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How to Compliment a Girl’s Eyes In 9 Fail-Proof Ways

There are so many things that you could compliment a girl about: her hair, dress, lips, personality, ear rings, and 10 other things, but only one type of compliment will make a girl fall in love with you!

Which one is that?

Complimenting a girl’s eyes.

Girls absolutely love getting compliments about their eyes and once you know how to compliment a girl’s eyes, girls will find you irresistible.

Just one last thing before we get started: never compliment a girl’s eye’s right when you approach her and start talking because you’ll seem like a creep. Always wait until you get to know her and then give her the eye compliment you want!

1. Compliment the color of her eyes

Look into her iris (the colored part of her eye) and tell her how beautiful it is!

It doesn’t matter what color her eyes are: amber, blue, brown, gray, green, hazel, or red, you can always come up with a compliment!

Here are some examples from my post titled 10+ Ways to Tell a Girl She’s Beautiful and Pretty With Examples:

  1. Are they brown? Why not tell her that she’s got the hottest coffee-colored eyes you’ve ever seen
  2. Are they blue? Tell her that she’s got the calmest blue eyes ever
  3. Are they green? Tell her that she’s got the perfect shade of green
  4. Are they gray? Tell her that she’s got the most intense, stone grey eyes ever!

I love this technique because it makes girls blush every single time because not only are you telling her how pretty she is, you’re also appreciating the details of her beauty.

Guys don’t realize this, but girls spend a ton of time every day just applying makeup to their eyes to get every detail perfect. You should see the 1000’s of makeup tutorial videos on YouTube! 

Pay attention to a girl’s beauty and she will fall in love with you. [1, 2]

2. Use The Compliment-Appreciation Technique

Imagine being told all the time how awesome, cool and fantastic you are, wouldn’t you begin to feel sick being complimented like that?

Being complimented like that is gonna make anyone feel like a 5 year old! No one wants to seem like they need compliments.

That’s why I created a much better system for complimenting girls: The Compliment-Appreciation Technique. You simply appreciate your girl’s beauty and allow her to compliment herself, for example:

You tell her: “I love seeing your angelic eyes every morning”

Then she tells herself: “wow, I must have the prettiest eyes!”

You’ve just made her feel like the prettiest girl without making her look needy because all you did was appreciate her beauty. She complimented herself!

Here’s another example:

You tell her: “The cuteness in your eyes is God’s gift to me”

See tells herself: “I must have cute eyes!”

It all works in the same way. And by the way, you can use The Compliment-Appreciation Technique for any type of compliment at any time.

complimenting a girls eyes

3. Use The Indirect-Compliment Technique

The Indirect-Compliment Technique is very similar to the The Compliment-Appreciation Technique because these types of compliments will never make your girl feel like a needy, 5 year old who needs everyone’s validation.

So how do you use the The Indirect-Compliment Technique? Easy! Tell your girl how her incredibly beautiful eyes make you feel, for example:

  1. The color of your eyes makes me irresistibly attracted to you
  2. Your perfect eyes turns me on
  3. You should be careful with your seductive eyes because I’m already feeling the affects
  4. If only you knew how your eyes make me fall in love
  5. I have a hard time thinking straight whenever I look into your eyes

The Indirect-Compliment Technique is especially powerful because you are essentially saying that she’s too desirable to pull yourself away and there is no better way to flatter a girl than that!

You can also apply The Indirect-Compliment Technique by limiting the amount of words that you use in your compliment and letting her guess the rest, for example:

  1. Your eyes are like…
  2. Those eyes…
  3. [look into her eyes] OMG…
  4. I’ve never seen eyes so….
  5. If only you knew how beautiful…

By limiting the words of your eye compliment, you are allowing the girl’s imagination to fill in the blanks with her fantasies.

The greatest compliment is the silent compliment.

4. Give a genuine and sincere compliment

When you compliment, girls know whether you are being sincere or you’re just trying to get something from them.

So how can you come off as genuine when you compliment her eyes?

Before you compliment, relax and let your body feel it’s a natural attraction to her then compliment her eyes.

Once she senses that you are complimenting her out of your attraction to her she will instantly blush because she has never been flattered like that before.

But if it’s so simple why doesn’t everyone do it? Because most guys don’t have the confidence and without confidence there’s no way you can compliment anyone without sounding needy!

So how can you build the confidence that’ll allow you to talk, compliment, kiss and sleep with the girls you like?

  1. Practice, practice and practice
  2. Learn the “How To”

The most important thing is that you keep on trying. Keep on approaching girls, complimenting them and seeing what works and what doesn’t. With all of this experience there is no way your confidence won’t skyrocket!

But the second step is just as important: instead of failing with girls 1000 times until you get it right, why don’t you just learn all the steps from top dating coaches.

You can learn it the hard way, by yourself, but why would you want to do it like that? It takes way too much time and effort!

So here’s what I recommend: get The Collection of Confidence by Hypnotica (Review), get rid of your social anxiety and reclaim your natural confidence once and for all!

beautiful eye example

5. Give creative compliments

Whenever you give a compliment, your goal is to stand out from other guys. Average compliments bring average results, do any of these examples sound familiar?

  1. Hi, you look pretty, what do you do?
  2. You have nice hair…
  3. I like you, so what are you up to…

These compliments are so uninspiring and sound so pathetic that she’s gonna reject you before you even get a chance to introduce yourself!

My point is be creative! Approach women and

Approach women and force yourself to come up with creative compliments on the spot. That’s how you get good at giving creative compliments.

If you need some help to get started read my post titled Best 100 Compliments For a GIRLFRIEND and make sure you memorize a couple so you always have a backup.

Here are some perfect creative examples:

  1. You have the most impressive blue eyes ever, you look so cute, how is this even possible!
  2. You’re making all the other girls jealous with your perfect eyes, keep them closed!
  3. Your eyes stand out in the most perfect ways that I can’t stop looking at them…

Once you say something like this you’ll blow her mind and she won’t stop thinking about you. [1, 2]

Of course, being creative can be scary, but remember each time you compliment a girl, you’re only gaining more confidence and besides most guys don’t even dare complimenting a girl’s eyes!

And remember what we discussed earlier: once you have core confidence it doesn’t really matter what you say. Don’t believe me? Watch this video:

See what I mean, that’s why I am such a big fan of Hypnotica’s training “The Collection of Confidence.” Because it’s only with your solid confidence that you’ll ever succeed with women.

6. Use The Overflow-Compliment Technique

If you constantly compliment your girl’s eyes, she’ll get tired of it and that’s why you need to use my Overflow-Compliment Technique.

What’s The Overflow-Compliment Technique?

You focus on one beautiful detail of your girl, i.e. her eyes, and tell her how it makes her look so much cuter as a whole. 

In other words, by using this technique you are telling her that the cuteness of her eyes overflows to the rest of her body. This will make her feel perfect top to bottom!

Let me give you some examples from my post 8 Solid Methods to Tell a Girl She’s Cute and Make Her Blush:

  1. Wow, your big, blue eyes make you look so cute
  2. I swear you’ve reached the limits of cuteness with those perfect eyes
  3. I can’t get over how cute your eyes make you look
  4. Your eyes make you the cutest girl ever!

You aren’t just focusing on her eyes, you’re focusing on her entire beauty making her feel like a princess. If you do this right, you’ll become every girl’s dream guy.

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To learn more about telling a girl how cute she is, read my post titled 8 Solid Methods to Tell a Girl She’s Cute and Make Her Blush.

7. Compliment her eyes on the emotions they exude

Instead of talking about how beautiful or cute she is, tell her about the type of emotions her eyes exude, for example:

If she has these bold brown eyes tell her “your eyes are intense.”

She won’t be sure what you really meant by her eyes are intense which will keep her up all night just trying to figure out what you really meant!

Here’s another example:

If she has calm blue eyes tell her “your eyes radiate calmness.”

Sometimes yelling “your eyes are so sexy” while pinning her down and going for the kiss will get her instantly horny and soaking wet. Just watch her just look at you in awe and raw desire.

Remember: it’s about having a high level of confidence. Without confidence, you’ll sound needy and girls hate receiving compliments from needy guys.

Do everything you can to gain confidence and if that includes getting the course we talked about, then do it.

8. Tell her that her eyes look like a famous celebrity

Look up on Google: “most beautiful women in the world” and find the women that stand out for you the most.

It might be Jessica Alba, Kristin Kreuk, or Alexandra Daddario, it doesn’t matter as long as you remember one of their names.

So the next time you approach a girl all you gotta do is tell her how your beautiful eyes remind you of Jessica Alba and watch how happy she gets.

Why is this so powerful? Because just like The Compliment-Appreciation Technique that we mentioned earlier, she doesn’t feel needy when she receives a compliment like this.

You’re simply telling her how she reminds you of Jessica Alba which will make her complement herself – “wow, I must be so stunning and lovable.”

This will allow her to accept your compliment and feel that ego boost that we all love. Never be afraid to make every girl you meet feel awesome.

I love this technique because it’s so simple, you don’t need to get sexual or come up with a fancy pickup line. You’re simply telling her a fact.

And the fact is that she reminds you of Jessica Alba.

(By the way, you can also use this technique to compliment a girl’s picture on Tinder. It works nearly every time, I promise!)

9. Finish off your compliment with a question

In my post titled 10+ Ways to Tell a Girl She’s Beautiful and Pretty With Examples I make the case very clear why you must end each compliment with a question, but for now I’ll explain briefly:

When you give an awesome compliment to a girl about her eyes such as “I swear you’ve reached the limits of cuteness with those perfect eyes,” what’s she supposed to say back to you?

Your conversation with that girl can get awkward really fast. Awkward silence is not golden, especially with girls!

That’s why you always want to give her something to talk about next by ending your compliment with a question. 

Let me give you an example that we brought up earlier of what you can say:

You have the most impressive blue eyes ever, you look so cute, how is this even possible!?

Now she gets the chance to explain how she managed to be so beautiful, talking about all the types of makeup she uses to be the cutest girl.

Which means the conversation doesn’t get awkward and she loves you because she gets to talk even more about herself!


The subject of complimenting girls is so immense and full of nuances which is why I recommend you do a quick read on the following articles:

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Read up on this subject, but never forget that without taking action nothing will help you. Take action now and let me know when you get the girl(s) of your dreams!

Your friend,

Colt Smith

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