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You’ve got to learn the skill of talking to girls on tinder or else you might lose the chance of sleeping with beautiful girls.

There is so much to gain and so much to miss out on. The good part is that this is a skill like any other and that means you can improve yourself.

I have some of my own horror stories. There was this one girl that sent me all the signs that she wanted to get laid, and if I could’ve understood any of the signs she was sending me I would’ve gotten laid that night.

And she was pretty good looking. But I was completely blind to all of her signs. I still regret it to this day, she could’ve been my girlfriend.


I completely missed a perfect opportunity. I don’t want that to ever happen to you.

All you need to do is follow these simple steps and as long as you’ve made a good tinder profile you’ll be getting laid.

Be warned: I love doing daygame much more than online dating, I love the feeling of fear when approaching a hot girl on the street and then sleeping with her.

Most of the tips that I give you here are based on what I’ve learned with cold approaching. They are the same universal concepts.

I totally understand that you want to learn how to talk on tinder, but I HIGHLY SUGGEST you learn how to cold approach girls first. You will mess up badly at first, of course, but it’s more than worth it.

The downside of tinder is that if you aren’t good looking you’ll hardly get matches. This is why cold approaching is better. 

I learned how to do cold approaching from a specific course from my mentor, but more about that at the end of this article.

1. Great a good tinder profile

The first step is that you need to get liked by girls. If you don’t get liked then you are not going to be talking to any chicks on tinder.

This is not the place for a full on discussion on how to create a tinder profile, but I’ll give you one super powerful “hack” that will attract women. Here is the hack:

Psychologically women like men that other women already like. This is also a known concept in the PUA community.

If a girl sees that other girls like you already, she is 10 times more likely to swipe right on you. But how can we show her this?

Have your profile picture filled with other girls, if you can, take it with some female friends. If you guys are laughing in the picture then you’ve hit the jackpot.

She already knows that you are a high value man, otherwise women wouldn’t hang around you, and she is getting wet just looking at you. [1, 2]

2. Look over her tinder profile before talking to her

This is a crucial step that most men completely skip over.

Here is the tricky part about online dating: she is a complete stranger. You don’t know anything about her.

This is why you want to get any information about her that you can get on her. You’ve got to look through all her pictures.

Is she at the beach? Does she wear glasses? What is she drinking?

You’ll be able to guess what type of food she likes and you will be able to reference this later in the texting. She will be surprised to know how much you know about her. [3]

3. You go first

I’m just speaking for myself, but girls very rarely text me first. 99% of the time I have to text them. 

This is not a bad thing. This is how the masculine and feminine interact. The masculine chases the feminine.

Therefore, when you get a match you need to text first. 

4. How to begin talking to girls on tinder

You’ve already looked through her profile, now it’s just the time to put it into practice. 

You need to find something unique on her profile, something she is doing. Once you find that one thing that stands out you have 2 options.

You can either 

  1. joke about it or 
  2. make an assumption about it

Here’s a simple example: let’s say you see her eating sushi and she is really enjoying it in her profile pic.

Here is an easy joke you can crack about her sushi addiction: “My mom is a sunni, my dad is a shia and…I’m sushi.” If you can’t think of anything funny just search google. [1]

Making a joke about anything is pretty straightforward, but what does it mean to assume something?

This is a simple assumption that you can make about her to open a full out conversation: “I love sushi, you must be a sushi lover too!” 

(I actually learned about assumptions from the course that I’ll tell you about later.)

Now she gets to explain how she came to become a sushi lover. Don’t we all have that story?

5. How not to talk to girls on tinder

Do not start with “Hey” – it doesn’t work… I mean unless she is desperate or in the mood to mess with you. You cannot start boring.

You need to realize that girls get texted and liked A LOT more than men. Therefore, as a man, you need to stand out.

Don’t send her your life story the second she replies, you need to keep the energy playful. Wait some time. Don’t seem desperate.

The real pro’s at this wait a day till they reply if they feel they need to. 

I personally don’t do online dating so much, I like doing daygame much more. But, no matter how you get girls, don’t be needy.

You need to have the self-belief that you have something to give her that she doesn’t already have. You need to believe you are completely deserving of her love.

6. Use her name

This awesome hack comes straight out of the classic “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”

The author writes that there is no sweeter sound to anyone, but their own name. People are dying to feel important and good about who they are, saying their name will have that exact effect. 

Just add her name at the beginning of some texts like “Daniella, you look like you are having the time of your life at the beach!”

It might seem a little awkward for you, but all she will see is a man that uses their own precious name while speaking to her.

7. Tell her you that you have a social life

Before you even set the date, tell her that you have friends. Tell her that you’ve got things to do in life.

You want to make sure she realizes what kind of guy you are and that you won’t make the date drag on into the night.

Additionally, girls need to know that you are a real masculine man. And the only real way that she can know that is if you are passionate about something in life.

You don’t want to tell her outright “I am passionate about bike riding and I almost killed myself last week — that’s how passionate I am.” 

If you do that you’ll seem like you are just bragging and nothing sounds worse than bragging, the ultimate form of neediness.

But you can insinuate it, tell her that you can’t meet this week because you are going on a bike trip with the boys. She might complain to you, but deep down she is happy that you are a real man.

8. Don’t compliment her looks while talking to her on tinder

I always say, compliment her looks when you really see her, not on tinder. And definitely not at the beginning of your conversation with her on tinder.

She has already got hundreds of messages telling her how hot and sexy she looks. My friend, you need to stand out and be different.

Like I said before, compliment what she is doing or maybe where she is i.e. the beach, bar or whatever. [5, 6]

9. How to tell if the girl likes you on tinder?

If she is asking you questions, then you know she likes you or at least very interested in you. Girls always wait for the man to ask all the questions and from there they learn about him.

Once you notice she’s asking questions, get her number and go on a date. Don’t be afraid.

The next most obvious tell sign is if she sends you “good morning” – this applies to any texting, not just tinder.

This was a massive mistake that I made with the girl I mentioned early on.

I met her on the street and she was sending me “good morning, how are you” after the first date, but I didn’t have the guts to take her to bed. 

She was waiting to spread her legs for me, but I let her down.

Let me tell you now: if she sends you good morning, that means she wants to tell you good night while you are in bed naked together. [7]

10. Keep the conversation about her

You always want to be chilled, being rigid destroys attraction. So don’t go crazy about this rule.

The rule is to keep her talking about herself. People love talking about themselves when they feel they are interesting. So why not be interested?

I used to take this rule way too far and the girls I talked to felt too much on the spotlight. You’ve got to let them breathe.

11. Talk to her with confidence

We are now at the point where you are at the number closing stage. She wants you.

Don’t ask her for her number, tell her that you want to hang out with her and to send you her number.

Girls like men that can take charge and leadership of the relationship. That is what every woman deeply desires. So do it. 

You pick where you guys are headed to eat and take her there. Then take her to bed.

Summary and where do I go now?

I’ve taught you the 11 steps to talking to any girl on tinder:

  1. Great a good tinder profile
  2. Look over her tinder profile before talking to her
  3. You go first
  4. How to begin talking to girls on tinder
  5. How not to talk to girls on tinder
  6. Use her name
  7. Tell her you that you have a social life
  8. Don’t compliment her looks while talking to her on tinder
  9. How to tell if the girl likes you on tinder?
  10. Keep the conversation about her
  11. Talk to her with confidence

And now you improving your skills, getting dates, and having sex. But what now?

I think the best place to go now is to start cold approaching. A man cannot call himself a man until he can approach a girl on the street, get her number and sleep with her that night.

You need to get over your fears. That’s why you must, if you care about extreme confidence, get yourself a good book and a coach.

If fact you should get the same book, course and coach that I had. He’s the same one that I mentioned at the beginning of this article.

His name is Sebastian Harris from GlobalSeducer.com.

He is the writer of The Rise of The Phoenix, the creator of The 14 Days to Seduction Mastery Bootcamp and does personal 1 on 1 Whatsapp coaching.

From his book and course you will learn HOW to approach women, and from his Whatsapp coaching you will get the MOTIVATION.

Each day he will make you do a slightly harder challenge until you are able to fearlessly talk to girls in the open! This is exactly what he did for me.

You can read my full review HERE and just so you know his Whatsapp coaching is only available to those that have invested in his book first.

So go take action now so that you can seduce women on tinder and the street!

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