Why Do GIRLS Like Bad Boys And What To Do Now

I was researching why girls are so into bad boys, they should go crazy about the gentle and kind man.

I understood that the nice, needy guy isn’t attractive, but what makes the bad guy so desirable to women? He’s BAD!

He doesn’t care for her feelings, does what he wants, and tells her when he wants to get inside of her.

How is that attractive?!

The answer is very clear when you start to think about what turns on women in the first place. And once you understand that, you’ll see why a bad boy is a ‘superman’ to all women.

And this brings me back to the beginning of my own journey.

When I first started approaching girls and dating them, I didn’t understand what I could bring, as a man, to the girl.

I thought that beauty is something that both men and women are attracted to. But men aren’t beautiful like women are.

So shouldn’t girls just want another hot girl? Why aren’t all girls lesbian?!

Why would a girl choose me, I’m an OK looking guy?

I didn’t quite understand the sexual attraction that men have. 

The sexual attraction that men have doesn’t have anything to do with beauty, it’s all about masculinity[1, 2]

It’s something that women can’t explain. Women don’t even know why they are attracted to a man.

They usually just say he looks so strong and hot… but can’t really pinpoint the attraction.

And that’s why I am writing this post for you, to tell you exactly what makes girls go crazy over any guy so that you can replicate that in your whole life.

You will learn to accept your own aggressive, tough, masculine nature that you’ve disowned so that you can rise up and as a hot badass and get nearly any girl you desire.

1. They are Risk-takers

I am going to reveal a lot of concepts that are talked about in my favorite seduction course that I’ve ever taken: The Tao of Badass.

As you can tell by the name of the course, the purpose of it is to turn you into the type of guy that doesn’t care what people think of him.

Anyways, the course talks about the risk taker. The guy that takes risks to do what he wants.

It might mean having sex in her house while her parents are walking around right outside the door of her bedroom.

It could mean smoking and taking drugs which are a huge risk to their health. 

Or maybe you love going on dangerous hikes and skydiving. It doesn’t matter.

Risk taking is a very masculine trait and when you show her you’re willing to take risks she will find you irresistible. 

Her mind will be telling her to stop, but her emotions driving by her biology will force her to sleep with you.

Hormones drive a girl’s dating decisions, not logic. Be bold and show that risky side of you. [3, 4]

2. They are Aggressive jerks

Another manifestation of your masculinity is your level of aggressiveness.

This is the classic bad boy trait that girls can’t get over, but there are 2 types of aggressive men.

You have the guy who’s all aggressive because he’s always insecure and gets emotional about everything.

That guy is repulsive to girls. Girls like the second type of aggressiveness.

The second type of guy, loves himself and his aggressiveness comes from his self–expression.

He doesn’t feel insecure, and he knows who he is. He will get what he wants in life, and if that requires him to be masculine so be it.

He fully gets his way with women and won’t deal with their chaotic emotions. He will put himself in first place. [5]

3. They are Dominant

This bad boy trait is hard for men to get because men don’t want to be told what to do. Men are much more disagreeable than women.

Men hate having a boss. That is the masculine nature.

So we get caught up thinking that women are the same, that they also would hate being told what to do.

But this is a huge mistake. When you get the course that I recommend, you’ll learn that women are sexually attractive to the dominant man that can take control.

Women get turned on by the man that is dominant and make them submissive. This is the classic bad boy move.

You’ll also learn specific techniques in the course to make them completely submit to you by arousing the natural female instinct that’s inside every girl.

When the women that I dominate start to fall into their feminine nature I always tend to see them complain. They try to test my dominance by getting all emotional.

This is a classic move for her to feel your dominance. She must feel your control in order to feel submissive. This is how she feels sexually attracted to you. [6]

4. They make girls think they will get the best of both worlds.

Women love the aggressive part of every man like we discussed.

But they also want that reliable, supportive, man that will help them after they have children.

They want the best of both worlds. 

When a girl sees a bad boy she can’t help but be attracted to him, so what can she do? She is worried that he won’t be reliable!

He’ll make her pregnant and then walk away…

She also wants the reliable man, but she’s not nearly as attracted to him.

It’s the dangerous guy that really turns her on. So what can she do in order to justify her own attraction to him?

She makes herself believe that she can get the best of both worlds by making him a reliable man too. Girls go crazy thinking that they can change the bad boy.

But of course this is impossible.

But this also explains the attraction of a bad boy, girls love the badass side, and they believe they can also get the reliable man once they change him.

You’ll find this a lot in cheating. A woman is in a relationship with a perfectly reliable man, but then she gets into contact with this wickedly unreliable man. 

Without thinking she cheats with him risking her entire reliable relationship with a daring guy.

This can now be understood perfectly. She was starving for that pure, undiluted masculinity.

5. they are Self- centered

Men are so hesitant to be masculine because most of these traits look bad. Most men are afraid of living for themselves.

They are afraid of seeming egocentric and being self-absorbed. They don’t want to be criticized. 

And that’s why self-centered guys are so damn hot to girls. Girls see that this guy doesn’t care what other people think of him.

That is the pinnacle of masculinity. When girls feel that, they start getting wet.

Ultimately, your masculinity will attract women. But the wild, unleashed, version of you will make you a bad boy that every girl dreams to be with.

We are aiming to unleash that wild, unhinged side of you. That is your natural state and what makes women addicted to you.

The course that I mentioned earlier gives you exercises in order to release all the pent up masculine energy. You will become a bad boy.

6. they have No hesitation

When a bad boy wants to sleep with a girl he tells her exactly what he wants without hesitation. He is uncontrollably bold.

Nothing bothers him. He goes after what he wants in life without hesitation. He doesn’t care about making anyone else happy.

He lives true to himself. 

This energy makes girls chase him. He knows that he deserves the best in this world and he goes after it.

You see that girls don’t love men for their beauty, they love them for the feeling that their masculinity gives them.

I am not a super good looking model to say the least and yet I get nearly any girl that I want. Stop telling yourself that you aren’t good looking enough for girls.

As long as you have core confidence and you present yourself to girls in a calm way it doesn’t matter what words you tell them.

Bad boys aren’t good men, but at least they are men. They have the confidence.

This is why I tell everyone to take the same course that I took at the beginning of my journey: The Tao of Badass

When you develop your aggressive, masculine side with this course, not only will women come after you, but your whole life will change.

You will start working hard to achieve your dreams. Nothing will stop you. 

Get the course now.

7. They are Mysterious

One of the biggest traits of a bad boy is mystery.

He is so secure with himself that he has no need to tell everyone about every little thing about his life.

In response, everyone wants to know everything about him, and girls especially.

Girls love chatting about the bad boy, talking about every little thing he said and how he said it. Each of the girls would love to be alone with him.

But he keeps that wall up only showing small parts of himself. Girls end up fantasizing about the rest.

This type of alluring guy doesn’t try to push himself out there in a belligerent way, he does the opposite. He doesn’t let anyone in to see who he truly is driving women crazy. [7]

8. they are Not reactive or emotional

Men are the grounded gender, while women get all emotional and chaotic. Women desire a man that can hold his masculinity in their presence.

This is another sign that a man is truly masculine.

Women love to have the solidity of the man next to them. They need it.

A woman gets sexually attracted to a man that can be solid.

9. They don’t want to commit

Another aspect of the bad boy that makes him so attractive is his non-committal character. Girls love the chase.

They don’t want to feel that everything is right in front of them, that they are set with a good relationship, and don’t have to do anything.

They want to be challenged. When they meet the nice reliable man they lose the need to do anything.

The reliable man makes sure she is all comfortable and gets everything she could possibly need. This bores every girl.

But then the exciting dangerous guy that has no need to settle with any girl starts talking to this one girl. He singles her out and she feels special.

She feels loved, but she needs to keep him and that’s why she starts to chase him, trying so hard to pin him down. She becomes super needy in the process.

Once she has become needy, she’s lost. She has given her power to him. He has full control over her.


This is the power that a bad boy has. This is why girls love them.

I am not telling any man to be abusive to anyone. Respect women and give them what they need.

You will learn that women love to be treated in a rough, dominant, way. This is what sexually excites them.

I’ve told you this before, but I’ll tell you again: don’t go on this journey alone. You need guidance, I did so.

Get the same course that I got. It’s well worth the investment.

I won’t waste your time telling you all about it because there is a free video presentation you can watch HERE. But you are getting: 

  1. The Tao of Badass book (150 pages and audiobook included) 
  2. 4 subliminal core confidence audios to reprogram your subconscious mind 
  3. 5 week Body Language Mastery Course
  4. Seduction Course – all about making you better, improving the “inner game” 
  5. Advanced Attraction Course – dedicated to arousing her sexuality and demonstrate your masculinity

Tell me in the comments section that you are dedicated to becoming an attractive man that women love by becoming the bad boy and investing in the course.

See you on the other side.

  • This was a great article please continue writing more stuff like this, I’m a lesbian girl, but even I like bad boys! haha lol

  • I had no idea what girls actually wanted, I mean seriously I was the number 1 beta male nice guy. that’s so cringe now that I think of it.
    it’s time to actually love myself and do what I want to do with my life,
    I will not live to gain approval from anyone. I am totally done with being needy. I can’t live this way anymore,
    thank you for opening my eyes
    derek the bad boy!

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