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I learned to tell if a girl likes me the hard way. I am writing this for YOU, so that you don’t come off as a creep or plain dumb.

Once upon a time, when I used to struggle with women, I approached a girl on the street. And we got along even though I did not believe I was worthy of hot girls at the time.

We had a great time the first date and I even kissed her. Kissing girls was a big deal for me those days.

After that date she would send me a “good morning, how are you message” each day. And I somehow, didn’t understand, that she liked me.

I didn’t go for a second date and I lost her. What a loss. 

She was pretty, but I couldn’t tell that she liked me and so I let her go.

This article is for that man that wants to up his dating life and become the men women are crazy about. Listen I was a complete novice and I’ve changed my dating life.

If I can, you can also learn to tell when a woman likes you.

1. If she laughs at what you say, she likes you

This is my favorite “I like you” sign. 

For most men, you will see this sign after the 2nd date. This is when she knows you more.

You might make a really simple joke and she will be laughing. You might even be wondering what she is laughing about?

Think about it this way, if you were in a great relationship with a girl wouldn’t the both of you laugh at the most ridiculous things?

This is what she is doing, she already likes you and that’s why she giggles at even the stupid stuff. [1, 2, 3]

2. If she initiates the relationship, she like you

This is another super clear sign that she is really into you. 

The vast majority of the time men have to approach women and work to build the relationship. The man needs to build up everything.

Now she has flipped around the roles. She thinks you aren’t going fast enough on her!

She wants more of you faster, she has a burning desire for your love. This is why she’s pushing the relationship forward.

What are some examples of her taking the lead in the relationship?

  1. She texts you “good morning/ night”
  2. She asks you “what are you up to?”

These are clear signs that I learned from The Tao of Badass course. This is mainly covered in the 3rd part of the course called “reading body language and knowing when a girl likes you.”

The first 2 parts of The Tao of Badass course covers:

  1. becoming an attractive man
  2. The step by step guide to picking up women

These 2 parts cover: how to seduce the female mind, arouse her sexual desires and make her addicted to you.

We are focusing on the 3rd part of The Tao of Badass, and I’ll tell you more about the full course soon. [4]

3. If she tells you everything about herself, she loves you

Once you start to see these signs, they become so obvious to you that you won’t even call them signs anymore.

You will be able to see right through her and she will love it. Women love the man that can read the signs that they give out.

Here’s some great examples:

  1. She texts you “I’m at the mall now with my friends”
  2. She tells you what she ate for lunch
  3. She tells you about her newest hobby

You don’t really care about her mall or her friends, but she won’t stop telling you all about her life. This is because she is so into you.

She wants to be so connected to you that she tells you everything about herself and this is a good sign for you. She definitely wants to be with you even more. [5]

4. If she is a bit nervous around you, she probably likes you

Sometimes you’ve just scared her or she is intimidated. This is why she acts nervous around you.

You need an element of self-awareness here to decipher her body language.

When you get The Tao of Badass, you will also receive a 5 week Body Language Mastery Course so that you always know when to get sexual and never get rejected. 

This article is just the tip of the iceberg, but I’ll explain as much as I can.

The type of nervousness that you want is where she is trying her best to get your approval, love and attention.

She wants to cater to your needs and get your love. You have to feel her energy because it’s very possible she is simply scared of you.

For example, if you’ve just approached her on the street and she seems worried, that worried energy is not coming from love. She doesn’t know who you are!

This nervousness typically comes out after she already knows you, just like the earlier signs. Its the 2nd or third date and suddenly she is all acting nervous around you.

Now you know she likes you. [6, 7]

5. If she tries to impress you, she likes you

This is a clear one for most guys, but it deserves a mention anyways.

She can try to impress you in a whole bunch of ways:

  1. Getting her nails done before seeing you
  2. Makes her face look prettier with makeup
  3. Puts on a really nice dress

Women know men love how they look, and so they dress nicely before going out. In fact, most women won’t even walk out of the house without makeup on.

They will even do uncomfortable things such as:

Wearing pushup bras. These are very uncomfortable, but they know guys love boobs. And if she needs you she’ll do anything to catch your eyes, just like wearing high-heels. 

And yes women say they are horribly painful to wear, so she’s not wearing them for comfort, she is wearing them for you. [8]

She is doing all of this so that you take action, give her incredible love and take her to bed. But you need confidence.

That is why The Tao of Badass comes with 4 subliminal core confidence audios, besides for the book, the 5 week course and more content that comes with the course.

This is why I always recommend The Tao of Badass, specifically the 4 subliminal core confidence audios. All you need to do is listen to them daily and watch your subconscious mind become a magnet to pretty girls.

She wants you to take control, but if you don’t have the confidence she will stay dry as a desert. 

6. If she accidentally touches you, she likes you

There are no two ways about it. Unless you’re at the bank or doing a business deal, if a girl accidentally touches you she wants you.

She might randomly give you hugs, although that’s a very obvious sign.

She might start by touching your stuff, then your hand and start touching your legs. If she touches your leg, she wants to get intimate with you.

I find that girls will put themselves in a position where they want you to grab them and give them a hug. Women always want you to be bold, but often they will help you get in a position to get bold.

If she holds your arm longer than normal friends would it’s a clear “I like you” sign especially if she squeezes it and holds it tight. [9]

7. If she eats healthy around you, she might be a health nut or she might like you.

Women want men to see them as cute little, lovable girls. Cute girls don’t wolf down a double sized cheese burger. 

Women love to eat just like men, but she will act all cute around the guy she likes in order to seem more beautiful.

You might notice by now that women will literally change their whole life around just to get a man’s love. Men are just the opposite; they approach women, get their number and start a relationship or hookup.

Trust me all girls love pizza, ice cream and burgers, if she isn’t eating one too it’s because she wants you to see that she’s this cute girl. [8]

8. If she loves everything you are into, she likes you

Women are not into rough sports, most FPS video games and watching baseball. Most guys love getting rough, whether it’s on a screen or in real life.

But girls don’t. They love chatting and putting on makeup.

This is why it is very strange if your girl is asking you all sorts of questions about things she shouldn’t care about. You might even notice that she sounds a little over the top.

Then what is going on?

She wants to connect with you on every possible thing. She simply desires talking to you

9. If she looks at you, she likes you

You’ve got to be sensitive with this one. She has to be looking at you in a very specific way.

Everyone who’s invested in The Tao of Badass can detect how the girl is looking and what action to take, but I’ll give you my 2 cents.

Women in general will never tell you outright say “I love you” and are usually hiding their affection for you. You need to learn to spot it.

Therefore, if you notice that she is looking at you and once you make eye contact with her she looks away, then she does it again, she wants you to take action.

She has to be looking at you with this longing, curious, lustful face. If she is spacing out in your direction that doesn’t mean anything.

If you’re on a date and you catch her just staring at you, she laughs nervously you know she loves you. Take the relationship to the next level.

Summary and conclusion

I’ve done a lot of research putting this article together, including reading this study that covered over 200 women learning exactly what they did when they were attracted to men.

Yes it wasn’t easy to put together, but I hope these 9 signs will up your daygame. 

  1. She laughs at what you say
  2. She initiates the relationship
  3. She tell you everything about herself 
  4. She’s a bit nervous around you
  5. She tries to impress you
  6. She accidentally touches you
  7. She eats healthy around you
  8. She loves everything you are into
  9. She looks at you

I feel obligated to add that if you are looking for a girlfriend or to get laid 10 times a week you really need to learn what The Tao of Badass has to offer.

This course is meant to take a shy, insecure guy and turn him into a calm, confident, badass seducer.

You get:

  1. The Tao of Badass book (150 pages and audiobook included) $20 value
  2. 4 Subliminal Core Confidence Audios to reprogram your subconscious mind $15 value
  3. 5 week Body Language Mastery Course $76 value
  4. Seduction Course – all about making you better, improving the “inner game” $46 value
  5. Advanced Attraction Course – dedicated to arousing her sexuality and demonstrate your masculinity $36 value

Total value $193…

All for $67!!

You can learn quite a bit from YouTube videos and articles on the internet. But if you are truly looking for success with women, go with The Tao of Badass.


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Good Luck! 😏

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