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Telling a girl she’s cute is the way to go whether you want a one night stand, a BJ, or a girlfriend.


By calling her cute, she’ll feel special, lovable and desirable which are the 3 keys to any girl’s heart. [—->Download my latest seduction eBook: Strange Seduction Secrets: Remove Any Girls Resistance]

However, if you don’t know how to tell a girl she’s adorable, sweet or cute, she’ll get creeped out and reject you.

Get these 8 steps down so that you never get rejected, ignored or laughed at again!

1. Tell her how cute her eyes look

Years ago I had a girlfriend that was super into anime and every once in a while I’d watch some anime with her. 

But something that really stood out for me was the “cuteness” that was so visible in all the girl characters. 

Their big, beautiful eyes looked soooo cute.

telling a girl she has cute eyes

Just look at any cute anime picture online and you’ll see how their cute eyes stand out so much! 

But why? What exactly is so cute about them?

Because their eyes exude so much vulnerability, trust, and curiosity which are the core traits that make girls appear cute.

So if a girls cuteness is mostly radiated from her eyes, the best way to tell a girl she’s cute is by telling her that she’s got the cutest eyes!

Here are some examples:

  1. Wow, your big, blue eyes make you look so cute
  2. I can’t get over how cute your eyes make you look
  3. I’ve never seen such perfectly cute eyes before

And by the way, even girls know that their eyes are what make them seem cute, that’s why girls spend so much time applying makeup to make their eyes look larger and more defined.


2. Tell her how weak she is

Let’s get it straight:

As a guy, you want to be complimented on your strength, confidence and abilities. 

You want to be seen as the dominant, alpha male, but don’t make the mistake of projecting what you want onto girls.

Guys want to be alpha, but girls want to be cute. [—->Download my latest seduction eBook: Strange Seduction Secrets: Remove Any Girls Resistance]

Being cute is the opposite of being alpha.

Here’s what it means to be cute:

The adjective cute describes something that’s attractive in a pleasing, non threatening way. Things that are small or young are often described as cute, like babies, puppies, or toy fire engines. [Vocabulary.com]

Attractive in a pretty or endearing way i.e. “a cute kitten” [Oxford Dictionary]

Girls want to feel weak and protected around their strong, dominant man. 

In fact, girls need to feel submissive before they can feel any sexual attraction!

So by telling a girl how adorably weak she is, you’re really giving her a massive compliment about how cute she is!

example of a weak, but cute girl

Here are some examples:

  1. Why is it sooo easy to pin you down? Gosh, it’s too cute!
  2. Your skinny body just makes me go crazy
  3. I love how weak and vulnerable you look
  4. Trust me, your skinniness just makes you 10 times more adorable

By the way, this also means that you shouldn’t compliment a girl on her wealth, strength or power.

Instead, focus on telling her about how girly, emotional and loving she is because that’s what she really wants to hear!

example of a cute girl

3. Tell her that her face looks cute

Although a girl’s cuteness mostly radiates from her eyes, her face plays a big part too.

Let me give some examples of what you can say:

  1. I love when you look at me like that, it’s soooo cute
  2. Every little detail part of your face comes together to make you look so damn cute
  3. As weird as this sounds, your nose is so perfectly cute
  4. You just look cuter every time you blush like that
  5. How is your face so perfectly cute!?

So yes, focus on her eyes, but don’t forget about her face!

4. Tell her that she talks in a super cute way

I’m sure you remember that the alpha males and cute girls are the opposite in every way, including the way they talk:

An alpha males talks clearly, decisively and powerfully.

A cute girl will talk slowly, almost as if she doesn’t really know what to say, and in a higher pitched voice.

She will also accentuate her shyness by blushing at times.

So if you wanna tell a girl that she sounds cute, here’s what you need to say:

  1. I swear every time you stutter I fall for you even more
  2. You have no clue how cute you sound
  3. Don’t talk that way, you know that voice is too cute for me
  4. You’ve got to shut up, I can’t handle your adorable voice
  5. If only you knew how your shyness makes you the cutest girl ever

The funny thing is that after you tell her this, she’s gonna blush which makes her look even cuter!


5. Tell her that you love how she makes herself look cute

If your girlfriend is wearing something cute and it’s turning you on – tell her!

It could be anything she’s wearing, not just her dress:

  1. Makeup
  2. Nails
  3. Hair style 
  4. Tattoos
  5. Glasses
  6. Necklace, bracelet, etc.
  7. Her eyelashes
  8. Watch 

But let me warn you:

If you sound needy, hesitant or unconfident in any way, she will reject you, or at best, ignore you.


Cute girls hate needy guys that overthink every compliment!

What’s the solution?

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Last time I checked, his presentation is still up and free to watch, but I don’t know how that’ll last for, so go check it out now!

telling a girl that her glasses make her look cuter

6. Tell her that she’s got the cutest personality

We’ve already covered the eyes, face, and general appearance. 

Now it’s time to talk about the core of what really makes any girl cute:

Her personality

OK, but what makes up a cute personality?

  1. Vulnerability
  2. Trust
  3. Submissive 
  4. Curiosity
  5. Emotional
  6. Weak 
  7. Loving 
  8. Flowing energy

So whenever your girlfriend shows the cute part of her personality, here’s what you should tell her:

  1. You are the most innocent looking girl that I’ve ever met before
  2. I hate to say this, but when you whine, you just seem cuter
  3. Has anyone ever told you that your curiosity makes you super cute?
  4. You are so damn submissive and it’s making me crazy
  5. That vulnerable way you talk is too damn cute!

And if you say it in the right tone, she won’t even be able to hide her smile!


7. Tell her how seductive she is

You might be asking: what does being seductive have to do with being cute?

The answer is simple: 

Unlike guys, girls seduce by being cute, therefore, the more seductive she is, the cuter she is. [—->Download my latest seduction eBook: Strange Seduction Secrets: Remove Any Girls Resistance]

Here are some practical examples of what you can say:

  1. If only you knew how seductive you were
  2. Every time you touch your hair like that, every guy stares at you
  3. With your level of cuteness you could make any guy do anything for you
  4. How many other guys have you ruined by being so seductive?

Make her feel seductive, make her feel cute, make her feel desirable and she will be happy to be your girlfriend.

8. Don’t call her cute all the time

Remember how we defined cute as being emotional, flowing, and weak? 

Well girls don’t always want to be seen as weak beings.

Sometimes girls want to be seen as responsible adults and enjoy taking leadership and control of the situation.

So don’t be that guy that tells his girlfriend that she’s cute 24/7.

If you notice she’s getting tired of being called cute, you have 2 options:

  1. Switch to telling her how beautiful and pretty she is
  2. Let her actually take responsibility and make her do something.

You never want to make her feel that she’s too adorable to be taken seriously. 

Don’t make her feel like a 3 year old at the time. [2]

another example of a cute girl


Everything in the article is quite simple as long as you understand the concept we mentioned earlier:

Girls want to be cute, but are attracted to tough, alpha males.

Guys want to be tough alpha males, but are attracted to cute girls.

So practically, what does this mean for you?

It means that you must become that sexy bad boy in order to attract the girls that you really like.

But how?

Well today you’re in luck because you’re getting exclusive access to the Stealth Seduction Video by Richard La’ Ruina (a professional pickup artist)!

Watch his presentation and learn the exact method to become the man that every girl craves without embarrassing yourself.

Side note:

His video will provide you with more than enough information to get started, however, if you’re like me and you want to have wild success with women, you’ll also invest in his full Stealth Seduction Course because that’s where he dives into each and every one of his concepts.

Good luck!

Colt Smith

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