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Muscles are like boobs, the bigger the better.


Don’t believe me? Ask your mom.

OK, don’t do that!

But for now, let’s get into the reasons why muscles attract females and what you can do to radically transform your body and become the fantasy of any girl.

Muscular guys like this are more attractive to women

1. Muscles are a sign you’ll create survivable children

Here’s a revealing study - which you really don’t want to miss - that we’ll be revisiting throughout this post:

Cues of Upper Body Strength Account for Most of The Variance in Men's Bodily Attractiveness:

This recurrent pattern has led to two selection pressures highly active on mammalian females:
(i) securing a mate with good genetic quality so as to package your own genes with those that will enhance the survival and reproduction of your offspring, and
(ii) securing a mate who is able and willing to provide investment to you and your offspring

Pay close attention to “(i) securing a mate with good genetic quality so as to package your own genes with those that will enhance the survival and reproduction of your offspring”.

So in our case, by being ripped, you’re showing women that you have good genetic quality that will enhance the survival and reproduction of your offspring.

And in practice, when a girl sees your ripped, alpha-male body, her reptilian mind will get her super horny in order that you make strong, survivable babies with her.

2. Muscles are a sign you’re a capable provider

Now let’s move onto the second factor (mentioned in the study) that girls take into account when selecting a mate:

(ii) securing a mate who is able and willing to provide investment to you and your offspring

In other words, a girl must feel at an emotional level that you are capable of providing for her children while she’s busy nurturing them. 

Bigger muscles = Higher ability to provide for the children.

However, as I point out in my article titled What Do Women Want: 17 Things Girls Like, there are other factors that make a man seem like an attractive, capable provider, such as:

  1. 1
    Fixing stuff i.e. being a plumber, electrician, fixing a bike, etc.
  2. 2
    Running a business i.e. taking action on starting an online business (6 week online course)
  3. 3
    Building stuff i.e. woodworking (online course), building a cabin, furniture, wooden bench, etc.

And because girls are sexually attracted to men capable of providing, girls love watching guys working out and fixing stuff as explained in this video by Coach Red Pill on YouTube:

It’s also worth mentioning that this factor is more common in women 30+ years old as their reptilian brain isn’t looking to have children, it’s simply looking for security for her current offspring.


3. Muscles are a sign you’re a capable protector 

Continuing with the second factor that women look for when searching for a mate - securing a mate who is able and willing to provide investment to you and your offspring - it becomes clear that simply providing is not enough. 

Women also desire a man that can protect their children from any danger. 

And now everything is very clear:

More muscle =  higher ability to protect against dangers

With powerful muscles you can defend against:

  • Other dangerous men
  • Predatory animals
  • Natural disasters
  • Etc.

I hope you’re starting to see why muscles are the prime sign that you are an alpha male

Moving on!

4. Muscles make girls feel smaller and more feminine

Little intro here:

Ever wonder why girls like certain, cute nicknames such as:

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
    Baby boo
  5. 5

The reason is simple: it makes them feel feminine, cute, girly and submissive around a dominant, masculine guy like you.

Muscles have the same effect. 

When you’re a strong guy and give her a big bear hug she’ll fall into a blissful state of femininity, smallness and belonging. 

even women that go to the gym like muscular men

Of course, hugging is only an example. 

Truth is, whenever you’re kissing, having sex, cuddling or even holding hands, your muscles with also make her feel feminine.

Bottom line:

Your muscles let her feel your massiveness and her smallness which is the feeling that’s gonna get her lusting after you.

Cool side note:

This principle also explains why women also desire men with big arms, big hands and even big noses (as long as things stay in proportion). [1]

All girls feel more girly around a muscular guy

5. Muscles make you more confident 

More muscles = more confidence = more women

OK, but how does more muscles equal more confidence?

Here are some reasons:

  1. 1
    You reptilian brain will feel more relaxed as it knows you can fight off any potential enemies with your brute strength
  2. 2
    Your self-esteem will improve because you are actively improving yourself with daily workouts
  3. 3
    People will instinctively respect you more
  4. 4
    You will transform your self-image as you’ll literally look like new, muscular man who’s capable of getting hot girls
  5. 5
    Women will notice your masculine look (there’s a reason why the words masculine and muscle share the same root) especially on tinder and swipe right

Additionally, having muscles will give you things to talk about whether you just approached a girl, you’re on tinder or on your first date:

  • Talk about your journey to getting ripped
  • Talk about your daily workout schedule (make sure you sound a little cocky, girls love that!)
  • If the girl seems fit, ask her about her workout routine 
  • Talk about when you’ll make time to go on dates outside of your workout schedule (JK)
Being fit gives you a chance to have many conversation with other fit girls at the gym

6. Do girls like big butts

Oh you thought only guys like a big ass!

example of a girl with a big butt

Haha, well you thought wrong.

Girls thirst after a big butt. 

Now you know why your GF takes special interest in football games…

So what are some ways to get your butt nice and big?

Well, you have several options:

  1. 1
    Low bar back squat
  2. 2
    Bulgarian split squat
  3. 3
    Weighted step up
  4. 4
    Sumo deadlift (Go heavy!)
  5. 5
    Hip Thrust
  6. 6
    Glute back kicks

Now if that seems intense for you… that’s because it is! [2, 3]

However, I have a solution for you - especially if you’re into sports - and it’s called: The Jump Manual Course by Jacob Hiller.

What is The Jump Manual?

The Jump Manual is the culmination of 15+ years of scientific research into the most effective exercises, training sequences and techniques. Thousands of average athletes have used it to consistently increase their vertical leap.

Who’s the creator of the video course?

Jacob Hiller wasn't born a "natural" jumper. In High School he measured a 19" vertical leap at tryouts and barely made the team. Today he jumps over 40" and is one of the most sought after vertical jump specialists in the world. To date he has trained Amateur, Pro and Olympic level athletes in over 65 different countries. 
Join Coach Hiller inside The Jump Manual as he teaches you his exact training protocol for developing a 40"+ vertical leap.

Coach Jacob Hiller - Creator of The Jump Manual

So when you follow his video based program - besides for becoming an outstanding athlete - you’ll also get a powerful, impressive butt from all those simple, effective workouts.

7. Do girls like abs

All girls like abs and here’s why:

A guy with a large amount of abdominal fat signals that he has low levels of testosterone which makes girls lose attraction to him because low testosterone means low sex drive. [4]

Visible abs = more testosterone = higher sex drive = more attraction to women.

However, there’s a big difference between arm muscles and a six pack: 

The only time girls will appreciate your abs is when your shirt is off, otherwise they’ll have no idea you’re ripped… 

Here’s a perfect example of that:

So how can you get abs that girls like? 

Contrary to popular opinion, solely working out will not get you a six pack because you need to remove your abdominal fat in order for your abs to appear.

You need a low body fat percentage, preferably in the 6-17% range. Use this calculator to determine your body fat percentage:

So how do you remove your abdominal fat? 


Preferably the Keto Diet because it has many specific benefits for weight loss.

In fact, if you go to CustomKetoDiet.com you’ll get:

  1. 1
    An 8 week meal plan based on the expertise of top nutritionists 
  2. 2
    Detailed recipes for each and every day
  3. 3
    A full shopping list
  4. 4
    Plenty of options so that you eat the food you enjoy

I can’t imagine all the incredible results you’ll get if you put together this Keto diet with the Jump Manual that we talked about earlier!

8. Why do some girls like skinny guys

Girls (generally) do not like skinny guys and this scientific study called Cues of Upper Body Strength Account for Most of The Variance in Men's Bodily Attractiveness confirms this:

We could find no evidence that there exists a sizable population of women who prefer physically weaker men when evaluating male bodies.

If so, why do some girls go after skinny guys and while wondering to themselves “why the hell do I like this skinny guy”?

  1. 1
    These girls are too afraid to admit what they really desire because they want to appear “innocent” to their friends
  2. 2
    These girls have had physically abusive relationships with muscular men which left them traumatized
  3. 3
    These girls appreciate muscles, but enjoy a man’s good sense of humor and leadership skills more

However, does this mean that no “normal” girl will ever date a skinny guy? 

Of course not. 

Girls date skinny guys all the time and the reason is simple: muscles are just one of the 17 things girls like

Girls desire many things in a guy, for example:

  1. 1
    A man with a good sense of humor 
  2. 2
    A wealthy man
  3. 3
    A man with a beard (read more: Do Women and Girls Like Beards? 7 Reasons Why They Do!
  4. 4
    A high status man

This means that even a guy who looks like a twig, but has a great sense of humor and lots of confidence, won’t have a hard time getting some hot women into his bed.

And on the flip side, if a muscular guy relies solely on his looks, but is boring as hell, most girls will reject him and choose the scrawny dude that has a good sense of humor.

9. What are women’s favorite muscles

If you made me pick the top 3 muscles that women love the most, it would be:

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3

(It goes without saying that if you really want to make your body “the ultimate female fantasy” you’ll need to cover all muscle groups including: chest, back, calves, etc.)

But let’s get a little more nuanced with this: 

What body type and muscles to girls like most? Are arms more important than abs?

A girl's favorite body type is The Golden Ratio.

The Golden Ratio is 1:1.6 (waist to shoulders). For every inch your waist is, you need to build up your shoulders to be 1.6 times that.

When you’ve built up your body to fit the The Golden Ratio you will seem the most attractive to women as explained in many studies.


After reading this article, you’re probably feeling like many other guys: I can’t wait to get ripped and get laid with supermodels!

Ok, not so fast… 

I made the case that muscles make you more attractive to women, but that doesn’t mean you’ll become a giant pussy magnet. 

There are many aspects to attracting women (as mentioned) which is why there are many dating courses, including The Tao of Badass by Joshua Pellicer (my favorite), which are there to transform you as a man.

So yes, muscles help. 

Are they everything? No.

Good luck!

Colt Smith

Muscles aren’t everything and definitely don’t expect to be a woman magnet once you get big shoulders.

Think of building muscle as a big step in basic personal development.

Your friend,

Colt Smith


There is such a thing as too much muscle i.e. an enormous body builder. 

Having too much muscle can scare girls away, but I wouldn’t worry too much about that! Focus on getting a six pack first 😉


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