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It’s completely normal to be working and having a stunning co-worker. And it is only natural that you develop feelings for her and desire to flirt with her at work.

After all, many relationships come out of the workplace. And that doesn’t mean that you need to make her your girlfriend, but smashing her once or twice can be fun.

And it all starts with flirting with that girl at work. [1, 2]

How To FLIRT With a GIRL At Work

Keep in mind that some places are very stringent about relationships with co-workers so be careful where you take your flirting.

In addition, although flirting is a playful way of connecting with girls, you don’t need to lose control of yourself and be a clown.

Be yourself. Express the best part of yourself.

Last thing before we get started. I used to be a terrified virgin and now I have amazing open relationships with a 3 stunning girls.

What made my transformation occur? The Tao of Badass seduction course.

I’ll tell you more about it soon, but if you find yourself without girls and you really want to step up your dating life this is the one course you need to put your focus on.

Also, many ideas in this article are from that course. So I must give credit when credit is due.

1. Start with a smile

When you see that cute girl at your work, you’ve got to have situational awareness. Many girls are under pressure to keep their jobs and look good for their boss.

That being said, you want to start by simply smiling at her. When you typically flirt with a girl at a bar you can start by touching her and finish the night by making out.

That is not how it works here. All you can really do is smile at her first. [3]

Then lookout for her reaction. Is she warming up to you? Does she smile back? Does she Like you?

A lot of guys have a hard time having a warm, confident smile. They feel too awkward having a flirty smile.

And I understand those men. It’s very easy to grow up believing that you don’t look good enough and that you aren’t likable.

So here’s a simple exercise to get you started:

  1. Go buy yourself a nice mirror. Sit in front of it.
  2. Now smile at yourself. Feel whatever your feeling and let it go. 
  3. Let go of the thoughts that you don’t look good enough. Let go of the thoughts that you aren’t attractive.
  4. Now try again and smile.
  5. Practice this for 30 days and you’ll walk out of here with a strong smile.

After your crush, co-worker feels OK with receiving your smile, move on to the next step.

2. Find something in common

In most relationships, the guy just approaches the women, tells her that she is attractive. Then they date and sleep together.

They both are very clear about what each other wants and there’s no sneaking around. But here you need to deploy some discreet tactics. 

I know you just want to feel her mouth sucking your jewels and have her riding you tonight, but here patience is key. But it will be well worth it.

Start chatting her up. We are just at the beginning stages of flirting. 

Find out what she likes to do in her free time. Ask her all sorts of questions to find out her interests.

When you see something that you have in common, propose that you start doing it together.

Opposites attract. Yes it’s true, but when they have something in common.

Now you’re having fun together. You are at least at the level of friends. But you aren’t yet ready to flirt with her.

3. Take it much slower than usual

I’ve mentioned this already, but there is really no reason at all to rush. Really no reason.

Take it slow. The slower you take it the more she will start flirting with you.

She will start doing what she can do in order to attract you. You might notice that she looks at you suggestively. 

She might dress in a certain way to get your attention. This is perfect.

But you are never in a rush. This is true if you’re flirting at a bar or you are in bed with her. Be confident and take it slow.

4. Get past the friend zone

Now that she’s interested you can easily slide past the friend zone. Start showing that you are sexually interested in her.

Start hanging out with her more often. Make it clear to her that you are not her friend. You are much more than friends.

Bring up the temperature and show her that she can be sexual around you. The way you show her is by leading the way. [4, 5]

5. Keep it quiet

Especially at the beginning of your relationship, when you just start flirting with her, keep it quiet.

Make it a secret between the both of you. She’ll smile whenever you walk into work and so will you, but nobody needs to know anything.

This is because you don’t want her to feel any social pressure to break off contact with you, or worse put you in the friend zone.

Women are very sensitive to what people think of them. So respect her needs and keep it quiet until you’re clearly in a relationship together.

6. Touch her

But how exactly can you break the barrier and start flirting?

Touch her. This is the greatest weakness in any woman. 

She loves to feel caressed. She loves to feel your hands going back and forth on her body. 

But you start with her arms first. Do it casually. 

Then you can move to the small of her back.

Caress her and she will belong to you. Once she feels comfortable with you there, move up.

No, don’t go for her breasts just yet… give her shoulders a message. Then caress her neck. 

A woman’s neck and ears are erogenous zones. This has been scientifically proven by Canadian scientists that you can arouse a woman by touching these areas.

Don’t hold back, touch all of her erogenous zones. She will get turned on.

You will learn a lot more when you get the course that I mentioned earlier. You will learn exactly the words you need to say and how to touch her.

Plus you will get a 5 week long training teaching you all about the female body and how to respond to induce her into a sexual state.

7. Compliment her

Compliments go a long way. Compliments work if you’re going out to meet girls, dating, or flirting.

Compliments are a must in every situation, face to face or texting. Learn the art of compliments.

Tell them at the right times and you’ll be flirting with her perfectly with slight sexual undertones.

Here’s a quick guide for compliments:

Make it personal: she wants to feel that you aren’t just spitting out the same compliment that you used for 300 other girls.

Think of something that actually makes your libido hot. Then say it to her as a compliment.

Tell her how the way she looks into her eyes makes you feel. Flirting needs to have sex hidden in the background.

You’ll both take turns flirting with each other and having a fun time. At this point you can follow the regular rules of flirting.

8. Go on a date

Of course, instead of hanging out, start taking her on dates.

  1. Go to a restaurant
  2. Walk in a park
  3. Go to a museum
  4. Go camping together
  5. Go skydiving
  6. Go take a dance class with her
  7. Make a nice lunch with her

The list is endless. 

You can flirt with her at the gym too:

By now, all you need to do is get out and flirt with her. Nothing is stopping you, be confident.

If you have a hard time being confident around pretty ladies then I have the solution for you.

Get the course that I mentioned earlier. It changed my life and it will change yours as well. You don’t need to worry about getting laid anymore.

Your fear of flirting will be a thing of the past.

9. Don’t talk about work

Even though you’re flirting and she likes you. You can really follow the basic rules of flirting and making her your girlfriend, but there is one difference:

Keep work out of your flirting and dating life.

Don’t even bring it up. You don’t want to hear it and neither does she.

She wants to have fun with you. And work is just a bunch of stress.

The whole act of flirting is meant to be playful and without responsibilities. This is an escape from work, so keep it out of here.

Talk about fun and adventure, learn what girls like to talk about and have fun.

10. Be confident with her

The last and most important key that makes any flirting successful is your level of confidence. It’s your confidence that will attract her in the first place.

This applies everywhere, not just flirting at work.

When in bed with her show calm, core confidence.

When you’re at the party, show your confidence.

Be confident wherever you go. Be a bad boy she’ll love it.

She needs to feel that she can poke fun at you without getting you reactive. When you are confident you stop taking things personally.

This is every girl’s dream. And once you build that confidence you won’t even be asking how to flirt. You’ll find the answers within.


You’ve learned what it takes to warm a stunning co-worker to a place where you can flirt with her and take her to bed with these 10 steps:

  1. Start with a smile
  2. Find something in common
  3. Take it much slower than usual
  4. Get past the friend zone
  5. Keep it quiet
  6. Touch her
  7. Compliment her
  8. Go on a date
  9. Don’t talk about work
  10. Be confident with her

But now you don’t know where to go… how do you keep her?

Or maybe you want to have an open relationship with the other co-worker that turns you on every time that she talks to you?

How can you have the incredible abundance of women in your life that you deserve? How can you cut the chains that you’ve put on yourself?

The answer is become a badass. Stop caring about what other people think and start loving yourself.

You get that by investing in The Tao of Badass course. You really don’t have to wait.

As I told you this is the course that changed my life. And I really hope that you give it the chance to do the same for your life.

Get it now, give yourself what you’ve always deserved. Don’t hold back any longer.


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