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8 Solid Methods to Tell a Girl She’s Cute and Make Her Blush

Every guy needs to know how to tell a girl she’s cute because it’s the number one thing every girl craves to hear.

Whether you’re looking for a one night stand or a girlfriend, you’ll need to use this tool.

cute girl

Every time you tell a girl that she’s cute, you’re flattering her and making her feel really special. 

This also creates an emotional connection between the two of you which is crucial in any long term relationship.

But before we get started, let me talk about a mistake that many guys make while telling a girl she’s cute:

Guys crave being the alpha male i.e. the dominant leaders, therefore, guys love being told how much of an alpha male they are, but this leads them to think that girls want the same!

Guys literally believe that girls also want to be flattered by being called alpha! But just look at the definition of what it truly means to be alpha:

An alpha male is a man that knows who he is and what he stands for at his deepest level allowing him to have negligible levels of fear of rejection to therefore, exude behaviors such as dominance, leadership, and assertiveness.

Do you really think that girls want to be called alpha!?

Realize that what your girlfriend wants is the opposite of what you want. Your girlfriend wants to be cute, but you want to be alpha.

OK, but what does cute mean?

Being cute describes something that’s attractive in a pleasing, non threatening way. [1

That’s the complete opposite of being an alpha male. You’ve got to understand this massive difference before you continue with this post.

But now that we’ve made it clear, let’s dig in!

1. Tell her how cute her eyes look

Years ago I had a girlfriend that was super into anime and every once in a while I’d watch some anime with her. 

But something that really stood out for me was the “cuteness” that was so visible in all the girl characters. Their big, beautiful eyes looked soooo cute.

Just look at any cute anime picture online and you’ll see how their cute eyes stand out so much! 

But why? What exactly is so cute about them?

Because their eyes exude vulnerability, trust, and curiosity which are the core traits that make girls appear cute.

What you see from here is that a girl’s cuteness is mostly radiated from her eyes, therefore the best way to tell a girl she’s cute is by telling her that she’s got the cutest eyes. 

For example: 

  1. Wow, your big, blue eyes make you look so cute
  2. I can’t get over how cute your eyes make you look
  3. I’ve never seen such perfectly cute eyes before

Even girls know this, it’s no wonder that girls spend so much time applying makeup to make their eyes look larger and more defined.

By the way, in cosplay girls will use special contact lenses that make their eyes look way bigger and of course, it all comes down to making themselves look cuter.

example of a cute girl

2. Tell her how weak she is

This might sound a bit controversial, but girls love feeling weak around their strong, dominant man. Girls need to feel submissive before they can feel any sexual attraction.

That’s why you shouldn’t focus on complimenting a girl on her wealth, strength or taking responsibility. You’d be much better off complimenting her on how girly, emotional and loving she is.

Remember what cute means? 

The oxford dictionary defines cute as being “attractive in a pretty or endearing way, for example, “a cute kitten.”

You want to make her feel like a cute kitten, not a dominant alpha male! For example:

  1. You are the most innocent looking girl that I’ve ever met before.
  2. I love how weak and vulnerable you look
  3. Has anyone ever told you that your curious personality makes you super cute?

Think of your own compliments! Be creative, just remember that you need to make her feel as girly as possible.

3. Tell her that her face looks cute

I know that I just told you that a girl’s cuteness mostly radiates from her eyes, but a really cute girl will also use her face to make a perfect cute look.

Let me give some examples of what you can say:

  1. I love when you look at me like that, it’s super cute
  2. Every little detail part of your face comes together to make you look so damn cute
  3. As weird as this sounds, your nose is so perfectly cute
  4. You just look cuter every time you blush like that
  5. How is your face so perfectly cute!?

So yes, focus on her eyes, but don’t forget about her face!

4. Tell her that she talks in a super cute way

An alpha male talks clearly, decisively and powerfully. But you’ve got to remember that cute girls sound nothing like alpha males do. 

A cute girl will talk slowly almost as if she doesn’t really know what to say next, she will accentuate her shyness even blushing at times.

This is exactly what you tell her, for example:

  1. I swear every time you stutter I fall for you even more
  2. You have no clue how cute you sound
  3. If only you knew how your shyness makes you the cutest girl ever

The funny thing is that after you tell her this, she’s gonna blush which makes her look even cuter!

5. Tell her that you love when makes herself look cute

I don’t really know what exactly girls wear to make themselves look cute, but if you notice that she’s wearing a super cute dress that makes your jaw drop, tell her!

And this isn’t limited to what she’s wearing, you can also compliment her on her makeup, hair style, nails, and whatever else turns you on.

But whatever you say, never sound needy. I make this very clear in my post titled 10+ Ways to Tell a Girl She’s Beautiful and Pretty With Examples.

The second you decide to tell a girl she’s pretty, just do it. Don’t start overthinking. Be confident, give her the compliment and watch her blush because you just made her day.

6. Tell her that she’s got the cutest personality

We’ve already covered the eyes, face, and general appearance. Now it’s time to talk about her cute personality.

OK, but first what makes up a cute personality?

  1. Vulnerability
  2. Trust
  3. Submissive 
  4. Curiosity
  5. Emotional
  6. Weak 
  7. Loving 
  8. Flowing 

Now that we got these down, any time your girlfriend acts like any of these, tell her she’s super cute. 

When she gets all emotional, look at her in the eye and tell her how you can’t get over how insanely cute she is. She won’t even be able to hide her smile.

It doesn’t really matter how you phrase it as long as you aren’t needy. Focus on sounding confident and everything will work out fine.

7. Tell her how seductive she is

You might be asking: what does being seductive have to do with being cute?

The answer is simple: girls seduce guys by being cute, therefore, the more cute she is, the more seductive she is.

This means that every time you tell her “you are seductive,” she hears “you are cute” which completely flatters her.

Additionally, if you’re stuck in the friend zone with a girl, all you need to do is tell her how seductive she is and you’ll get out of the friend zone in no time.

She’s gonna start feeling a sexual attraction to you that she’s never felt for any other man. So let me get you started by giving you some practical examples of what you can say:

  1. If only you knew how seductive you were
  2. Every time you touch your hair like that every guy stares at you
  3. With your level of cuteness you could make any guy do anything for you
  4. Which other guys have you ruined by being so seductive?

Make her feel seductive, make her feel cute, make her feel desirable and she will be happy to be your girlfriend.

8. Don’t call her cute all the time

Remember how we defined cute as being emotional, flowing, and weak? Well girls don’t always want to be seen as weak beings.

Sometimes girls want to be seen as responsible adults, sometimes they actually enjoy taking leadership and control of the situation.

So don’t be that guy that tells his girlfriend that she’s cute 24/7.

If you notice she’s getting tired of being called cute, you have 2 options:

  1. Switch to telling her how beautiful and pretty she is
  2. Let her actually take responsibility and make her do something.

You never want to make her feel that she’s too adorable to be taken seriously. Don’t make her feel like a 3 year old at the time. [2]

So of course, call her cute and she’s gonna love it, but have other compliments up your sleeve.


Everything here is actually very simple as long as you understand one thing: girls love being called cute, but they are attracted to the opposite, i.e. alpha males.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that she also wants you to act cute because if that was true, girls would only be attracted to other girls.

The truth is girls want the alpha male in you. 

But practically, what difference does this all make?

When you tell her how cute she is don’t act like a cute, feminine guy! You must become the dominant alpha male and then tell her how cute she is. This is when she loves being called cute.

Once you get this down, everything else will work out just fine.

Your friend, 

Colt Smith.

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