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You’ve already landed for yourself a girl, congratulations! And you are ready for the next step keeping your girl pleased.

Keeping a girl happy is a lot more difficult than getting a one night stand.

Having a one night stand can be fun, but keeping a girlfriend is something else, on a whole other level.

Having a real deep relationship where your girl is pleased to be with you is where all the closeness, connection and fulfillment are.

Most of the joy in your life will come from here, so you better make sure your relationship is healthy and loving.

I must be honest and tell you that I have learned all of these hacks from a course called Supreme Self-Confidence. 

Supreme Self-Confidence is a super solid course dedicated to building deep and loving relationships.

But I will tell you more about it soon because it had a massive impact on my dating and sex life!

1. Call her, don’t text

I say this when you’ve just approached a girl for the first time or you’ve been her girlfriend for 10 years… call as much as possible.

Calling creates a much closer connection between the two of you. It’ll show that you desire to speak to her and she will feel overjoyed.

Of course, don’t ever over do this.

And it doesn’t need to be long. Just be calm and confident, tell her where you want to go, agree on the place and hang up.

This is where the Supreme Self-Confidence course really comes into play because it will teach you exactly what to say to start any conversation and remove any doubts and indecision’s.

2. Be a little crazy

There is a line that goes like this: “if you aren’t laughing at each other then something’s wrong.”

Couldn’t be more true, you’ve got to learn to goof around, be a little silly. Be yourself.

Of course you want her to see your ‘normal’ side too, but if you’ve got to have fun together. 

Let her make fun of you, if you can’t do that without taking it personally you need to build up your confidence and feel more secure being yourself.

In any healthy relationship, both partners need to be full of self-love. It sounds a little paradoxical, but if you NEED her approval your relationship won’t last.

Approach your girl from a place of giving love. [1, 2]

3. Take leadership

I don’t mean taking control of everything in a forceful way. We are not here to force anyone.

We are here to please her, and to please women give them a man. A man is decisive. 

If you’re going out to eat out tell her that you want to go to this restaurant. Remember she is attracted to your leadership abilities. [1]

In the Supreme Self-Confidence course, the creator talks all about allowing her to feel attracted to your masculinity with the small things, this makes any girl happy.

He points out that you don’t have to be Mr. Alpha Male all day, it’s about the details. But you’ll learn more about this in the course.

4. Give her your entire attention

No more multi-tasking with your girl. You need to give her your laser masculine focus.

Women biologically have an easier time doing multiple things at the same time, while men can intensely focus for long periods. She wants to feel your natural masculine focus.

Focus on who she is, what she is doing or what she is passionate about. This is the ultimate dream for any girl.

Don’t sit half listening to your girl while you’re browsing Instagram. [3, 4]

5. Compliment her

If you can compliment your woman properly, you are at the top 1 percent.

OK, I don’t mean compliments are the only thing you got to do, but they are a big step to keeping your girl happy.

Compliments can go as far as seducing a girl and taking her to bed that same night. Compliments are powerful.

Learn to give thoughtful, emotional and personal compliments because they will help you in times of need. [5, 6]

6. Surprise her

It doesn’t matter who or where your girlfriend is from I promise she loves being surprised and maybe even a little scared.

When boredom sets in people start looking elsewhere. You need to keep her on her toes.

In the Art of Seduction, Robert Greene writes that one of the key factors of seduction is mystery. You must never let your girl know who you really, truly are.

Kiss her in public when she least expects it.

Tell her to get in the car without her knowing where you are going and go skydiving with her, she will be so happy to have you as a boyfriend.

Whisper in her ear “I love you” randomly.

And you don’t have to be nice to her all the time, nothing wrong with pranking your girl.

You can also hide a note in your partners wallet with a secret message. 

She will always be looking to get to know you better. [7, 8]

7. Pass her tests

Women love the feeling when their man does not react emotionally to their emotional outburst. They are attracted to the man that has solid masculinity.

Women will get sad or even angry to test if you are a man that she can look up to. A man that can hold his ground even when his woman is getting chaotic.

This is the ultimate pleasure and attraction to women. When they feel that they have a man to lean on they are sexually attracted to him.

Your girlfriend will get emotional. But that is nothing to get emotional about. 

She is just getting emotional to see if you truly love her and to see your attractive mental solidity. 

8. Be funny

Women are very attractive to a funny man. I don’t even know why, but it’s true.

You need to be laughing with your girl, making jokes, and they don’t even have to be that funny. The goal is to keep the energy lighthearted. 

You can’t be serious and mature all the time in relationships, laugh at ridiculous things. Learn to let go of caring about what people think of you.

You are naturally funny, but you repress your comedic abilities because of your fear of rejection.

The Supreme Self-Confidence talks all about wiping out the fear of rejection and taking control of your thoughts, super important.

Let it all go and be happy.

9. Be masculine

This goes without saying.

To keep your girl pleased, look masculine, get to the gym everyday and build those muscles. She wants to have arms that she can grab onto.

She wants to feel overpowered, to feel small. This is how girls get wet.

She wants to be able to relax in your presence and feel protected. 

You need to seem masculine to her. Men make the mistake of thinking that women want another hot girl. Huge mistake.

You need to accept your masculinity and express it fully.

10. Look good in public

Look good when you go out with her. Put on some nice clothing, wash your face and put on some cologne. 

You can even put on some pheromones.

Pheromones are similar to hormones but work outside of the body. They induce activity in other individuals, such as sexual arousal. [MedicalNewsToday.com]

She will feel very happy to have you and won’t feel embarrassed to have you as a boyfriend when you are around her family and friends.

This also means be confident in public.

Girls are much more affected by what people think of them and their relationship, so be careful and she will be so grateful.

I’d even go so far to say that she would rather you look good in public, than private.

11. Remember H.A.L.T.

HALT stands for:

  1. Hungry
  2. Angry
  3. Lonely 
  4. Tired

If you or your partner are feeling these emotions be extra careful about what you say and how you treat her.

People underrate the effect being hungry has on them. When you are hungry you are twice as likely to snap at your girlfriend or say something hurtful to her.

Get some food if you are hungry, if you are angry calm down, if you’re feeling lonely feel self-love and everyone’s else’s love towards you, or if you are feeling tired get some rest.

We are emotional beings and we need to respect that to have successful lives and relationships.

12. Tell her how grateful you are for her

Telling her how grateful you are for her will make her feel appreciated. She will feel loved and accepted for who she is.

Some examples:

  1. “I am so grateful that you came today”
  2. Give her a big hug when she walks in the house
  3. Have a big smile every time that you see her
  4. “I am so grateful for your stunning smile”

This is the number one rule in every relationship: no criticism, only gratitude. [9, 10]

This is just some of super powerful, relationship building tips from Supreme Self-Confidence.

13. Connect emotionally

You don’t want to just be asking “you alright?” everyday. You already know the response “I’m good”. 

The goal is to connect with her on an emotional level

Tell her “how are you really feeling, you seem a little sad, tell me what happened today?”

Or “you know that I won’t get emotional if there is something you aren’t happy about in our relationship, let’s talk about it.”

Check in with her when you notice she feels a little repressed emotionally. And when she does start opening up to you, listen!


You are now equipped to make your relationship much better, and you know what you need to do next if you are very serious about building your relationship: Get the Supreme Self-Confidence course.

The course is dedicated to destroying the one plague that is ruining men today: the lack of self-confidence and self-assurance.

You will learn to take back your thoughts and reprogram your mind. 

I will warn you, when you click on the link they will not be showing you pictures of half-dressed women to lure you in.

The course is a very straight forward authentic course meant to give you the confidence to please and attract any girl.

Go read what they have on their website, see what the course offers and make a decision for yourself.

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