How to Compliment a Girl’s Eyes In 19 Fail-Proof Ways With 32 Examples

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Welcome to the 3rd edition of The Guide To Complimenting A Girl's Eyes, still packed with 10’s of techniques and real life examples, but now even better!

I'm surprised at how much there’s really to learn about this “simple” subject. Funny how “beginner questions” aren't so beginner after all. 

Anyways, welcome to Dating Armory!

1. Why compliment a girls eyes

Before we get started with some techniques and real life examples, I’d like to quickly share the pros and cons to eye compliments:


  1. You easy to get eye contact
  2. It’s very personal, as they say, no 2 eyes are the same
  3. There’s a surprisingly large list of things to talk eyes (list below)
  4. Easy to merge with other compliments
  5. Can connect her cute personality with her eyes (after all, you “see” it in her eyes)
  6. Very easy for mysterious compliments
  7. Can be used to distract yourself from her boobs and focus back into her eyes (see meme below)

Complimenting girls eye meme


  1. Eye compliments are not the best for stand alone compliments
  2. Not easy to combine with touching girls/ KINO
  3. Not good for sexual escalation

Pros and cons out of the way, let’s move on!

2. When to compliment a girls eyes

[running to make a front stop approach] “Hey, I know this is random, but I saw you from across the street and I had to come tell you that you have stunning blue eyes…”

Yeah…. That doesn’t work. 

Which leads us to a “weakness” of eye compliments: you cannot start with them. 

That being said, once you get past that initial point, feel free to use them whenever you like or any of the following prime times:

  1. When trying to “spike” the conversation out of boredom (during the approach and on a date)
  2. Before asking for her number
  3. When complimenting her profile photo on social media
  4. When you first meet her on your way to the first date venue
  5. Before going for the kiss

And what about eye compliments as a way to escalate before sex? 

Nope. Unlike her legs/ ass/ boobs, you can only be so sexual when it comes to eye compliments. You gotta transition to dirty talk by that point.

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3. Calibrated eye compliments

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when delivering a calibrated compliment: 

1. Calibrate to the girl

Like all seduction techniques, you gotta calibrate them to the girl. Some girls respond well to eye compliments, while others want to hear about their dress (it’s random, I know).

2. Feel genuine attraction

Don’t compliment her eyes if you genuinely don’t find them attractive or if that day she put on too much makeup. Although if she really is that ugly, I’m not sure why you’re talking to her.

Too much eye makeup on a girl can ruin your ability to giver her an eye compliment

3. Avoid sexual eye compliments

As you get to know her better, you can become progressively more sexual with your compliments. Don’t open with “I can see that you’re DTF by that crazy look in your eyes.”

Sexual eye compliments should be rare, but can be used

Sexual eye compliments should be rare, but can be used.

4. Use strategic eye compliments

If you notice she feels vulnerable about her eyes, hit it often to boost her ego. If her eyes are strikingly beautiful, avoid using her eyes as cheap compliment material.  Read my guide about seducing girls for more. 

4. Notice the details her eyes

While researching for this article, I was surprised at how much there is to compliment a girl's eyes about - and I’m sure you’ll be surprised too. So anyways, here’s my list for things to look out for to then formulate your compliment: 

The color of her eyes

  • Amber
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Green 
  • Hazel
  • Red

Be as specific with the color as you can be. If you’re not sure, just add adjectives like “cool” or “intense,” e.g. you have cool green eyes. 

  1. You’ve got the hottest coffee-colored eyes I’ve ever seen
  2. You’ve got the calmest blue eyes ever
  3. You’ve got the perfect shade of green
  4. You’ve got the most intense, stone grey eyes ever!

Eye makeup

  1. Eyeshadow
  2. Eye liner
  3. Mascara (BTW, I am not a girl, so I don't know the difference between mascara and eyeliner. LOL. But you get the idea.)

Does her makeup enhance the shape of her eyes? Does it compliment her eye color or draw attention to her eyelashes?

Complimenting a girl with blue eye makeup


I’d say that eyelashes can fall into the eye compliment category. 

Are her eyelashes thick, long, false, curled, etc.?

We'll talk about this later, but most guys don't realize how much works girls put in to show up pretty for a date (thank God I'm a guy!). In fact, if a girl shows up to a date and looks her best, it's already a strong sign that she likes you.

2 different colored eyes (AKA heterochromia)

Complimenting a girl with heterochromia

Easy to compliment her about how rare and “eye” catching her eyes are. You can also mention that it’s a sign that she has a split personality, the good girl… and the bad girl (just avoid sounding like her psychologist or eye doctor).


Here’s another aspect of her eyes you may have missed: her eyebrows (thin, curved, trimmed). 

You can also compliment a girls eyebrows as an eye compliment

You can also compliment a girls eyebrows as an eye compliment. Still getting eye contact, am I right?

Eye shape

Wide, almond shaped, anime shaped, etc.

girl with beautiful eyes

Another pretty girl in this article. Oh God, please forgive me!

The reason I point this out is not so that you tell her everything that you know about her eyes (“You blink every 1.3 seconds and I like it”), but to have all the ingredients to "cook up" the best personal compliment for your crush.

5. Opener eye compliments

While you can’t directly open with an eye compliment (as mentioned), you can use it in the ‘stacking’ stage of the set. Here’s what I mean:

Hey, excuse me, I know this is totally random, but I saw you from across the street and I had to come tell you that you look cute. [Opener Stage is over, now for the Stacking Stage.] What I noticed about you was your Spanish look. Dark hair, your tan and this jacket. [She giggles and you look into her eyes.] Actually, your pretty eyes give it all away. [Continue with your eye compliment however you like.]

There’s a lot more (understatement BTW) to learn about delivering the compliment effectively so it doesn’t backfire on you (by making you seem needy). So for that, read How to compliment a girl.

6. Teasing eye compliments

If you’ve read The Best Guide to Teasing Girls (if I may say so myself), you’d know that teasing is the cornerstone of attraction, after all, attraction is in the PUSH.

So how can we apply teasing to our eye compliments (I’ve never seen such calm blue eyes in my life - God you’re so cute) to make sure we don’t PULL too hard?

Well, let’s keep things simple by continuing with our previous example:

….Actually, your pretty eyes give it all away. [Finishing with the pull/compliment, now for the push/tease.] But now your eyes are scaring me! You seem so intense, is there something I need to know about you? [You are saying this with a cocky voice and a smirk.]

You can actually use this example in a real life approach, but let’s go through some other scenarios so you’re better prepared.

  1. You make eye contact and you feel kinda awkward, say “You’re undressing me with your eyes, I feel violated!”
  2. The classic Push/Pull: Your eyes are like diamonds, your hair is like a waterfall, but you walk like a penguin!
  3. Another Push/Pull: I’ve never seen such calm blue eyes in my life, but what the hell happened to your eyebrows? (this can easily come off as criticism, so be careful)
  4. “You have some wonderfully intense, but scary eyes. My dick is confused.” Yes, this tease doesn’t make any sense, but who cares? Now you’re Mr. Mysterious! She’ll be spending all night wondering what you meant.
Girl making her eyes look pretty

"Oh girl, I just can't get enough of your 2 and half inch eyebrows..." LOL. What is this girl doing?!

Teasing a girl about her eyes is JUST as important as complimenting her eyes. Both are crucial for seduction.

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7. How to compliment a girl with glasses

Now that we’re past the initial approach, texting and you’ve got her on the date, you can start to become more personal with your eye compliments without appearing needy... starting with complimenting her glasses. 

It can be less intimidating to compliment a girls glasses then to compliment her eyes directly

It can be less intimidating to compliment a girls glasses then to compliment her eyes directly. But I think most guys reading this article (probably you too!) would be too scared to talk to her anyway 🤣

There are a couple reasons why I like to compliment a girls glasses:

  1. You get eye contact
  2. You can tease her choice of glasses (the style, color, “bad/ good girl glasses”)
  3. Can be combined with KINO/ touching, e.g. by asking her to show you her glasses or by trading glasses, etc. 

So yes, it’s not her EYEBALLS, but who cares?


Also, this won't work if she's got sunglasses on.... Obviously. "Oh baby, you've got magnificent eyes behind those gold tinted sunglasses!"

You can't compliment a girls eyes if she's wearing sunglasses

You can't compliment a girls eyes if she's wearing sunglasses. Although with this girl, I'd go for complimenting her hair, dress and maybe even her smile. And yes, you're welcome for another hot girl in this guide. That'll be 3 dollars. 

8. Using the Indirect-Compliment Technique

Here’s how you apply the Indirect-Compliment Technique to our topic:

Instead of directly telling a girl that you find her eyes attractive, tell her that ___ does something which indirectly means her eyes are attractive.


  1. You’ve got such a genuine smile, even your eyes smile, so cute!
  2. When I look into your eyes I feel realness. No fakeness, says a lot about you.
  3. Your eyes have such a calming effect on me
  4. The color of your eyes makes me irresistibly attracted to you
  5. Your perfect eyes turn me on
  6. You should be careful with your seductive eyes because I’m already feeling the effects
  7. If only you knew how your eyes make me fall in love
  8. I have a hard time thinking straight whenever I look into your eyes
  9. You have the most impressive blue eyes ever, you look so cute, how is this even possible!
  10. You're making all the other girls jealous with your perfect eyes, keep them closed!
  11. Your eyes stand out in the most perfect ways that I can’t stop looking at them...

As you can see in the previous example, you can apply Indirect-Compliment Technique by mentioning how her eyes have _____ effect on you which would indirectly mean that her eyes are beautiful/ attractive.

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9. Using The Compliment-Appreciation Technique

In my Core Guide To Complimenting Girls, I define The Complement-Appreciation Technique as such:

So what is The Compliment-Appreciation Technique? You simply appreciate her beauty (as is, or by noticing all the work she’s put into looking the way she does)

Ok, so how can you apply this:

  1. I love what you did with your eye makeup today, you must be the cutest girl in the city!
  2. Big (not BUG!) beautiful eyes, you know what I like [wink]
  3. I really love your long eyelashes, how they curve up. You must spend a lot of time getting them right…?
  4. The cuteness in your eyes is God’s gift to me
  5. I love how your eyes seem so big, too cute! Are you a makeup artist?
  6. I love seeing your angelic eyes every morning

The name of the game is appreciation. Appreciate her cute eyes and watch them light up!

10. Using The Overflow-Compliment Technique

When complimenting a girl's personality, you’ll be wanting to use this technique most often. So how does The Overflow-Compliment Technique work?

Quite simple, actually. You compliment her by saying how one aspect of her look overflows to make her look more beautiful as a whole.

Now let’s apply this to eyes:

  1. Wow, your big, blue eyes make you look so cute
  2. I swear you’ve reached the limits of cuteness with those perfect eyes
  3. I can’t get over how cute your eyes make you look
  4. Your eyes make you the cutest girl ever!
  5. Big beautiful eyes and such a pretty smile, come here, I want to kiss you!

You can read My Guide To Telling A Girl She’s Cute to get more ideas to implement this technique. 

11. Compare her eyes to a hot celebrity 

One of the simpler techniques:

  1. You’re eyes remind me of [hot celebrity] (think: Jessica Alba, Kristin Kreuk, or Alexandra Daddario)
  2. Did you do your makeup like a [hot celebrity]? You make me think about her
  3. Every time you smile like that with your eyes, I can’t stop thinking about [hot celebrity]
  4. Stop looking at me like that! It’s too seductive. Gosh, you make me think I’m dating [hot celebrity]

When using this technique, you may also want to combine your eye compliment with other compliments:

Well now I can’t tell the difference between you and Scarlett Johansson. It’s because of your hair. I love how your hair is so long and how you flick it around. You must be the hottest brunette I’ve ever seen, how does your hair look so perfect? Or maybe it’s your eyes. Don’t get me started! I guess I’m dating Scarlett Johansson now…

Is this compliment too long. Well yes and no. You can read My Core Guide To Compliments for more info on how to keep your compliments socially calibrated. 

12. Using Metaphorical Eye Compliments

A metaphor is where you compare something to another thing to suggest a connection between the two. Well, here’s how you can use metaphors to compliment a girls eyes:

  1. Your eyes remind me of clear water with a tint of blue which makes it all come alive
  2. You dark green eyes remind me of a tigers, so dangerous, but so calm
  3. You have some of the darkest stone black eyes, much like a dark, yet seductive cave 
Compare her eyes to tiger eyes for a metaphorical compliment

Compare her eyes to tiger eyes for a metaphorical compliment.

Obviously, not all of these compliments work all the time. Use your brain and refer back to the section where we discussed the best time to use each type of compliment.

13. Mysterious eye compliments

As mentioned in The Essential Guide To Complimenting Girls, mysterious and metaphorical compliments often work together. For example:

  1. You have a light blue, almost watercolor eyes, so perfect for your personality (she if left wondering what you think about her personality)
  2. I could look into your eyes forever, so deep, but so dark (“what does he see in me”)
  3. Your dark eyes... are intense (what does intense mean?)
  4. Your eyes make me feel strangely calm, yet present (tell her how her eyes make you feel with a simple contradiction)
  5. Do you look at me like that on purpose? Every time we make eye contact, I feel a surge of electricity run through my body. Do you practice this?
  6. I had this weird dream where you hypnotised me with your eyes last night. Weirdest shit ever. I think I’ll make you wear sunglasses for our next date!
  7. Your eyes are like… (the following examples are when you simply look into her eyes and show how impressed you are without saying a word, therefore staying mysterious)
  8. Those eyes…
  9. [look into her eyes] OMG…
  10. I’ve never seen eyes so….
  11. If only you knew how beautiful…

And of course, before she gets to ask you any questions to clarify what the hell you’re talking about, switch the subject or walk away.

14. Touch her while giving the compliment

I refer to this as Combining Escalation Methods and here’s how it works:

  1. While complimenting her eyes, move in for a kiss (you can even give her a light kiss on the eyes)
  2. While checking out her glasses, caress her hand
  3. While complimenting her eyes, move closer to her and create a sexual vibe

Of course, eye compliments don’t do as well with touching girls/ KINO as hair compliments, but don’t be scared to try!

15. Giving sexual eye compliment

Eye compliments kinda suck to create a sexual vibe, but can be used to escalate when the time calls for it:

  1. [While looking deep into her eyes] Such a dirty mind, I don’t even want to know what you’re thinking about…
  2. [While looking deep into her eyes] I know exactly what you’re thinking…
  3. Looking deep into her eyes with lust and imagining all the things you want to do with her, AKA undressing her with her eyes/ “Tiger Eyes” (you don’t need to say a word, she’ll feel it)
  4. Your eyes are making me horny
  5. If you keep looking at me like that and caressing your legs, I’m gonna get hard…

It's this kinda "lustful eye contact" which would call for a sexual eye compliment. I hope I don't need to apologize for adding another hot girl picture to this guide. 

While this may work, I suggest you read The Guide To Making A Girl Horny for some real, concrete techniques. 

16. Mention beautiful details of her eyes

Approached her. Got her number. Dated her. And she’s slept with you. 

Now you want to make her your girlfriend. Here’s how you’d apply eye compliments to this set of circumstances: 

Mention beautiful details of her eyes (refer all the way back to our list of things to notice in a girl's eyes).

eye diagram for the right compliment

The reason why we are waiting up until this point to mention all the fine details of her eyes is to avoid over-investing early on and appearing needy. Once you’re in the girlfriend stage, you have less to worry about.

17. Offer her a gift to compliment her eyes

Another girlfriend only technique: buy her eye related gifts that make her more attractive. For example:

#1: Colored eye contacts 

Warning: small gifts are fine (and recommended to keep your GF happy), but don’t start buying her gifts to BUY her love. This is a sign of appreciation/ compliment, nothing more.

18. Finish off your eye compliment with a question

After complimenting a girl )“You’ve reached the limits of cuteness with those perfect eyes”), what is she supposed to say back?

“Oh’ thank you…” 

...But then what?!

Do you see how the conversation can get super boring (and even awkward) even after a great compliment like that?

This is why it’s always worth ending your compliments with a question, for example:

“You have the most impressive blue eyes ever, you look so cute, how is this even possible!?”

Now she gets the chance to explain how she manages to be so beautiful which keeps the conversation going, plus you’re giving her the chance to talk about herself which makes you seem even more likeable!

19. Practice complimenting a girls eyes

You don’t get good at riding a motorcycle, boxing, or guitar playing by reading books - no matter how good they are. 

We all need real world practice to get good at any skill. So how can you practice this one?

#1 Watch the following video

#2 Be creative

For each beautiful eyes, I want you to quickly think of your own, creative compliment that would fit right. I know it’s not gonna be easy, but with PRACTICE, you’ll improve.

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Last words

I hope you enjoyed this guide, for more info (including more ways to continue the conversation), I will again suggest you read My Guide To Complimenting Women.




Comments are welcome, but sharing is even better 😉

  • I looooooove this article. So many examples of compliments that I will definitely come back to read more! It’s funny I’ve seen many girls that react to these compliments very well!

    • I would start with basic compliments like “you’re looking great” and as you talk and get to know her better, give her more specific compliments such as the ones we mentioned above.

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