How To Compliment a Girl’s Eyes – 6 Arousing Techniques

You and I know that the one thing that makes a face beautiful is the eyes. The eyes are by far the most effective place to compliment any woman.

It is the one way people can tell that your smile is genuine or not, or whether you are a trustworthy man.

The eyes are truly the windows to the soul.

We connect and love, as humans, through the eyes. And when you make a woman feel loved through her eyes you have created a deep connection with her.

Complimenting anyone can be difficult, and especially beautiful girl, but the art of compliments and flattery is well worth the time and effort.

Let me take you through the 6 steps to making your compliments 10 times more flattering and then steer you to the next destination for even more success with women. Starting now. [1]

1. Compliment the color of her eyes

There is no girl in the world that doesn’t want to hear that her eyes are stunning.

But girls want to see that you are really paying attention to them. 

You must pay attention to the detail of her beauty. That is what turns girls on.

She needs to see that you aren’t some guy that wants to stick his dick in her and be gone. Women want to see that you love them with fire.

All you need to do is compliment her the color of her eyes.

There is a part of the eye called the iris. You need to pay attention to that part.

She will see that you aren’t just staring at her boobs and trying to take her home, she will really open up to you.

This is how you get a girlfriend. It’s about paying attention to the details.

This applies to any compliment and that is why I included it in my general guide of ‘How To Compliment Girls’. [2, 3]

2. Tell her how her eyes make you feel

Women love to know the effect that their body has on men, in fact, women go crazy seeing a man get aroused because of them.

They love the feeling of having power over their man. It’s a very sexual feeling.

Use this power in your compliments. Tell her how her eyes make you feel.

For example:

“Your eyes have this perfect shade of blue that turns me on”

“I have to hold myself back every time I look into your eyes”

She will feel this sense of power over you that will make her go crazy over you. I call it strategic vulnerability. 

Giving compliments like these will take you very far in seduction.

3. Give a genuine and sincere compliment

You cannot fake compliments as a general rule.

You must allow yourself to feel the magnificence of her eyes. Allow her eyes to seduce her then compliment her.

Once you really feel this way about her eyes, it won’t really matter what you say, it will all sound like music to her ears.

This goes together with confidence. If you are stuck in your head thinking about yourself then no compliment will ever work.

Every morning to build my confidence I take Masszymes (a super strong protein digesting enzyme) and P3OM (a very potent protein digesting probiotic).

Both of these clear out my system, give me a new mind and make my body strong for the days workout.

From this place I can compliment any girl I want about anything!

If you have a foggy brain or you feel sluggish sometimes you need to get that stuff. When you are feeling confident your body releases pheromones that naturally attract women.

4. Don’t give an obvious compliment

Don’t do what all the other guys do: “Hi, you look pretty, what do you do?”

That sounds so pathetic that she says no before you even get a chance to introduce yourself. Be unique.

But I take this rule a little farther. If something stunning really stands out about her and everyone only compliments her about then don’t bring it up.

Maybe her eyes have this striking blue color, if you suspect every man did that before you don’t say anything about it at first.

She wants to hear something new and special that you see in her.

Maybe compliment her curly hair.

I am not saying that in this situation you should never tell her about her eyes, but I am saying don’t make it the first place you go when you are looking for something to say. [4, 5]

5. Compliment her eyes on the emotions they exude

You can tell a girl that she looks beautiful or you can tell her how her beauty makes you feel.

The second option can really make you stand out if you do it right.

If she has these bold brown eyes tell her “your eyes are intense”.

She won’t go home forgetting that you even said her eyes were beautiful, she will be thinking about what you meant by ‘intense’.

If she has these calm blue eyes tell her “your eyes are so radiate calmness.”

Of course, you’ve got to make sure you do this with the right timing like any compliment. 

Sometimes yelling “your eyes are so sexy” while pinning her down and going for the kiss will get her soaking wet.

But that takes confidence too, you’ve got to learn how to be confident. Personally I just got myself a great program called The Tao of Badass.

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Yah’ pretty rad and for a ridiculously low price too.

6. Tell her that her eyes look like a famous celebrity

The last tip that I have for you is tell her that her eyes look like Charlize Theron, Kristin Kreuk, or Alexandra Daddario. 

She will then tell herself “wow, I must be so stunning and lovable”.

This is a very easy compliment to say to a girl that you just met. You need to simply tell her that her eyes remind you of Alexandra Daddario. 

You aren’t telling her anything sexual or even that she’s stunning. You are simply telling her that she looks like Alexandra Daddario.

This will allow her to accept the compliment and really feel that ego boost that we all love. Don’t be afraid and make every girl you meet feel great.

This works great for tinder or any online dating where it’s very easy to start sounding like a creep.


In this quick article you’ve learned what it takes to fatter a girl with her eyes in 6 steps:

  1. Compliment the color of her eyes
  2. Tell her how her eyes make you feel
  3. Give a genuine and sincere compliment
  4. Don’t give an obvious compliment
  5. Compliment her eyes on the emotions they exude
  6. Tell her that her eyes look like a famous celebrity

All you need to is read this over once or twice so that it’s sitting in the back or your head. Now whenever you need you can pull out a compliment and take any girls number.

If you are truly serious about upping your dating game, you need to get the ultimate seduction course, The Tao of Badass.

I can’t force you to invest in anything, but if you ever decide you are ready, The Tao of Badass course is the best for you.

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