Falling in Love: 124 Signs to Tell if a Girl Likes You

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"Watch her eyes. If she blinks more than once every 1.45 seconds, she likes you. However, if it is more than once per .8 seconds, she thinks you're a creep. Simple, really."

I’ve read too many articles and watched way too many videos about this subject, and while some of them are decent, most of them are a waste of time. This 12,000+ word guide is different.

I will guide you, in chronological order, through all the signs that a girls likes you:

  1. Before you talk to her
  2. While you’re talking to her for the first time
  3. While you’re at a party/ club (if you’ve met her there)
  4. While your texting 
  5. On your first date with her
  6. Before you first kiss
  7. Before you have sex
  8. [BONUS] Signs that she wants to be your girlfriend 


While this article is useful to any man learning how to navigate women, you should not take these rules too seriously. Yes, Indicators of Interest (IOI’s) are a good green/red light system and keep you from wasting time with NO GIRLS. However, just because you didn’t get a clear indication doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk to her out of fear of rejection. 

Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

1. She glances at you 

Here’s what it looks it:

There are 4 variations of the street glance:

  1. Sideways glance. Her eyes flick over and back. But it can’t just be that inquisitive look when it’s obvious you’re a foreigner and she’s just curious)
  2. Glances and looks down to the ground blushing
  3. Double glance 
  4. Held stare (most rare, strongest signal)

As Sebastian Harris writes in his guide to women:

“When you look a woman in the eyes and she looks up, she’s not interested. Her eyes roll up, you roll back. It’s that simple. I’m serious. Try it. I’ve never gotten the number of a woman who gave me this obvious sign. Knowing this one reaction can save you thousands of rejections… She looks to the ground and blushes. Or she looks into your eyes and smiles. You know… that seductive smile that you see in high school comedy movies. If she looks to the ground and blushes (and smiles while doing it,) she communicates only one thing: “I submit to you. Please approach me.”

You’ll notice girls doing this even while they are with their girlfriend because this is mostly a subconscious sign of interest, and her reptilian mind doesn’t care that she’s in a relationship. Attractive men are attractive. 

However, like many of these Pre-approach signs, you'll have to force a reaction (as Steve Jabba would say Forcing Indicators of Interest). 

What does that mean? It means you ping her with one of the following techniques tox get her attention, then watch for her response which may or may not be an indicator of her interest: 

  1. Making eye contact 
  2. Winking
  3. Smiling at the girl
  4. Turning your swag on
  5. You stand out dressing like the masculine bad boy (obviously this doesn’t work if you walk around in a clown costume)
  6. Changing your path so that you walk right by her (she won’t glance at you if you’re on the opposite side of the street)
  7. Be seen as the leader in your friend group
  8. You lock eyes with her briefly – then you acknowledge her with a stern nod and a slight smirk on your face. 
  9. This basically involves locking eyes with a girl and very obviously looking her up and down with a slight look of healthy appreciation for her beauty on your face.Once you’ve done that, you can even give her a little nod, as if to say “well done for being hot”
  10. You can look at a girl and raise your glass
  11. You can look at a girl and give her a cocky, funny look

Don’t forget these 11 pinging techniques because you’ll use many of these to elicit some of the following pre-approach signs. 

2. She slows down as you walk past you

Another ‘Approach Invitation’ (A.I.) is where you’re walking beside or past a girl and she slows down for no apparent reason.

Again, this is a very weak signal, but you can’t expect much from a girl you haven’t even talked to before. Plus, as we mentioned before, a weak signal is still a signal and we never underestimate the power of a signal. 

3. She flicks her hair

Almost no girl will consciously flick her hair in public to get your attention, it’s all subconscious. However, a woman’s hindbrain knows that guys are attracted to healthy, long hair so it gets her to flick her hair to possibly gain your attention. 

4. Girls start giggling or talk louder as you grow closer

Beginners will believe those giggling girls are poking fun at him, but in fact, it’s just the opposite: these girls (usually in middle school) are making all this noise to get your attention so that you take the opportunity to approach them as a group set because one of the girls likes you.

Girls laughing while you walk past them like this can be a sign that they think you're cute

5. She adds an extra sway to her hips

Girls will do this subconsciously while ovulating, it’s a way to attract guys with their butts, however, a girl will also give an extra sway to her hips when she wants to catch the attention of a guy walking past her. 

girls who show off their hips like this to you are doing it because they like you and want your attention

6. She changes the direction of her walk

Out of all of these, seeing a girl change the direction of her walk for you is the least likely simply because it takes the most effort and either you’re super good looking or she’s super horny

In general, anything past very basic politeness and is something she wouldn’t do if she wasn’t interested, is a good sign that she wants you to approach her and is willing to listen to your sales pitch.

7. She doesn’t leave the approach 

Unless you’ve cournerd her in a coffee shop, most dating coaches agree that if she doesn’t leave the interaction, she’s still open to your offer. 

Is it a strong sign? No, but by not leaving she’s showing you that you’ve earned her initial interest.

8. She laughs

It’s no secret that if a girl is laughing and having a great time, she likes you. Here’s where to look out for that:

  1. After you deliver your initial opener (which should be a great compliment mixed with some teasing), you should immediately get a giggle out of her. 
  2. After you teasingly accuse her of whatever she said during the conversation
  3. Sometimes you’ll get a little laugh after getting her number and wishing her good day

But like all signs, this is not 100% because as you’ll soon learn, girls are giggly and laugh at anything, especially while they are nervous. So keep that into consideration.

9. Her body is oriented to you

Because you are the one approaching her, you are completely facing you (Alpha Male Body Language: The Dominance And Power). 

But what about her? Is she facing you? Here are some things to lookout for:

  1. Which way are her feet facing?
  2. Which way are her shoulders facing?
  3. Which way is her body leaning towards?

In general, if her body is oriented towards you, it’s a sign that she’s completely stopped doing whatever she was preoccupied with and wants to know more about you.

10. Big waving body language

Although this can depend on the kind of girl you’re talking to (shy, introverted girls may be different), seeing lots of big waving body language is a strong sign she’s engaged in the conversation.


  1. She physically moves around
  2. She uses her hands a lot while talking to you
  3. She nods a lot
  4. She makes all kinds of emotion faces to communicate her stories 

Bottom line:

If a girl is engaged in the conversation, she probably likes you too!

11. Asks you about your relationship status 

A girl that likes you may wait for the first date to do this, but it can happen during the approach which is why I place it here. 

Basically, she wants to know if she can be more than a casual hookup and become your girlfriend and in order to do that, she needs to verify that you’re single. 

In my experience, girls tend to ask this outright (in that case, respond by ‘admitting’ you secretly have 3 wives, 4 girlfriends and one hot boyfriend). But some girls will covertly ask by mentioning your ‘girlfriend’ without knowing if you actually have one and watching for your reaction, so be aware. 

12. She mentions her relationship status 

If a girl mentions her single relationship status without you even asking, she definitely likes you. 

Here are some ways girls do that:

  1. Talks about her recent break up
  2. Talks about her recent fights, that the relationship is weak (she signaling that she wants to leave her boyfriend for you)
  3. Tells you that she feels lonely
  4. Tells her that her boyfriend is so boring (in this case, she doesn’t want you to be her boyfriend, rather she’s signaling that she wants to cheat with you and wants an exciting, adventurous hookup with you) 

And by the way, this almost never happens, whenever girls do disclose their relationship status it’s to tell you that they have a boyfriend and then you have to work around that. So this is a strong, positive sign.

13. Deep eye contact

If the girl is accepting your eye contact and all the sexual energy that comes along with it, you’re in the green!

if a girl is comfortable with eye contact, it's because she likes you

14. Tilting her head

If the girl is tilting her head to the side while you’re talking, it’s a sign that she feels comfortable around you and isn’t worried about leaving. 

How so?

Because when you tilt your head, you’re exposing your vulnerable neck and your subconscious mind would only let you do that if you felt as if the environment is safe. It’s kinda like what turtles do, they hide their head in their shell whenever the environment feels unsafe.

15. Complains about getting hit on

This sign is one of those ‘Backfire Signs’ that make the guy think she doesn't like him, when in fact, she’s trying to say just the opposite. 

So then, if she is interested, what is she complaining about?

“Most likely they're complaining because they're getting pestered with unwanted attention from guys they don't want while not getting hit on by the guys they want and can't find a man that meets their standards who returns the interest.” GirlsAskGuys

So what she’s really saying is “Thank God you approached me, I was getting so tired of being hit on by drunk guys in the club.”

So how do you respond when a girl complains about getting hit on? Respond with: “I can relate, it’s hard to be attractive, guys hit on me all the time.”

16. She asks you basic questions

If I had to rank this sign from 1-10 in terms of strength, I would rank very low, maybe a 3. But as we’ve said before, a weak signal is still a signal and we never underestimate the power of a signal. 

So that being said, here are some ways it can play out:

  1. She asks your age (in which case respond you’re 80 years old, but had a good plastic surgeon)
  2. She asks where you’re from (you can play with her a reply with a country that you are obviously not from)
  3. She asks you what you do for a living (“Don’t know about you, but I am an international sex symbol and bodybuilder”)
  4. She asks for your name

You may also notice that while she starts to ask you questions, her weight shifts down as if she decided to hold off whatever she was preoccupied with. This is what’s known as the Hook  Point, that is, she may not have decided if she’s in love with you, but she’s swallowed your ‘fish hook’ and is open to learning more. It’s a good sign.

17. You close the distance and she doesn’t back off

When you talk to a girl you like, you must show her that you want her romantically, not as a friend and while there are many ways of doing that, one way is to physically close the distance between the two of you. 

And so here comes the test. How does she react? Does she pull back in discomfort or does she allow you to increase the sexual tension by closing the distance.

Her reaction will tell you everything you need to know about how she feels about you.

On the flip side, however rare this may be, if the girl moves closer to you it’s an even stronger sign that she wants you because she’s the one making the move and not just reacting to your move.

18. She allows small touches

You can’t expect her to be touching you all over during your first interaction with her. However, if she’s OK with basic touching, that’s a good sign. 

19. She wants to continue the conversation

An approach should last no longer than 10 minutes (if you want to continue the conversation past 10 minutes, take her on an insta date). So if you notice that while you’re trying to wind down the conversation, she tries to keep it going (by inserting her own stories or during a silence she adds “soooo…”), you know she likes talking to you and there’s great potential ahead.

20. She offers to take your number

Any girl that gives you her number (or even Facebook/ Instagram) is a good sign. But what’s even stronger is if she proactively offers to give you hers number because that shows she really wants to keep this going.

21. She follows you around the venue 

Some night clubs can be big, so if you notice that she’s following you all around, it’s a sign this girl has a crush on you

If a girl is following you around a big club like this, it's because she likes you

22. She sits next to you

There are plenty of open spots, but she chooses to sit either right next to you or very closeby. How come? She wants you to notice her and strike up a conversation. 

This is in no way limited to parties or nightclubs, you’ll see this happen everywhere: bars, cafe’s, gyms, schools, cafeteria’s, bleachers, etc. - anywhere where people sit down.

If she likes to sit next to you, it's because she wants your attention

23. Her friends leave but she stays

You’ve been chatting up her friend group, but when they all leave (bathroom, dancing, bar, whatever reason), she hangs around you. 

24. She tells you that she’s leaving

We’ve finished signs that a girl likes you before and during an approach, but before we move on to signs that a girl likes you over text, let’s talk about signs that a girl likes you at a party, starting with… she tells you that she’s leaving the party.

This usually happens when you’ve talked to the girl at the party/ club once already and now she’s coming by to say that she’s leaving to try to get you to number close or even take her home. Don’t miss this opportunity!

25. She asks you where you leaving to

On the other hand, if you’re the one leaving and she approaches you to ask where you are heading, you can be damn sure that she wants you to take her back to your place. Admittedly, this is a rare occurrence, but if it happens don’t miss the opportunity. 

26. She invites you for a group date

In middle school you’ll see a lot of this because everyone is inexperienced, so what ends up happening is that the girl invites her crush out on a group date so that everyone is less nervous. If you’re an introvert, you’ll hate this, but don’t be afraid to offer something else which is more private and less stimulating. 

girls invite guys who they like to group dates

27. She mentions that she likes when guys take her out

Here’s a great example of a covert sign that your girl wants to date you: she tells you that she loves when other guys ask her out, trying to get you to ask her out!

This can happen over text or in person. 

28. Replies quickly

No surprise here, but if you know she’s busy (work, school) and she still instantly gets back to you, you know she has a crush on you. Keep doing what you’re doing.

29. Sends you a selfie

Selfies are always good, but the sexier the better. She may do it to get your opinion on how she looks in her new dress, make sure to tease her

if she sends you a hot selfie it's because she has a crush on you

30. She’s very curious about your schedule and free time

Guys usually get this after they’ve escaped the friend zone over text when all of a sudden she wants to know when you’re free, which is basically her way of asking for a date

31. Good morning text

I dread writing about this one. When I first started to approach girls and collect numbers, there was this one girl who would send me a good morning text each morning. At that time I thought it was just weird and lost that obvious opportunity. 

But at least now I know, if a girl is sending you good morning texts, it’s a strong sign she wants to be your girlfriend.

a crazy good morning text like this is a great sign she's nuts about you

32. Wall of text

Are you getting these ‘massive’ paragraphs from her where she talks all about what she did that day? Although it may seem weirdly needy, it’s her way of trying to connect with you.

33. She asks for you to come with her to an event

Ok, when a girl asks you out (examples) she won’t be this overt unless you’re Brad Pitt. So here’s what she’ll most likely text you:

  1. Did you hear about ___ event (she’s trying to gauge your initial reaction and will ask you out if you seem interested)
  2. “I really wanna see that movie! But none of my friends/family want to see it” 
  3. "I'm really hungry. I could really go for some Chinese food."
  4. She tells you about an experience she’s never had “you know I’ve never been camping/ __ concert”

In these examples, it’s not just that she wants to hang out with you, it’s that she wants to have new experiences with you which is how you create a deep connection and memories. 

34. The reminder date

Say that you promised her something earlier, so won’t let you forget by constantly reminding you over text:

  1. When are you gonna take me for a spin in your car?
  2. When are we going to watch that TV show at your place?
  3. You said you would show me how to play ___ game…

It’s her covert way of asking you out for a date without risking rejection.

35. She pushes of her schedule to meet with you

She has to study for her school finals. She’s been talking about how stressful it’s been all week trying to cram all those equations into her head, but the moment you ask her out, it’s like she’s been sitting at home bored out of her mind, dying to get get.

This is your confirmation that she sees you as a super hot guy and thinks that she only has a small chance to get with you. 

36. She self-invites herself out

This is the least common sign you’ll get over text, but it does happen, this sign is called “the self invitation” and it’s exactly what it sounds like: you tell her about a cool bar you went to, and she says, "You should take me there!"

37. She shows up on time to the date

No playing around, she just shows up on time. Not a sign that she’s madly in love, but a positive sign nonetheless. (If she does show up late, she over apologizes in an authentic way where you know she feels bad.)

38. She buys you a drink

This basically never happens, unless you’ve told her ahead of time that you forget to bring your card and she voluntarily pays without you asking. 

39. She takes you out to cool places 

Obviously, before taking her out, you’ve already searched out the best venues for a first date, but once you get there she invests into the relationship by taking you to cool places in the city, basically giving you a free tour of the city. 

The key is that she invests into the relationship, without that, you have nothing.

40. Asks you about what kind of girl you like

She’s basically asking “how can I become the girl that he likes?”

41. She laughs at your bad jokes

“Who’s there?

Interrupting cow.

Interrupting c–


If she laughs at this, either she has a horrendous sense of humor or you said in a flirty way and she loves you... I hope it’s not both!

42. She blushes 

Blushing is the ultimate sign that a girl likes you, but is scared, however there are more examples:

  1. Biting their lips 
  2. Playing with their arms 
  3. Feet turned in (i.e. not parallel)
  4. Nail biting 
  5. She acts awkward around you
  6. Hands in her pockets
  7. Walks weirdly around you (as seen in the following demonstration)

43. Mesmer eyes

Mesmer eyes is the name for that electric, sexual tension you feel when you make eye contact with a girl that wants you. You get that, you’re in the green.

44. She calls you a jerk

When a girl calls you a jerk/ asshole/ player/ heart-breaker, what she’s really saying (unless she’s throwing a metal pan to your face while cursing you out) is that she loves you, but you're too much of a jerk to give her that much desired attention. A telling sign that she means it the positive way, is if it comes with a light punch to your arm.

45. She mirrors you

Noticing that she’s copying your basic body language (leaning the same way, same hand placements, playing with her hair too, etc.).

46. Use CTT  

Here’s a good test to use if you’re unsure if a girl just wants to be friends or is romantically interested in you: CTT, which stands for: Close distance, Tiger eyes, Touch her. 

If you close distance (get physically closer to her), look at her with tiger eyes (looking at her with lust), then touch her (a touch to her shoulder or arm is fine) and she recoils, she’s not yet interested. If she accepts your advance, she wants you.

Remember guys, physical cues are more reliable than verbal cues. 

47. She dresses up to impress you

The ultimate sign that a girl wants you to notice her is that she dresses to impress. Here are some things to look out for:

  1. She gets her nails done
  2. She put on makeup
  3. She puts on perfume
  4. She puts on high heels or other nice footwear
  5. She gets her hair done
  6. She wear stunning dresses

Keep in mind that this sign cannot be relied on if she always gets dressed up no matter where she goes, however, if you notice that she specifically looks attractive when you’re dating her, then you know she’s doing it to impress you.

48. She wants you to smell her perfume

It’s not just that she puts on perfume, but that she wants you to smell her seductive scent. As always, she won’t do it overtly, but rather covetly as in the following examples:

  1. Spraying on 2 different perfumes and asking you which one you like more
  2. Ask you to help her with her hair while she has obviously sprayed on sweet perfume
  3. Same as #2, but she leans her head/hair on you so you smell everything
  4. She gives you long hugs
  5. She applies perfume right above her boobs/cleavage and asks you to smell her new perfume while guiding your head right to her boobs

Admittedly, a girl will only try these moves on you if she’s actively trying to seduce you, but I mean, if she’s trying to seduce you, she probably likes you too…. Unless she’s a psychopath!

49. She shares emotional, personal stories

Emotional, personal stories include: 

  1. Sad personal stories which show vulnerability
  2. Childhood stories
  3. Talks about things she’s always to have/ be
  4. Random embarrassing secrets
  5. Talks about past mistakes 
  6. Talks about her relationship with her parents

Basically, if she brings up anything but small talk, you know she’s more than just interested. 

Kinda related, you can read about the best topics to talk about on a first date here: 14+ Things to Talk About On a First Date | DatingArmory.com 

50. She talks about sexual experiences 

Girls talking about their past sexual experiences is one of those signs that turn guys off (sexually promiscuous women are naturally repulsive to males), but girls do it because they erroneously think that it’ll show guys how interested they are. 

51. She asked about women you’ve been with

If she didn’t care about you, she wouldn’t be asking such personal questions. 

And by the way, the reason why she’s asking is because she wants to know if you’re an attractive, high value man with easy access to women. The best way to answer is by saying you feel like you’re a virgin because you haven’t had a blowjob in over 10 minutes!

52. She asks you personal questions

Again, if she didn’t care about you, she wouldn’t be asking such personal questions. Here are example questions to look out for:

  1. What is your life philosophy?
  2. How did your parents raise you?
  3. How do you work through your daily struggles?
  4. How do you heal your own traumas?
  5. Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?
  6. Which parent are you closest to and why?
  7. What phase of your life has caused the most growth? 

You can find more examples here 150 Deep, Personal Questions to Ask a Guy to Create an Emotional Connection, and if you want to get ideas for deep questions to ask a girl, check this article out: 100 Deep, Personal Questions to Ask a Girl to Create a Deep Connection

53. She doesn’t eat much

If a girl isn’t eating much on the date (you should be eating light foods on a first date anyways), assuming she doesn’t have any eating disorders, it’s a good sign because that’s how girls try appearing petite, cute and feminine. 

I will add this is may also be a sign that she’ll want to have sex later because no girl wants to have sex on a full stomach and she’s preparing for that.

54. She emotionally reacts to what you’ve said

The opposite of a girl ignoring you, is a girl who is emotionally reacting to what you’re saying. There are plenty of known signs for this, but here’s my favorite: her eyes drift as if you’ve said something that has touched on something deeply personal.

55. She ‘shit tests’ you

Without getting too technical, shit tests is a term used to describe the tests a girl runs on a guy by throwing verbal shit at him to tell if he’s truly a high value male by the way he confidently (or lack thereof) reacts to them.

Here are some examples: 

  1. If she tells you that you’re a jerk, instead of trying to prove to her that you care about her, just agree and say “yep.”
  2. If she tells you that you’re too sweet, instead of accepting it as a compliment, tell her: “No, I’m f*cking cute.”
  3. If she tells you that you have nothing in common, instead of trying to prove to her that you do in fact have something in common, just chuckle, roll your eyes and get her phone number.
  4. If she asks you to take a picture of her, instead of being Mr. Nice Guy and taking her photo, ask her if you look like a photographer. Alternatively, take a selfie while she thinks you’ve taken a picture of her
  5. If she asks you to hold her purse, just respond with “say please” so that she falls into your frame before you do her any favors 

Now that you have an idea of what shit tests are and how to respond, how is getting shit tests a sign that a girl likes you? Well as mentioned, girls only use shit tests to ‘test’ if a guy is authentically high value, but if she didn’t feel any desire for you, why would she even care to test you? 

56. She tries to impress you with stories

Girls do this, but now that I’ve had a second chance to think about this, I believe guys brag with personal stories far more than girls.

Girl trying to impress a guy with her cool signs because she likes him

57. She tries to impress you with her intellect 

Nerdy girls do this all the time, I mean, it’s usually all they have (unless she’s the nerdy girl with massive boobs). Nevertheless, if you see a girl trying to impress you with her intellect, it’s because she wants you.

We’re still in the early dating stage so you can’t expect to see more than ‘accidental’ touches, but the good news is that they happen a whole lot more than you’ve been led to believe. Just take a look at this list of ways accidental touches can happen:

  1. She’ll be trying to feel your muscles while getting you to talk about your workout schedule (if you’re not lifting weights yet, get on it: The 9 Biological Reasons Why Girls Like Muscles
  2. On a cold day she’ll ‘need’ to hold your hand and get close
  3. She’ll mention that your back is super tight and then give you a sensual back massage
  4. She’ll ask you to apply skin lotion/ sunscreen where she can’t reach
  5. The classic accidental bump into you technique (it’ll start with her arms and elbows, but she’ll make it more sexual when she starts to brush you with her boobs, thighs and ass)
  6. When she is sitting next to you her leg accidental touches yours
  7. She will play with your hair because it’s so “cool” and she’s never seen such __ hairstyle
  8. You’ll be watching a movie together and she will put her legs on your lap because it’s “fun” and “more comfortable”
  9. She will push her boobs against you while giving you a “normal” hug
  10. She shuffled/repositioned herself regularly while sitting next to you, "accidentally” touching you each time
  11. She constantly reaches for things by leaning her body over you and touching you in the process
  12. She won’t stop touching your arm because ‘you’re tattoo is too cool’
  13. She plays with your necklace/bracelet as a excuse to touch you

In all of these examples, she won’t overtly sexually touch you (even though she wants to) because she’s still worried you may still reject you, but don’t worry no because once you create a deeper emotional connection, you’ll start seeing her seducing you with her magical touch (examples of this later).

58. Flashes her boobs

At this stage you won’t see anything more than the oops technique, that is, “No Einstein theories here, all you do is lean down for whatever reason - cleaning, dropping something, etc - and let him catch a glimpse of your boobs.”

This is a very basic seduction technique and it’s usually the first thing girls will turn to when you’re not showing enough affection.

59. She grooms herself 

The technical term for this is preening, which means in our context, that the girl is grooming herself so that she seems more attractive to you. Examples of this include:

  1. She pushes her chest forward to make her boobs seem bigger
  2. Show her legs in a way make them to make them seem longer and thinner
  3. Play with her hair to make it seem longer
  4. Brush her dress to make it seem cleaner
  5. Tuck in her shirt to make herself seem slimmer
  6. Straighten her shirt/dress
  7. Playing with her lips to fix up her lipstick

Preening is basically a girl's way of saying “Look, I am making myself beautiful for you!” [1, 2]

If a girl grooms herself in front of you

60. The date went horrible, but she’s happy

You planned to take her out to watch Cinderella, but your car broke down on the way there. You eventually get there, but you got the dates wrong and the theatre is closed so you decide to get something to eat, but you forgot your wallet at home. 

The date went horrible, but she’s still happy. Why? It’s because she’s in love with you and cherishes each moment she gets to spend with you. Girls who only want you for your money will leave you the moment things go wrong. 

if a girl is happy with you even if the date went bad, she likes you

61. She uses the Classical Flirting Technique

In this next section you’ll learn to tell the signs that a girl is flirting (How To Tell If a GIRL Is Flirting with YOU) which is important because this level of investment signals a whole new level of interest. She is no longer content with just talking to you or going out together, she wants you!

Let’s start with the Classical Flirting Technique… What is it?

  1. She makes initial eye contact
  2. She them blushes and out of embarrassment looks down
  3. She then looks back up with her chin still downwards 
  4. You notice she’s trying to hide her smile, but her eyes can’t hide it
  5. (You may also notice her playing with her lips)
  6. You get the feeling that she knows that you know that she knows…
an overkill example of a girl flirting

There are many variations to this classical technique, so don’t worry if it’s not exactly as described. If you ever want to double check or get a deeper understanding to any of the following techniques, read my flirting article written for women: 43 Exclusive Methods To Flirt With a Guy In Any Situation [& Countless Examples]

62. She’s flirting with her hair

Look out for any of the following examples:

  1. She tosses her hair, but looks in your direction to watch your reaction
  2. She twirls her hair with both of her hands
  3. She leans down right in front of her so that all her hair falls down over her, but then snaps back up so that her hair flies up and falls back to her shoulders
  4. She gets you to smell her hair right after she’s taken a shower and put on some sweet, seductive perfume
  5. She keep ‘fixing’ her hair by putting it in a ponytail over and over again ‘because it’s never right’

And in case you didn’t know, girls DO know that guys like long, shiny hair and they also know how to instinctively use it when they like a guy.

flirting with her hair like this is also a sign that a girl likes you

63. She’s flirting with her lips 

There are so many ways for a girl to steal your attention with her lips, and the worst part about it is that most girls do it naturally so there isn’t much you can do to escape! 

  1. Biting her lower lip
  2. Playing with her straw in a seductive way
  3. Puts on lip gloss (adds a glossy finish)
  4. Puts on red lipstick (it’s been proven over several studies that men find red lips more attraction)

For other sneaky techniques women will use to grab your attention, read: 24 Subtle Techniques To Get Any Guy To Notice You & 5 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid

flirting with her lips is also a sign that she wants you

64. She’s flirting with her shoulders

She may do this on a date, but I’ve noticed girls who I’ve known for a while do this when they want me to ask them out on a date… and don’t worry, I ask them out!

  1. She wears any dress that leaves her shoulders bear (or one of her shoulders)
  2. She caress her shoulder as if to bring your attention to it
  3. She keeps her shoulder faced towards you
  4. She wears a long necklace and place with it by her shoulder

If this sounds like something you’ve been seeing lately, read my guide to women on this exact topic: 17 Subtle Ways To Get A Guy To Ask You Out & 5 Things You Must Never Try 

Example of a girl flirting with her shoulders to a guy she likes

65. She’s flirting with her hands

Another great hidden sign that girls likes you, is that you notice how girls seems to flirt with their hands around you, for example:

  1. She uses her hands to play with her lips
  2. She deliberately exposes her wrists 
  3. She gets her nails done right before your date
  4. She wears lots of jewelry on her hands
  5. She dangles her hand by wrestling her wrist on her other hand
  6. She loves to hold your hand (even if you’re not walking together)

You’ll see these quite often because they don’t require much effort and at any time she can act like she didn’t mean to do anything.

66. She’s flirting with her legs and feet

As we’ve mentioned before, the following examples only count if you notice she gets it done right before she’s about to spend time with you. If she’s doing all this everywhere, it’s not a sign that wants you.

  1. Wears high heels
  2. Wears any footwear that shows off her feet/toes
  3. Gets a pedicure
  4. She wiggles her toes around while looking at you with a smirk (If she’s flirting with you like this, you can be pretty damn sure that you are not in the friend zone.)
  5. She legs her legs dangle back and forth
  6. She wears ‘feet jewelry’ (toe rights, anklets, etc.)

This picture is a good example:

If a girl uses her feet to get your attention, it's because she loves you

67. She lets you lean in

This next section is about kissing which cannot be left out because it signifies a leap in her feelings for you. As an example, some girls (especially shy girls) will talk to you for weeks and even hang out, but won’t let the relationship get romantic with a little kiss because they want to keep you in the friend zone as a backup option. However, once you learn the signs that the girl wants to kiss you and you do kiss, you can be sure she wants you.

The first sign we’ll start with is that she lets you lean in closer

Leaning in is literally what you do before you kiss, so if she lets you get that close, she probably wants a kiss too.

if a girl really likes you, she'll kiss you passionately

68. She’s looking at your lips

If she just looks at your lips plainly, it doesn’t prove much. If, however, you notice that she’s looking at your lips with lust, maybe she’s also biting her lips, you can be pretty sure she wants to make out with you. Again, for more details, read: 13 Signs [With 53 Examples] to Tell if a Girl Wants to Kiss You 

69. She hangs around to be with you

In my experience, girls who really liked me would try to get time alone with me by hanging out after events finished and in some cases, girls did it to get me to kiss them:

  1. You’re on a date with this stunning girl and you know it’s time to go. The conversation is getting boring, but she doesn’t want to leave.
  2. You’re heading back home, but she won’t stop talking to you right outside your door
  3. Hanging out in the car even after we’re right in front of her house
  4. Wants me to stay with her after I’ve dropped her off at the bus stop
  5. Hangs around the classroom even after class is over
  6. Takes me through darker alleys where no one would ever know if I fucked her right there on the spot
  7. Constantly trying to invite me back to her house to feed her fish, show me family photos, etc. 
  8. Wants to take me out on a hike all alone

Admittedly, this is quite rare and usually the guy needs to work to get the girl alone, but hey, if a girl does it for you, go and get it!

70. She gets you to play with her hair

If she’s encouraging any type of physical touch before the kiss, it’s because she’s crazy about you and wants you to kiss you already. Here’s how most girls will get you to touch their hair:

  1. She’ll ask what you think of her hair, making you touch it before you give your opinion
  2. You’ll be sitting down on the couch with her and she’ll put your hand in her hair
  3. You’ll find her constantly placing her head in your arms almost forcing you to caress her hair
  4. She’ll ask you to smell her perfume, but in a way where you need to put your nose right on her head!

I’ll add that when she does this, go right with it and make sure to stroke her hair, look her in the eyes, then kiss her. 

71. Playing with her lips

Biting, licking, etc. are all ways girls will play with their lips to get you to kiss them, even if it’s done at an unconscious level. 

different ways a girl will play with her lips to get the attention of a guy she loves

Notice, however, that there are several notable exceptions to this sign:

  1. Her lips are dry
  2. She just ate some super spicy food 
  3. She has food all around her mouth and she’s “cleaning up”
  4. She’s been licking her lips constantly even before she got to know you
  5. You notice she does it constantly as a nervous tick

So, as usual, be socially aware and make your decision from there. 

72. You feel sexual tension

You’re only on your first date, so there’s only so much sexual tension you’ll feel, but nevertheless, if you feel any of the following feelings, you know she has romantic feelings for you:

  1. You feel literal tension in your body (not stressful, but in a “held back” way because you want her so badly)
  2. You are in a daydreaming like state
  3. The conversation turns a little awkward and you’re feeling romantic
  4. Your heart skips a beat
  5. You start to sweat a little
  6. You just “feel” really close
  7. You can’t help but smile and flirt with each other
  8. You find yourselves asking deep questions to each other
  9. You feel like you want to talk with each over forever 

And what’s the best way to release that sexual tension? Kissing! 

girls create sexual tension which ends up with kissing around a guy they like

73. She dresses up to seduce you

Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t have to wait till the moment she’s in your bed to tell if she wants to get in your pants. Many girls actually know from the first date if they’ll f*ck you. But how can you know on the first date if she wants it bad? Simple: how did she dress up for the date:

  1. She’s wearing plain, unattractive clothing, she’s not yet DTF (Down To F*ck) and you got more work
  2. She’s wearing a suggestive, alluring dress with plenty of jewelry, she’s DTF and you’ll encounter minimal resistance 
a girl showing up to a date like this is a sign she wants you now

Here are some examples of a girl dressing to seduce you:

  1. Sundress (the ones that really grab your attention, pictures below)
  2. A V-neck or low cut to show off her cleavage 
  3. Wearing tight yoga pants to show off her butt (interesting read for guys: How to seduce a man: 19 techniques [with examples]
  4. Girls wearing the type of clothing that they know you like (you told her earlier)
  5. A strapless neckline
  6. Flannel shirt with a tank top
  7. Has red hot lipstick on

In dates, here some examples of what you’re most likely to see:

Example 1: Pink abstract print slinky cross halterneck detail bodycon dress:

examples of ways girls will dress for you if they love you

Example 2: Pretty sundress

examples of ways girls will dress for you if they love you

Example 3: Another pretty sundress

examples of ways girls will dress for you if they love you

Example 4: Button Tank Top

examples of ways girls will dress for you if they love you

Example 5: Flannel Shirt with Tank Top

examples of ways girls will dress for you if they love you

To be clear, when a girl dresses to seduce it’s because she wants to seduce you. No question. But what’s not clear is WHY. WHY is she trying to seduce you? Is it because she wants your money or is it because she adores you and wants all of your attention. Never let your guard down.

74. She talks about sex 

It’s common knowledge that you can talk about sex during your date to briefly ‘spike’ up the conversation, but if a girl brings up any of sex-related following topics, you know she’s ready for sex:

  1. Sex toys
  2. Favorite sex positions
  3. Craziest places you’ve had sex
  4. Does she like having sex in risky places where you may get caught?
  5. Talking about past sexual experiences 
  6. Talking about past crushes she had on girls
  7. Talking about what loves most in sex

If this happens, you are seriously lucky. What you do is be non-judgemental and sexually escalate fast because she’s horny now and who knows when this golden opportunity will pass. 

75. She seduces you with her boobs

As I teach girls about seducing guys, there are many ways a girl can seduce a guy with her boobs, beyond just taking her bra off. The following are some covert techniques to look out for:

  1. She moves into positions (standing or sitting) that gives you an excellent view of her breasts, ass, legs
  2. “The playful boobs technique” - She starts to play with her boobs by moving around, jumping, adjusting her bra, pressing them together
  3. “The boob hug technique” - She gives you a big hug, but gives you a nice feeling of pressing her boobs against you
example of a girl seducing a guy with her boobs because she craves him

76. She looks at your dick

If she looks at your dick - not because you decided to strip in the coffee shop - with lust (looking back and forth, back and forth), you know she’s ready when you are. 

77. Asks you about logistics

Usually it’s the guys job to ask about the girls logistics:

  1. Where she lives
  2. How much time does she have until she must get back for work
  3. Asking her if she lives alone (if your place isn’t available for whatever reason)

If she’s asking you these questions, it means she’s trying to set up the lay!

78. Makes constant excuses to be alone with you

The vast majority of the time, guys need to come up with reasons to take the girl home (AKA plausible deniability - “you need to see my trip to europe pictures”), but this time, because she’s so desperate for you, she’s trying to get you alone. 

Here’s some examples of what girls say:

  1. "The Friend Fadeaway." You go out on a group outing with her and friends. They gradually leave until you're alone with the girl, maybe even her house or room. (Variation: you show up thinking it's a group outing or a party, but she's the only one there.)
  2. She stays behind even when the party’s over to “help clean up”
  3. She wants to hang out with you around her place because it’s too loud at the club
  4. Once the party at her place is over, she'll come with some excuse that you're too drunk, your home is too far, weather is too bad for you to drive home now, and she insists you sleep over.
  5. If she's dropping people off after a party, night out, event, etc. she drops off everyone first and you last, even passing by your home to do it. To get you alone.
  6. She "misses" the last train, bus, etc. so she can sleep over. Or makes excuses not to leave your car.
  7. She brings up sleeping arrangements. She doesn't want you to sleep on the couch (or floor), and insists you share a bed with her.
  8. She wants to feed your fish at your place
  9. She tells you that there’s a real cool area in town, where it’s secluded, that you need to see
  10. Wants to take me out on a hike all alone

Remember, girls aren’t as pure as you’ve been led to believe. As long as you’re hot enough, she’ll have sex anywhere. So if she’s got you alone on the roof, go for it! She’s inviting you.

79. She gets in the taxi to your place

When you tell a girl that she needs to come back to your place to feed the goldfish, she knows what’s up. You’re not tricking any girl. When she gets into the taxi with you, you know she wants have sex with you. 

80. She tells you that you’re not gonna have sex

The next way to tell if a girl wants to sleep with you is if she tells you that you’re not gonna have sex…. WHAT?! If she tells you no, how can that mean yes?!

Think of it this way: you never said anything about sex and all of the sudden, she starts telling you - before she walks into your apartment - that she doesn’t want to have sex… why is she telling you that now? 

It’s because she doesn’t want to appear as a sl*t by having easy sex (AKA Anti-Sl*t Defense), so she puts up a little resistance. This is to be expected and overcome with understanding. This is not to be confused with the Hard No, where she really means NO. Use basic social awareness to differentiate the two.

81. Invites you to her house

If you head back 4 signs where the girl was asking about your logistics, well what happens if she finds out your place isn’t available? That’s where this sign comes into play: she outright invites you to her place. 

Now, obviously she won’t outright ask you for sex at her place. Alas women are not that easy. So be aware and sniff out the excuses girls make to bring you back to their place…. And make sure to bring a condom or two.

82. Her house is prepared for you

If you do in fact make it back to her place and it’s looks like she set up her place to have sex for hours… you know she prepared for you!

  1. Romantic music is playing
  2. The lights are dimmed
  3. She pulled the shades closed
  4. Etc.

83. Excuses to come over

Third option: you’re chilling at your place Monday evening and you get a text from your girl telling you that she has to come over because of some BS excuse (examples below). This is what we call a Reverse Booty Call and in case you lack basic social awareness, this is your time to be bold. 

  1. She tells you that she forgot something at your place and needs to come back to get (even though you know she doesn’t need it now)
  2. She needs to do laundry at your house 
  3. She really wants to see your childhood photos
  4. She needs to change before heading back home or else he parents are gonna kill her
  5. She needs to borrow something totally unnecessary
  6. She tells you that she missed her bus so she needs to sleep over

If this happens, do not pounce on her the moment she walks through the door. In fact, chill completely out for a couple minutes, let her do whatever she meant to do, then escalate. 

84. She implies that the current circumstances are ideal for sex

Now you’re at your place and you’re still for whatever reason still unsure if she’s DTF, well here’s another sign to look out for: she implies that the current circumstances are ideal for sex. 


  1. Tells you how no one else is around: "We're the only ones here." "We could fool around no one would know. "No one can hear us with these walls." 
  2. Compliments you on your bed "This bed is really comfortable, you know." 
  3. Tells you that she’s on birth control
  4. Tell you that she’s not wearing panties
  5. Tells you that she’s got condoms in the drawer

Those aren't random facts she just brought up. She’s telling you that now’s the time, no matter where you find yourselves. 

85. She’s only wearing a towel

You came back from an adventure date and she’s all sweaty so she goes to take a shower, but once she’s done she’s in no rush to get back into her clothing. She’s just laying on the sofa with a towel on… 

If she stays around you only wearing a towel, it's because she want you desperately

86. She changes clothing in front of you

There are a couple different ways that girls will seductively change in front of you, but continuing with what we just said: she may just get out of the shower and change right where you are watching you lose your mind.

Other possible scenarios:

  1. She says she needs to get ready for going and and changes in front of you ‘without realizing it’
  2. She changes while going clothing shopping with you (don’t be afraid to find a hidden spot somewhere in the vicinity and f*ck her there)
  3. She tells you that it’s too hot and that she needs to change her clothing

Bottom line: anytime a girl uses an opportunity to seduce you with her body, it’s because she wants you to make the bold me and get inside her.

girl changing and getting dressed is a great sign that she wants to have sex now

87. She gets you to touch her

At the beginning of this article we talked about girls allowing small touching during the initial approach. Then during the date we talked about girls making excuses to touch you. Now we’re at the last step, where in some cases, girls will get you to touch them! 

Here’s what to look for:

  1. Her back is killing and she ‘needs’ a massage while she’s barely wearing a bikini
  2. She needs to you to rub in some cream where she can’t reach
  3. She wants you to caress her arm to feel her newest cream
  4. She tells you that you need a massage because you’re too stressed and goes ahead to massage you
  5. She teases you that you’re leg muscles are small while rubbing up and down your thigh 
  6. She sexually teases you by rubbing her foot up and down your thigh while you’re sitting across from each other at the table
  7. She leans her head on your shoulders
  8. She tickles you
  9. She places her hand on your lap expecting you to caress her soft arm/hand
  10. She plays with your fingers
  11. She tries to hold your hand instead you trying to hold her hand for the first time
  12. She plays with your beard
  13. She plays with your watch/ bracelet and runs it up and down your arm
  14. She tries to clean you up after a good lunch by running a napkin over your mouth
  15. She always wants to sit on your lap
  16. She always has a secret that she needs to whisper “in” your ear, but it feels more like an ear kiss!

These are all very bold moves and girls rarely ever do them, but if in fact a girl does do this for you, make sure she doesn’t leave before you get inside her. 

88. She’s cuddling with you

At this point, you’re chilling with each other on your bed and for whatever reason, you’re still unsure if she really likes you and wants to have sex. Well, here’s another positive sign for you: she’s cuddling with you. This is not because she wants to sleep next to a cool guy, it’s because she wants to sleep with a cool guy! Take the hint!

89. She shows off her body

When a girl shows off her body, it’s past “dressing to impress” or “dressing to seduce,” it’s dressing to have sex. She’s not leaving any room for doubt.

Here are some examples:

  1. She’s wearing a big sweater/ shirt with nothing else on besides her panties
  2. She is wearing your clothing (especially your big shirt and nothing else!)
  3. Mini skirt and leggings (for the love of God, read: 25 Exclusive Ways To Turn On A Guy And Make Him Horny
  4. Walking around without a bra, only an oversized T-shirt
  5. Taking off clothing because “you need to see her tattoo”
  6. Taking off her T-shirt because it’s just “too hot inside”
example of how girls seduce a guy they like


example of how girls seduce a guy they like

90. She puts her legs over you

If a girl puts her legs over, she wants you to make a move. No question. Just do it.

91. She’s OK with you pressing your leg on her crotch 

One of the last things you do to escalate before pulling out your dick is pressing your leg on her crotch when she spreads her legs. So if a girl lets you do that, you know she’s ready to have sex right now. 

92. She puts her hand on your dick over your jeans

After your girl lets you press your leg on her crotch, but before you have sex, you want to further escalate by putting her hand on your dick over your jeans and watching how she reacts you. 

If she’s moaning and loving every moment, go for it. 

If she seems uncomfortable, back off, make out more, then try again. You're dealing with last minute resistance and that’s normal.

93. She doesn’t care if you don’t use a condom

After you pull your dick out, most girls will ask if you have a condom. If this girl doesn’t, it’s the number one sign that she wants to get pregnant from your seed. Of course, this doesn’t apply if she’s on birth control. 

94. She wears new outfits for you

You’ve had sex, but you she hasn’t become your girlfriend yet. So what are some signs that she’s not content with a one-night stand and wants a relationship? Let’s get started with this last section… starting with: She wears new outfits for you.

Girls instinctively know that guys get bored of the same look. Guys crave new, sexy looks. So if she’s spending time each day, buying new dresses, trying new makeup, etc. you know she’s doing it for you and wants a relationship.

95. She mentions that her friends/ family think of you as a couple

Exactly what it sounds like:

  1. These guys think we're dating
  2. My friend said we would be cute together
  3. My mom told me I should bring home a guy like you
  4. My friends think we would make a cute couple
  5. My Mom asked if you're my boyfriend yet 'cuz we hang out together so much

96. She talks badly about other girls you’ve dated

When a girl talks badly about another girl you’ve dated in the past, it’s her way of mate guarding. It’s her way of disqualifying any other girl besides her, and it’s the clearest sign, while being negative, that she wants to be exclusive. 

97. She tries to make you jealous

This is another sign she wants to be exclusive, this problem is that making your partner only works on girls, not on guys. Girls get turned on when feeling jealous, guys get turned off. So yes, another negative sign, but a sign nonetheless. For more details, read 17 steps to seduce, manipulate and control girls 

98. Her friends stare at you

When your girl’s friends are staring at you, as long as it’s not a negative look, it probably means that they are evaluating you for their friend to see if you’re quality boyfriend material. 

99. ‘Friendly Inquisition’

Friendly Inquisition is a term used to describe a scenario where your girl’s friends ask you personal questions to report back to your girl so that they can evaluate you as a possible boyfriend. 

It’s borderline creepy, but if she ends up being your girlfriend, who cares?

100. She likes all your social media

If you’ve just had sex and you don’t appear too interested in a relationship, some girls may try getting your attention through social media.

101. She remembers things you tell her

She remembers everything about you and tries to make you happy: Your jokes, your quirks, your preferences, etc. All of it.

102. She starts to enjoy doing your hobbies

You like biking, she suddenly likes biking.

You like woodworking, she suddenly likes woodworking.

You like working out, she suddenly likes working out. 

It’s her subconscious technique of spending more time with you. 

103. She’s happy to see you

You can see the spark in her eyes every time she greets you. 

104. She touches herself seductively 

No, not like that, you naughty bastard! Here’s what I mean: she caresses herself while knowing she has your attention and shows you how much she’s enjoying herself. 

  1. She touching her neck
  2. She caresses her arms delicately
  3. She plays and licks her lips
  4. She rubs her thighs
  5. She plays with her hair
  6. She caresses her fingers

See, a girl puts in the most effort to seduce you and keep you happy right before she secures you and gets you to commit. Once a girl has you tied down as a boyfriend or marriage, she isn’t worried about working hard to keep you around. Right now, you’re in that pre-commitment phase and that’s why she’s touching herself seductively to arouse you. 

105. She ignores all other guys around you

Think of it this way: the biggest sign that a girl wants to break up with you is that she’s checking out other guys in front of you. So if she does the opposite - she ignores all other guys around you - she obviously wants you and only you!

106. She drops everything when you walk in

You get to her place without telling her and she seems knee deep in work, but the moment she sees you, she drops everything and greets you with a big smile!

107. She asks you for help

When a girl asks you for help, it can mean two things:

  1. It’s her excuse to get with you because she likes you but is hiding it
  2. It’s her way to get free validation and use you like a donkey

But how can you tell the crucial difference? Here are some general rules:

  1. She’s not asking you for something big which would make you seem like a simp for helping her (moving all her shit across town to her new apartment = using you like a donkey)
  2. She’s not asking you to make her seem more attractive to others (asking you to take pictures for her Instagram = using you for validation)
  3. She immediately pivots to try to create a conversation where you can tell getting __ done isn’t important to her, you are!
  4. She asks you something contextual (you’re at the library and she asks you where __ book is)
  5. She uses it to sneak in a little compliment which doesn’t sound fake (although it doesn’t need to be original, something you’ve never heard before)
  6. She’s over the top grateful with your help, but not in that fake flattery way

That being said, here are some concrete example of where a girl is asking you for help in a way that shows her interest in you:

  1. Asking you what’s the right food to buy for her recipe 
  2. Asking you to lift something that’s just a tad too heavy for her
  3. Asking you help with something small on her computer, i.e. how to change a heading in Microsoft Word
  4. Asks you for the best books in __ niche 
  5. She’s never to be too __ event before and wants someone to go with her for the first time
  6. Asks you small questions about school/ college work
  7. Asks you for your opinion on how she looks
  8. She asks for directions on the college campus 

Before you get all excited because she asked to borrow your stapler doesn’t mean you’re getting laid tonight, it just means she wants to talk and you’ve got a foot in the door.

108. She starts to keep stuff at your place

The first reliable sign that a girl wants to move in with you is that she starts to keep small things at your place: cosmetics, toys, etc. Nothing too big. 

If you allow this to continue (and you should if you see her as a long term GF material), she’ll eventually move in fully. 

109. She wants you to meet her friends and family

Girls will only introduce you to their family if they see you as long term relationship material. It’s a girl’s way of cementing you in. If she sees you as the adventurous alpha, you’ll never see any of this. This is strictly a sign that she wants to be your girlfriend.

110. She wants to have The Talk with you

“The Talk” is where a girl (or a guy) asks her boyfriend “where we’re at,” i.e. are they an official couple or is this gonna last for a couple months then fizzle out. 

If a girl wants to have The Talk with you, it’s not because she’s curious, it’s because she wants you to stay and be her man. And of course, be honest with her, no point in lying. 

111. She acts like your girlfriend in public

As we’ve previously discussed in 55 Tried-and-True Steps to Get a Girlfriend at Middle, High School and College, there are ways you behave with your girlfriend in public. But here, because she’s dying to be your official girlfriend, she’s the one acting like your girlfriend in public! Take the following as some concrete examples:

  1. She’s holds your hand (now you never need to learn how to hold a girl’s hand)
  2. She teases you in public (we'll talk about play fighting and teasing soon)
  3. She kisses you in public 
  4. She hugs you in public (even on the bus)
  5. She holds you by your hips while looking up and talking to you with puppy eyes
  6. She tells you that she loves you in public 
  7. She acts like your girlfriend on social media (same as everyone can see it)

You can learn more about this by searching for “Public display of affection” (PDA) in google and reading the relevant articles. [3]

112. She shares everything about her life

Before you had sex, she may have shown some vulnerability, but now that she wants to make you her boyfriend, she won’t hold anything back. You’ll hear everything about her life. 

Listen. It’s her way of connecting with her. 

113. She shows her weird side to you

Even the hottest models, the ones you think are just perfect, have a weird quirky side to them. When a girl really loves you, she’ll share that weirdness with you voluntarily. 

114. She has a nickname for you

Read What do girls like to be called: 71 things to call a girl, girls love to get a personal nickname from you, but what’s better if she comes up with a nickname for you. 

Oh and if she settles on Daddy, don’t complain! It may feel weird, but it’s her way of communicating that you’re her only source of love, affection and masculine domination.

115. She talks about how much you have in common

The more she can convince you that you share a lot in common, the easier it’ll be to get you into a serious relationship with her. Simple logic. [4, 5]

116. She talks about her past interests in you

This is another one of those signs that girls use to show interest, but end up having the opposite effect: she tells you how much she used to have a crush on you. You take it as a sign that she no longer likes you, she meant to say that she still has a crush on you and that now's the time to ask her out. Oh well. 

117. She complains about things to you

Everyone knows that when a girl is in a bratty, negative mood, the best thing to do is take her hint and leave her alone (without trying to solve her problems).

But where guys get confused is where she randomly complains about small annoyances to you - not because she’s in a bad mood - but because she has no other way of starting a conversation with you. This latter example is a great sign! 

118. Talks to you all the time

If a girl finds a way to talk to you all the time (besides just complaining about stuff), you know she has a serious crush on you, like wanting to be with you forever. Here’s what I mean:

  1. Sends you good morning and good night texts every day (mentioned previously)
  2. She calls you all the time, but doesn’t have much to talk about
  3. She starts conversations with the worst openers, like asking “how you doin’” for the 20th time
  4. She loves asking you about your opinions on stuff you know she doesn’t care about just to talk to you (I used to do this with my dad)
  5. She "borrows" things (she doesn't need) to make up a reason to talk to you
  6. Asks about your goals in life
  7. Asks you about college/ homework

And lastly, she gives you random compliments even when you’re busy just to start up a conversation… leading us right into the next sign:

119. She gives you compliments

Guys give girls compliments all the time, it’s how guys open girls. But when a girl gives a guy a compliment, it usually only comes at a very special occasion and I can bet you he’ll never forget for as long as he lives!

girls only give compliments to guys they really like

So that being said, you can’t expect much, but if you get any of the following you’ll at least know she’s trying to compliment you:

  1. She tries to seem impressed when you accomplish something big
  2. She’ll tell you how confidently you handled a situation
  3. She’ll constantly feel your muscles and challenge you to tackle her

And by the way, when she compliments you, no need to be weird about it. Say thanks and move on. 

120. She asks you for your opinion on her outfit and qualifies 

Previously mentioned this sign earlier: she asks you for your opinion about the dress she’s thinking of buying, but once you tell her what she likes, she then chooses something that matches your preferences even more, i.e. qualifying herself to you.

121. She annoys you

Unlike guys, girls don’t need to learn any “pickup skills” or any seduction techniques to get the average guy’s attention. This, however, leads most women into a situation where they don’t know how to get a hot guy's attention where their basic tactics aren’t good enough.

So what do women do when they get into a situation like this? How do they get their man’s attention? They annoy him. It’s their way of teasing, except they’ve never learnt how to tease flirtatiously. 

So getting back to our topic: if a girl annoys you with small things, it can mean that she really likes you and doesn’t know how else to get your attention.

122. She play fights with you

Past just annoying you, play fighting is mostly how girls tease guys. Here’s some examples:

  1. The classic pillow fight
  2. She "steals" something from you and tries to get you to run after her
  3. She grab something small out of your hands and slips in down her shirt
  4. She tries to tickle you
  5. She tries to tackle you even though she knows your stronger
  6. She lays on top of you to make it really hard for you to get up
  7. She pushes you into the swimming pool
  8. She sprays you with water
  9. She teasingly pushes you away when you poke fun of her
  10. She kicks you in the butts, hoping that you’ll spank her back

For the full list you can read 24 Subtle Techniques To Get Any Guy To Notice You & 5 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid, but the point still stands: she’s playing with you because she’s not content with a quick hookup, she wants your attention, she wants a relationship. [6, 7]

123. Random hugs 

I wouldn’t specifically say hugs, but any random affection is a good sign too. Related: 14 Examples & Steps to Hug a Girl [With Pictures] 

surprise hugs are a solid sign she wants to be your girlfriend forever

124. She takes care of you

If a girl starts taking care of you religiously, the same way a good wife would, you got a solid sign that she wants you to propose:

  1. She cooks your food (and doesn't burn it!)
  2. Does your laundry without you asking [8]
  3. She fixes your clothing and makes sure you look good before you head out
  4. If you ever get sick or end up in the hospital, she spends all day with you making sure your every need is met. 
put all of these signs together and you'll end up with a girl who wants to marry you!

There you have my complete list of signs that a girl likes you. 

Liked it? Share on social media! Have your own signs? Share them in the comments!


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