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July 24

Do Girls and Women like Muscles? 7 Reasons Why They Do


Do girls like muscles? Yes! And in this article you’ll learn the 7 science backed reasons why women love muscles.

But before we get started we need to answer an important question:

If girls like muscular men, what about those girls that say they prefer skinny guys? Why don’t they like well-built men?

We’ll answer this question in more detail soon, but it usually falls into one of these 3 reasons:

  1. These girls are too afraid to admit what they really desire because they want to appear feminine to their friends
  2. These girls have had physically abusive relationships with muscular men which left them traumatised
  3. These girls appreciate muscles, but enjoy a man’s good sense of humor and leadership skills more

But all girls, no matter what age, background or ethnicity, love big muscles 💪💪💪.

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1. Because muscles make you look like a provider

The first reason why girls like muscles is because it makes you look like you are capable of providing for a family. 

But why do girls even care about that?

Let me quote from a study called Cues of Upper Body Strength Account for Most of The Variance in Men’s Bodily Attractiveness:

This recurrent pattern has led to two selection pressures highly active on mammalian females:

(i) securing a mate with good genetic quality so as to package your own genes with those that will enhance the survival and reproduction of your offspring, and 

(ii) securing a mate who is able and willing to provide investment to you and your offspring

In other words, a girl must feel at an emotional level that you are capable of providing for her children while she’s busy nurturing them. 

How can she know if you can provide if you don’t have noticeable muscles? This is exactly why you need to build:

  1. Broad shoulders
  2. Strong legs 
  3. Powerful arms

However, as I point out in my article titled What Do Women Want: 17 Things Girls Like, there are other factors that make a man seem like an attractive, capable provider, such as:

  1. Fixing stuff i.e. being a plumber, electrician, fixing a bike, etc.
  2. Running a business i.e. taking action on starting an online business
  3. Building stuff i.e. building a cabin, furniture, wooden bench, etc.

By the way, because girls are sexually attracted to men capable of providing, girls love watching guys working out and fixing stuff as explained in this video by Coach Red Pill:

2. Because muscles make you look capable of being a protector

But as the study shows, girls aren’t just looking for a provider, they are also looking for a man that can protect their offspring.

And how do women know if you are capable of protecting her offspring? Answer: your big muscles.

Without your raw strength you will not be capable of:

  1. Fighting off other dangerous men 
  2. Surviving natural disasters

This is why girls like bad boys. Bad boys are aggressive, cocky and willing to stand up for themselves which are all traits of a man capable of protecting.

On the other hand, nice guys never allow themselves to be violent, aggressive or even be assertive, so how could a girl feel any attraction to guys like that? That is why most alpha males follow a workout routine everyday.

Nice guys are incapable of defending anyone including themselves!

One of the most effective workout programs available is called Mi40: Twice The Muscle in Half The Time by Ben Pakulski.

Who is Ben Pakulski?

According to Wikipedia

Benjamin “Ben” Pakulski (born March 18, 1981 in Toronto, Ontario), nicknamed the Pak-Man, is a Canadian IFBB professional bodybuilder and winner of the 2008 Mr. Canada competition. In the IFBB, he finished 2nd twice in 2008. 

He has increased his standing in the Arnold Classic competition, placing 2nd in 2013, after a 4th-place finish in 2012 and a 10th-place finish in 2011. In the 2012 Mr. Olympia contest, his first-ever, he finished 11th.

Here’s a picture of him:


Yeah, he’s ripped and he knows how to build muscle!

Here’s how Ben Pakuslki describes his workout program in his own words:

The name, MI40 – “Muscle Intelligence” is significant to this program because it is representative of the conscious INTENT, to create TENSION in the muscle, as well as the pun of overall mass creation.

The number 40, is the most important number in this program because it is the number that has the most scientific significance in MI40. 

40 is representative of the number of days in the program (40 days), the rest between sets (40 seconds), and the number of exercises used in constructing this muscle building protocol.

If you want to build that muscle that girls crave, you need Mi40: Twice The Muscle in Half The Time by Ben Pakulski.

3. Do girls and women like skinny guys

Girls do not like skinny guys and a scientific study called Cues of Upper Body Strength Account for Most of The Variance in Men’s Bodily Attractiveness confirms this:

we could find no evidence that there exists a sizable population of women who prefer physically weaker men when evaluating male bodies.

Girls sexually desire men that are capable of providing and defending. However, does this mean that no girl will ever date a skinny guy? 

Of course, not. Girls date skinny guys all the time and the reason is simple: muscles are just one of the 17 things girls like

Girls desire many things in a guy, for example:

  1. A man with a good sense of humor 
  2. A wealthy man
  3. A man with a beard (read more: Do Women and Girls Like Beards? 7 Reasons Why They Do!
  4. A high status man

So a skinny guy doesn’t have muscle, but he might have enormous wealth or have a great sense of humor which is how he attracts girls.

Surprisingly, if the muscular guy relies solely on his looks, but is boring as hell, most girls will reject him and choose to be with the scrawny dude that has a good sense of humor.

4. Because you’ll achieve a masculine look

The more muscle you have, the more masculine you are. The more masculine you are, the more attractive you are to women. 

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This masculine look will especially help you with tinder as it will give you opportunities with more women. Additionally, having muscles will help you spark conversations with girls on tinder, for example:

  1. Talk about your journey to getting ripped
  2. Talk about your daily workout schedule
  3. If the girl seems fit, ask her about her workout routine 

And make sure you sound a little cocky, girls love that!

But let’s get a little more nuanced with this: what body type and muscles to girls like most? Are arms more important than abs?

A girl’s favorite body type is The Golden Ratio.

The Golden Ratio is 1:1.6 (waist to shoulders). For every inch your waist is, you need to build up your shoulders to be 1.6 times that.

the golden ratio: how girls want muscle to look

When you’ve built up your body to fit the The Golden Ratio you will seem the most attractive to women as explained in many studies.

5. Do girls and women like ABS 

All girls like abs and here’s why:

A guy with a large amount of abdominal fat signals that he has low levels of testosterone which makes girls lose attraction to him because low testosterone means low sex drive. [1]

[bctt tweet=”Visible abs = more testosterone = higher sex drive = more attraction to women.” username=”datingarmory”]

However, there’s a big difference between arm muscles and a six pack: the only time girls will appreciate your abs is when your shirt is off, otherwise they’ll have no idea you’re ripped. 

Don’t believe me? Watch this video:

So how can you get abs that girls like? 

Contrary to popular opinion, solely working out will not get you a six pack because you need to remove your abdominal fat in order for your abs to appear.

You need a low body fat percentage, preferably in the 6-17% range. Use this calculator to determine your body fat percentage:

So how do you remove your abdominal fat? Diet! Preferably the Keto Diet because it has many benefits for weight loss.

In fact, if you go to CustomKetoDiet.com you’ll get:

  1. An 8 week meal plan based on the expertise of top nutritionists 
  2. Detailed recipes for each and every day
  3. A full shopping list
  4. Plenty of options so that you eat the food you enjoy

So go get your keto diet plan because that’s the only way to let your abs shine without training like a professional bodybuilder for years!

6. Because muscles make you more confident

You get a special type of confidence that you can only get with muscles:

  1. You’ll stop caring about what people have to say about you
  2. Men and women will start respecting you more
  3. Girls will respond to you better
  4. You’ll even feel motivated to take bigger risks in life

And the number one thing that girls look for in guys is confidence. Without confidence, you’re invisible to every girl. 

So because muscles make you feel more confident, muscles help you get women.

Side note: having a nice beard can have that same “confidence effect.” To learn more, read: Do Women and Girls Like Beards? 7 Reasons Why They Do!

7. Because muscles makes girls feel small

Every girl’s dream is to feel small around a dominant man that loves her dearly no matter what she’s doing:

  1. Hugging
  2. Cuddling 
  3. Kissing 
  4. Having sex

When you make yourself big with each of your daily workouts, your girl will get wet just feeling your “massiveness” and her “smallness.”

And because girls want to feel small, you need to to continuously exercise every one of your muscle groups:

  1. Abs (#6 Do girls and women like abs)
  2. Forearms 
  3. Legs (girls don’t like chicken legs)
  4. Big butt (yes, girls like that too!)
  5. Back muscles 
  6. Shoulder muscles 
  7. Calves 
  8. Chest 
  9. Biceps 

It takes time to see results, but when you see how women react to you, it’ll be all worth it. [1, 2]


So do women like muscles, absolutely! And why do girls like muscles? There are several reasons, but mainly because girls want a man that looks and feels masculine.

Your friend,

Colt Smith


There is such a thing as too much muscle i.e. an enormous body builder. 

Having too much muscle can scare girls away, but I wouldn’t worry too much about that! Focus on getting a six pack first 😉.


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