11 Loving Ways to Tell a Girl She’s Beautiful, Pretty and Looks Good [With 33+ Examples]

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You will never meet a girl that doesn’t appreciate a sincere compliment about how beautiful, pretty or good looking she is.

The problem is that most guys don’t know what to say or how to say it. 

But worry no further! 

Because within the next 3 minutes you’ll learn everything about telling a girl she’s pretty so you avoid any rejections or awkward moments!

Sounds good?

Let’s get started!

Example of a girl that enjoys a compliment about her beauty
  1. 1
    Remember that girls like compliments and they are definitely not creepy as long as you say it right
  2. 2
    Getting the right timing is more important that you think
  3. 3
    Keeping it personal and authentic are the name of the game
  4. 4
    Don’t compliment from a place of neediness

Now that we got the basics down, let’s get to some practical things to say!

2. Tell her that she has a beautiful personality

Here are some examples:

  1. 1
    You’re coming back from Thailand, that’s super cool, I love adventurous girls
  2. 2
    You like the movie Falling Inn Love?  Haha, only the most romantic girls like movies like that
  3. 3
    You’ve got the biggest smile ever, I’m sure you’re a fun girl to be around
  4. 4
    You like riding horses too? Man I love girls that are ready to try new things!
  5. 5
    You look like a girl that has the coolest personality ever
  6. 6
    With that sundress you look like the most playful girl 
  7. 7
    Where are you going with all those textbooks, you must be super serious about studying

These are all great if you’re approaching her at the bar or she’s already your girlfriend, however if you’re meeting online, try reading Best 53 Compliments for a Girl’s Picture and Her Photo.

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3. Tell her that her beauty reminds you of a celebrity

Not sure what I mean, here are some of my favorite examples: 

  1. 1
    Your stunning eyes remind me of Scarlett Johanson
  2. 2
    You look just like Alexandra Daddario with your clear, blue eyes
  3. 3
    Has anyone ever told you that you have eye just like Milla Jovovich
  4. 4
    Whenever you look at me I think about Mila Kunis
  5. 5
    That black dress is making me think you’re even hotter than Adriana Lima
  6. 6
    Oh’ please don’t play with your blonde hair like that! I feel like you’re just like Jessica Alba and it’s turning me on!
  7. 7
    Cutest eyes ever! Your parents must have been inspired by Lily Collins
  8. 8
    Your deep brown eyes remind me of Keira Knightly and I can’t stop looking!
  9. 9
    We you look at me like that, I can’t stop thinking about Scarlett Johanson and her seductive look
telling a girl that her beauty reminds you a of a female celebrity is a great way to compliment her

But why do I say this technique is my favorite? 

Because when you compare her beauty to a super model or female celebrity it allows her mind to take your compliment even further and imagine all sorts of things you didn’t even say!

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4. Tell your girl she has beautiful eyes

I’ll give you some fresh examples here, but you have to promise me that you’ll read my my dedicated post all about this - How to Compliment a Girl's Eyes In 9 Fail-Proof Ways - deal?

OK, here are some examples:

  1. 1
    Sorry for being so blunt, but you have the hottest coffee-colored eyes I’ve seen my whole life!
  2. 2
    Your pure blue eyes make me feel so calm and I can’t explain it
  3. 3
    You are the luckiest girls with those perfectly green eyes
  4. 4
    You radiate some intense energy, must be your stone gray eyes

5. Tell your girl she has beautiful hair

Here are some of favorite examples:

  1. 1
    Oh’ please don’t cut your hair short, I love your long hair
  2. 2
    I’ve never seen a girl with hair that stands out so much, it’s so shiny! What is your daily routine?
  3. 3
    What a color! What made you choose that color?
  4. 4
    How did you know that French Braid is my weakness?
  5. 5
    OK, I will never get over your flowing, blonde hair - just putting that out now

Need near limitless examples? Check out my favorite article: 215 Compliments for a Girl (Dress, Picture, Eyes, Lips, Hair).

Moving on!

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6. Tell your girl she has a beautiful smile

These ones will work whether you’re at school, work or dating:

  1. 1
    Hey, don’t be embarrassed, those braces match you perfect
  2. 2
    Your pink braces make your smile even cuter
  3. 3
    To say your smile is hypnotic would be hypnotic
  4. 4
    Where can I buy a smile like that!?
  5. 5
    Who taught you how to smile that

Try these and let me know how they work in the comments!

I’ll add that these are great if you're just starting your first date or going in for your first kiss

7. Tell your girl she’s beautiful when she doesn’t think so

Here’s your fun fact of the day from Now.org:

One study reports that at age thirteen, 53% of American girls are “unhappy with their bodies.” This grows to 78% by the time girls reach seventeen.


45.5% of teens report considering cosmetic surgery, 43.7% of women over 60 report considering cosmetic surgery

So what does this mean for us? That many girls - and possibly your girlfriend - don’t feel good about their looks and a little compliment won’t help.

So here’s you guide to telling a girl that she’s pretty even when she thinks she’s not:

  1. 1
    Tell her that you believe she is beautiful even if her friends don’t believe so
  2. 2
    Focus on the things she’s wearing so she stops thinking about her body
  3. 3
    Tell her that starving herself just messes with her beautiful personality
  4. 4
    Constantly enforce the idea that she looks good without our compliments
  5. 5
    Always finish your compliments with a question so that she gets to talk about her own beauty and how she got there (Examples below)

Lots of guys don’t understand step 5, so here’s how it works:

You give her a compliment i.e. “I’ve never seen a girl with hair that stands out so much, it’s so shiny!”  - then finish off with a question - “What is your daily routine?” 

Here’s another example:

“Gosh you have the shiniest hair, you must be the hottest brunette I’ve ever seen, how does your hair look so perfect?”

In each example your girl is gonna start talking about her looks and basically convince herself that she looks good!

Super powerful and definitely recommend this if your girlfriend is dealing with social anxiety.

telling a girl she's pretty even when she doesn't believe it

8. Tell your girl she’s beautiful and pretty over text

Preface: I’m stealing many of these lines from my article 12 Creative Ways to Tell a Girl You Like Her Over Text [With Examples] - so if you want to understand why these work or need some more examples, that’s the post you need to read.

Anyways, here’s what you can say: 

  1. 1
    The way you did you make up this morning blew me out of the water! I couldn’t stop looking at your red, hot lips…
  2. 2
    I love what you did with your hair today, you must be the cutest girl in the city!
  3. 3
    Thanks for wearing that sundress, you know what I like [wink]
  4. 4
    Your dress looks like something a supermodel would wear
  5. 5
    Well, well, well… I didn’t know you were such a trendy girl
  6. 6
    You have just exceeded the maximum cuteness limit.
  7. 7
    Stop complaining! It’s not called flattery if your beauty is natural

I personally recommend that you only compliment girls over text as a way to ask them out, and of course you can get more examples here: How To Ask a GIRL Out Over TEXT In 9 SOLID Steps

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9. Tell your girl she’s pretty without saying it

Do you know what the 7 percent rule is?

The 7 percent rule comes from a study where they found that the actual words that the salesman actually used only contributed to 7% of the sale. The remaining came from body language (55%) and tone of voice (38%).

What does this mean for you?

It means you can easily compliment a girl without saying a word and here’s how:

  1. 1
    Pinch your shirt while looking at her as if to say “your dress is stunning”
  2. 2
    Pat her arm as if to say “Love your body”
  3. 3
    Play with your lips to compliment her lips
  4. 4
    Run your hand through your hair with a smile to compliment her hair

You get the idea: use your body language to convey any compliment you’d like!

Telling a girl she has beautiful hair without saying anything

10. Tell her that her beauty makes you feel a certain way

OK, this technique is nuanced: 

Instead of telling her that she’s beautiful, you tell her how her beauty makes her feel.

Cool, right?

Well, let me give you some examples (including some lines from before)…

  1. 1
    Oh’ please don’t play with your blonde hair like that! I feel like you’re just like Jessica Alba and it’s turning me on!
  2. 2
    Your deep brown eyes remind me of Keira Knightly and I can’t stop looking!
  3. 3
    Your pure blue eyes make me feel so calm and I can’t explain it
  4. 4
    Your dress is makes you stunning and I can’t get enough of it

But why?

Why should you consider this technique?

Well it’s actually quite simple: When you tell her how you feel about her looks, it sounds a lot more genuine and she’ll feel much more appreciated!

example of a girl who's accepting a compliment that's genuine

12. Tell your girl she’s beautiful or pretty in other languages (German, Spanish, etc.)

Ok, I am not gonna go through all 7,894 languages in the world, but I will give you 3 languages: German, Spanish, and French

How to tell a girl she’s pretty in German

  • Du siehst heute toll aus. (You look great today.)
  • Du bist sehr schön. (You are very beautiful.)
  • Du siehst umwerfend aus! (You look stunning!) [1]
telling a German girl that she's beautiful

How to tell a girl she’s pretty in Spanish

  • ¡Qué guapa te ves! (You look very pretty!)
  • Te ves bonita (you look pretty)
  • Te ves hermosa (You look beautiful)
  • Te ves preciosa (You look gorgeous) [2]

How to tell a girl she’s pretty in French

telling a girl she's beautiful in French
  • Tu es belle (You are beautiful)
  • T'as d'beaux yeux, tu sais (You have gorgeous eyes, you know?)
  • J'adore ton sourire (I love your smile)

11. Tell your girl she’s beautiful quotes

And let’s finish off with some cute quotes:

A million men can tell a woman she is beautiful, but the only time she’ll listen is when it’s said by a man she loves.
A girl may not believe she is beautiful, but that doesn’t mean like hearing you tell her that she is.
It’s one thing to tell her she’s beautiful, but it’s another thing to make her feel too.
Before I met you I never knew what it was like to look at someone and look at them for no reason. 
You know what’s beautiful? Read the first word again.
If I were blind, within my heart I could still see the beauty within you.
All of my happiness seems caught up in your smiles.


Now you know what to say, when to say it and a whole bunch of sexy techniques. You have it all. Now it’s time to take action. 

Go out, approach women and use these compliments and if you have any question, be sure to add them in the comments!

Much love, 

Colt Smith

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