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Asking about the best ways to tell a girl she’s beautiful is awesome because most guys don’t even know that there’s a skill to complimenting girls.

They don’t understand that it’s not as simple as saying “girl, you’re cute,” which makes them awkward around girls.

But now that you’ve asked this awesome question I am here to answer it!

1. Understand that girls love compliments

Before you even tell a girl that she’s pretty, you must understand that girls absolutely love it when a guy compliments them the right way.

Girls will never admit how horny a good compliment makes them. Of course, they like to pretend like they don’t need compliments, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Every girl has a deep insecurity that no matter how beautiful she is, compared to the other girls, she is not that pretty. 

how to tell a girl she's beautiful eyes, dress, personality

That means that when you tell her that she is beautiful you are allowing her to feel desirable and feeling desirable is every girl’s number one need.

And I’ll prove this to you: find a girl that looks really hot, approach her, tell her that she’s the prettiest girl you’ve seen all day and then ask for her number.

Watch her reaction! 

Right after you approach her and give her the compliment she’s gonna get flustered because she doesn’t get compliments like that and now you’ve raised her self-esteem.

But more importantly, you’ll get her number!

2. Don’t sound needy

Like I said, there is no better way of getting a girl’s attention than telling her she’s pretty, but you’ve got to remember that you need to tell her correctly.

If you don’t follow the rules for telling a girl she’s beautiful, you are going to make her think that you’re a creep. So let’s go through the rules, one by one.

First off, don’t ever be needy! But what does it even mean to be needy?

Being clingy and needy means that you have made your partner your one and only savior, constantly missing them. You can’t give them their own personal space, always keeping track of where they are. Your happiness is dependent on your partner and if they don’t include you with everything they do you feel rejected. And because of your neediness you attempt to control them by making their happiness dependent on you.

This means that when you tell a girl she’s pretty, don’t say it to to get any instant emotional reaction. 

You are telling her that she’s pretty because you think she’s pretty. End of story. 

The second you tell her any sort of compliment to get instant validation, you’ll sound like a creep and she’s gonna want to get away.

She will love and appreciate you more after each and every compliment, just don’t make it about that.

Imagine if some guy walked over to you complimenting your gains then asked you for 20 bucks. You wouldn’t just say no, you’d tell him to get away from you.

That’s what a needy compliment sounds like to a girl.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the girl at work, the bar, or at school, always follow this rule. This is the number one core principle of any effective complement.

3. Be authentic

Here’s the thing, I’ve gotta a list of 100 compliments that you can use on any girl, for example:

  1. Your smile drive me crazy
  2. You are making me think dirty thoughts
  3. You have the hottest lips
  4. The way you look at me is adorable

And the list goes on….

But the problem starts when guys copy-paste these compliments and sound totally inauthentic. 

That’s why you must first think about what about her beauty makes you feel crazy, is it her hair? Is it her eyes? Or is it her magnificent smile?

OK, so let’s assume it’s her smile, now go look at my list of 100 compliments and once you find a good way of telling her that her smile is beautiful, go ahead and tell her!

If you don’t let yourself see something special about this girl, randomly picking one of those compliments to tell her she’s pretty, it won’t sound genuine and she won’t care at all.

To summarize: if her beauty doesn’t make you feel anything, don’t tell her anything. If her beauty blows you away or even makes you horny, tell her exactly that!

I’ll say it again: girls love compliments as long as they sound authentic.

4. Keep it personal

This sounds a bit like what we just spoke about, but there’s a big difference.

If you love the way her hair looks and it drives you up the wall when she plays with it, don’t tell her that her hair is beautiful…

I mean you can… but there’s a much better way of doing it!

Instead, tell her this: “Gosh you have the shiniest hair, you must be the hottest brunette I’ve ever seen, how does your hair look so perfect?”

Now you’ve just taken a cool compliment and transformed it to something that will make girls go crazy about you. But what exactly changed?

The key is that you make it personal, 

Think about compliments from the girls’ perspective: 

She knows that there’s 20 girls with better looking hair, so even though you sound authentic when you tell her she’s got pretty hair, she’s still thinking about the other girls that easily outclass her.

You need to tell her something that makes her stand out from the other girls, something that makes her feel special.

And that’s why you say “Gosh you have the shiniest hair, you must be the hottest brunette I’ve ever seen…” 

You are telling her exactly what about her hair is so amazing (shiniest hair), what makes her stand out (the hottest brunette) and finally finishing off with a question “how does your hair look so perfect?

This will make any girl fall in love with you.

5. Tell her that she’s got a beautiful personality

Here’s how it works: when you first approach a girl only compliment her beauty. But once you’ve been talking to her for a couple minutes and you notice something beautiful about her personality, tell her!

  1. If you notice that she’s confident, tell her!
  2. If you notice that she’s got natural charisma, tell her!
  3. If you notice that she’s funny, tell her!

But as mentioned, before you mention anything about her personality, compliment her physical appearance…

6. Tell her that she has beautiful hair

I’m sure I even need to say this, but never smell, touch, pull or grab a girl’s hair! That’s the surest way to come off as a creep…

So how do you tell a girl that she’s got beautiful hair?

Tell her that you love how her hair is so long.

Tell her that you can’t believe how shiny her hair is.

Remember what we said about keeping it personal:

If she just got her hair dyed, compliment her on the color.

If she’s got a particular hair style, tell her.

And remember if you’re looking for more examples, just take a look at my list of 100 compliments for girls. [1]

telling a girls she's got beautiful hair - brunette

7. Tell her that she has got beautiful eyes

Giving compliments for a girl’s eyes is especially effective to flatter any girl because it instantly shows you are paying close attention to her beauty.

I’ve got a whole post all about how to compliment a girls eyes, but I’ll give you the very basics here:

The second you approach her, pay close attention to the color of her eyes. [2, 3]

  1. Are they brown? Why not tell her that she’s got the hottest coffee-colored eyes you’ve ever seen.
  2. Are they blue? Tell her that she’s got the calmest blue eyes.
  3. Are they green? Tell her that she’s got the perfect shade of green.
  4. Are they gray? Tell her that she’s got the most intense, stone grey eyes ever!

You see? There’s unlimited possibilities, you’ve just got to be creative…

8. Tell her that she’s has a beautiful smile

Before we discuss a girl’s smile I must first tell you something that might surprise you: most girls are insecure about their own beauty!

How is that even possible?

Nobody cares about a hot girls personality, it’s all about taking her to bed and that makes her feel undesirable.

The only attention and love that they get just comes because of their beauty.

There’s also an element of having to reach a certain standard. She looks perfect, so she better have to act, talk and be perfect.

This all comes together and makes many girls unsure about their own beauty and desirability. That’s why telling a girl that she’s got a beautiful smile is so effective.

  1. Tell her that she’s got the cutest smile
  2. Tell her that she’s got perfect teeth
  3. Tell her that she’s got the hottest lips

If you’re at school and she’s got braces, compliment her on the way they looks on her. Does it make her look cuter? What about the color of her braces?

And most importantly, tell her how her stunning, natural smile makes you feel. For example:

  1. Wow, your smile makes me feel crazy
  2. Gosh, that perfect smile is making my whole day better
  3. You better tell me now how you got that smile!

Like I said earlier, just be creative and if you sound confident (without any neediness) you’ll do just fine. [4, 5]

9. Tell her that her beauty is making you horny

I’m sure you’re wondering how the hell you’re supposed to talk dirty to a girl within the first 5 minutes of talking to her!

It’s actually pretty simple.

You approach her, give her a non-sexual compliment without sounding needy and start having a fun conversation with her.

Then say something like this: “Listen [her name], I really need to go because you are so beautiful that it’s making me horny so give me your number and we’ll me up later”

But if you already know how to talk to girls, you can even take this a step further: 

Go find a hot girl, stop her and say “Wow, you are so cute… [pause] Damn you make me horny…” 

At this point don’t say anything until she replies and as long as you have a fun conversation with her, you’ll get a one night stand!

10. Say it slowly

If you can’t talk slowly to a girl, no compliment, pickup line or seduction technique can save you. 

You and I know that anyone who talks quickly and can’t  calm down is super nervous.

You never want to seem nervous or insecure around girls because it makes you look pathetic.

Remember “C.D.” What does “CD” stand for? Calm Down.

Whenever you’re gonna tell a girl how pretty she is, remember CD!

Stay calm no matter what and like I said, focus on how fast you’re talking. There is literally nothing more important than this.

11. End in a question

If you remember, we discussed this at the very beginning using this example:

Gosh you have the shiniest hair, you must be the hottest brunette I’ve ever seen, how does your hair look so perfect?

We already covered the first part of this compliment, but now let’s talk about the second part: “how does your hair look so perfect?”

The reason why you finish off with that question is to allow the conversation to flow more easily after the compliment.

If you just tell the girl “Gosh you have the shiniest hair, you must be the hottest brunette I’ve ever seen” what are you supposed to say next? 

The conversation gets awkward pretty fast… 

By asking a question you set her up to continue by answering the question. She can talk all about her hair/ skin routine that she does every morning or whatever the heck she does. 


And this works with any type of compliment. Say she’s wearing a beautiful dress, tell her:

That’s the prettiest dress I’ve ever seen, it makes you look so beautiful! Where did you it pick up?

If she asks you why you’re even asking her where she got the dress, tell her that you want one too!! Just be playful and nothing can really go wrong.


If I had to summarize this post into 3 points this is what it would be:

  1. Realize that girls love being told how pretty they look
  2. Never be needy, no matter what!
  3. Talk slowly

As long as you’re following these rules on a consistent basis you’ll get everything you want with girls!

Your friend, 

Colt Smith


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