any warning, each time she loves it.

  • I love how creative you get with your dresses

  • Thank you for being you

A nice sweet thing to tell your girlfriend.

  • You look so special today

  • You are so loving

  • Your beauty is perfect

An easy way of making your girlfriend less self-conscious and more confident.

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  • Get over here sweety

Aggressive compliments can be very seductive.

  • I am at loss just looking at you

  • You are a piece of art

  • The way you look now reminds me of the first time we met

I promise your girlfriend thinks every once in a while about the first moment you two met. When you bring it back she might get a little red, I’m warning you!

  • I need you

  • I love how you laugh to my jokes

  • Your personality turns me on

Again, don’t worry about talking about her appearance all the time. Your girlfriend wants to feel desired for her personality as well.

  • You are mine

  • Your natural beauty shines in the most gorgeous ways

  • The feeling that I have when I hold you in my arms is incredible

You are allowing her to relax in your presence. She won’t feel like she’s being judged or that she needs to be someone else.

  • You aren’t going anywhere without me

  • You have a captivating voice

And of course, besides for complimenting your girlfriend’s beauty and personality, why not compliment her voice?

  • I’ve never dated such a tempting girl

  • You have such a graceful smile

  • Your nose is so perfect

There are a surprisingly high number of girls that get plastic surgery on their nose. Let her know that her nose is perfect to you.

  • You must be so used to the attention you get when everyone stares at you

You aren’t telling her that she’s beautiful outright, but that even better because then she tells herself how beautiful she is.

  • I feel like a creep appreciating your beauty

  • I hate when you tease me with that sexy smile 

  • I can’t think straight while I’m around you

  • You have the cutest laugh

Another cute way of telling a girl she’s cute…

  • You are my dream come true

  • Are you wearing new perfume? You smell really good!

Now you have something else you can compliment besides for her beauty, personality or voice. You can also compliment her tantalizing smell.

  • I love running my hand through your silky hair

  • You are like my favorite ice-cream

More effective because you aren’t telling her exactly what you mean. She needs to think about what you mean… are you going to eat her ?!

  • Your hot red lips drive me to distraction

  • Someone’s looking cute today

  • Your beauty is exceptional

  • I am helplessly attracted to your voice

  • You have stunning nails

It’s all about paying attention to the details. Her hair, eyes, makeup and now her nails.

  • You know what perfume to wear around me!

  • Your attention to details is overwhelming

If you aren’t sure about what detail you should focus on, tell her this!

  • You the most delicious lips 

  • You know how much of a distraction you are when you dress like that

  • Don’t make me chase you again

A funny way of telling a girl “You are so desirable that I’ll run after you if I have to.”

  • It’s not called flattery if your beauty is natural

  • You are still a beautiful mystery to me

We all know relationships get boring after a while, but not with her because she’s still a mystery to you.

  • I’ve lose my ability to think rationally around you

  • You make the best food

You can also compliment your girl’s skills. If she can cook well, you know what to say know!

  • You bring so much joy into my life

  • I feel so masculine around you

By saying this you are giving her a tremendous compliment. She’s going to feel so feminine and attractive around you.

  • You are not like anyone I’ve known before

  • I can’t wait till you come back

  • I am never letting you go

Another way of saying “you are so seductive I can’t leave.”


I must add the most important part about compliments here that will make them 10 times more effective. I understand that you are looking for “what” to say, but I think you may be making a mistake.

Because it’s not about what you say it’s how you say it. She won’t feel anything when you say “your hot red lips drive me to distraction” if you look insecure.

Girls will only feel that special connection to you if you have the confidence. You have to feel that you are worthy and deserving of her love.

Most guys don’t realize it, but being a confident man is super attractive to women. They aren’t looking for beauty like we men look for in women.

Confidence is key. But how can you build it?

There are many, many ways to build confidence and in fact, too many to even talk about here. I don’t recommend you search up every post and YouTube video on the internet because you’ll just end up confused and miserable…

How do I know? Because I did exactly that. When I started my journey to build my self-confidence I listened to every podcast, watched every YouTube video…. And I was left confused without any results.

If only I had just followed one course from the beginning…

Eventually I did find a course that saved me.

The course is called The Tao of Badass. The course will teach you everything you need to know, quite literally.

With hours and hours of video content plus and a very comprehensive book on seduction, you will know exactly what you need to do in order to build that sexy confidence of yours.

Just go head over to their website, watch the presentation, learn everything that you need to learn about the course and TAKE ACTION.

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