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Every man wants to be attractive to women, and that’s when the quest for learning what girls like about guys starts.

Most guys begin this journey because they are not getting the girls they want. Maybe it’s because they want a girlfriend, but they can’t figure out how.

I started my journey believing that I couldn’t change. I believed there was practically nothing that girls would like about me.

Maybe I would make a funny joke here and there, but generally I felt unlikable. Understandably, I had no friends during this time.

But I changed. After years of work I am a different man. 

Be hopeful. The great thing about this is that you can change and become more attractive to girls.

I highly doubt you’re ugly, but even if you are, if you have a fun, confident personality you will never lack girls. I promise. You are not stuck where you are right now.

My point is: never tell yourself that you am not a likable guy, that there is something intrinsically wrong with you. It’s simply not true.

It can seem impossibly difficult. It will be difficult, but never impossibly difficult.

You might need a mentor or a course (as I did) and that’s fine, but you don’t need to give up and call yourself a failure.

(I’ll recommend you my favorite course at the end of this post.)

1. being Funny

Every video on YouTube on attraction says a man with a good sense of humor is attractive.

Everyone says it and it shouldn’t surprise you. There are many studies proving that women find men with humor sexually attractive. [1, 2, 3]

Think about it: laughter releases stress. It makes a space to flirt and connect without having to be all serious.

Here are some tips to be funny:

Laugh about your own stupidity. Don’t take other people down.

Teasing girls is fine, but don’t shame them

But the main rule behind attractive humor is your ability let go. 

To let go of your own ego.

To let go of what anyone else thinks of you.

To let go of what people think about your jokes.

This is actually very interesting: women like men that are funny and men are attracted to women that laugh at their jokes.

It does not work the other way around!

And this works perfectly with what we spoke about earlier about your ability to change your level of attractiveness. You can work on becoming funny or decide to become a comedian.

You are never stuck where you are.

2.  Ambition

Again, every girl that you’ll ever ask will tell you this exact point: girls love guys with ambition.

Having goals and creating things in your life is an extremely masculine trait. And girls love the masculine part in guys.

They want to know that you have your life together. They are attracted to a man, not a boy.

And here is where you’ll see a big difference between being an attractive woman vs a man. Girls just need to look good and we are attracted to them.

If they show some cleavage they can have sex whenever they want. (But of course that’s not just what women want.)

Men on the other hand, have to work hard to become attractive. They need to build that muscle and get their life together.

But don’t feel angry about this. Accept it and take advantage of this fact to get above other men.

Having an ambition is exactly what you need. It can be anything besides for chasing women:

  1. Building an online business
  2. Getting ripped
  3. Studying in school
  4. Sports
  5. Jumping higher in basketball

You are 10 times more attractive the second you get passionate about anything in your life. But you will also become a happier man. 

You will be living true to yourself and following your purpose. When you are happy, girls will be happy around you.

3. Bad boy

I’ve written a full post about why girls are so attracted to bad boys, but here’s the point.

Women get bored of their man. They are looking for a man that will make adrenaline flow through their blood again.

They need the chase, not knowing if he likes her anymore. In a weird way girls love the bad boy for being so unpredictable.

That is why a married woman who are “happy” in their relationships will suddenly cheat with this guy that doesn’t even seem to care about her.

How could she do that? She’s risking a divorce with her wealthy husband!

She was bored with her kind, loving husband. She could predict his every move. That’s boring and very unattractive to any girl.

Then comes along this bad boy. He shows interest in her, but she can’t tell.

It looks like he has 10 other girls waiting for him, but for some reason he’s fascinated by her. But he never really talks about himself so she doesn’t know who he really is.

But he can also be uncontrollably bold. He’ll kiss her when she least expects it. Doesn’t care what she thinks of him.

This fear in her heart makes her addicted to him. That excitement is seductive to women.

Again, you can build this into your personality. Like I said, it’s not easy, but 100% possible.

Here are some tips to get you started:

Don’t let any women put you in a relationship. Make them have to work for it. You start setting the rules of the game.

Don’t hide your desires. If you want sex tell her. 

You need to become uncontrollably bold. You are a wild animal and you couldn’t care less if she wants you or not.

If you want a girl you look at her in a way that she knows it. You never let her tame you. 

You get sex the way you want it. With hookups and you never commit to any girl. [4]

No woman can tame your animalistic instincts. You cannot be chained to a relationship, you are constantly looking at other women.

If you need more help with this get The Tao of Badass seduction course. Just like the name says, the goal of the course is to make you a bad-ass. 

It’s the course that I took and it’s what I recommend to you. 

4. Hygiene

This is something that every girl notices about every guy that approaches her: his hygiene.

Does he have white teeth?

And gosh, I beg you. Have white teeth! We don’t live in the middle ages anymore.

If you brush your teeth twice a day you’ll get white teeth. Consider this a 30 day program to white teeth.

This also means not having the smell of your breath being rotting bacteria. Use mouthwash often.

Girls notice detail. Details makes girls mad.

This means your hair is well done. Don’t be afraid of having stylish hair.

Wash your hair daily.

That means you take showers every day. Even twice a day.

Besides looking and smelling more attractive, it also shows that you care about yourself.

It’s a sign of self-respect that women love to see in men. And this is something that you can do immediately! [5]

5. Smart

This can be a little trickier to get good at. I mean, how can you become smarter?

Here’s the point, women want smart men in order to have engaging conversations. Having good conversations is a sign that you are smart.

Once she notices that she will be biologically forced to be attracted to you.

And that is something you can learn.

You might not be able to change your IQ, but you don’t have to either!

Women want a man that can talk without being awkward. Being the guy that have things to talk about.

Before I give you some tips I need to tell you this:

Sitting at home on your laptop all day won’t give you things to talk about. You need to get out and start talking with some friends.

Taking action and practicing non-stop will give you the skills. Reading books can help, but you need to be in the game.

So here are my tips for having a good conversation with any girl:

  1. Talk about her
  2. Use any in the list of 50 questions to ask a girlfriend
  3. Talk about her

The last one is so important because it works everywhere and anytime. Every girl is 100% down to talk about themselves.

Because here’s the thing. You might not have the most exciting life to talk about, but she won’t stop talking about her life.

Just give her a listening ear, let her talk endlessly about her wonderful night and reap your rewards when she sleeps with you in bed.

Again as I said you can change this part about you. Just focus on her ‘pleasure’ in the conversation, and get your pleasure later. [5]

6. Manliness

Women won’t necessarily say it, but they are not sexually attracted to a guy acting like a boy. They need a man.

There is not some instant change button anywhere. You need to work hard to become a man. 

The best definition I’ve heard of being a man is this: not allowing your emotions to control your life. You don’t escape your emotions, rather you feel them and move on. 

It means that when your girl is getting all emotional, you don’t let her take your power from you. You stay in control.

You don’t let yourself get angry at her when she tests how much of a man you truly are. 

You don’t let failure take control of you. You are ambitious about your life.

And this all takes years to work on. Get yourself guidance or some sort or course to lead you through this struggle (I’ll recommend one at the end).

Here is another sign of manliness that women love. Women are definitely attracted to muscles.


  1. Arms 
  2. Shoulders 
  3. ABS

What’s even more interesting is that girls don’t want huge muscles, they are attracted to big, but not too big.

So that’s what I mean by manliness.

Take your power back by not letting your emotions control you and build some muscle while you’re at it! [6]

7. Money

You asked what women like about men and I answered.


Biologically females are looking for a man that will give her strong children and can protect their children.

That’s why women love your muscular body. It shows that you have strong genes and you’ll give her strong children.

But it also means that you can protect her children. Money can accomplish both.

Your money will give girls the sense that you are a man of status. That you will make strong, healthy children and you’ll be able to take care of them.

This isn’t a rational thought in a girl’s mind. This is her biology taking over, making her horny and attracted to you.

Now you don’t need to buy her love. That’s called being needy and that repels.

All you need to do is let go of trying to get her love and make her chase you. That’s how you use your wealth to your advantage.

But how can you create this attractive wealth in your life?

It takes time, but again, do what I did because it worked for me.

I started off as a cleaner making minimum wage with no self-esteem.

But I came across this course that taught me how to make an online business and although the first couple months were slow, by the end of my first year I made about $21,200.

And by the second year I doubled that! So do what you want, but feel free to copy my success. I live to help people.

Now I am doing very well financially and the majority of my income is passive!

And by the way, with that money your self-confidence will rise and you’ll start picking the girls you want and turning down the other ones.

8. Personality

Having a good personality is every girl’s dream. They love that about guys.

But what does it mean to have a “good personality”?

Here are a couple points:

Be open minded

We all have our own ideas, but when she feels that she can disagree with your ideas without you getting emotional she will feel attracted to you. 

It’s about not taking things personally. Having a high enough self-esteem that you can afford to be open to new ideas and different ways of thinking.

Feeling worthy and deserving of her love that even when she disagrees with you, you don’t get all emotional.


This is a super underrated trait. If you can just be kind to a girl she will admire and feel sexually attracted to you. 

Being the bad boy is fine for a little excitement here and there, but as a long term relationship it never works.

She will be happy to be your girlfriend if you can treat her with respect. 

Keep in mind, you don’t need to be needy about it. Respect her because she’s human, not to get love or sex from her.

That’s creepy and gross.

9. Get along with their friends

Girls love this about guys because it makes them feel so much more accepted when they become your girlfriend.

See, here’s the thing, girls are so worried about what other girls think of them. They need approval from their friends in order to continue with you.

If her friends don’t approve of you, you’ll have a really hard time getting with her. Unless you are extremely attractive, you won’t have it easy with her.

But when all of her friends like you they will pass on to your girl all the great things about you. And once you are there she’ll be chasing you!

So you don’t have to run after any girls anymore! Find out who her friends are, have an awesome friendship with them and that girl will start showing signs that she likes you.

If you do a really good job, that girl might even ask you out.

10. Appearance

For those who say looks don’t matter or that they are all that count, listen up!

Looks do matter. Girls do care, but not nearly as much as we do.

We get turned on the second we see some cleavage, low waist to hip ratio, beautiful skin, etc. Girls don’t work that way…

Walking around naked does not work. I wish it did.

Also, what girls find “beautiful” or “attractive” such as muscle is really a sign of dominance. It’s them seeing masculinity inside of you.

It’s not the traditional female beauty that we see in women.

So do what you can to have a masculine appearance. Start with a workout program and get ripped, whatever works for you.

I know a lot of guys pick their eyebrows, but you really want to let them grow thick and masculine. Very attractive to women!

If it helps, get into basketball, start jumping higher and get that toned body that grabs every girl’s attention.

Learn how to dress in a manly way.

That’s what girls like when they see a guy.


When you do the work, you have muscles, you are making more money and you’ve even got yourself a seduction course you still might get disappointed.


Girls also express desire much differently than you do.

Even when you are the top man, very rarely will a woman come up to you. This is because women express their attraction in a much different way.

Women love to be submissive as you’ll learn in that seduction course. That means you go first. You initiate the conversation.

But I do mean that she will be much happier to spread her legs for you once you take her to bed. She will be excited to give you a blowjob.

And she’ll smile when you cum on her face. That is the power of learning this and knowing how to use seduction techniques.

So I will now get on my knees and beg you to do the same thing that I did: get The Tao of Badass course.

The course will change your dating and sex life as it did to me and you won’t regret it. I don’t need to tell you more because it’s all clearly written on the site.

Good luck, your friend,



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